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Chapter 1 - seige

„Inu Yasha, whats up?"
The Hanyō hearked and glanced in the fox-puppy's face, who accompanied him.
"Nothing, I... don't you smell that?"
Shippo stretched his nose into the wind and sniffed strainedly.
"No, what do you mean?"
Inu Yasha remained silent. A weather was in the air. A weather, he didn't like, a menace of unknown strength. He didn't know, what it was. But, what he knew, was he didn't like it and it woke an unrest deep inside.
"Shippo, go back to the village, I have to take a view on that."
"What? But, I want to go with y-"
"You do what I say!", Inu Yasha yelled at Shippo edgyly, whereupon the foxpuppy flinched, nodded and finally flitted away on swift paws.
Inu Yasha waited a while listening, to make sure, the little one don't came to the idea, to turn around and follow him secretly. When he was sure, that that wasn't the case, he turned to the direction where the fragrance was the strongest and moved on to find its source.

He followed the fragrance for a while, hopping from tree to tree and rock to rock with save steps and it didn't take a long time till a dark presentiment came over him, where the weather could lead him.
The castle of the West, thither, where his father lived once and where he had his roots. That place, which he never dared to come closer, when the wind was unfavorable with him. He didn't want someone to notice him. He didn't want him to notice him.
Most of the time Inu Yasha watched it from a huge distance and moved away again.
But now, now was this fragrance in the air which was soon so overwhelming strong, that it covered the scent of the west hounds, and also of his brother, who lived there.


His instinct warned him. It smelled like dog, but somehow... strange. The wind blew in his direction and that was good, because he would stay not noticed for a while.

The first thing he saw, was the shine of armors and metal weapons in the sunlight. A legion of aproximately 2000 Soldiers. No west dogs. They were darker. They had built their camp around the castle, seemed to wait for something.

"What goes on there?", Inu Yasha mumbled and gazed restless around the wide area.
A sudden stitch let him flinch and hit reflexive the flat hand against his cheek.
"Myoga!", he yelled, but also felt facilitation.
"Ouch! That you have to punch always that hard, Inu Yasha-sama!"
"Rather say, whats going on here!"
"The castle is besieged."
"You don't say!", Inu Yasha answered sarcastic.
The fleademon hopped, after he recovered reasonably, from Inu Yashas hand on his shoulder and from there near one of his dog-ears.
"Thats the legion of the south hounds. Nobody knows why Daiyōkai Takaitayo is breaking the peace of 100 years, but it seems to be serious."
"Entrenchs himself in the castle since five days. And that's, what leaves me clueless, because the legion of the west could mess with the south easily. And, to be honest, I'm glad, you are here, Inu Yasha-sama."
Inu Yasha swallowed dryly. His throat felt like sandpaper. Silent anger began to germinate. Anger about the Lord of the South which sieged his brother since five days. How dare him! If somebody was annoying his brother, then it was him! Inu Yasha snorted and his hand twitched to Tessaiga, which rested in his sheath.
"Don't do anything imprude, Inu Yasha-sama", Myoga warned.
"Then, what should I do in your opinion, huh? Wait, till this bastards starved him out?"
"That will not happen that soon", Myoga tried to calm him. "Your brother will have a valid reason to bear that situation, unfortunately I failed to get anything out of him..."
Inu Yasha tilted. It wasn't really a secret, that his dearly Lord brother wasn't very talktative. But now, the problem was, that he was seriously interested, what was going on there. Just curiosity, not that he was in sorrow. That was ridiculous! He and being in sorrow about Sesshōmaru!
"This Daiyōkai of the South", he growled, "who of them is he?"
"That one, whos having a good time with vine and maidens in his tent", the fleademon responded cynical, what was very untypical for him.
"I already hate this guy. Why did Sesshōmaru send his people all away?"
"I have two theories. The first one is really simple – he wanted to protect hisones. The second... is that he may have to hide something, that connects him with the Lord of the South, something which needs less witnesses as possible, if it cames to an escalation. Maybe both."
"And why this hide and seek at all? I mean, Sesshōmaru owns Bakusaiga!"
"Well, I'm not smarter than you", the flea responded sullenly, "I just know for sure, that Sesshōmaru-sama maneuvered himself into a situation, from which he can't escape without help. And because he would sit in there till forever and always because of his pride, it's up to you... you're a heir of Toga-O, too."
"A heir of whom?", Inu Yasha responded irritated.
"Your father, the great Inu no Taishō. You know, this was just his title."
"Erm... sure I knew!"

