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Modern Day AU. Kagome lives with her abusive father, every day after school he finds a reason, no matter how hard she tries to 'punish' her for one thing or another. Whenever she tries to admit to what is going on at home, they move. Now in her 3rd year in High School, she's starting at Shikon High. One of the few schools that allow for both humans and demons and the occasional Half-Demons to attend all at once. She's the new girl, she doesn't know anyone, and she's not too sure about making new friends. Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka at her old school had proven that friends tend to pay attention more to small things. Will she let these new kids become her friends or will she push them away?

~~Chapter 1~~

'My name is Kagome Higurashi, your average 17 year old, in my last year of High school. I will turn 18 just before graduation. Something I've been looking forward to it for a very long time. I want to escape my 'home'. It is a prison I can't get free of. For you see, when I was 7, my mother re-married in order to give her two children, myself and Sota, my little brother, a father. Kai Tuchino had come into our lives like a blessing, but in reality he was nothing more than a curse. A year after Kai married Mom, he started to abuse us. 6 months into the abuse, Kai had 'accidentally' killed Sota in a drunken rage. Two months later, in an attempt to save me, her only remaining child, Mom ran from Kai, moving back in Grandpa. Kai came after us and killed both Mom and Grandpa, taking me with him. He warned me that if I didn't act right and keep my mouth shut, I'd end up just like my grandfather, mother, and little brother.

The abuse continued, but Kai always stops short of killing me. Though he would purposefully seek out reasons to kick me around. When anyone came around asking questions that hit too close to the truth of my treatment, he'd transfer to a new job and move so we couldn't be found. As proven when my old friends from my previous school had come over asking why I'd had a bruise on my stomach. It took so much pleading and convincing that I hadn't spoken up before Kai stopped hurting me. That was two weeks ago. Now I'm supposed to start at this new school, Shikon High. I don't think I'll make friends this time. Its too painful when we move to lose my friends.' The 17-year-old raven haired girl sat back from her journal, knowing she needed to get busy unpacking the kitchen before Kai got home or she'd be in for it.

She put away her journal, so that Kai wouldn't find it and read it, and got up to stretch. The sound of the front door opening caused dread to fill her, she was too late.

"KAGOME!" Kai's angry voice rang through their new house. She bolted out of her room, knowing that not answering was not going to do her any favors. She hurried into the living room, stopping a good 10 feet away from Kai. No reason to put herself in striking range.

"Sorry!" she said immediately "I just got tired after moving all the boxes in this morning I fell asleep. I'm getting started right now."

"You have one hour to be done with that damn kitchen and have my dinner ready." Kai replied, glaring at the girl, walking forward toward her, "And next time you had better not think to take a stupid nap instead of doing your chores!"

Kagome flinched as Kai's hand went back and flew forward. A stinging pain registered in her cheek as she fell sideways from the force. Kai always slapped her, open hand, on the face. He saved closed fist punches for areas that wouldn't be seen when the bruises appeared. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes, but she blinked them back. She'd learned years ago that crying only pissed him off more. She picked herself up and hurried into the kitchen. There were so many boxes, she didn't know how she would be able to unpack it all and cook dinner in an hour.

She took a deep breath and searched through all the boxes until she found a big pot, quickly filling it with water and setting it on the stove to boil, then started putting away other pots and pans and cooking utensils. As the water got close to boiling, she started searching through boxes of food until she found spaghetti noodles. Breaking the long thin stems of noodles in half, she dumped them in the boiling water before getting out a cutting board and starting on making meat balls, and a deep skillet for the sauce. She glanced at the clock in dismay. She had 15 minutes left to finish unpacking and the food. The meatballs would take 20 alone.

As the meatballs cooked she hurried around putting things away almost haphazardly, since Kai wouldn't look to see if it was done correctly. There was no way to really hurry the food but maybe if everything else was finished, he wouldn't get too mad. She doubted it though.

About 10 minutes after her allotted hour was up, she brought Kai a plate, he frowned at it. She backed away slowly, knowing he wasn't going to let it go, even though it had only been 10 extra minutes. He shook his head and started eating, Kagome retreated back into the kitchen and pulled a beer out of the fridge, placing it in front of Kai before retreating once more.

She quickly made herself a plate and ate it fast. She wasn't supposed to eat the same food she made for him, but she was tired of eating nothing but instant ramen and sandwiches. Once she was finished she rinsed her plate and fork, washed them, and put them away so he wouldn't know.

Steeling herself to walk past him, she walked out of the kitchen and through the dining room and into the living room to start in on unpacking it.

It didn't take long to unpack the living room, as most of the things that once decorated the living room had been broken and thrown away. So she retreated upstairs, and into her room. She had already unpacked her own things and the bathroom before she'd taken a break to write in her journal. She gathered up her night clothes and opened her bedroom door, intent on taking a shower before going to bed, only to find Kai standing there, glaring at her.

Before she had time to back away, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her into the kitchen, ignoring her cries. "I told you one hour. You took longer." he said simply "Now you will suffer the consequences of disobeying me."

His fist slammed into her stomach, causing her to double over. He drove his elbow into her back making her fall where he kicked her stomach repeatedly. When he was finished, Kagome was barely conscious, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her to her feet, "Next time do as I say, in the time I permit." he snarled before tossing her back, causing the back of her head to hit the corner of the stove. Before all went dark and she lost consciousness.

-END Chap. 1-

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