A/N- Idea from the TV series "Good Girls" and "The cutting edge" series on All Four

A/N- Borrowing Characters from "The shield, Killing Eve" and other shows

Eric shooes away the wine as Anwar pours himself another glass.

"Steady on that!" Otis warns.

"Piss off" Anwar glares.

"Boys boys! Rahim got me a new necklace to go with the ring. Do you wanna check it out?"

"Nahh not really..." Anwar refuses.

"Yes Eric! Course we do!" Otis corrects Anwar. Eric nods and rushes upstairs. He grabs the necklace off of the drawer and puts it around his neck. He races downstairs, really wanting to hear only Anwar's opinion. He turns the corner only to get bounced off a familiar broad chest.

"Tromboner! Hey! Dinner party is it?" Adam asks, waving his gun around to introduce his gang, Cruz, Dasha and Kenny his right hand man. All of them were surrounding Oat-pie. While Dasha had a hammer against Anwar's neck.

"What the fuck do you arse-wipes want now!" Eric huffed.

"My fucking money!" Adam snorted. "That secret shopping plan that new kid coughed up. You took too much out the fucking kitty!"

"Ten grand you pieces of shit!" Cruz barks.

"That's bull-shite!" Otis whines.

"Yeah. We know what you'd do if we ripped you lot off!" Anwar shouts, pushing the hammer away.

"Ob...obviously one of the secret shoppers ripped us off!" Eric crosses his arms.

"Who?" Anwar squeals as Dasha grabs his arm.

"How am I gonna get that info?" Adam asks poking Eric with his elbow. "I could always fuck that info out of you. I don't think Rahim puts out much these days" He looks over to Cruz, who automatically laughs.

"Oh really?" Eric licks his lip.


"I'm sure you can teach me Ad, from deep throats to rodeo, to banana toffee spilts?"


"You have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about do you?" Eric scoffs. "All that extra large equipment and you have no idea what to do with it?"

"Shut up!"

"Stick to vagina babe. You've never been with a man? I don't need to even...Yourself and a mirror sure. But when it comes to touching another guy, you've never actually had the guts to fuck anyone, have you?" Eric asks quickly pointing his friends to the door.

"Everyone get the fuck out!" Adam shouts in embarrassment. Turning to look at Dasha. "Yeah, you too" He waves his gun at his gang members, who are too puzzled to discover Otis and Anwar run for their lives. With a silent prod, Cruz, Dasha and Kenny leave, hitting Adam's phone with text after text.

"Are you gonna..."

"Wait!" Adam sharply holds his hands up and runs to the hallway. "New kid, piss off!"

"Are you okay Eric?"

"Yeah. I'll keep texting. You pair up with Anwar okay?" Eric shouts. It's easier for Otis to go home with Anwar. He's always got a chaffeur so Eric doesn't go crazy with worry. Now they're alone, His house guest makes himself a Nesquik in the mircowave, before taking it out and putting it on the side. "Why heat it up? We have hot chocolate you know" Adam shrugs before getting his gun, walking up to Eric and putting the pistol against his chest.

"Necklace. Suits you" He chuckles running the gun down his shirt, which was open a little.

"Rahim got it!"

"Pity present I see!"

"Fuck you. He's a million percent faithful!"

"Bullshit!" Adam teases back.

"Just because you've cheated on every man, woman and lizard on planet earth it doesn't mean..." He pauses as Adam starts tapping on his phone. It's a grainy video of Rahim grinding aganist some guy at a club.

"Sorry. Here it is in HD" Adam said clicking on another video.

"You sick fuck! You'd actually pay a look-a-like?"

"Tromboner don't be a donut. No-one really looks like him. He waves so much dick around town why the frick would I waste my money? When I know he's cheating for free?" Adam asked putting the phone in Eric's hand. Eric finally sits up, and really stares at it. With a clearer picture, it's definitely him. With the designer navy blue shirt. The shorts that Eric teased him about back in march. The way he'd ordered the guy a drink before he made a pass. By the time he was slapping a woman's arse and handing out his number, Eric turned the phone off. He suddenly felt very, very sick.

He gets up and starts looking for his coat and keys. He wonders into the hallway, staring at the coat rack. Should he take Rahim's jacket, just to prove a point?

"OI, where you going?" Adam asks, running to catch up with him.

"Gotta talk to my oat muffin" He decided.

"New kid? Why?"

"You need to find out who stole that Ten grand. He's the brains of this outfit!"

"Yeah...but you're the beauty!" Adam blushes at his own compliment, leaving the shorter guy confused.

"Piss off!" Eric snaps,

"Anyways" He pushes on, forgetting he heard that. "I figured we could stay here. The money's a piss take, however Tromboner. There are more pressing matters on our list, that you need to attend to" Adam advised rubbing his shoulder.

"Other than the money? What pressing matters?"

"Like my penis?" Adam asks as he shyly covers his eyes with with his index finger and thumb. "How did you find out?"

"About what?" Eric questions.

"About me being a...being a virgin?" Adam whispers, staring at the necklace still hanging against Eric's chest.