"Hey you! Who are you!" An aggressive voice let Inu Yasha swirl around, his hand twitching to Tessaiga, when he saw himself infront of two soldiers.
Dog-Yokai, sundark skin, black wild hair, tied up to high pigtails, dark amber-eyes and armed to the teeth.
Inu Yasha felt instinctly that with those were not to trifle with and he had to force himself, not to flinch.
"The same I could ask you!", he growled tensely. His hand rested on Tessaiga's hilt and he tried to estimate how powerful their weapons were. Halberds with extended blades, but no extraordinary forces.
"The honorable Daiyōkai Takaitayo ordered to take captive of everyone who nears the west castle", one of them began calmly whereby he and Inu Yasha looked directly in each others eyes. "Do you follow voluntary or do we have to use violence?"
Inu Yasha had an aggressive response on his tongue, when he changed his mind. The last years teached him prudence, tactical thinking, to estimate situations and most of the time judging them right. And especially he learned, that he came more easy to his aims, if he doesn't tear forward without thinking.
So he let them as cool as ice, escort him into the army camp, where he got nosy and leary glances.

"Tell our Lord, we took captive one of the west dogs!", one of them barked to a young laid which rushed away in the next moment.
They stopped infront of a huge tent. It lasted some minutes, before anything happened and finally a man came outside, which surmounted Inu Yasha for in the mindest two till three heads and was nearly double as broad as him, not very happy about the disturbing. The two soldiers bowed down.
"Lord, we found this Hanyō straying around the castle, what shall happen with him?"
The Lord of the South let his glance rest on Inu Yasha for a while, who tried to withstand, which was not that easy because of the aura of authority and menacing.
The sundark face had nearly beautiful characteristics, but was defaced of a rubbery scar on his left cheek and his eyes were cold and scheming.
"Well, what have we here", the Daiyōkai said after a while uncomfortable silence, "If that isn't the second heir of Toga-O.
Both of the soldier's eyes widened. "But, Lord, this... this is a Hanyō."
"You don't say", responded the Daiyōkai dryly and then turned his eye on Inu Yasha for the first time.
"Why did you come?"
"Why do you lay siege my brother's castle?", Inu Yasha replied with a counter question and embigged himself uncounsious.
Takaitayo clicked his tongue. "Your brother owns something which is mine."
"And what could that be?"
"My heir."

Plentiful confused Inu Yasha took this information. And he got more confused after he was allowed, to go to the castle without fighting his way free.
On the way over the rambling area he got the explanation from Myoga, that his honorful father made provisions to protect his family – only those could enter the castle which descent in direct bloodline from his ancestors or got an invitation from one of them.

The gate wasn't guarded. Tensely Inu Yasha pushed against it and it swung open and within a moment he felt overwhelmed from scents, sentiments and memories which weren't his. The air, all here felt familiar, albeit he wasn't never here before in his life. His roots were here and his father had lived here and the ancestors, which he never met and here lived Sesshōmaru.
Inu Yasha tried to figure out the scent of his brother. He found it. And within he found something other. Something which was highly concerning. The smell of blood. Fresh blood.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?!", he was delayed from a warrior who holded guard infront of the rooms where the smell of blood came from.
"I'm Inu Yasha and when You don't let me see my brother immediately or else! My patience was sorely tried!", Inu Yasha growled and braced himself for a fight with the man whose hand layed already on his hilt, but for Inu Yashas surprise the other one gave up his defensive stance immediately.
"My name is Akira-O, one of your brother's generals. That you join to us under those circumstances was unexpected, but not unwelcome..."
He paused a moment and listened, but it kept quiet, meanwhile Inu Yashas throat felt like sand paper.
"Enter, Sesshōmaru is much to proud to admit it, but I think he could really need your help..."

