Batman: Shadow Knight II: No Lauhging Matter






Recap from last time: Bratman took it a small young boy named Luke, and turned him into his new sidekick, Young Bat. While Young Bat was new, he really kicked lots of but against Mob Boss Two Face (who later grew more poewerful). The two continued their adventures, not knowing that one of the villains were planning to get rid of then.






We joing Batman and Young Brat atop the first national bank of Gotham City, battling the evil The Ventrilliquist.

"You;ll never win this one," said Batman. "You've got no sense of hope, and for it is hope that drives us into achieving our lifelong goals. You have none of that!"

The Ventriloquist leaned his head bark and laughtned. "You can not defeat me Batman and Young Bat. My mssion will be accomplished soon! Once I release this magic dust into the air, I'll be able to turn all of the ususcpecting citicens into wooden dummy puppets. Then I can add them to my clollection, and rule over the world as we know it!" He then laughed a mean evil laugh.

"We can't let him gret away with this!" said Batman.

"I agree!" said Young Bat. "He's too evil to roam the night

"Not even Batman and Young Bat can stoop me now!" said The Ventriloquist. "Prepare to be destroyed forevern ow!"

The Ventriloquist opened his puppets mouth, and out came a streem of fir .e Batman and Young Bat aw this and dodged it, barely missing it.

"You fools!" said The Ventrilo quest. "Your only wasting time! I will destroy you!"

"Guess again, pupepr man." Said Youg Bat, who proceeded to equip his Bat Knuckles and punch the head off of the puppet.

The Ventriloquist was horrified. "No! Not Rocky! He was my favorite! No matter, I'll just use another one!" He then puld out another one. A girl puppet. Her mouth opened, and bullets come out.

"That won't be enough," said YoungBat. "

"Prepare to face justice from the vengeance!" Said Batman. "I have the perfect weapon to destroy you."
"Oh what'st hat?" said the ventriloquist.

"Prepare for battle!" said Batamen. He then pulled out his Batsword and cut the head off of the puppet, and went strieght for the Ventriloquist. He tried to run, but he caugh him, and said to him. "It's over, you're finished."

"No I'm not," he said. But he was. Batman had him down. He then stabbed The Ventriloquist in the neck, and he was dead.

"Job well done,"said Batman.

"We really showed him what for!" said Young Bat.

"We sure did," said Bat,an. "There's no sence of stopping with the cerime here in Gotham City, but we're going to come close, hopefully. Let's hope we can aproch the end of it soon. There is a terrible word out there, and it's got to be fixed. This one was easy. I don't think the next one will be as munch."

"Why not?" asked Yougnbat. "is it because that we humans are evil and are inclined to do bab things?

"Your right." Said Batman. "What would I ever do without you, my noble and loyal sidekick."

"Aww, come on batman," said Young Bat. "Your emabrassing me."

"Don't worry," said Batman. "You diserve it come on let's go back to the batcave ok?"

"Sounds good!" said Yong Bat.

THE two of the mwalkd off as they were unaware that there was someone evil watching the mright now. Zoom out to show the Joker on the side of the road and that he saw all of the thins that just happened.

"Those fools think they can stop me," well they're wrong", said the Joker. "I'll get them yet. I'm still mad at them fro offing my best friend, Two Face, later Full Face. How I hate them! I'll get them as much as an oyster gets a pearl. Ha ha ha ha ha hah aha aha ha haha!"

Batman and Young Bat pulled into the batcae, and saw Afriend.

"Hi there, Batman and Young BAT." Said Alfred. "How was your night?"
"We defeated the evil The Ventriloquist." Said Young Bat.

"Glad to hear it," said Alfred. "That's oneless crimainal on the streats at night."

"One thing, though," said Batman. "I have the feeling we were being watched."

"Me to." Said Young Bat.

"That's not good, said Alfred. Let's hope that goes away soon. Oh, while you were gone you got some male."

"I was hoping you'd say that," said Young Bat.

"Expecting anything," sasked Bruce. (He was batman but he took the soot off.)

"Not in particular." Said Young Bat who also took his suit off an is now Luke. "I'm just curious."

"I see," sais Bartman.

Bruce and Luke go up the sairs and look at the male. All they get is a letter. It's written in some sort of code.

"I can't read this mess," saud Bruce.

