Manakete's of Remnant

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Chapter 4

A Monstrous Return

P.O.V: Cayden

As I was falling down to begin the trials that awaited me in the Emerald Forest, I began to realize that even though I had quite the brave front on my face along with the personality, that's basically all that it was and I quickly began to lose my prior bravado. Thankfully, I still knew (as I began to scream that is) that I wouldn't be screaming as high pitched as a certain Blond Arc (no offense to the guy I swear!) normally does.

"OH...CRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!" I started yelling like crazy. I soon snapped out of it and realized I needed to think of something SOON, or I'd be flatter than ANY possible pancake that exists here on Remnant.

Somewhere else at that same moment in time, Nora gave a sneeze, wondering who was talking about pancakes as she began to drool.

As we quickly switch right back to Cayden, it was then that an unexpected 'savior' started to make his debut. "Oh my NAGA! Would a certain someone just SHUT UP?! I was napping here!"

"Grima! Oh thank you oh mighty Fell One! A little help? PLEASE?!" I oh-so-happily pleaded, but I also could tell he was both amused and highly annoyed by this…

"Quite the conundrum you're in eh, Fleshling?" Grima seemed to, wait, was that a snicker?! "I can only assume you need my help?"

"What in Oum's Holy Name gave you that impression?!" I sarcastically snapped back. "PLEASE TO THE HECK YES!"

"Fine… BUT! You owe me and I reserve the right to hold this over you for a LOOOONG time."

"Okay! Deal!" I agreed (just what have I done?!).

As I continued to fall, a small surge of energy seemed to 'crawl' around me and act like an exoskeleton over my Aura. I guess Grima must've used that one skill of his in Fire Emblem Awakening's Lunatic Mode...Pavise+ I think it was called?

I also decided to draw my blade, Muramasa as well, seeing as the dark energy would also likely call forth a legion of Grimm in ten seconds flat. Good thing my blade seemed to hum at this decision in approval.

Then the ground approached and suddenly…


I landed with a large thudding impact that also created a small shockwave. I also landed (surprisingly) in a similar pose that Sephiroth tends to do with his blade stabbed deep into the ground. Thankfully my blade wasn't so freaking long and so I wouldn't have any issue taking it out or it getting completely stuck within the dirt. I've a feeling Muramasa would hurt me somehow no matter if he was a sword or not!

I made sure to shake off the cobwebs that rattled around in my head and as I looked around, I could only see that there was really no need to worry about the Grimm right now. Yes, they did appear, but my landing was so Super Effective it seems and had resulted in such an epic one-hit KO, that their bodies were already beginning to fade away to nothingness.

I only had this to say, "That was AWESOME!~" I laughed. I even quoted Henry from Awakening while doing so. I always liked that guy along with how I could mimic other voices/quotes. I continued to laugh until a (thankfully already dead) Ursa hit the ground right next to me!

"Whoa!" I yelped. It was funny though. Similar to Pokémon, it had swirls in its eyes as it began fading away along with a tongue sticking out as it had 'fainted' and was beaten senseless. I could only give a small chuckle.

In any case however, I made sure to quickly get out of the area and then when I was near a safer zone (along with calming my emotions just to be safe) said to my partner, "Thanks Grima." I gratefully bowed to him in my mental scape.

"Whatever Fleshling. Now let me sleep and I will be continuing to watch you along with Mark every now and then. Don't disappoint though. I hope to see some bits of mayhem when I browse your memories for good entertainment later."

Caught off guard, I replied, "You had better not view anything too private of ours, Mister!"

Grima just gave me a chuckle and also decided to get serious for a minute. "By the way, Fleshling...look at your feet. And slowly now."

I did as asked and soon enough, what I saw intrigued me while also giving me a slight chill down my spine…

"Are these...tracks?" I wondered both aloud and mentally.

"Indeed Fleshling." Grima replied. "Something is out here and it's not anything good from what I can feel. Even some of those Grimm are staying far away. Be on your guard and might I suggest finding your pal, Mark? He may likely know what we're up against. But that's just a possibility. Either way, hurry it up!"

