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Title of this fic is taken from the third book of The Wheel of Time

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The Dragon Reborn
Prologue: The Tears of the Dragon

"Seijuurou!!!" An enraged young man with spiky white hair slammed the door to Hiko Seijuurou's chamber. Yukishiro Enishi was not someone to mess with when he was mad. And he was definitely mad.

Hiko Seijuurou, a tall and muscular man in his 30s with long black hair, was whispering something in his infant's ear when Enishi stormed into the room. The woman in front of him, a petite person with curly blond hair, instinctively held her baby closer to her chest at the sight of Enishi. Hiko had sensed Enishi's approach, but he didn't turn until he saw Yuriko's frightened expression. He whirled around to find a furious Enishi walking toward him. "Enishi, what's the matter? And what happened to your hair? Why did it change color?"

"Hmph…" The now white haired Aes Sedai* growled, rage was written all over his face. "As if you didn't know!!" He opened himself to saidin*, the male half of the True Source, and began channeling*. A fireball appeared above his right palm, and he hurled it at Hiko and his wife. "You will pay for what you've done to my sister!!!"

But Hiko Seijuurou was not known as the strongest of all male Aes Sedai for nothing. He had also embraced saidin at the moment Enishi attacked him. Hiko caught the fireball with his bare hands and threw it at the wall, creating a big hole. He quickly wove thick flows of Air and hurled it at Enishi. At first Enishi blocked it, but Hiko managed to force it through Enishi's defenses. It worked; the younger Aes Sedai couldn't move a muscle. "Yuriko, get out of here! My men will protect you!" Hiko ordered his wife while weaving a shield around Enishi to prevent him from touching the True Source. "And be quick!"

Hiko checked his work carefully. Not until he knew for sure that his woven flows were strong enough to hold Enishi still did he relax a bit.

Enishi snarled angrily. The flows of Air Hiko had created held him still, and when he tried to channel, the invisible wall Hiko had built prevented him from doing so. "You bastard…"

"What have I done this time, Enishi?" Hiko snapped at the younger man. "Why did you try to hurt Yuriko and my son?"

"You know what you did to my sister, Seijuurou… You killed her!!"

Hiko's eyes widened. "Your sister… is dead?"

"She's as good as dead!" Enishi shouted desperately, tears streaming down his cheek. "You killed her. You're responsible for her death!" His eyes blazed with anger. "I'll make you… no, not only you, but that bitch and…"

An invisible fist hit Enishi in the stomach. The white haired man gritted his teeth, enduring the pain the blow had inflicted.

"Enishi…" Hiko said slowly. "It pains my heart to hear this sad news. I have always respected your sister and I…"

"Liar!!!" Enishi cut him off. "If only you had a little respect…"

"Silence!!" Hiko roared furiously. The glow of saidin enveloped him again, intimidating the other Aes Sedai. "I did respect your sister! I did love her deeply as my friend. I will not shut you off permanently from the True Source now just because of her. If you still blame me because I didn't return her love, it is your right to do so! However…"

Enishi lifted up his head to find Hiko's deadly gaze directed straight to him. "… if you ever try to hurt Yuriko or my son by any means again, I will hunt you down personally, even if I have to get pass the Dark One himself... I will cut you off from the True Source permanently and I will see that you live the rest of your life miserably, no matter what your sister meant to me. You got that, Enishi?!"

Enishi nodded absently. The Dragon – it was what Hiko was called – sighed deeply and released the invisible bind that held Enishi still. "Go… you will not be able to channel for about three days. Think of what I said, and be wise. My deepest condolences for your sister's death…"

Enishi said nothing as he headed to the door. Before he walked out of the room he turned around and cast Hiko one last look. A look full of hatred and loathing...

Hiko then sank to his knees. "Kumiko, Kumiko…" He lamented. "Why did you have to die?" The Aes Sedai was actually crying. "Why couldn't you accept the fact that I can never love you as I love Yuriko? Why couldn't you stay alive and be strong for the sake of your brother…?"


Enishi disappeared after that incident. And then the battle against the Dark One* began. Hiko Seijuurou led 100 of the strongest male Aes Sedai to defeat the Dark One and the Forsaken*, the name given to the Aes Sedai who went over to the Dark One in return for the promise of immortality. The hundred companions were victorious; their last attack finally drove the Dark One and his pawns into their prison at Mt. Aso and sealed them. But alas, the Dark One's counter attack tainted saidin…

From that moment on, one by one, all male Aes Sedai went mad because of that taint, and thus the Breaking of the World began. Men who could channel were doomed to undergo a horrible death because of madness. The madness caused a male Aes Sedai to channel wildly; mountains were leveled to the ground, valleys were raised to mountains. Water ran dry, desert turned into sea… A male Aes Sedai would channel until he could not handle the vast amount of power and the One Power itself would finally destroy him.

Even Hiko Seijuurou could not escape this terrible fate…


"Yuriko!!!" Hiko Seijuurou rushed to his wife's lifeless body side. "No… this can't be true…" He looked around him, and was horrified to find his baby son and the rest of the family scattered throughout the chamber at the same condition. Their eyes were still open. Horror was plainly visible in their faces.

"Yuriko…" Hiko embraced his deceased wife tightly and buried his head at Yuriko's neck. One by one crystal tears of sadness began to escape his eyes. "Who did this to you…? Why…? WHY???!!!!"

