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Summary: "Apologize to Gokudera-san right now!" It's those words that save him. Out of everyone in the world to defend his honor... Gokudera is surprised that it's Haru.


(A/N: I've been struggling with the idea that this story is mainly all Gokudera's POV, not sure if I should also make some of it Haru's.)

"Gokudera-san! Good morning!" Haru greets him in the hallway with a cheery smile. The addressed young man flinches, her voice being unnecessarily loud this early. Growling, Hayato is about to make a sarcastic remark until he notices a slight tiredness that's in her eyes. Haru's hands are also filled with paperwork, no doubt from being in the student council. Her uniform, which is usually pressed so neatly, looks unusually wrinkled on the skirt part. That, and her long, black hair is tied into a messy bun this morning.

"You look like Hell." He states, raising a brow. Haru rolls her eyes before stifling a yawn.

"Shut up, that's rude Gokudera-san." She replies.

Chuckling, Hayato matches Haru's strides. "What happened to you anyway? You usually have more bite than that."

In response, she narrows her eyes a little. "That's a weird way for you to show concern about me, Gokudera-san. I'm almost touched." This makes them both laugh. After a moment, Hayato nudges the girl's elbow and she looks up at him, curious. Without words, he takes the paper work out of her arms and into his own. Surprised at his actions, Haru sighs but is grateful nonetheless. "Thank you." She whispers quietly, looking down at her fingers.

Finding this behavior odd, Hayato can't help but inquire her about it. "What's eating you today?"

A whine leaves her lips and she pouts. "It's the president. He's just so, so, so... So lazy!" She rants with a glare on her face. He's shocked by witnessing such a hostile reaction from her concerning someone who isn't, well, him. As if annoyed by the thought of the student president of their class, Haru scrunches up her face in anger. "He is always late to the meetings that he calls us for, and today, when he demanded that we arrive at school early today, he didn't even show up! I still haven't seen him in fact. And he is always making poor Mako-chan do unnecessary things, things a secretary shouldn't have to do!"

Hayato listens as Haru goes off on their pretty lame president. 'Not my problem though.' He thinks, more than glad that he doesn't have the academic responsibilities that Haru has.

"—nd then I have to pick up all the slack because he's just so, ugh!" She slaps her forehead. "Honestly, it's not bad but I get so tired." Her voice drifts at the end but that's not what Hayato pays attention to.

"You do his work?" Asks the young man, a glare of his own beginning to show on his face. Haru wordlessly nods her head and looks at the pile in his hands. He catches where her gaze lands on and suddenly, the pile of papers seems heavier than usual. Looking down, he can see that the first sheet is filled with Haru's marks and handwriting, full of critical thinking and intense planning on her part. He can't imagine the rest. A vein pops on his forehead. 'Why I ought to...' Grinding his teeth, Hayato asks in a dark tone, "What is that fucker's name?"

Surprised, Haru shoots him a worried glance. "If I tell you, you can't hit him Gokudera-san. Violence isn't the answer."

He almost rolls his eyes.


Instead, he gives her a "you're kidding me, right?" kind of look. The corner of the girl's lips twitch upward but she shakes her head, and remains firm in not giving him a name until he promises her that he won't hurt the guy. Unhappy with that, Hayato frowns. "Just tell me the bastard's name."

"No Gokudera-san. And we're here now so I'll take these," Haru takes the pile off his hands, "and I'll see you later in class, okay? Can you tell Tanaka-sensei that I'll be late because of student council duties? Thanks." Before he can reply, Haru closes the door on his face (using her foot), and leaves him standing there.

"Tch." Stuffing his hands in his pockets, Hayato makes way to his class. Slamming the door open, he ignores how some of the students jump up in surprise. Green eyes scan the room and is gutted to find that Haru's quiet friend, Hitomi, has not yet arrived to class. 'So who else can I ask about that bastard?' His stare eventually lands on one of the very few people who have actually spoken to him since the beginning of the year.

And shudders.

It's Kitajima Sana.

More than anything, the silver haired teen does not want to speak with her. 'Approaching her will just give her the wrong idea.' Just the thought of what she would do makes Hayato feel annoyed. But then he remembers Haru's eyes and attitude this morning. He knows that she's being over worked. Clenching his fist, he calms himself down and decides to speak with the pretty student.

His feet land before her desk and Sana's sky blue eyes look up at him with wonderment. "G-Gokudera-kun?" She gasps, a blush spreading across her cheeks. Hayato scowls at that. He knows that she's beautiful and but seeing her react that way towards him just makes him angry.

'Still...' Shoving down that feeling, Hayato asks her, "What's the name of our student council president?"

Sana tilts her head, confused. "Why?"

"I just want to ask him some questions." He lies.

Sana begins to tap the surface of her desk with her dainty nails and smiles at him. "I'll tell you if you take me on a date." She offers, grinning mischievously at him.

"Hell no." He turns to ask someone else and the person closest sees Hayato look their way. It's a male student but all he does is cough and looks away. When Hayato looks again, he's met with the same response, a group of girl even scurry out the classroom. 'You've got to be fucking kidding me.' Looking back at Sana, all he sees is a confident girl who blinks cutely up at him. There's an urge inside him that wants to turn away and decide that it's not worth it but...

"Honestly, it's not bad but I get so tired."

Cursing at himself, Hayato swallows his pride and nods once. "F-Fine," Sana brightens at that, "just give me the fucking name." Sighs the Storm Guardian.