After those cryptic words Inu Yasha glanced atonished at the man who introduced himself as Akira-O, before he get away and entered his brother's rooms. He followed the smell of blood, which was most strong in here and hadn't to search for long till he found the origin. However he hadn't misle.

"What..." slipped out of Inu Yashas mouth as he spotted the futon on which his brother layed, sleeping or passed out, he couldn't say at the first glance. With him there was a woman. A very old woman, which surveyd him with a cool glance and then turned around again to her patient.
Since he wasn't undesireble, he stepped closer.
"What happened?", he wanted to know and kneeled down at the next moment.
Sesshōmaru was pale. No, pale he had been since ever, but now he seemed almost transparent, fragile, how he never had expected this young strong body to be.
"We made an abortion", the Healer responded without looking at him, while she mixed some medicine.
"A... what?" Thereby his glance fell on some bloody tissues. "Isn't that, when... when women..."
"The puppy was inconvenient, Sesshōmaru-sama wasn't in the situation to keep it. Not around those circumstances."
Now Inu Yasha said absolutely nothing more. Now he knew, what Takaitayo meant when he said, Sesshōmaru had his heir. Well then, he wouldn't be happy, when he sophisticated, that... moment, as far he was informed only women could get... Inu Yasha shook his head. His brother was obviously sick and it wasn't the right moment to educate himself about a thing, which seemed natural in this place.

Insecure he bit his underlip, then he couldn't push down the impulse, to bow down to Sesshōmaru for sniffing carefully.
"He isn't dead", said the healer dryly and Inu Yasha gasped, "but he lost much blood – more than expected. It will last a while till he has regenerate."
Suddenly the dark eyes of the healer settled down on him. It seems, that she knew exactly who he was.
"It wasn't coincidence, which took you of all people here now. Here is your place, it was here since always..."
Inu Yasha kept silence for a while. Somehow he felt suddenly strange. "Can... can I do anything?", he asked quietly and overacted the the feeling of helplessness. .
"Be with him, when he wakes up. I will rest for a while, wake me up if he needs something."
Inu Yasha nodded and the old one left in another part of the huge rooms.
And now he sat here and tried to push away all these questions he had. Never he saw Sesshōmaru this weak. Not that fragile that didn't fit on him. And that insecured him.
Sesshōmaru and he never had the best relation, at last they stood in a neutral base. Inu Yasha had never ventured – because of pride, too – making this neutral relation to a positive. They were just to different.
Sesshōmaru was strong and proud and graceful and beautiful and classy and worldly and he... he was just Inu Yasha. But that was okay. Till today it hadn't been okay. But till today nobody ever ventured to bring Sesshōmaru obviously in such a dangerous situation and that let grew his anger.

Suddenly he copped himself licking Sesshōmarus face tenderly, like how dogs doing it when anybody was feeling weak or sick. His instincts spoke to him, told him, that it was right and besides Sesshōmaru was in a deep sleep and so he wouldn't notice and Inu Yasha felt a bit less useless.
He gasped when a quiet, whimpering noise flew out of Sesshōmaru's throat, but his magenta-covered eyelids just twitched and then he didn't stir anymore.
Maybe it was better if he was still sleeping for the time being. He could better regenerate in his sleep and when he was asleep he couldn't get upset that Inu Yasha was suddenly here.
"I already thought something like this… "
"Myoga, did you know that male Inuyokai can become pregnant?"
"Everyone knows that, Inu Yasha-sama."
"Yes, me too, now", Inu Yasha responded sweet-sourly.
"Not all of them," the flea demon finally admitted cautiously, "Has nobody ... ever told you what the crescent moon on the forehead means?"
"It is a sign of fertility and of great honor. Puppies that are born by male Daiyōkai are said to have an extraordinarily great strength."
"And that's why Takaitayō besieged the castle", Inu Yasha concluded with a storm-clouded expression. "So will it be. Inu Yasha-sama, I'm going to speak to Akira-O-sama, I'll leave you alone for a moment."