"Let me try." Said Luke. "It's wirrten in at-bash cipher. I can DECode this for you. It says. "Dear Batman and Young Bat, you will die soon. And that will be the funniest thing in the world to me. Hah hahahaha!"

"That's all?" said Bruce.

"That's all Said Luke."

"I have no idea what that means," said Buce.

"It's simple," said Luke. "Someone's after us."

"Someone's always after us," said Bruce. "That's out job."

"Bruce," said Alfred. "There seems to be a problem. We're getting a call from Comihaner Gordon."

Bruce ran right over to the phone and said "Hi Gordon."

"There you are batman!" said Gordon. "We need your help! A NEW Criminal is on the losoe! We don't know who he is or what he wants, all we know is that he's after you."

"I think I know whose sending those notes," said Bruce. Bruce got back on the pone. "I'll bee right over, and I'll bring young at."

"yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, good!" said COmishinor Gordon, becoming incressingly nervous. "We need your help as soon as possible. I don't know how much longer we can last."

An explosion sound was heard, and the call was stopped. "Quickly Luke," said Bruce. "We need to go back and take care of another one!"

Luke says, "Great! I cant' wait to crush a criminal."

Alfred walks up to the two, "Guys, wait. Be care full out there, ok? I don't want you t oget blown into mishterienes!"

"Don't' worry, Afled" said Luke. "W;ell be just fine. We know what we're doing.''

"I sure hope so" said Alfred.

The two suited up and went off into Gotham city

"Do you think we can take him?" asked Young Bat.

"Yes," said Batman.

They drove right the batmobile right into the heart of the town, where a clown man in a purple suit was dancing around, hooting people. They parked the batmobile, and ran over to the guy.

"Stop! In the name of the law!" said Batman. They were rwady to stop him.

The clown man ran off, and Harvey Dent and Comishiner Gordon approached the two.

"We're so glad you're hear!" said Comishiner Gordon.

"I am too," said Harvey Dent. "We need help. This man is going to destroy us. We cant' do it without you. I'd try to stop him myself,..but I can't. i… don't' want t oassociate with evil."

"I know the feeling," said Young Bat. "You don't want to be scene with them."

"Yes, that's it for sure," said Harvey Dent.

"Don't worry you guys," said Fatman. "I'll be extra sure to whip ehim out! Come on Young Bat! Let's destroy him and save the holy city of Gotham!"

"Right behind you Batman.!" Said Young Bat. "That guy whon't stand a chance against us!"

The two of them ran off, and persuid the crazy man. The guy kept running and running and running, until he jumped into the sewer by open manhole.

"Quick!" he's in there! "Said Batman.

"Let's go in after him!" said Young Bat. The two of them jumped into the hole, and went looking for the crazy clown man. However, as they jumped in, the manhole closed, and a rumbling sound was heard."

"What's happening?" asked Batman.

"We've been tricked!" said Young Bat.

The two of them were deeply scared. They HAD NO IDEA WHAT They were going to do. Because of things, things looked bleek for them. A rumbling sound was heard, and a series of rishing waters came through the sewer pipes. The water is so strong that even though the two of them try to fight it off it does not work and they are washed away.

"It's like a ride at six flags!" said Yong Bat.

"It may be a fun ride," said Batman. "But a superher odoes not woo-hoo."

"Stop being so grumpy," said Young Bat.

"I'll be whatever I want to be, and you're going to like it" said Bathman.

"Why are you so like this" said Yoong Bat.

"Mind your own business, son," said Bamtan."

ThE TWO of them hit the end of the tunnel line, and approached a big room with a massive pot. The two of them and the water as well were washed into the giant pot. The pot filled up with water, and they looked up to see wha was doing this.

"Well well well" he said, "Lookei what we have here. Some bubbles ready for popping!"

Who are you, said Batman, why are you doing this?

"You don't know me, I'm not surprised. Iln new around here," said the guy. "People call me….the Joker!

"The Joker?" aside Batman. "What kind of getup is that?"

"It's pretty silly," said Young Bat.

"I am a silly, silly man1" said the Joker. "And I'm going to get you back for killing Two Face, my good friend!"

"Two Face was your friend?" axed Batman, waving his fist.

"Indeed," said the Hoker. "He'll always be my best firned, even in death. And you took him from this world, and now for that you shall pay the price for it!"

"You'll never win," said Yoiung Bat.

"I sure will," said the joker. "I'm like a broken drum stick, you can't bear me!" The Toker them started laughing menacingly.