I nodded and decided to not joke around or even hesitate. Right now, things were just beginning and I had the feeling that what awaited us would be something more dangerous than anything we've faced so far. I then took a deep breath and, being sure to keep Muramasa close on hand, headed off to go and find Mark.

Mark P.O.V.

After all of that, falling through the sky, pulling a Blake with the Landing Strategy, and also landing on a stray Beowolf (killing it in the process), I had finally made my way up to the temple. From what I could see so far, a few pieces were already missing, though not the ones that go to both RWBY and JNPR in canon. However, there are strangely two specific pieces that did NOT appear in the show here either. They looked like...a Joker's Wild? But that's normally a Game Card, not a Chess Piece!

Regardless, I went up and grabbed one of the Jokers, as I had a feeling that they were meant for both myself and Cayden. After doing that, I heard some nearby rustling. I then checked behind me with caution, and could see that our resident Busty Blond Beauty known as Yang, along with the Hidden Faunus Blake, appeared from said rustling bush.

As Yang walked up to me and Blake keeping a small distance behind, she asked, "Wait a that you Cayden?" She wondered. Blake rolled her eyes at her getting it wrong again and subtly gave a facepalm. "Small world, huh?"

"Look a litttttle bit closer Yang." I smirked with a bemused grin.

Yang did so while leaning down a bit (I made sure to avert my eyes so I wouldn't appear rude. Plus I also felt that I might just earn Cayden's wrath if I looked at her that way, for some odd reason. Although Blake did seem to blush at how polite I was being.

Also, somewhere, I could hear a distant and random sneeze from my bud. Huh. That was weird.

Yang then temporarily gave a small slump and then regained her composure. "UGH! Seriously?! How do I keep getting you both wrong?! You guys are practically identical!" She threw her arms up in the air for emphasis while Blake gave a small chuckle and I gave a small smile at her antics.

Blake then decided to make a small joke and said, "Seems you may need some glasses in order to tell the difference, huh?"

Yang just pouted and replied with, "Oh, hush you!" And even gave a teasing middle finger to her for emphasis.

After laughing for a bit from all that, I then said, "Well, like I said before, we could easily pass for twins, but we aren't really blood related at all. Only Na-err, Oum knows why we look so similar." I say just barely, nearly slipping up by almost saying Naga. After all, they have no idea who or what a/the Divine Dragon even is.

Blake seemed to catch the small slip in my phrasing, and was about to comment on it when Yang quickly noticed the Chess Pieces.

She studied them all closely and looked to Blake and I (even though I already had a Piece, well, a Card anyway) asking, " about a cute little pony?" she asked as she twirled the Knight piece around like it was a real life-like trotting horse.

Blake simply smirked, "Sure. Why not?"

As Yang took the Piece, Yang commented, "Welp, that wasn't so hard."

Blake responded with a dry, "Well, it's not like they're exactly hard to find." She gave a small humph with her hands on her hips.

As that was said, we all heard some more rustling coming towards us. We drew our weapons to be safe, but as I did, I heard a sudden deep chuckle from Grima. I was about to ask what was exactly so funny, until a certain buddy of mine, whose name starts with a C, and was slightly out of breath, nearly ran right into our weapons' respective paths.

Cayden quickly surged to a stop and I even heard what sounded like tires screeching as he immediately braked it.

He then held up his hands and said, "Whoa, whoa, WHOA! It's me you guys! Do I LOOK like a Grimm to you?!" He slumped down in exhaustion and some amount of fear.

"I dunno, you look pretty Grimm-like to me, with all of that dirt on ya." I snarked at him with a teasing smirk.

Cayden seemed to fold in on himself even more and an anime cloud of depression appeared over his head. "I should've seen that coming…" he mumbled while twirling his finger on the ground in the fetal position.