As the leaden fatigue slowly subsided, the first thing he noticed was a familiar smell. Similar to his father, but his father was dead for a long time and presumably he only imagined it because of the strange herbal mixtures that the old shaman had given him to drink.
But then he realized that it wasn't his father's smell. He was like and familiar to him, but not just him. Sesshōmaru blinked and felt an unknown weakness in his body. A weakness that he didn't like. Then he saw blurry red fabric. He turned his head weakly so that he could look up and before his vision worsened an all too familiar voice came to his ear: "Well, again among the living?"
It should have been teasing, but his voice sounded more concerned and tired.
"Can you tell me what shit you're pulling off here?"
"What have you lost here ...?" The voice was flat, as transparent as the rest of Sesshōmaru's appearance. He tried to stand up, but a pain that shot through his abdomen like glowing iron, made him sink back before Inu Yasha could protest.
"Would you like some water?"
"I asked you something." Inu Yasha clearly heard the disapproving tone and even if it itched in his fingers, he would not argue with Sesshōmaru in this state. So he reached for the water carafe and poured some of it into a small bowl.
"I noticed that a strange smell is spreading here. Then I come here and see that your fine castle is under siege."
"This servant's son is still there?", Sesshōmaru growled suddenly, causing Inu Yasha to pause, because he had never heard the other man say a word of vulgarity.
Without comment, he held out the bowl of water to Sesshōmaru, who leaned on his forearm to drink reasonably.
"He thinks you keep his heir captive here. But it probably isn't any longer."
"No, it is no longer," replied Sesshōmaru, freezing cold, "and Takaitayō will not be pleased when he finds out. But now I have no obstacle to go into battle against him- "
Sesshōmaru's eyes flickered automatically to Bakusaiga, which was not far in an artistic holder.
"Out of the question", Inu Yasha heard himself say, and was amazed at how authoritarian his voice could sound, "you are too weak. I'll do it if you don't mind, Tessaiga will make short work of the bastard."
"It is not ... your business, Inu Yasha", replied the Daiyōkai, but the younger one suddenly felt deep determination.
"It's my business", he replied calmly, "if it hurts you, it's my business."
He got up and straightened the figure.
"It will not take long."
"Submit yourself!" When he was already at the door, he paused for a moment and looked over his shoulder and as simple as the next words were, they suddenly sounded so grown-up and strong from his mouth, and that was perhaps also the reason why Sesshōmaru looked away conceded this momentary weakness.
"I protect you."

The Lord of the South was a tall, stocky man with rough, charismatic features. The eyes were of a darker, warmer amber than those of the western clans, the skin of an olive tone and the autumn brown wavy hair was shaped into a traditional hairstyle. The clan sign was a very narrow upside-down, slightly wavy triangle going from the forehead to just above the root of the nose.
And he was about twice the age of Sesshōmaru, which had always been a reason for disapproval, since Sesshōmaru had inherited his father's great legacy at an unusually young age. Who had been one of the most powerful Y
ōkai in the whole country. And who found it easy to suddenly meet someone at eye level whom he once had on his lap as a little puppy?
There had been times of peace and even friendship between the West and the South, why Daiyōkai Takaitayō had to dig up the old strife, nobody understood exactly.

