Open my mouth but my mind draws a blank

Not easy to read the thought that I think

Like putting pen to paper

Now feeling so much safer

If only I could open up my head

And pull out books…

"Y/N… Can you shut that shit off!" my neighbor yells.

I ignore him and turn Come Back To This up even louder. He doesn't understand real music. He doesn't understand the thoughts of a real man.

I go back to making myself dinner. It's Friday night. I'm cozied up in my usual sweatpants and tank top; No Interest playing in the back. Boring right? But that's just me. I'm not like most women my age going out and partying every Friday night. I get it, we are in our 20s but I just find watching Stranger Things, playing Animal Crossing, and listening to grunge rock is way more fun than getting drunk and having random men grabbing on me.

I finish making my spinach ravioli and snuggle up on my couch.


It's my best friend, Ann Marie Lastrassi.

"Hey girl! What are you up to?" she says.

"You know me, it's not a Friday night party until I have my spinach ravioli hehe."

I already know she's rolling her eyes.

You see me and Ann Marie are total opposites. We've been friends ever since we were kids. I was always the shy nerdy one while she was the cool outspoken girl in school. Ann Marie could light up a room and make even the devil laugh. How we've managed to stay friends for so long beats me.

"Girl finish that shit quick because we are going out tonight!" Ann Marie says.

"Going out? You know I don't do that Ann."

"Come on… we didn't buy you that little black dress for nothing. Come out with me! Maybe you might meet someone!" I laugh because I know there is no way in hell that someone would be interested in me.

"You are so lucky you're my best friend, Ann."

I can hear her shrieking with excitement on the other end of the phone.

"YAY! I'll text you the addy for the club. Meet me there in about an hour." Ann Marie hangs up.

Oh god… what did I get myself into.

I walk into the club in my little black dress that Ann Marie so forcefully made me buy. Feeling pretty anxious, I walk around and look for Ann Marie.

Fuck… of course she would be late leaving me here to entertain myself.

I can already feel guys staring at me but I just want to go back to my couch and watch Stranger Things in my sweatpants.

I find my way to the bar. I need a drink. I catch the attention of the bartender and order myself a whiskey sour.

"Make that two" a man said.

I turn around anxious to see who is trying to talk me up. My eyes turn wide and my heart skips a beat. Holy shit… it's No Interest.

He smiles at me and it makes my womanhood cry over and over again a million times. I want to pinch myself because there is no way that this is real. The bartender hands us both our drinks and he immediately hands the bartender his card.

"Cheers!" he says and clinks his cup to mine.

"Your... um… No Interest." I finally built the courage to say.

"I'm that famous now huh?" he laughs.

Oh god that laugh… I could just suck his dick right now.

"Well maybe you are but I'm a fan of your work. Down Again speaks to my soul."

'Speaks to my soul,' could I sound anymore lame?

"Right on! Well if you're not busy right now, I could show you some new music that I'm working on?" he says.

I know I should wait for Ann Marie but when will I ever get the chance to hang out with my favorite artist again?

"Sure I would love to." I smile and take his hand as he leads me out of the club.

"Clubs aren't really my scene." he says.

"Trust me, they aren't mine either." I smile back at him.

We got to his place. Guitars fill his living room. Posters of Tool, System of The Down, and Alice in Chains are all over his wall.

"This is an amazing place you got here."

He smiles and takes off his leather jacket. Showing off his cool tattoos that I just want to lick all night long.

"Thanks, it's a little messy but I guess that's the only way it feels homey." he laughs.

He connects his phone to the bluetooth and lights a candle. Music starts blaring from speakers that I just can't locate.

How do you get approved

When all the world wants you to lose

What's the thing that's keeping you

From giving up tying the noose

"This is Don't Yuck My Yum." he says.

"This song is fucking amazing!" I say to him.

"Thanks. I'm tired of keeping my opinions to myself in this fucked up world." he replies.

He stares at me and I stare back at him. I can't tell what he is thinking but I don't really care for the chance to stare at his beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

"You know I've never met a girl like you." he finally says to me.

"Oh no?"

"Yeah most of the girls in LA are superficial and stuck up but you're different. You're real." he grabs my hand and holds it to his chest.

My heart is beating so fast I don't even know what to think. How the hell did this happen to me? Before I even have the time to respond, he kisses me so sweetly that I thought I wouldn't be able to breath. I move on top of him forcing my tongue in his mouth. He grabs my hips and secures me on his lap. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back so we can finally get some air.

"I really want to make love to you and pleasure you all night long but I respect you too much. I think we should take our time." he whispers to me.

My heart melts. What a fucking man. Better than the movies. I smile at him and kiss him on the cheek.

"I'll wait forever if I have to."

He smiles and kisses me.

A night that was supposed to be wrong for me, turned out to be a night that went so right for him.