He then quickly shook it off and approached me while also asking, "Oh? So are these our Pieces? Strange that ours are a Joker's Wild Card though…"

"Uhh, I have a feeling that we aren't actually Partners in this, I think that other card is meant for you bud. Oz might be doing something we likely won't really expect." I whispered to him.

Cayden stilled for a second while nodding. He then was about to say something else, "Listen Mark, um-" He was cut off however as we saw and then heard two loud high-pitched screams.

Blake's bow twitched (showing her cat ears were at work) and asked us, "You all hear that?"

Yang, Cayden, and I nodded. "What should we do?" Yang asked.

We then suddenly looked up as another voice cut in with a, "Heads uppppppp!"

Ruby then lands down, but atop of Cayden who I could hear a loud "crrrnch" occur from his back. Ouch. I quickly relieved his back of her posterior and subconsciously held her close to me, growling a small bit. She's mine! Wait...ugh… Shaking my head, I then quickly let her go hiding my blush.

Meanwhile, Blake noticed this, and found it almost akin to how a dragon's possession of their treasure is often quite intense when there's a possible theft to occur. Specifically, in the stories she read when she was younger. She blushed at the thought, wanting him to hold her like that, and could barely keep herself from jumping onto him right then and there.

Cayden began to stir while also getting up and popping his backbone back in place with a loud POPPING sound. "Ohhh...I felt that." he said with a wince. "Anyway…" he then looked at Blake, then back at me and Ruby. He then gave me a knowing smile and I could already hear him thinking, 'Blackmail material baby, oh yea!'

Quickly thinking of a way out of this while also silently thinking that I wouldn't let him get the last word in, I said, "Wait, where's your partner Ruby?"

Before we could get an answer though, I swore we could hear some sort of rodeo music as Nora made her entrance riding a bucking Ursa with a classical Western "Yeehaw!"

We could only sweatdrop as Blake dryly asked, "Did that girl just arrive riding on top of an Ursa?"

Yang seemed to be short circuiting, especially since she was still processing that her sister fell from the sky, "Uhh…"

Then Ren appeared. "Nora! Don't ever do that again!" He huffed trying to catch his breath, not even noticing Nora disappear, grab a Chess Piece, reappear, then start singing, "I'm Queen of the Castle!"


"Whoops! Coming Renny~!"

It was then that something else occurred with both Pyrrha and Jaune running nearby Scooby-Doo style, Jaune being the one surprisingly holding Pyrrha much to her thinly veiled anger/embarrassment. She almost looked ready to punch him if they hadn't already been running in fear

It was Cayden's turn to give a small growl but he did his best to hide it with a forced grin and shakily ask, "Also, did those two just run in all of a sudden with Mister BLONDIE (he growled out that last part; hot smoke spewing from his nostrils) screaming like a girl, IN SUCH AN EMBARRASSING POSITION!?" I could already see steam coming outta Cayden's ears as well; same looked for Yang. Huh. Definitely two peas in a pod for sure. Who knew? Also, blackmaiiiiiiil~.

"Big….big sharp teeth…." Jaune muttered to himself holding and shaking his head, inadvertently dropping Pyrrha much to Cayden's growing ire. Wait, did he just say something about big teeth?

"Ouch! Jaune!" Pyrrha pouted, rubbing her bruised posterior (and possibly her pride as well).

"Big teeth?" I asked. "What are you talking about?"

Cayden then snapped out of it saying "That's what I was about to-" Cayden was suddenly interrupted by Nora asking, "OOH! Secret sharing time?"

I mentally counted up to three when IT finally happened.

Both Cayden and Yang seemed to have had enough as both basically had a dark and fiery aura respectively surround the two of them. Cayden was even leaking out some killing intent with some additional bloodlust!

"We can't take it anymore! Can we all just chill for like 10 BLEEPING seconds before something else happens?!" Both said in terrifying sync.

Ruby then politely decided to tug my sleeve while saying a loud "Umm…" to get everyone's attention.

We all looked up as she did and just in time to see Weiss...hanging off the talons of a Nevermore that was flying at least 10 miles high up in the air.