There was still one servant in the room with them, also Sesshōmarus clerk, otherwise they were alone and that was an unusually private atmosphere for such a gathering. "Well, Sesshōmaru-dono, I have to admit that I was quite surprised by your invitation", Takaitayō began slowly, sipping his sake bowl. The amber eyes tested the shape of the much younger Daiyōkai.
"I was allowed to assume that no agreement could be reached between our empires."
Sesshōmaru replied calmly: "An agreement should be sought in view of the peace that now lasts 1000 years."
There was an unmistakable warning in the words, however calm they sounded.
"Then you give up the upper southern lands? This amazes me considering the vehemence that permeated your official letters."
"Unfortunately it is impossible for me to give up the lower Westlands", Sesshōmaru replied in a diplomatic tone, but the lower Westlands were particularly emphasized.
"I have had very extensive research done and I have to inform you that the document you are referring to as the disappearance still exists.
Unfortunately, former Inu no Taishō, my father, whose friendship you used to use astonishingly often in previous years when you waged your wars against the Mountain-Lion Y
ōkai, was unable to deposit this document in a place where it would have been easy to find. As you know, his death came unexpectedly, so taking precautions was simply not possible. But I can assure you ... "
Sesshōmaru thus opened a folder made of fine leather, into which gold characters and an old date had been punched, and detached the slightly yellowed paper from it, in order to push it in the direction of the other person in an elegant movement on the table.
Takaitayo looked at the paper for a moment as if it was a nauseating insect, then took it in his hand to hold it in front of his face.
"That's a fake", he growled the next moment, and Sesshōmaru grimaced at the lack of control. "That can't be possible ..."
"It is."
The Daiyōkai of the South looked for a moment as if he wanted to jump into Sesshōmaru's face, but then his features smoothed out. "I beg your forgiveness, it was not my intention to insult you by telling you a lie ..."
This change of mood came unexpectedly for Sesshōmaru, but he showed no sign of it. But he was on guard. Takaitayō was not a man who simply gave up something he was convinced he was entitled to.

For a while they just sat opposite each other with silence in the room and a certain tension. Then Takaitayō leaned forward, the leather of his armor garb crunching softly. "Will you allow me a question?"
Sesshōmaru nodded.
"Is it your first heat?"
"What are you doing?" Sesshōmaru replied softly, while the claws of his left hand bored nervously into the balls.
"Now don't act so ashamed", replied the other man unmoved, "you can smell it."
A lustful smile played around the South Lord's lips. "And the way you behave, it's really your first."
"You are very indiscreet", Sesshōmaru replied angrily, this irritation not so much for the South Lord, but for this extremely annoying state in which he had been for a few days. Unfortunately, the meeting with the Lord of the South had been fixed for a long time, to cancel it at short notice would have been a public insult.
However, until then he had not been aware that other dog-like animals, especially males, could very well perceive this smell. Inwardly he chided himself a fool. He didn't like the glance the Lord of the South just gave him.
However, the subject suddenly changed and Sesshōmaru relaxed a little.
"Would you allow me a request before I leave?", said the other Lord charming after emptying his sake bowl. "The last time I saw you wield a sword, you reached up to my knees. Are you paying me the honor of a friendship fight?"

The afternoon sun was hot and red as Inu Yasha stepped out. The Lord of the South seemed to have been waiting for something like that. Inu Yasha stopped some distance away and stared at him. They both stared at each other for a while, a silent struggle for dominance.
"There is nothing left for you here", said Inu Yasha in a loud, hard voice, "I am giving you the opportunity to give up this siege and move your way. Otherwise Tessaiga will be your opponent. Your last opponent."

The blades crashed loudly and hard against each other. Sesshōmaru held the pressure of the other sword for a while, then dodged to the side and struck again, but the South Lord had long since seen it coming and parried.
They didn't fight with blunt practice swords, but with katana that are so sharp that they left a melodic swing in the air. Sesshōmaru was initially more reserved because he did not know the fighting style of the South Lord, and he watched his movements, his technique, everything and Takaitayō, as he noticed and had to admit to his anger, was a strong opponent - his fighting style was brutal and aimed strength, but speed and dexterity were in no way and to his own annoyance, Sesshōmaru noticed that he soon got a little sweaty because his opponent gave him little opportunity to use a tactic.

The obvious revenge was that he had relied on Bakusaiga's strength for so long, the swords he had wielded so far were anything but ordinary. Takaitayō suddenly performed an incredibly quick succession of blows and it was just a blink of an eye. A blink of an eye that he was too slow to doom for and he found the sword turned from his hand, himself in the dust, a blade on his throat.
When he looked up he noticed that Takaitayō hadn't even sweated. A satisfied movement lay around the South Lord's lips. Then he took the sword aside and simply dropped it in the dust - servants would put it away later - before he reached out to Sesshōmaru in a conciliatory gesture to help him up.
Sesshōmaru gripped it disgruntled and the momentum was probably a little more than was necessary. Because suddenly they were so close that the bitter male-dominant smell of this man rose into his nose in such an intensity that every thought he had just started gave way to the urge to submit. Takaitayō had drawn him close - improperly close, closer than it could be explained to an outsider with the simple polite help, and approached his ear with his lips.
"Your fragrance", he growled softly, "it excites me ..."

