Hiya, it's me.

I wanted to try something a little different in the fandom before starting my shuffled series, so here is not a season, but a real story. The chapters aren't going to be long here, so once Fiery Passion is finished up this will come out more frequently. I'll let the summary and the rest of it just kinda happen.

So, without further ado, enjoy...a change of perspective.

Chapter 1: Impressions.

I woke up, after I dozed off, I think. Ugh, why would I do something like that? Dozing off in a dirty, disgusting blimp? That's probably something Samey would do.

I turn to my right, and see her. My sister, Samey. Ugh, I can't stand her. Ever since the incident, I've made it my life goal to make her life miserable. After all, it's only payback. Why not return what she did to me? If it's worse, well, that's too bad. There she was, sitting there, a frown on her face. Of course she's upset. She signed up for this show without telling Mom, and without telling me. She only told Mom when she got accepted, and she still never actually told me that she was doing this show.

Well, that's too bad, and it's too late to make up for holding that secret in. I guess I'll add that to the list. Luckily, I signed up with permission when we were at Dad's house on a weekend last March. Samey was pretty scared after listening through the wall and hearing my tape, which is why she was in such a bad mood. Honestly, I would be too. Well, Dad was pretty supportive, which I can at least take solace in that. He's been the only person to actually treat me like a person back home.

Luckily, no one knows that here. None of these people know.

I take a look around at the competition. I see a few people who look normal, but, wow. I was shocked at what these people do. Do they dress like that on a normal basis? How many lockers do they get shoved in?

One of the normals, not that I care about their actual names, never have, held out a stick of gum to some, purple...gremlin...boy. I can't believe I missed that on the way into the blimp. Actually, the air was really tense before she offered that gum. No one had actually spoken since we got on the blimp. I guess everyone had been thinking about their plans to win. Me? I'm not concerned about winning too much. As long as Samey is miserable and loses to me, all will be well. But I have been thinking about that. Making her suffer will be so easy.

The purple-haired boy gave a scowl at the girl. "Your offer of simple confectionery will not save you from the pure evil of me!" Yikes. I wouldn't put it past Samey to make a first impression as terrible as that. Maybe he realized that too, because he actually ended up taking the gum. "But yes, thank you," he added lightly. After chewing on it a bit, he chocked and spit it out, shouting something about cinnamon and spice.

Cinnamon? Spicy? Please, whenever Samey fetches me my morning cappuccino, I ask for extra cinnamon, not like she remembers. Oooh, that'll be a good one to share. As long as I make her the weakest in the herd, then all will be good. But that gremlin boy, well, maybe he is as weird as he looks.

Turns out someone agreed with me. All of these losers are making terrible first impressions though. This one straight up said, "Hehe, that guy's a little weird." Of course, maybe what he said was justified. I was definitely thinking it. Oh, not about the gremlin boy, but about the person behind him. He was dressed in a full wizard's robe. Seriously? How do they expect to get any validity dressing like that?

Well, he spoke and acted as weird as he dressed. "Expariamus!" he shouted in a relatively raspy tone. The normal-looking guy turned around in shock. I'd be shocked too, honestly. "I know many spells to ward off evil."

Oh, finally, a challenge. It will take the world of miracles to be able to boot Samey off before that. While I felt intrigued by the aspect of trying to find someone to knock out besides Samey, the normal in question tried his best to respond. "Oh...good," he muttered, trying his hardest, I think.

Much to his dismay, someone else approached him. Now, I only watched movies when I was with Dad, since he was the only one who let me, but this girl definitely had popped right out from one. One of those dinky fairy tales Samey likes to watch. She put her hand up to his cheek and smiled. "And there's nothing that can't be made sweeter with a song!" I mean, I can name three things off the bat, but I want to make my move when I'm ready. I have to show them that I'm a force to be reckoned with, and Samey won't stop me.

The movie-looking girl began to dance around the blimp, singing. Honestly, it made me feel safe, knowing how many weirdos there were. But, at the same time, if there are more weirdos than normals, then we have an issue.

It seems that the weirdo count also went up. Right after she ran by Samey and me, some guy in a sweaty grey shirt and trousers started...beat-boxing? I guess that's what it was. I don't know, I thought he worked on a farm. But there was that other guy who looked like a farm person? Ugh, I don't think I actually need to learn their names. Half of them, I probably won't even talk to.

