Revelations - by Darlin

A/N - I apologize if anyone gets a new story alert for this story. I was trying to update Resurrections and accidentally put that chapter in this story. I'm a dufus. Sorry. This story was written in 2003 and long since finished though I guess I should read over it and make corrections.

Summary - Thing's aren't always what they seem. Logan is seeing Ororo with new eyes but how does she feel?

Disclaimer - Of course I don't own Marvel's X-Men.


Chapter One - Double Storms

When Logan invited everyone to meet him at Harry's the few people that did show up were completely taken aback to find him dancing with a tall statuesque brown-skinned woman with a thick mane of white hair-including Storm. Scott and Jean had stopped dead in the doorway they'd been so stunned and Ororo had run right into them.

"What the . . . " Ororo gasped but caught herself in time to maintain her composure.

"Let's just have a seat and wait for him to finish his dance before we start bombarding him with questions," Jean said to her husband who was now looking at Storm.

"By the goddess if I did not know better I would say that was me!" Ororo said.

"More like some villain playin' tricks with our Wolvie," Rogue grumbled.

"If dey be playin' tricks on de Wolverine why not just be Jeanie after all she's de one . . . hey!" Gambit looked at Rogue with a frown twisting his handsome features. "Why'd you . . .?"

"Shush!" Rogue hissed and poked him hard in the ribs again nodding at Jean and Scott who were both moving towards a booth.

"Well dey already know de deal, Rogue," Gambit muttered. "We all know de deal."

Rogue and Remy settled themselves in the booth opposite Jean and Scott but no one said a word as they continued watching Logan and the woman moving in a slow rhythm as one. When the four X-Men saw Ororo walking out onto the dance floor their mouths fell open and they stared in total surprise.

"Excuse me, may I cut in?" Ororo tapped her look-a-like on the shoulder.

The woman turned and looked at Ororo almost rudely.

"Ororo, like you to meet Shannon. Shannon this is the woman I was telling you about, you don't mind if I give her a spin, eh Shannon?"

Shannon tried to hide her distaste but Ororo could sense it none the less especially when Logan took Ororo in his arms and they began to dance. Shannon stalked back to her table unaware that four sets of eyes were following her every move. The mystery lady reached into her purse pulled out a lipstick and a mirror and proceeded to apply the bright red lipstick to her full lips.

"She lookin' pretty good, non?" Remy asked no one in particular.

"Ah think you oughta mind yer own business, Swamp Rat!" Rogue snapped.

"Um hmm," Scott murmured dreamily.

Jean glared at Scott but he seemed not to notice or mind.

"Remy don't know why it is but she seem somehow familiar," Remy said.

"I think Rogue was right and something's going on here. Something very bad," Jean said quietly.

Scott was stood up and headed towards the dance floor without a word. Jean stood up as if she was going to go after him but she sat back down frowning thoughtfully. She, Rogue and Remy watched as Scott approached the lady at the table.

"Who is she?" Ororo was asking Logan.

"Huh? Oh, some lady I met, no one in particular. Seems okay."


"Well, if you like the leggy bosomy drop dead gorgeous type," Logan said with a chuckle.


"Okay, so she looks like you. You can't help a guy for enjoying a dance with a beautiful woman even if she isn't the real thing."

Logan could hear thunder clapping outside and he could see the anger in Ororo's eyes but he wasn't disturbed.

"I can't pick up her scent. Thought maybe someone was playing games with me."

"I would agree."

"Odd them comin' at me lookin' like you though."

"And why is that?" Ororo asked, her voice full of ice and anger.

"Well, anyone familiar with the ol' canucklehead knows I like red heads."

Ororo tried not to show her displeasure and bit her lip instead.

"Funny, huh?"

Ororo said nothing and Logan pulled her closer.

"Made me think though."

She was still silent but he left her alone content to hold her, just rocking to and fro to the soft music. Shortly when the song changed Logan took Ororo's hand and led her to an empty table.

"Who is she?" Ororo asked again.

"I told ya darlin', no clue. Don't care either."

He could tell his answer didn't satisfy her but he was just as mystified as she was.

"Ro . . . Ororo, I think we should talk," he said.


"Yer jealous aren't you?"

"Have you lost all sense?" Ororo sputtered.

Logan grinned. He leaned back in his chair, the front legs lifting off the floor slightly.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Ororo was still trying to defend herself.

"Sorry, darlin'."

"You should be!"

"Well, why're you all in a huff?"

"I think it is obvious! Something is going on and we need to look into it."

"Already done," Logan nodded at the table where Shannon was now sitting with Scott.

"That floozy! Who does she think she is using my body to try and pick up men?" Ororo's angry words made Logan crack up.

"It's been working for her all night."

"All night?"

"Yeah. She came in after I did or at least I didn't notice her when I came in. But all she does is drink and dance."

"Looking like me?"

"Wonder who it is."

Ororo was standing up. "I shall find out who she thinks she is and put an end to this charade right here and now."

Logan grasped her wrist and pulled her back down.

"If I thought she was gonna cause trouble or somethin' I would've taken care of it already but all she seems to want is to get drunk an' dance."

"What are you saying?"

"Let her be. Scott can handle it."

"She is using . . ."

"She used your body enough to get my attention."

Ororo crossed her arms over her chest still fuming silently.

"Care to take a walk outside, darlin'?" Logan said as he pulled her up from her seat.

"Do I have a say in this?" She asked.

"None at all,"

"Hey, Wolverine, who's de hot chick?" Remy called out as Logan and Ororo walked past their table. "Ow! Remy tired of you hittin' me, chere! You don' know your own strength!" Remy yelled at Rogue.

"Hey sugah, don't pay no mind to the Cajun."

"Do I ever?"

"You think we should see what's going on with Scott an'-an' that-um, um that . . ." Rogue stammered, her voice faltering when she looked into Ororo's angry eyes.

"Naw, let the Boy Scout take care of it. If he needs help we got a full house tonight. You okay, Jean?"

Jean was staring so intently at her husband and the lady who looked like Storm that she hadn't heard a word they'd said.

"Jean's fine," Rogue said with a bright smile. "We got it under control; you kids have a nice time."

"We'll just be outside," Ororo ensured her friend.

"Whaddya t'ink's up wid dose two?" The Cajun asked.

"Ah don't know an' don't care just keep yer eyes on the other Storm an' don't drool too much!"

"Ah, Rogue, chere, you know you have my heart."

"Yeah, well ah know you haven't stopped starin' at that woman since we got in here!"

"Because she looks so familiar," Remy laughed.

"I think I know why and poor Scott's about to find out why too," Jean said.

Rogue and Remy looked at her but she offered no explanation.

Outside in the damp night Logan pulled Ororo to him and looked up into her lovely face as if he were seeing her for the first time. Ororo looked at him questioningly, her anger spent. Neither said anything as they looked at the other. Logan wasn't sure if he should speak his mind and he was weighing the pros and cons as he looked into her alarmingly beautiful blue eyes.