Jonah Jameson sat quietly staring outside the window when the door to his office was opened noisily, "Robbie?" He asked turning towards the door to instead see a courier, "Oh, what is it? I'm not paying if it's from my ex-wife or something."

            "No, it's for you." The courier answered staring across the modest office almost in awe for some odd reason, "We were told it was of the utmost importance and that it had to reach you as soon as physically possible." He reported forcing himself to focus on the matter at hand.

            JJ grimaced, "That doesn't sound like the ex-wife, letter bombs in mail boxes are more her style, alright, let me have it." He said grabbing a small package from the courier and quickly signing off on it, "Now get out of here, this isn't a park, it's a place of business, you understand?" Jonah said rudely to the courier as he left. Taking a look at the package he frowned, "That's weird, above the Bugle address it says to Spider-Man's greatest enemy."

            Ripping away the brown flimsy exterior and inspecting its contents immediately sent a chill down Jonah's spine. Inside were documents listing Peter's movements, pictures of him changing into costume, audio tapes, everything anyone would ever need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the dull photographer and the colorful Spider-Man were one in the same. It was his chance at long last, to destroy and discredit the hero, to effectively end his career; even with the withdrawn warrants the civil suits alone would crush Parker for the rest of his entire life.

            Robbie entered the room, "Hey, Peter just called!" He said excitedly, "He said he's alright, but he needs help, he's downtown and he mentioned something about being really banged up." Jonah was silent for a moment to which Robbie curiously inquired, "Are you okay? What's that on your desk?"

            JJ smiled awkwardly, "Oh, nothing." He replied tearing the photographs apart slowly, "It was nothing at all."

            Later…"I'm going to miss you." Peter said sorrowfully standing amidst the grassy fields while staring at the grave of his uncle only a few feet beside that of the grave belonging to an elderly woman known as May. "I already do."

            Everyone was here. Friends and family, even employers had come to be his pillars of strength. Gwen's funeral had just gone by; her father seemed to have died with her, his life's work in vain. Peter had tried to reach out to him but it was no use.

            On another front, Jonah Jameson had kindly and somewhat out-of-character vowed to help both of them financially considering the loss that they had suffered.

Breaking free of the crowd, Mary Jane moved beside Peter and clasped his hand with her own, while everyone else became lost in their conversations and interactions. His secret was their own, the only survivors of the terrible burden that had intruded on all of their lives.

            "I-I never expected that I'd have to bury so many of the people I cared about." He sighed, "What was it all for in the end, what did having these powers; these abilities bring me other than bloodshed and grief?" Peter asked her not really expecting an answer.

            Mary Jane frowned, "Peter you need to accept that there are things out of your control, you can't save everyone."

            "Then what's the point?" He asked, "Is my destiny to constantly lose those I love? He hurt you, MJ, to get to me."

            "You can't afford to second-guess yourself forever, Peter." MJ replied, "The best you can do is handle every day the best you figure and be the man that I know you can be."

            Peter grimaced; he had dreaded this conversation but felt the need to no longer put it off, "Mary Jane, with everything that's happened, I don't know how safe it is to be with me anymore, if you want to leave…I'd understand."

            She put her chin up, "Tiger, know that no matter how bad things get I will always be here. I will always be your confident, your friend and most importantly yours, forever."

"I love you." Peter whispered into Mary Jane's ear as they both stood near the edge of the ice-rink, snow was falling down on the city covering it in a layer of white powder that covered up its flaws and if only for the moment made everything beautiful.

            MJ raised her eyes powerfully; her very stare seemed to cut into the essence of his being. "You don't need to tell me, twice, Mr. Parker." She said before the two of them took a moment to kiss the other, the very touch seemed almost angelic in its grace.

            Their love was a pure one, invincible, powerful enough to whether the most perilous storms and pitfalls. They had made it and at last they could simply be happy.

            "Mommy, can we go see the Christmas tree?" Jessica Parker asked imploringly sitting on the park bench next to her twin brother, Jacob, both the young age of five.

            "Sure, honey." MJ replied lovingly staring at their son and daughter. She looked back at her husband, now a young man and a father. The two of them walked hand-in-hand with their children; a new day had dawned for them and though the journey was far from over the path seemed to be a brighter one.

The End