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(Notes: Neji is alive; and is FEMALE in this story. This was originally going to be an omegaverse story, but I changed it last minute. Risu is my OC. The ships are Toneri/Nejire and Momoshiki/Nejire, Borumitsu. Contains graphic birth scenes, blood, violence and Sarada being a bitch.)

Risu Otsutsuki.

A product of a stolen marriage.

Her mother, Nejire Hyuuga, was sent as an offering to one of her fellow clansmen, Toneri Otsutsuki in place of Hinata. Accepting this fate as a way for her beloved cousin to finally be happy with Naruto, Nejire reluctantly brought herself to Toneri, becoming his wife.

Only to be stolen away by Momoshiki after Hinata and Naruto destroyed the energy vessel. Nejire was then forcefully wedded to Momoshiki. Couple months later, Nejire was round with child.

That child happened to be Risu.

Life had been hell for the poor child and Nejire. Momoshiki's neglect and occasional abuse had taken its toll on the two of them. Nejire, being the strong former kunoichi she was, withstood it, having dealt with her uncle Hiashi's anger outbreaks and the usage of the cursed mark on her forehead, though she still was fearful.

For Risu, though, that was a different story.

For most of her childhood, some of the only things Risu could hear was the begging of

'stop' and the screams of pain as Momoshiki, or even her foster grandfather, Kinshiki, forcefully raped her mother. Then there was the scar across her right eye.

That had been the product of Momoshiki's fury.

He lashed out at her, attacking his own child.

The scar served as a reminder of Risu's untimely hatred of her so-called father.

Six magatama were visible on her body. Two on her right cheek - just below her eye. And the other four right on her collarbones - similar to Toneri. All inked into her skin; permanent.

This is the story of the child of Kama.

A white, red-eyed snake wrapped itself across her neck, acting like a decorative 'scarf' of sorts. The snake was a gift from Orochimaru, the parent of Mitsuki, the supposed DNA sharer of Toneri Otsutsuki.

It was nearly dusk. The sky became a lovely fade of periwinkle, navy, and finally cobalt grey. Risu notched her head up, eyes twinkling in sync with the stars.

Only to look down. Stars were one of the things that brought her a sense of lightness in her reality of darkness, but it was just another reminder of her family.

Here she was, in the middle of a darkening forest, away from her mother and younger siblings, trying to find the world-famous, not-so secret Konohagakure. She sighed heavily. Her snake, Chisana, uncoiled himself from his owner's neck, slithering down to wrap himself around her arm.

She smiled down at him, something that she rarely did. "A break wouldn't be too bad… I guess I can rest here for the night…" Risu scanned the area she was currently standing in. Tall oak trees covered the night sky, leaves lightly shaking with the slight breeze. Sticks littered the forest floor. Some ruffling was heard from a nearby bush.

Chisana slid down Risu's arm, plopping to the ground. He slithered around, nostrils flaring as he wriggled under leaves and sticks. Risu also did her own personal scan with her Byakugan.

Nothing but a lost hare and a torn-up flak jacket. Wait. Flak jacket? Risu's eye crinkled back to normal. "Chisana," Risu knelt down. The snake slithered up her arm, wrapping himself around her neck like before, covering her Hyuuga choker and her golden plated necklace.

Risu leaped onto a lower branch on a tree, activating her Byakugan once again. 'Point!' She leaped branch to branch, getting closer to the abandoned jacket. Once she became 'leveled' with the jacket, she jumped down, deactivating her kekkei genkai.

The jacket was a measly olive-green - caked with mud and stained with moist bloodstains. It was pretty obvious that this jacket had only recently been lost. There were still some tools in the pockets, like vials of medicine and a small weapons scroll. But the most appealing thing to the twelve year old was the large red swirl on the back. The symbol of Konohagakure.

A loud groan sounded from behind a thick bush. A scrap of ocean blue fabric snagged onto a sharp branch. Risu peeked over the bush. A man, possibly in his late twenties was shakily getting up, clutching his side. He had shaggy brown hair that was matted to his forehead with dripping sweat. He wore a red arm cuff with what looked like his clan symbol on it, as well as what Risu could think of as the Leaf shinobi uniform.

The flak jacket in her hands was probably his.

