July 1999, Macross Island…

World War III had not lasted as long as the world expected.

A gigantic heavily damaged alien space craft crashing on South Atalia Islands did much to bring the world together at fear of a much greater threat out there.

The alien space craft was quickly repaired and restored using current technology as well as reverse engineering the ship's Robotech Reflex systems. Translating as best as mankind could, they determined the Super Dimensional Fortress would be called the SDF-1 Macross. The ship was 1210 meters long, 496 meters wide, and was 312 meters tall. And weighed 18,000,000 tons.

Placed under the command of Captain Henry J. Gloval, the earth's largest warship would be finally able to take off to the skies and seek out the where she came from. Stationed to the mighty ship was the legendary UN fighter group Skull Squadron, under the command of Commander Roy Fokker, they were ready to go, and all now called Macross Island and the world was celebrating her launch.

A massive celebration was happening around the massive ship as a helicopter with the letter GEHIRN printed on the side of it approached the helipad attached to the central command tower of the Macross. Once landed a single tall Japanese man in a suit with glasses exited and helped a slightly shorter Japanese woman off the chopper. She had short dark hair and piercing eyes as she glanced around the fortress.

"You seem thoughtful," The man said as they approached the entrance.

"The Reflex technology could help advance the project," she said, "Just already thinking of how it could work with the EVA technology."

An African American woman in the ship uniform stood waiting for them. "Doctor Ikari, Mr. Ikari," the woman greeted, "I'm Lt. Commander Claudia Grant. I'll be seeing you to the bridge. Captain Gloval is waiting."

"Thank you Lt. Commander," the man replied, and Claudia turned and led them into the airlock door. The airlock led to an interior corridor, and she led them toward a large elevator. Once inside, they rode in silence, before exiting to the command bridge. "Right this way, ma'am, sir," Claudia said, motioning inside the bridge. She led them to a tall man in a blue uniform jacket and captain's hat who was seated in the center of the bridge, speaking to a young woman in her late 20's with long brown hair and slim build. "Captain, Dr. Yui Ikari and her husband Gendo Ikari as expected, sir."

"Thank you, Claudia, please return to your station," Captain Gloval replied, and the two saluted each other and she turned to take her position on the bridge.

"Hello, Dr. Ikari, this is my First Officer, Lt. Commander Lisa Hayes," Captain Gloval introduced.

"It's a pleasure, ma'am," Lisa replied.

"Are you going to introduce me, Henry?" Mr. Ikari replied, "My name is Gendo Ikari."

"So what can we do for you today, Doctor?" Captain Gloval ignored her husband.

"I will not be disrespected," Gendo gritted his teeth.

"To be disrespected, Rokubungi," Gloval finally turned to him, "One must first be worthy of respect."

Gendo puffed up but Yui Ikari spoke up. "We just wanted to take notes and examine the ship's Reflex technology.

"Ah, what our engineers have dubbed its Robotechnology. Or Robotech for short," Gloval stated. "I must ask the purpose?"

"We are working on a special defense project, the technology used for the modular Valkyrie fighters could be very useful for our Evangelions." Yui explained.

"Ah I see," Gloval took a his pipe in his mouth, when the youngest member of the bridge crew, a young woman with long hair turned and glared, "Relax, Sammy, I'm just holding it…" Gloval held up a hand, and the girl huffed before turning back to her station. "We still don't fully understand it ourselves, to be completely honest. And we limit how much human and alien technology we mix, and who does the mixing."

"I understand," Yui replied with strain in her voice.

"But I am willing to give you a tour and let you examine what notes we have," Gloval continued, "Defense of the Earth will be very prevalent in the coming months and years I believe."

Before they could leave the bridge alarms started to sound. "Captain!" Lisa called from her station.

Gloval, Gendo and Yui turned to see the front of the Macross transform into two twin pillars. Electricity began to bounce between the two like lightning as the they began to glow white hot. "The Macross Cannon is preparing to fire!"

"Shut it off!" Gloval ordered, but the bridge crew was helpless as it continued to charge.

"No good, Captain, we have no control!" Claudia replied.

"What's the target?" Gloval asked standing between Lisa and Claudia.

"Scanning… oh my God…" Lisa gasped.

"Put it on main screen," Gloval glanced up at the main monitor at the front of the bridge, and it came on to reveal three massive green space crafts just between the Earth and the Moon.

All eyes were on the screen as a massive blast of energy erupted from the twin pillars at the front of the ship. It cut through the landscape before curving upward, and on the monitor they could see the beam atomize the three scout ships.