"What do you mean by that?", replied the Lord with a dangerous undertone in his voice. "I mean that there is no heir to justify your being here!"
Inu Yasha's hand was slightly tense on Tessaiga's grip. The aura of the sword gave him peace. He trusted Tessaiga's strength, yes. But he could not assess the strength of his opponent and he hoped that he would not let it escalate. Inu Yasha was not really sure what to do with him if he killed one of the four grand Lords, and that was what it would end up being.
"You are lying", said Takaitayō calmly.

He took it and he let himself be taken, he had no choice, the instinct was strong, stronger than he and he fell into lustful rigidity and allowed the manpower to hammer into him, again and again and again and again he felt numb and overwrought and dizzy until he clawed the earth, for he had never felt so helpless, never so weak and inferior.

"He lost it." That wasn't even a lie, and Inu Yasha hoped he couldn't find out, "the siege was too much."
The piercing gaze of the southern Lord rested on him for quite a while. Then, however, to his boundless surprise, the Lord bowed his head slightly as if in agreement and replied calmly: "Then there is nothing for the time being ... which will keep me here ..." He then gave his troops the sign to withdraw. In the Hanyō, however, the uneasy feeling remained that the matter for Takaitayō was far from over.

"I don't understand why this siege, why is he bothering only to pull off without a fight?", Inu Yasha gushed as he paced back and forth as he could never keep his feet still when he was excited. Sesshōmaru, who had now moved into a sitting position, followed him for a while with an unmoved look and when he noticed that the air was out for now, he replied calmly:
"Because he now has no legitimate reason to be here."
"Inu Yasha-sama, it is like this", Myoga patted in between to prevent the brothers' heated discussion, "A puppy's father has the right to rule over him. And above all, and this is the most important point, he has a right to own the mother. Which in this case would mean that Takaitayō could freely take over the western lands and command the army."
"Yes and? It's only land!?", Inu Yasha replied impatiently. "
It was clear to me from the start that you wouldn't understand that. Besides, it's none of your business anyway." With the last sentence Sesshōmaru Myoga gave a punitive look. Inu Yasha wanted to give him a heated reply, but involuntarily swallowed it when his gaze came to rest on his brother's still battered figure. Sesshōmaru had sat up, the straight posture and the reserved look were unable to cover up the exhaustion of the past few days, the yukata with the indigo blue color gradient on the sleeve edges only underlined its unhealthy pallor and without armor, without fur ... without all of that ... he looked almost fragile in its current state, although of course he wasn't.
"If the Lord of the South attacked the west so openly without a legitimate reason, he would draw the wrath of the other empires and even he is no match for such superiority. No, he will do it differently."
"And how?"
"Did he really ask me that right now?" Sesshōmaru turned resignedly to Myoga, who nodded annoyed.
"If you would stop saying that like I was totally stupid," pouted Inu Yasha, "I can't do anything with this shit, unlike other people, I wasn't born with a golden fork in my mouth."
"You mean silver spoon."
"Sesshōmaru, I swear to you, if you weren't looking straight like being dead twice and dug up again, I would push your spoon to where the sun doesn't shine – across!"
"Gentlemen, I have to ask", interjected Myoga, who saw exactly what he had feared to arrive - no matter what the circumstances, Sesshōmaru and Inu Yasha somehow always found a reason to find tips against each other to hand out.
"What is that noise here!?" suddenly came a trembling voice in the immediate vicinity, which made all three wince. Homoto might have been four feet tall, but she was as frightening as a Tengu, especially if, like now, her furrowed face twisted into an angry face.
"You, Sesshōmaru-sama, I have prescribed bed rest until your powers have regenerated. You, Myoga-san, could make yourself useful by telling the crowd that the immediate danger is over and you-" She looked at Inu Yasha, whose heart suddenly pounded at the Adam's apple," Well, you're actually there in good hands where you are right now."