The very next day, Squirrelflight went into the warriors den to check her email. She had 3 new messages.

Inbox (3):

Dear Squirrelflight, yes I did tell Leafpaw about the symtoms and I told Cinderpelt (like you suggested). She says I might be wrong about the disease being from rogues. She still says it is disease and it is very contagious. Hopefully, it won't spread through the whole Clan!

Thanks, Firestar

To: Firestar

From: Squirrelflight

Dear Firestar, that's good that you told Cinderpelt. Maybe it won't spread through the whole clan. That would be bad!

Love your daughter,


Dear Squirrelflight, it's Brambleclaw. I'm emailing you because I wanted to let you know that umm... oh yeah . I have had symtoms of this disease and I am telling you because , I really don't know.



To: Brambleclaw

From: Squirrelflight

Dear Brambleclaw, if you have had symptoms of this disease it is best for you tom tell Cinderpelt so that she can tell Firestar. Cause, even if you didn't have symptoms today, the symptoms could easily come back and spread through the clan.

Thankyou for telling me,

Squirrelflight .

Dear Squirrelflight, Hi it's Leafpaw ! I was just talking to Cinderpelt and she seems very worried about this disease . The symptoms spread very rapidly and fast. Are you worried at all?

Love your sister,



From: Squirrelflight

Dear Leafpaw, YES I am worried about this disease! I don't want it to spread through the clan! It's just not fair!

Have Cinderpelt do whatever she can to make that not happen . Please.