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"Going for a walk with Edward, up the path. Back soon, B"

My hand skimmed against the note Charlie used keeps in his room as shuffled through my father's 'get well soon' cards.

It brought my straight back to that night, a year and 7 months ago, the day my life died...

I shook my head and ran my hand through my short mahogany locks, now was not a time to think of him, no time was the time to think of him but especially not now. Now, when my father lies in a coma,recovering from a shot-wound, or now as I shuffle through the will of my recently deceased mother, or now as I take a pause from my flawless plan.

And the plan really was flawless, it's gone perfectly. I've changed myself for the better now, I'd got a job in California for crying out loud! I was ready to leave this cursed town and become the best mechanic the world has ever seen.

Well, much better than Jacob, for sure. He didn't even finish the motorbikes and I had done it on my own, I did everything on my own.

"Ma'am?" A shy voice asked quietly behind me and I turned to see a young timid looking nurse watching me.

"Yes?" I inquired and she blushed, much like I used to.

"The chief's visiting hours are over…" she mumbled, I smirked at her . It's easy to be frightened by me, and I was totally used to it. My feet found their way over to her, slowly, a predator stalking their prey. Her eyes lit up in alarm and curiosity. Though, it's pretty obvious what was going on, I had a reputation of liking my girls shy.

"Thank you for that, Nurse Bradford." I purred and soon we were hurrying to the woman's bathroom…