"What are you going to d owith us?" said Young Bat.

"I poured you in here," said The Joker, "Into this big cauldron because I'm going to turn you into soop!"

"You wouldn't dare!" said Barman.

"I would!" said The Joker. "It'll be a blast. Finally, the Dark Night and the Dark Boy have fallen, and they will be turned dead because of my Dark Night trap."

"Well be free!" said Batman.

"Doubt it." said the Joekr. "There's no way out." As he said this, he turned a dial on his remote controll. As he did this ,the water started to bubble.

"Have fun, chickens!" said The Joker. "Hey, why did the ckickem cross the road? To get to the other side! Ha ha ha ahh ahaha hah ahahaha!" Wit hthat, the Joker left, leaving Batman and Young Bat in the boiling pot, about to become boiled into soup.

"We need to get out and fight thisQ" said Batman.

"But how can we do that we're trapped," say Young Bat.

"We'll just have to finda way. But w'd better do it soon," said Batman. "Because this water is getting hot."

"What are we going to do?" asked Young Bat.

"We'll need to think of something." Sadi Batman.

"I know!" said Young Bat, brilliantly. "We'll just fish through our utility belts to finds something to free us!"

"Godo thinking!" said Batman.

The two of them fished through their utilty belts to find something that can help them get out of the situation. Young Bat had only powerful weapons, so he was out of luck. Batman found something that can help them: the Bat Grabble.

"Got it!"


"That's it!" said Young Bat. "We can use that to save ourselfs from the dreaded boiling water!"

"Excellent idea!" said Batman. "But how are we going to get raised up and saved."

"We'll just have to fund something that we can grab onto." Said Young Bat.

Bratman looked around for something but then he found it, the side of the pot would be the perfect thing to attach to and pull thrm up. Batman swung his grappling hook around and threw it onto the edge.

"Hurry," said Young Bat. "It's hot in her!"

"I'M GOING AS fast as I can," said Batman. He had to keep twirling around the grappling hook.

"You can't get out!" said the Joker. "It's impossible. You'll dire before you do!"

"I'm not listing to you!"S aid Batman.

Batman threw the grappeling hook, and it attached to the side of the pot, and was secured.

"No!" said The Joker. "I CAN't let you win!"

Batman began pulling himself up and out of the giant pot, and Young Bat was right behind him in getting out of the things. The pulled and climbed, and as soon as they got out the water began to boil. They had made it just in time.

"Whew," said Batam. "We made it out just in time."

"I'm glad I have you with me to help," said Young Bat.

"And I'm glad I have you," said Batman.

"This is horrible!" said the Joker. "This is even worse than when the dish ran away with the spoon! But I'm not done yet! This time the cow will not jump over themoon!"

"Your jokes won't be enough to defeet us,!" said Young Bat, who pulled out his batwhip and Batman pulled out his batblaster.

"Perhaps you think that," said the Joker. "But I still have a secret weapon up my sleeve.

The Joker pushed a button on the wall, and a giant ray gun came out of the ground and kept blasting at Batman and young bat. The two did whatevet thy could to escape, but the ray gun was soo fast.

"It's over! Ou can't get away!" said the Jocker. "I'll make sure that my ray gun fries you like a hardboiled egg! There's no way you can escape!"

The ray gun almst hits Batman, But Young Bat punches it with his Bat Knickles, and it breaks.

"Thank you," said Batman.

"No proeb." Said Young Bat.

Young Bat came after the Jocker with his whip and stried to strike him. However, he caught the whip and pulled Young Bat close to him and held a gun to his head.

"Don't move Batso," said The Joker, "OR your little guy here gets blown up like a baloon. Get it? Blown up? Baloon? Ha ha ha h ah ah!"

Batman had no idea what to doo. He really had to doo something, and has to do it now because if he didn't' thigs would be bad. "Let him go," said Bartman.

"Never! Not unless you do what my commands," said The Jocker.

"What are they?"a asked Batman.

7 "I'm glad you asked," said the Joker. Rubs his hands together and smiles. "First, he said," "I want you to leave and never come back, then I want your bat suit. And finally, let me kekep the boy."

"You want to kkeep him?" said Batman.

"Of course!" said the jOker. "He'll make good soup! So either way he dies. Make yior choice now Batman."

Batman shooke his head and said. "Never! I will never let you take my sidekick and kill him! Do your worst The Joker! I will survive whatever it is that you throw at me!"