"Urgh… damn it!" the brunette managed to sit up. He leant against the shrub, trying to blot the blood oozing out of his stomach. Risu jumped over the bush, silently crouching down next to him. He leant his head against the green, trying to catch his breath. He still hadn't noticed the girl sitting next to him.

Pale eyes looked into blue.

"RAH! KAMI!" Konohamaru yelled in shock. Risu squinted at him with her one visible eye.

"W-who are you?" the Sarutobi looked the girl up and down, trying to find some type of identification. A hitai-ate or a clan symbol. His eyes landed on Chisana. "H-how-" he opened his mouth to speak, only to close it, quietly hissing in pain. The area around his wound was turning an ugly yellowish-green. He was obviously poisoned by a dipped weapon.

Risu frowned at it. She held out her hands, hovering them over Konohamaru's hand. She gave him a look. Konohamaru seemed to think about it for a second before slowly removing his hand. The gash was deep - but not life-threatening deep. Green chakra began to flow out of her hands. Immediately, the cut began to heal. The odd coloring began to fade away. After a short five minutes of her healing this Leaf shinobi, the wound was no more. Not even a scar was visible.

"Uh… t-thanks…" Risu nodded, standing up. Her ruby magatama earrings jangled.

"Where are…-"


Risu looked in the direction of where the voice came from. A blonde boy with whiskers arrived first, panting, followed by a flat-chested ravenette and Mitsuki.

"Konohamaru-sensei! Are you-" the ravenette eyed the bloody skin where a gash once was.

Konohamaru laughed. "I'm fine, Sarada. This girl over here healed me."


"EH? Mitsuki, you know her?!" the blonde shrieked. Mitsuki smiled. When did he learn to do that?

"I do. She and I are close friends." Chisana hissed in agreeance. Konohamaru nodded in understanding.

"Well, then. I think," he got up. "We should return to the village…"

Risu's eyes widened. Chisana hissed something, which Mitsuki seemed to understand.

"I see. Risu also happens to be searching for Konoha. Shall we bring them with us?"

Konohamaru bit his lip. Well, if Mitsuki knows her. And if she potentially healed me then…

"Okay then… this way."

Risu nodded. The four Leaf members all began to run north, with Risu on their trail.

The scenery began to change as the five closed in on the main gate leading into the world-famous village. Two chunin guards were standing on either side, leaning against thick wooden pillars. The sign atop read 'Konohagakure.'

Konohamaru passed through, followed by his students. Right before Risu stepped in, two bulky arms stopped her.

"Hold it kid. What business do you have here?"

"It's okay, Saki. Ikasa."

The chunin guards frowned. "Hm."

"She's here to see Nanadaime."

"What does she need?"

Risu glared deathly at them. The two men gulped. "Uh… welcome to Konoha!" Risu smirked, waltzing in through the gates. Damn. Modern buildings were everywhere - same with the people.

Team 7 and Risu all walked past different stores and houses. By now, the sun had fully set, leaving only the stars, moon and the lights from shopfronts and houses to the Hokage's office.

The whole time Boruto and Sarada kept giving the girl weird stares.

"Ah, Boruto! Konohamaru! Nice to see you all!" Naruto greeted. Risu stood off to the side, taking in the cluttered office. For someone who's supposedly so powerful and important, he sure was a slob. Team 7 chatted with the Hokage for about ten minutes before the attention was turned to Risu.

"Ne, Konohamaru? Who is this?" Naruto noticed the girl leaning against a file cabinet.

"Mitsuki says she's one of his old friends."

"Really? What's your name."


Boruto's mouth gawked. "YOU CAN TALK-"

Sarada slammed her fist on his head. "Shut up!"


"None of your business. I came here for a reason. I wish to become a shinobi."

Naruto arched an eyebrow. "I see. Do you have any… sort of… reasoning?" a strand of Risu's pale periwinkle hair stood up, curling into a swirl of sorts. "You don't need to know that."

The Hokage frowned. "Mhm… I'll see what I can do. It was nice meeting you, Risu." Naruto held out his bandaged prosthetic for Risu to shake. Risu took it, slowly shaking it with an awkward smile.

"Yosh! C'mon!" Boruto grabbed Risu's wrist, pulling her out of the office, followed by Sarada and Mitsuki.

"Where are you taking me?" she deadpanned. "We're going to show you around the village!" Boruto began to run faster. "It's dark outside. Can't this wait?"

"Konoha looks way better at night!"


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