"HOW COULD YOU JUST LEAVE ME?!" She screeched out at Ruby.

"My bad?" Ruby shrugged. "I told her to jump."

Suddenly, the Nevermore seemed to shift its attention briefly and then drop Weiss with its talon, literally.

"That works!" Ruby smiled.

"She's gonna fall." I said.

"She's fine." Ruby insisted.

Cayden then said, "No, she's falling, and it's gonna get a whole lot worse than that." He then pointed out that Weiss was really and truly falling.

"Huh. Deja vu, eh Mark?" Cayden gave a small grin as he then leapt into action and took to a high tree, caught Weiss (bridal style) gently, and used his Aura to land as safely as possible with no injury on his person.

He then looked at Weiss and said, "Guess that's one way for a lovely snowflake to drop in." He smirked as she blushed. Yang gave a fist pump at the well-timed pun while the rest of us (excluding myself) groaned.

Then again, I was also getting a little annoyed with how Cayden was repeatedly interrupted as he was about to tell us something that was likely very important. "In any case, Cayden, what were you trying to tell me?"

"Ah!" Cayden snapped to attention while gently setting Weiss down (her hands seemingly didn't want to let go at first, but they eventually did). "Well, after doing a pretty cool Landing Strategy, I did freak out at first, yes, I'll admit that, I stumbled around and lowered my emotions to evade any possible Grimm. However, a sort of chilling feeling had me look down on the ground. I dunno what it was exactly, but there were some weird looking marks on the ground. They were kinda similar to some sort of uh, chipped fangs in a circular area of sorts." He explained with a shrug at the end.

"Chipped...Fangs?" Upon this revelation, I will admit, that my face slowly gained a seriously dark look of terror, and it was then, I realized just WHAT was truly lurking around in these woods; even though it really shouldn't be possible.

Seeing my terrified look, the others looked extremely concerned and Ruby worriedly asked, "Mark, uhhhh...what's wrong?"

"If we all wish to survive past this very day, then I just have one thing to say, WE NEED TO GET TO THE CLIFFS RIGHT NOW!"

Yang decided to ask, "You're really serious aren't you?" she had noticed that I wasn't kidding one bit and decided to spur everyone else into gear. "Come on everyone! I've only known Mark for a small while, but he isn't joking! We need to go! Grab your Relics and get moving!"

As the others gathered up, Ren and Nora walked up to me and asked, "Is this beast similar to a possible half horse-half man/imp Grimm?" he wondered with a small tremble in his voice

"No...this is FAR worse, and if I'm right, I am likely the only one capable of even defeating this thing. This thing is EXTREMELY dangerous."

Ren took a deep breath at my words and then put a reassuring hand on Nora's shoulder while saying to me, "We'll follow your lead then. Come on Nora! Quickly now!"

As I looked back, Cayden came up to me and said, "Mark, you know darn well that I KNOW YOU. And you're never THIS terrified. I will follow you of course, but I need to know what we're dealing with. I absolutely won't take no as an answer." He said with a stern stare at me.

"...Deviljho." I said to him in a simple and grave tone.

Cayden was taken aback and summed up our predicament very well with one sentence. "Oh Bloody Hell…" He then nodded to me, grabbed his Card (which he wasn't able to before with so many interruptions) and said back to me, "Well? Lead the way Monster Hunter!" He grinned to try and lighten the mood.

And so I did. After a while, we managed to make our way to the cliff, and we were all about ready to climb it when the very same Nevermore from earlier flew towards us. It then suddenly got snatched from the air, and was eaten right in front of us by the Deviljho. It's jaws were salivating and covered in raw meat and bone. I just had to say that it looked even uglier than I thought it would ever be in person!

"GET UP NOW! I'LL BUY YOU GUYS SOME TIME!" I said with a renewed vigor and energy. The rest nodded to me while Cayden looked at me mentally telling me to be careful with a small nod of understanding. He then shouted, "YA BETTER NOT DIE YA HEAR ME MARK?!" He then left before I could even reply back.