Then a voice was heard. "This is the price you have to pay for opposing the Dark One…"

Hiko lifted up his head abruptly. He definitely recognized that voice. His eyes searched the room frantically. "Enishi… you are sealed at Mt. Aso together with the Dark One… You can't be here…"

"This is the price you must pay for killing my sister…"

Hiko let go off Yuriko's body and stood up. "I defeated you!" His shout echoed throughout the empty chamber. "With my own hands I drove you to your prison!"

But the voice kept on taunting. "Dragon, a human cannot stand against the Dark One…"

"Is this your doing, Enishi??!" If there was anything left of the sadness he felt, his face didn't show it. Instead, it displayed pure rage. "Did you kill my wife and my whole family??!!"

"Dragon, you are a fool…"

"Enishi… For betraying the Light, your punishment is to live your life in a prison eternally." Hiko said slowly with voice strained with anger. "But for the crime of killing my wife there is no sufficient punishment! I told you I would hunt you down should you ever…"

"Fool!!!" The white haired Forsaken materialized before Hiko's eyes. The older man quickly embraced the True Source, ready to defend himself. "Which hands have slain Yuriko, Dragon?" Enishi's eyes gazed at him mockingly, boring into his mind and forcing complete sanity on the raging Dragon one last time. "They did not die by my hands…"

Hiko's eyes widened with horror as fragments of memories came back to him. His mother's eyes staring at him accusingly. His sister's scream as she was dying. And he remembered Yuriko's agonized voice, begging him to stop. Hiko looked at Yuriko's body at his feet. Her beautiful face was tainted with blood. And his son… oh, he was still too young to understand that his own father had killed him.

"Remember, Dragon…" Enishi laughed scornfully as he disappeared from Hiko's sight. "Remember that you've killed your own family. Remember and grieve! Scream! Mourn! And then die weeping, Murderer! From now on you will be known as Kinslayer…"

Stay away from me, Seijuurou … He heard his sister's voice. And then his mother's. Seijuuro-kun, how could you do this to your own mother… In his mind's eye he could see Yuriko staring at him with eyes full of disgust and sadness.

"No…" Hiko stared at his hands. Emptiness filled his soul as he sank to his knees beside his dead wife. "I killed my own family… I killed the ones I love…" Tears marred his handsome face as he embraced Yuriko once again. "What reason do I still have to live? Yuriko!!!"

As he screamed his beloved's name, saidin began to fill him. The ground under Hiko's feet shifted wildly. Rain poured down from the cloudy sky, wetting the earth's surface and the body of the grieving man. "Yuriko… please forgive me… I'm so sorry…" Hiko screamed her name one last time as lightning struck him…

When it all ended, there was nothing left of Hiko Seijuurou and his beloved. The ground where Hiko stood became a mountain known as Fuji. It was the tombstone of the strongest male Aes Sedai of the age…


The prophecies said that the Dark One would once again be released from his prison. Tar'mon Gaidon, the last battle, will begin once again. But the prophecies also said that the Dragon would be there to fight the Dark One. Of a woman who belongs to no man will he be reborn. He will break the world and save the world. People will hate him and at the same time worship him. He will be called… the Dragon Reborn.

- End of Prologue: The Tears of the Dragon -


Glossary is (partly) quoted from: www.angelfire.com /ca7/ewot/index.html

*Aes Sedai: Wielders of the One Power. They are human with ability to do things beyond the capability of ordinary human like Healing, manipulating the weather, creating fireball etc.

*saidin: saidin is the male half of the True Source.

*The One Power comes from the True Source, the driving force of Creation. The male half of the True Source, saidin, and the female half, saidar, work against each other and with each other to provide the force that turns the Wheel of Time. The True Source cannot be used up just as a river cannot be used up by a mill wheel.

*channeling: (verb) To control the flow of the One Power.
(noun) The act of controlling the flow of the One Power.

*the Forsaken: The name given to Aes Sedai who went over to the Dark One in return for the promise of immortality.

*the Dark One: The head bad guy. His real name is actually Shishio Makoto, but it is said that calling his true name (naming the Dark One) will bring his attention. That's why people use metaphor to name him.

Author's Note:

* For all who don't read The Wheel of Time, this prologue is probably confusing and vague. But please don't let it hold you back from continuing to read the first chapter, as I promised that it will be a 'normal' chapter...

* First of all, this fic is sorta crossover with The Wheel of Time. The prologue is pretty similar to the prologue of Book 1. At some points it will still resemble the original WOT, but I promise it won't be another rewriting of the whole story with RK characters in it like what I did with LOTR… :(

* The concepts and terms will be from WOT, but the characters live in Japan. To see the map op Japan follow this link: www.jinjapan.org /kidsweb/japan/map/j_regi.html. Mt. Fuji is located between Tokyo and Nagoya, while Mt. Aso lies at Kyushuu Region. I am by no means an expert about the geography of Japan. I only look at a map and pick a location. So my apologies for possible inaccuracies.

* In case you're wondering, Tomoe is not Enishi's sister in this fic. She will make an appearance, but she's not related to Enishi, at least not in the way she is in the manga.

* Special thanks to NightRain-san and Macy-san for beta-reading this prologue!

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