Well, that first farmer guy gave me a great idea. I was thinking about it while he did his...whatever it was, but I think making my move now was my best chance. After all, if everyone has to go around this stupid blimp and say a bunch of stupid one-liners, might as well get it over with.

I almost snapped my neck with how quickly I turned to Samey. "Switch seats with me, right now!" Samey seemed caught off guard by my voice, rightfully so. But, other than that, I couldn't tell how she reacted. She's never tried to reconcile with me after what she did to me. She's simply been stoic, sighing a lot.

Well, sure enough, that's just what she did. Sighing, she got up, and allowed me to switch seats. To be honest it was nice for about six seconds. Seeing the blimp from a slightly different perspective didn't really change anything, but it made me feel like I did something. I established my presence.

But, I could do more, right?

My happiness, as I said, was cut short by this really tall girl. She otherwise looked normal, maybe a bit foreign, but holy crap, she was huge! I've been afraid of giants for as long as I remember. I can't pinpoint an actual event to that fear. Well, naturally, in the heart of facing one of my worst fears, I scream out, "Giant!"

Well, that's not that great for establishing that "dominating presence" I was going for. Shrieking at another competitor means that I just let someone know they have power over me. "Are you and I gonna have a problem?" she asked me in an Australian accent.

Honestly, probably.

Well, I could have answered her that, but I had to keep up that impression I was seeking. So, I guess it's back to the old blimp view. Boring. Well, I guess there's a chance I didn't completely blow it with the tall girl. Might as well keep up my act. I turned to Samey and grabbed her by the shirt. "Switch back, now!" I demanded from my sister. Honestly, I don't know what I said in my audition tape that freaked her out this much, but she seems absolutely terrified of me.

In fact, her fear was pretty evident. She willingly got up and moved back. Oh well, I guess I'm back to looking around. Now that Samey and I have done a tiny dance in our chairs, I caught sight of someone else moving. Another normal, it looked like. He was running around the blimp, calling out for Chris. I hope he doesn't show up. I'd like a good thirty minutes more before I have to actually get started.

But it seems that isn't going to happen. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the island through the window. It definitely looked grungier than the old place, and that's saying something. But seriously? Why couldn't I have had a season on that island? As terrible as it was...it would probably be better than this. I mean, who's stupid enough to sink their own island?

The normal boy got pinned up against the wall after some time. I couldn't tell if the girl who pinned him there was a normal or not. Maybe I need a third category. She yelled something at him in a southern accent. She's probably from there. I never thought I'd be stuck on a blimp with an Australian giant and this...southern girl. I bet Samey and I are the only ones from Vancouver here.

Actually, over there, the area was getting pretty lively. Someone else had walked over to them, and she was definitely a normal. She started rambling off a bunch of numbers. Honestly, I stopped paying attention. Someone else spoke from across the blimp from us. It was that other farm boy I mentioned. He had blue overalls on. All he muttered was, "Wow, that girl has some real brains." It looked like he was maybe trying to be friends with the normal next to him.

What surprised me, and everyone else who was looking over there, was the fact that the word "brains" in particular caught his attention. "Brains? Who's brains? No one's getting my brains!" I guess he was scared of...zombies? That's probably what it was. What? I can't know what zombies are? Samey and I used to always watch slasher films together. Then, she watched them with her new friends instead. I wish I could say I found better things to do.

Well, no sense on getting mad at someone for a fear. After all, I'm still seven feet from mine. Geez, she might be seven feet.

After a bit, we heard a lightning strike, and the window was soon covered up with storm clouds. I'm not normally scared of flying, but this weather could not be safe to fly in. In fact, the PA system turned on at that moment too. "Hang on," someone said. "this might get hairy!" I think it was Chef. I guess he's back.

But that, that's not what anyone wants to hear in an unprotected blimp. However, almost on cue, things did in fact get hairy. Everything started shaking. I'm not super used to turbu-whatever, since I don't fly a lot. Divorced parents make that a nightmare.

Well, everyone starts to freak out, and I think that's when everyone realized what we're in for, myself included. To put it simply, in the next hour, we were probably about to fall to our deaths, or suffer too many injuries to continue. I don't like either option. I figured, if the blimp crashed, I might bounce around less if I actually held onto something. So, I decided the seat I was on would suffice. All I had to do was get on this disgusting floor. Had we not been in peril, I probably would have considered that.

Samey didn't have the same idea. I have always been the smarter one between the two of us. We're probably physically equal, but there's no chance I'm going to let anyone here know that. What does she have over me? Everything goes her way, that's one thing.