"It was a boobytrap…" Gloval said after a moment of silence. "Whatever those ships were, they belonged to an unfriendly to whomever held this ship before us…"

"More's coming, Captain!" another crewman shouted. And the captain looked up to see more spacecraft incoming.

"I apologize, Dr Ikari, but I'm going to ask you and your husband to leave." Gloval stated, to Yui and Gendo, before turning back to Lisa, "Get Commander Fokker to get Skull Squadron in the air. Claudia, begin bringing the Reflex Fold system online. Bring all defenses online and Battloids ready. All hands battle stations.

Yui and Gendo rushed back to their chopper and took to the sky, heading back toward the mainland as the battle began.

Yui and Gendo watched worriedly as explosions filled the cloudy sky with smoke. Then to their surprise the Macross broke through the clouds, its massive thrusters releasing blinding light and flames as it rocketed toward the sky escorted by the Skull Squadron Valkyries.

It a translucent bubble began to develop around the ship and to the couple's surprise, it continued to spread till the ship, the enemies, and even the island itself disappeared in a flash of light.

"What happened?" Gendo asked.

"Guarantee it's something we won't be allowed to talk about…" Yui stated, "More reason we have to get the Evangelions online…"

Many governments wondered how they would cover up the disappearance of the Macross and the alien invasion that left in pursuit of the disappeared battle fortress. Second Impact was a convenient disaster…



Ruins of Japan, Several years and two Impacts later…

"Every now and then, I hear you calling out to me
You say, "won't you come here?"
When I'm my weakest, and feel nothing can rescue me
Every now and then, a glimpse of someone's silhouette
One I'll never forget

So I close my eyes, and I wait for you to appear

Till yesterday, I was drowning in tears in my heart
But now that rain is gone

Do you still remember that time,
When my eyes first met yours - and yours mine?
Do you still remember that time,
When you held my hand for the first time?
That was when I knew you're the one
And the start of something new had begun

Now, finally – I am not alone
Now that you're here – here with me"

Shinji Ikari sighed as he stopped his SDAT again as he walked through the ruins of the city with a basket of supplies he had scavenged.

He entered what was left of their old apartment building and made it up to where he had left Asuka. "I'm back," He said as he entered their old apartment. He placed the supplies on the kitchen table and went into her room and found her laying on the bed where he had left her. He checked the bandage on her arm and eye and made sure they were still clean. It had been months since Third Impact. And two weeks since Asuka developed her fever. "Asuka, Asuka I need you to wake up," He said and her good eye weakly shuttered open. "I'm sorry."

"Stop… apologizing… idiot…" She hoarsely whispered.

"Sorry…" Shinji mumbled holding out an ibuprofen and a bottled water. "Be… be easy with the water. We're running out, and I haven't been able to find more yet…" Shinji said as she took her medicine.

"Thanks…" She said as she laid back.

It didn't take her long to fall back to sleep, while Shinji just sat at her side feeling guilty. It was all his fault. All of this. And if she died it would be yet another life among the millions that was on his head and conscience.

It would serve him right to never die at all, but to watch her die then live the rest of his life alone. He knew better than to voice these thoughts though. Even in her weakened feverous state, she'd already slapped him once for saying it. She reminded him that it was his father that caused this. It was on him. But it didn't convince him. He should have stopped him somehow.

But it was pointless to even think of that. Nothing he could do to change things now. This was his penance.

He blinked when he heard what sounded like a soft roar. One that gradually got louder and louder. He got up from Asuka's bed and walked to the window and opened the blinds. His eyes widened when he saw three jets flying that way. He quickly climbed out the window to the small balcony and started waving. "HEY! WE'RE HERE! WE'RE HERE! HELP!"

Then to his amazement the lead jet, which was mostly white with redstripes and a skull and crossbones emblem as well as a circle with an odd diamond-like shape broke formation.

To Shinji's amazement the rear engines of the jet folded down like a pair of chicken legs and the rear wings folded forward on the jet's back making a smaller set of thrusters. The transformed fighter moved to hover beside the ruined apartment complex and the pilot and Shinji made eye contact.

The pilot smiled at him and gave him a small wave before he pressed a button in the cockpit to open a communication channel. "Vermillion Leader to Macross, come in, Macross," The pilot spoke.

"Macross here, Vermillion Leader," Commander Lisa Hayes' voice responded, "What have you found, Rick?"

"I've found survivors, repeat, I've found survivors!"

To Be Continued…