"Maybe," said he, "But you sidekick won't. especially nto a bullet to his head."

Young Bat was not scared. He was brave and heroic, and new Batman would help him. And sure enough, batman shot The Jojer's gun with his Batblaster, and the gun broke.

The Joker said! "Curses foiled again!"

Young Bat broke gree, grabbed his whip back, and wipeped the Joker's face, giving him a big red gash in his face.

"I said this to Plastic Man, an I'll say it to you," said Batman. "Crime doesn't' pay."

"But it's so funny," said the Joker. "That reminds me of a joke."

"I don't' want to hear it, said Young Bat who treid toattack the Joker again, but missed.

"Now, now," he says, "That's rude. Here's the joke. I just watched a documentary about beavers. It was the best dam show I ever saw!

" I DON'T GET IT." Said Young Bat.

"Beavers make DAMS," SAID Batman. "Because of this, he substituted a swear for the word Dam, as in beaver dam."

"Oh, now I get it." said Young Bat.

"See?" said TheJokersmilingabit, "I'm a funny guy."

"But that won't stop us from attacking you!" said Batman. Batman puleldo ut his bat blaster and shot at the Joker, but The Joker ran away and into the tunnel.

"Quuickly!" said Young Bat. "After him!"

"He's not going to get away that easy" said Batman.

Batman and Young Bat climbed into the tunend and tries to chase the Joker. He was fast, but they were faster. The jOker kept few faster and faster. But Batman shot him in the leg and he fell down, screaming.

"Your time I s up, The Joker." Said Batman.

"Please, no!" said The Joker. "I'll give you whatever you want."

"You don't' have anthhign we want." Said Young Bat.

"Actually he does," said Batman. He leaned in and whispered to the Joker. "You have the ability to get taken away from Gotham city. Now, to make usre you will never hurt anyomne again."

Batman scooped up the Joker and carried him off. He and Young Bat approached the giant pot where they were nearly boule dint soup.

"Wiat!" said the Joker. "If you get rid of me, he'll get angrier. He's already mad at you, and you'll be even more in for it and you will surely die."

"Who are you talking about?" said Batman.

"I'll never tell, said THE Jocker, laughing. Having enough of him, Batman threw the Joekr into the boiling water, where he died.

"Well," we've gotten that taken care of. "Said Batman"

"I'm glad we didn" said Young Bat. "Now Gotham City can be safe again. But who was that guy he was talking about?"

"We'll find out some day." Said Batman. "But for now, let's head back home and grab a cold one.

"Yeah!" I'm all for it", said Young Bat.

The two of them left. Weeks later, the newspapers reported of this triumphant victory. The first one to read this was Mayor of Gothan City, Harvey Dent. He was reading the newspaper and was feeling very distress with what he saw.

"I cannot believe what I a mseeing," said Harvey Dent. "Batman is far more popular than I am right not. This is bad news for me. Whay if the people elect him mayor instead of me. He keeps us safe, but I cannot let this happen. I need to make sure that I stay in power."

There was a knock at the door. A mysterious man walked in, wearing all green.

"I have a solution for you sir," said the man.

"What is it? and who are you?" said Harved Yent.

"Just a friend," said the man. "I have something that will help you get even more powerful and even more popular than Batman could ever hope to be. I mean, you;ll have to kill him but it can work if you like to."

"We'll see. What it is?" said Harvey Dent.

The geen mystery man held up a giant green key. He threw it to Harvey Dent and told him to use it, and that his gift would be waiting outside it. Harvey Dent thought about it as the man left. He was wonderin if he should do it. but if HE Was the new protector of the city, maybe he could keep his cool. He decided to try it. He wsalked outside, and saw a giant ,metallic battle suit. It had a monstrous looking face, and glowing red lights for eyes, giant wings for arms, three toe claw feet, and a steely buff torso body. It looked like a giant half-man half bat creature. Harvey Dent Like what he sees. He uses the key to open the torso, and step in. it closes, and he tries it out. It's equipped with so many weapons and tools, and there are jet turbines in the wigs. It worked well, and Harvey Dent knew this and lied wat he was using very much.

"Finally," he said. "I can fulfill my criminal wishes. But now that I'm the antithices of Batman, then I should adopt an opposite name. I shall be… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … ... … … … … … … .. .. … … … … … … … Man Bat!"

He began to laugh evilly, and flew away, ready to claim the city for Himself.