I look across from me. The zombie guy fell off his chair. It was actually kinda funny. Next to us, the purple-haired was clinging onto his seat from above. I seriously can't get a read on him. He's either playing us, or is actually that stupid. Here's hoping it's the second one.

Another strike of lightning happens, but with the way the blimp is acting, I don't think anyone else even heard it. I only saw it because my eyes were pointing right at the window. What I didn't notice is that the host of my next part of my life is here. Chris McLean. I saw the other seasons, and I watched them a few times to prepare. I don't know what the criteria for getting picked for the show is, honestly. But, everyone here seems like they could believe a poor girl's tall lie, so I think I'm looking good for now.

Chris gave a very concerning looking grin at us, before saying, "Hello, newbies!" Well, that's horrifying. But, then, he added, "ready for some fun?" which, if you've ever seen this show, that means that there will be no fun, and whatever we do next will hurt. A lot.

I guess some people didn't get the message, though. Two people ran up to him with excitement. The movie lady, and the normal-looking guy. I haven't learned these people's names yet, but I'm not sure I want to. They are my competition. I wonder what Chris'll call Samey. Hopefully he believed my memo. If he didn't, I need to rethink things, and fast.

Well, Chris continued to appear much scarier than he had in the past, because he responded to this excitement with, "Huh, couple of keeners. I'm sure a little pain and starvation will fix that." I took a quick glace around the room. The weather had died down a bit, but that didn't stop the looks of horror everyone had.

He began to walk forward. "Let's get started," he told us, eventually stopping by a wooden crate. "This aircraft stinks." Yeah, we know. "And, is equipped with two emergency exits." He pointed to the first one directly behind him. "Here," and then pointing to the other side of the craft, with the fat chick and the nerdy girl, "and at the end of the cabin." That door looked really secure. I don't think we're getting into that exit.

He knocked on the wooden crate near him a few times. "At said exits," he explained. "You will find parachute packs." That's...actually quite nice.

Well, I've never seen a room silently plea for life more than I saw at that moment. "Only half of them contain actual parachutes. The other half contain surprises, that will be utterly useless while falling from the sky."

Well, I hope Samey gets the parachute with a surprise. Maybe that would make up for everything she did to me. Maybe. My train of thought was interrupted by the short normal. "Well, hopefully we won't need them."

I spotted a hint of a smirk on McLean's face. I didn't like that at all. He fully intended on this happening. "Who knows?" he countered with a shrug. "This season is full of surprises." He then pulled out a remote. I stood up slowly, because I was almost certain I would need to make a beeline for those parachutes. Maybe they were labeled?

McLean hit the remote, and the entire blimp shook violently. I spotted some fire out of the window from the other side. Yeah, we shouldn't have expected to land. I guess this terrifying Chris McLean is a staple now? Maybe Samey would have died on her own out here. Signing up may have been the wrong choice.

Well, it took an idiot to figure out what was happening next. Seems no one was too stupid here. I made a beeline for the parachute container, and grabbed one. Rather than put it on and jump, like some others were going, I decided to check inside first. Maybe I'd have enough time to swap. If not, well, at least I know.

The contraption was kind of messy, but eventually I got a peek inside. While inspecting, the normal boy seemed to be sucking up to Chris. Not a terrible strategy. I saw some white cloth, and I figured I was safe. Running out, I saw Chef stab his finger into Chris, who had been a hologram the whole time. If even Chef was being thrown under the bus, then we all might be doomed. I dove out, as to not draw too much attention to me staying behind.

Well, when we got closer to the ground, it got a lot more sunny. That dark cloud really threw me off for the time of day. I forgot it was only around eleven in the morning. Once I gained ground with everyone else falling, I decided it was time to pull my cord. Well, checking certainly helped me get rid of any fears. The parachute came out perfectly, and I only gasped because I looked down and saw Samey grabbing onto my feet.

Well, everyone can see me now. I have no choice but to go all out.

Yes, this story features Amy as the protagonist. If you frequent r/Totaldrama, you know that I am a proud member of Amy Gang. I always thought it was unfair to judge a character off of the complete lack of information we actually had about them. So, I wanted to expand on some things that weren't ever mentioned, give Amy motives, the likes of that.

You found out a little of those motives today, but those will be further expanded on. So, what did you think? Excited to see what happens? We're only 5 minutes into the first episode in terms of the real timeline, so this will go on for a while. Have fun, I know I will.