Chapter One:"Restaurants"

Chris heard the growl of his stomach; which was reminder he was hungry.

He was tired of waiting for Leon.

"Can we go get something to eat now" Chris asked.

"Yes" Leon groaned.

Chris Redfield was a valuable asset to stopping bio-terrorists, but now he was just a whining asshole. Sitting in the passenger seat Chris looked at the trees and trying to ignore the growl of his stomach. Leon who just wanted quiet pulled into the Buffet'n'Bar, and then parked near the building and got out of the car with Chris.

Leon S. Kenedy was always perceived as a loner, and for good reasons he hated big crowds.

The restaurant was surprisingly empty compared to two old guys at the bar.

"Finally" Chris cried,"I'm starving let's eat".

"Whatever dude" Leon said trying to sound happy but failing.

Chris went to go get him some food, but instead of getting salad felt the urge to get junk food and beer. He returned to Leon With: pizza, beans,chicken,noodles, biscuits, macaroni and cheese, three chocolate cakes, and 12 corona lights.

Leon just grab the chicken salad and stuck with it, and the two began to chow down.

Chapter Two:"Farts"

Chris began to eat his personal pan pizza slice by slice till it was gone.Then ate all the baked beans the Buffet had. Then he teared into the chicken till it was gone too.

Finally he came to the cakes, and Inhaled them all leaving nothing. He didn't remember drinking the beers or getting home thanks to Leon.

3:30 a.m.

Chris let out a fart ,and woke to see his now doughy and pudgy belly.

"Cool I'm fat" He said patting his belly.

He then got up and grab the box of stick butter, peanut butter, and whipped cream to eat. He put the butter stick in his mouth and felt it melt and swallow it. Then he ate the rest In the package. After that he let out another fart ;before eating the tub of whipped cream clean. Lastly not caring if got on his body Chris fingered the jar peanut butter clean too. Burping and feeling good and full Chris went back to bed.

end of story more to come