By Dragoness Eclectic



There was a brilliant flash, and the dragonballs scattered to the ends of the Earth.

# # #

Sean dabbed another streak of ochre on the new painting and studied it critically. "Yeah, that's about right. A little more shading on the hair.." He was in a good mood--he was back in his old apartment, his old friends were back, and the only downside was that the cockroaches were back, too.

"Your talent is impressive," Sinhika noted, closing the door behind her.

The black-haired artist straightened abruptly. "You're back! I didn't expect you so soon," he said as he embraced his demon lover...

# # #

In a place of cool white power, Bardock knew himself again, and found that he was not alone; she was with him.

*Kinoko? KINOKO!*

*Welcome, my love. I have missed you.*

*It has been.. long. I thought it would be forever. How can this be?*

*You do not belong there any more.*

*I understand, now.. If I had only understood from the beginning.. So much pain.. Yet if I had not been there.. I had to be there for the two young ones!*

*Have I not said our path is a hard one? Yet there is good at the end.*

*Yes.. it is very good.*

# # #

The End

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