I could only say, "Yeah…me too."

As I said that though, the Deviljho leapt right at me, and pinned me to the ground. Its rancid breath was practically suffocating me. There was only one way I was likely going to get out of this, and so I had to transform! I put my hand over my Necklace's Gem, and a bright flash blinded the Deviljho just as it was about to bite into me as a meal.

Blake P.O.V.

We all quickly reunited with Ozpin and Glynda who awaited us atop of the Cliffs. However, Cayden quickly brought them up to speed and explained that Mark was currently in grave danger. My bow then twitched and I said, "Um...guys? You should all head back over here and see this!"

They all headed to the Cliffs' Edge to join me and we saw a magnificent Black Rose gleam brightly in the afternoon sun, while a strange black smoke was also emitting from it. As it disappeared in a shower of sparkling light, where once stood Mark was instead a powerful force of nature that roared a challenge straight at the Deviljho. It seemed to grin and then roar back as well in challenge. I knew that this would be a battle of Alpha Titans and only one shall stand whilst the other shall fall.

The Deviljho's muscles then began to burn a bright red, showing its many past injuries/scars. It knew that although it's main prey was able to escape, it would instead gladly eat this morsel that dared to challenge it!

It was then, that the now revealed Black Dragon fired a few Dark Balls that all managed to connect with the Deviljho's body. It left behind a strange scorching black smoke of sorts.

This caused the Deviljho to inhale, and then the Deviljho, in its rage induced state, breathed a strange black and red energy straight back at him. Regardless, the strange dragon simply dodged it, instinctively knowing it was coming. It was still weird though as I could see it didn't have any eyes, so how exactly...?

After a few more hits and near-dodges, the Deviljho soon fell to the ground. It was seemingly dead, but the dragon didn't let its guard down for a moment. I could immediately see why as the Deviljho suddenly started to breathe out the same dark mist as the dragon did. It's skin became a slightly pale purple, and its eyes turned a bloody crimson-red.

In response, the dragon revealed that its wings were actually a pair of extra limb-wings, and it roared loudly revealing...horns of sorts (no, wait, those looked a lot more like feelers similar to an insect!) while releasing a huge amount of black miasmic mist/smoke that was enough to darken the sky. It then quickly charged up something in its mouth and then released it in front of the Deviljho, causing three powerful explosions to happen simultaneously somehow.

This happened again, at least a few more times or so, where then at last, the Deviljho finally fell down in defeat for good with a large THOOM.

The bridge collapsed from the powerful wave of pressure and the dead beast began to fall deep into the abyss below...

As the dust died down, the black dragon roared in victory and then grabbed the corpse which was still falling down in front of it. It then flew up to the cliff, shocking everyone and making all but myself take out their weapons in nervous anticipation. What surprised everyone even more though, was that another light suddenly flashed only to reveal after, that the Black Dragon was in fact Mark!

He then spoke in an urgent tone, "Headmaster Ozpin, I need you to get people to carve off any bits of Material that you can from this dead body, I have a huge feeling it won't be the only beast to show up." He said as he began to carve what he called 'Materials' from the body with a strange knife I didn't even know he had on hand.

...Mark has a LOT of explaining to do later!

Cayden P.O.V.

Hours later with that insane fiasco over and done with, many materials were acquired as per Mark's suggestion (Glynda was hesitant of course, but after testing some of it out with Oobleck, both had deemed it highly useful and interesting). I was still a bit shaken after all that occurred. Even though we were now focusing on Beacon First Year Teams, I admit that something else was bothering me. Surprisingly it wasn't the fact that Monsters were somehow now in Remnant (I don't even know much about them! Just what I had learned from Mark), but when I saw Mark transform, some primal part of myself seemed to slightly stir. As if from a deep slumber of sorts. I've also felt a bit more...darker in a way, but not in an extreme way, more like a shift in personality? It was weird.

Regardless, I decided to shake it off for now as Mark and I were both listening to Ozpin announcing the Teams for the semester.

