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A Lover's pain

Aphrodite sat in her palace, looking into her mirror. People thought that she used the mirror to look at herself, but it actually something much more. The mirror showed her glimpses her former lovers and children.

As a goddess, she was prohibited from interfering with the lives of mortals. Now, under the threat of Gaea and the giants, Zeus had locked down Olympus, prohibiting any form of contact between the gods and their children. Fortunately, her mirror was a well-kept secret and only she knew its true purpose.

Today, as she looked into it, an ominous feeling crept into her. The mirror had decided to give her a glimpse of Tristan McLean, Piper's father. It had been many years since she had seen Tristan, but he had aged well. She continued to look at the scene and saw his assistant, Jill – Jane or something, and alarm bells started ringing in her mind.

The woman had a glazed look in her eyes, as if someone was controlling. She said something to Tristan and a panicked look crossed his face. He immediately rushed out of the room. Aphrodite's fear increased when she saw a malicious grin appear on the woman's face.

The mirror seemed to ripple and the scene skipped forward to Tristan stepping out of a car. He was running towards an abandoned warehouse in San Francisco. Panic gripped her heart as she screamed at him to stop, but he could not hear her. She looked on with tears in her eyes as a dark figure appeared from the shadows and backhanded him. He stumbled and fell to the ground, blood flowing from a deep gash in his head.

The creature picked him up and dragged him forward and before the mirror went black, Aphrodite saw a glimpse of his hideous face.

"Enceladus" Her scream of pain echoed through Olympus.

The goddess sat in her throne, her lightless eyes staring off into space. She had sworn to not involve him with their world, but she had failed to protect him. Sometimes, she could see glimpses of Enceladus torturing him and hear his cries of pain in her sleep.

She could not save him, but she could help him heal. A small vial appeared in her hand with the word 'Memory' printed on it. Aphrodite decided that for once, Zeus's rules deserved to be broken.

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