The blonde girl squeals a bit in her seat and jumps up from her desk and goes to wrap her arms around him. Hayato dodges her easily, making the blonde girl pout. However, with a brightened mood, Sana urges for him to give her his number, which he reluctantly does, and confesses the name of the bastard that Haru works with and more. "His name is Watanabe Itona. He looks like he's a reliable class prez, but he's not really. Has the whole dark hair, glasses look going for him but what makes him stand out is that his eyes are a really pretty red. You can usually find him skipping out behind the school. He claims it's for 'duties' but anyone who's anyone knows it's just an excuse he uses not to be in class."

Hayato nods his head in understanding, glad that he received more than he asked for. "What's his class?"

"2-B." Sana answers with a little swoon.

'So he's right next to us, good.' He grins maliciously before turning his attention back to the blonde female. She's staring back, looking at him with expectation. In the back of his head, he can hear Haru's voice scold him, telling him to always thank a "lady" whenever they do something for him. So, in a quiet voice, he murmurs a faint "thanks" to her. Sana bites her lower lip, trying to hold back on her joy.

"You're so welcome Gokudera-kun." She answers, running a hand down his forearm. A weird shiver crawls up his skin at that. Winking, she sits back down on her desk. Hayato turns away, a sour look on his face. Her touch unnerved him and he wasn't sure so sure if he liked it or not.

'Whatever.' He tells himself before getting to his own seat. Soon enough, the school bells rings, signaling the beginning of class. Tanaka walks through the door and goes to the front of the class. He takes attendance and when it comes to Haru's name, there is no answer.

"Has anyone heard from Miura-san today?" The teachers asks. Students whisper among themselves and Hayato remembers the favor Haru asked of him this morning.

"She's doing student council stuff." He answers for her out loud. Everyone looks at Hayato at this point, Tanaka even narrowing his eyes. "She'll be back soon though." He finishes, hating the feel of all the eyes on him. It gives him a bad feeling. However, Tanaka just thanks the silver haired teen and continues with roll call. It's a little more quieter in the classroom after that, and Hayato thinks nothing of it. What he does find a bit strange is that a few students are still looking at him, glaring or just uncomfortable. He's left wondering why.


He doesn't have to wonder for long.

During lunch period, when the silver haired teen is on his way to the roof to eat with Tsuna and the others, he happens to pass by a couple of students from his own class, talking with other people from a different one. They don't notice him, too immersed in their conversation. But he overhears what they're saying and stops dead in his tracks.

"That Gokudera-kun gets along really well with Haru-chan, doesn't he?" Says a male student. His name is Izuku, if Hayato's not wrong. A mediocre guy with dark green hair, light freckles, and in his opinion, there's really nothing special about him. The only thing that rubs him the wrong way is that he's overly friendly with Haru sometimes (and not for the right reasons, either).

'Just seeing his face pisses me off.' Thinks the hot tempered guardian as he continues to listen in.

"Right, right. Isn't it weird?" Adds another boy, this one from the different class. Someone who Hayato recognizes is the red head girl from the class next to his. Haru once said that her name was Suzu.

Suzu nods her head in agreement with the others and rolls her pretty, blue eyes. "Honestly, I wonder why someone like Haru-chan hangs out with such a brute." She says, not knowing that her words cause some kind of infliction inside of Hayato. He clenches his hands tightly, his thin brows furrowing against his eyes. Growing angry, he begins to grind his teeth and is about ready to give them a piece of his mind until Izuku opens his mouth again.

"Do you think Haru-chan is being threatened by him?" He asks, sounding genuinely curious.

'What?' He thinks his heart stops at the suggestion.

Suzu shakes her head. "No, I don't think Haru-chan is the type to be taken advantage of." Humming, she crosses her arms and frowns. "But... Birds of a feather flock together, or so the saying goes, right?" Suggests the girl. One of the other kids laugh.

"What are you even suggesting?" Asks another girl. Izuku gives Suzu a strange look.

"Yeah, what are you trying to say about my cute, little, Haru-chan?" Inquires the green haired teen. Hayato's left eye twitches at his words.

Suzu shrugs. "I'm just saying. Those two seem chummy all the time together. Maybe we don't know Haru-chan as well as we thought." The others, mainly the girls, whisper among themselves.

"That... Would actually make a lot of sense." Says Shouto, another boy from his class. "So, you think the 'good girl' act is all just that? An act?"

A girl from the different class whines. "That would be awful. Gokudera is such a scary person in general, to think that Haru-chan would be like him makes me nervous." Suzu nods in agreement.

"Mm... Maybe it would be best to keep our distance from her for a while." She says. To Hayato's shock, everyone nods in agreement. Except Izuku, he glares a little at the group but ends up shrugging his shoulders.

The mafioso isn't sure what to do at this point. One part of him, an angry part, wants to pummel the boys (and yes, the girl) for agreeing so easily with Suzu, Haru's suppose 'friend.' Another part, one that's more worried than he would like to admit, thinks it's better to just leave the others alone.

For the time being, of course.

Slipping away unnoticed from his classmates, Hayato continues up to the roof. When he arrives, he is welcomed by the sight of his friends and people who he considers "family." He spends his time with them, eating and laughing, making jokes and reminiscing about good times. Hayato is even pleased to hear about embarrassing stories everyone has of Tsuna. But in the back corner of his mind, is the feeling that something is starting to go wrong. And all he can hear is the whispering of Tanaka's voice.

A bad influence.

The wrong crowd.

Invests so much time in him.

People taking things the wrong way because of him.


And suddenly, it all clicks together.

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