"Er-hem! I am pleased to announce that through much struggle and many other trials in particular, we have a total of three new first year Teams for our first semester of the year here at Beacon. Along with a small surprise as well. In any case however, I shall get down to the point." Ozpin paused and looked towards the first team.

"Russel Thrush. Cardin Winchester. Dove Bronzewing. Sky Lark." He announced as a screen lit up behind him flashing the letters of C-R-D-L. "The four of you retrieved the black bishop pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team CRDL (Cardinal), led by... Cardin Winchester!" As he finished off the team's name and shook their hands, I let out a small growl at them (one in particular) as a brief dark aura surrounded me; I quickly suppressed it though. I didn't want anyone to notice or worry right now.

Ozpin then moved on to the second team. "Jaune Arc. Lie Ren. Pyrrha Nikos. Nora Valkyrie." The screen flashed again with J-N-P-R. "The four of you retrieved the white rook pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team JNPR (Juniper). He then paused for dramatic effect at which I couldn't help but smirk with a roll of the eyes. "Led by...Jaune Arc!"

Jaune was taken aback and surprisingly stuttered out, "Huh? L-led by-?!"

Ozpin smiled and shook his hand as well. "Congratulations young man." He then walked off while Pyrrha gave a light hit to his back as a congrats, although I could tell it was also NOT held back purposely as a form of justice against Jaune for earlier I can only assume. A brief spark of pride lit up in me, but I managed it fine.

Ozpin then said again as the screen showed R-W-B-Y behind him. "And finally: Blake Belladonna. Ruby Rose. Weiss Schnee. Yang Xiao Long." He then smiled specifically at Ruby. "The four of you retrieved the white knight pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team RWBY (Ruby). Led by... Miss Ruby Rose!"

Yang hugged her sister tightly as she said, "OOOH, I'm so proud of you!" Both Blake and surprisingly even Weiss smiled at the interaction. It seemed that Weiss knew Ruby would be a good leader this time. I still can only wonder if there will eventually be a bit of a surprise later though with them?

Once Ozpin finished with the first three Teams, he then waved over both Mark and I as we entered the podium's front. Many confused murmurs and whispers arose but with Ozpin speaking again, he was able to hush them. "And now, might I present to you our little surprise for this semester as well. Today, we have a unique Duo Team on our hands." He then looked over to the both of us. "Mark and Cayden, the both of you chose the unique Joker's Wild Card I had placed specifically for the two of you. Not only are you both to become a Two-Man Tag Team whenever required, but I am also placing the both of you in a separate Team as well. Mark," he paused and looked at my buddy. "You will be joining Team RWBY as their specific 'Wild Card' and help them when they absolutely need it. However, you must also remember to support Cayden as well."

He then looked at me.

"And, Cayden. As for you, I am placing you to be the 'Wild Card' of Team JNPR!"

He then motioned to the screens where the two team names became as such: RWBY{M} & JNPR{C}.

"Remember what I also said to Mark which will apply to you as well young man. Support each other through thick and thin and there will be nothing you all cannot accomplish. Ladies and Gentlemen of Beacon Academy, this concludes the Beginner's Student's Initiation. Let us all have a...most interesting year!"

At that, there was a lot of applause and congratulations to us all.

? P.O.V.

A tall man with a pair of strangely pointed ears walked into view of The City of Vale, with the sight of Beacon Academy seen in the distance. "You're certain that this is where the Deviljho was faced and defeated, Shadow?" He asked the figure and partner that was next to him. His friend turned out to be a Bipedal Cat like creature that walked on two legs.

"Very certain myow. It seems that the Meownsters are finally starting to come out of hiding. We must find the one who slayed it, and help myem however we can."

"I also need to find myself a new kitchen! Hopefully the place he's staying at has one!" said another one of the Bipedal Cats, who seems to have a cooking basin on his back along with a grin thinking of all the many dishes he could make.

The man nodded and said, "Then let's go. C'mon, Palicoes!


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