Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or songs (All the songs will be from 'The Little Mermaid' movie.

Starting story. Sorry you had to wait.

Would you ever think, about what life would be like if the Sailor Guardians (All of them, inners, and outers) got pulled into the Little Mermaid world?

Stop dreaming because now you can in Sailor Moon, the mermaid!


Chapter 1:

I was pacing my room around and around.

"Luna, what do you think life would be like in water?" I asked.

"Nothing much, maybe you could turn into a fish I eat." Luna muttered.
"What was that?" I snapped.

"Nothing." Luna said.

"Well, I wonder...Luna, do mermaids exist?" I asked.

"Ask your boyfriend he was Prince of the Earth." Luna muttered.

"Great suggestion Luna!" I said.

As I walked out of the room, I swear I saw a shadow in my window.

Mamoru's apartment
Knock knock knock

"Mamo! It's Usako!" I said cheerfully. "And maybe Minako and Artemis." I added. He opened the door and we hugged. Mamo is short for Mamoru, who is my boyfriend, and the Prince-of-the-Earth-in-Silver-Millennium-Endymion.

"I was just wondering, do mermaids exist?" I asked.

"I do remember seeing one in particular." Mamo said.

"What did she look like?" I asked as he closed the door as we stepped inside. And by we, I mean I dragged Luna along. And Minako and Artemis.

"So why did you come Minako?" Mamo asked.

"Same reason as Usagi." Minako replied.

"What did the mermaid look like?" Artemis blurted.

"You remember Beryl?" Mamo asked.

"Yeah..." We said slowly.

"It was Beryl?!" I asked nervously. I didn't want another Dark Kingdom.

"No, and by the way, Haruka and Michiru dragged me along with Hotaru to the beach as they were planning on going on a walk at the beach and needed a babysitter for Hotaru because she demanded to go and this was yesterday." Mamo said. "But the mermaid SAVED Hotaru. She was going to drown because of a huge wave and then the mermaid SAVED her. I asked the mermaid her name and thanked her. The mermaid said her name was Ariel and then she swam away, probably remembering something vital to her." I walked over to the window and looked out at the people walking below.

"I wish I could've met her." I sighed. I then looked at Mamo. "Why didn't you drag me along?"

Mamo gave me the "You-were-fighting-that-monster-remember?" look. I sighed again.

"There was a shadow in the window." Minako said. "I think it was watching Usagi."

"I thought I saw one in my bedroom window before I left." I replied.

"Do you think it's watching you?" Mamo asked. I turned to him.

"What would give you that idea?" I demanded.

"Beryl watching us in Silver Millennium, Dying fighting Beryl, etcetera." Mamo said.

"Oh." I said and blushed, remembering the past battles. "Right."

"And remember, Demande did have a crush on you in the future." Minako said.
"There was NO way I was gonna be his boyfriend anyway. Even if he turned good." I said.

"He did...turn good." Mamo said.

"What would you know?" Minako asked. "You were possessed remember?"
"Riigghht." Mamo said.

"But I remember him turning good." I said. The other four nodded.

"Whatever." Luna said. "He was still-" The rest of her sentence was cut off by my horrified scream.

"The shadow was staring at me.." I managed to choke out. There were a couple more knocks and Hotaru, Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka came in.

"Hiya Mamoru." Haruka said.

"We just came to pay you for yesterday." Michiru said.

"Michiru-Mama, Haruka-Papa." Hotaru said. "I thought Mamoru said you didn't have to pay him."

"I know Hotaru." Setsuna said.

"But we felt the urge to. And I heard the others are bringing a surprise." Haruka winked.

"This is WAY too crowded already." I said. The others came in after I said that.

"Surprise!" Everyone shouted and there was a giant cake.

"Why don't we eat it right now?" Mako asked. "I made it myself."
"Sure." Mamo said.

"Yay! I said.

As we ate the cake, I couldn't stop having a feeling that a person was watching me...and wouldn't leave me alone.