A/N: So I don't know if this is gonna be a one shot or actually turn into something, I got really inspired and just decided to write it. Beside there aren't enough stories about the Delancy's being good guys and I wanted a story where Oscar was the good guy for once. Hopefully you like it!

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Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap.

Jane clenched her jaw as she attempted to tune out the mindless tapping the guard was making. Jane hated mindless noise, it was one of her pet peeves. She hated when people tapped mindlessly, shattering the comfortable silence the solitary hallway provided and it kept breaking her concentration. She already was dealing with these rusted bars and the dull ache that was pounding relentlessly against the front of her temple. She didn't need any more distractions. For a split second, Jane thought about screaming at the guard to quit but she knew if she did, she would be discovered. Jane knew that a couple more minutes of tapping was far better than being stuck in the refuge much longer.

Jane closed her eyes, exhaling sharply through her nose before focusing back on the bars at the window. She had already gotten two off and just needed to get one more off to be able to squeeze herself through the window. From there, she would lower herself to the ledge of the window below her and scale down the backside of the building. The thought of fresh air and clean clothes motivated Jane, causing her body to jerk more roughly as she pried at the bar.

As she pulled at the rust bar, a loud squeak punctured the air and Jane froze mid-pull. Her body went rigid as the sound vibrated against the walls and she breathed in slow and shallow as she waited for the guard to get up and investigate.

Tap, tap, tap.

The tapping continued and after several moments, Jane figured that the guards tapping had drowned out the squeaking noise and she continued to pull at the bars.

After jerking at the bar several times, it finally released itself from its bolting and swung outwards.

"Night Oscar."

"Night Morris." Oscar said before closing the door to his bedroom, finally alone for the night. Oscar let out a sigh and brushed back the blonde hairs that had invaded his vision. He was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep for a thousand years.

After changing into his nightshirt, Oscar studied himself in the small mirror above his dresser. Even in the dim light of his bedroom, he could see the deep purple of a bruise that took over most of his cheek bone and he turned his face to the side, examining the bruise. The bruise had been courtesy of Jack Kelly in one of their infamous spats. Even though Oscar and Morris had gotten a few throws in, Jack Kelly had landed the final blow that ended their morning fights and Oscar couldn't stand that the Cowboy had won. Ever since he showed up at the Manhattan Lodging House four years ago and became the Manhattan leader, he acted like he owned the place and Oscar couldn't stand people who acted bigger than themselves.

A sharp tap at the window pulled Oscar from his reflection and towards the window near his bed. Even with very little light, he knew who was at the window. The small silhouette and the fact he knew only one person who liked entering through windows rather than doors told it all.

Quickly, Oscar moved towards the window and pulled it open, allowing the figure to give him a charming smile.

"Hey Oscar, how's it going?" Jane asked, giving him a wide, toothy smile. Oscar gave the girl a small smirk and leaned his forearm against the top window glass.

"Don't ya ever use a door?" Oscar asked teasingly and Jane gave him a mischievous look.

"More fun this way."

Oscar peered out the window and saw Jane was hanging from the window ledge, her lower half dangling in the wind like laundry hanging out to dry. He looked around to see if there was a rope or ladder that helped her up to his window but found none.

"How did you'se even get up here?" He asked, still peering around to see how she did it.

"Trade secret." She said and then let out a small grunt, pulling herself up more. "As much fun as this is, this is actually harder than it looks so if you could.." She said and Oscar nodded. He wrapped his arms around her upper body and helped pull her through the window, tumbling backwards when most of her upper half was through the threshold and landed with a soft thud on the wooden floor.

"Thanks." Jane said, getting up from the floor and dusting herself off. Wall climbing is not as clean as it looks.

"You're welcome." Oscar grunted as he pulled himself from the floor. He watched as Jane moved towards his dresser, pulling open one of the drawers and rummaging inside.

"Oh nice shiner by the way." Jane said, pointing at the bruise of Oscar's cheek. "What happened? You and Kelly get into another marital dispute."

Jane knew that Oscar and Morris frequently fought the Manhattan newsies. When she still lived in the neighborhood she had seen their fights first hand and was not shocked when a couple of them came in with broken noses and black eyes. Jane wasn't sure what it was about the newsies that ticked off Oscar and Morris or what the two Delancys did to warrant the newsie fight but Jane didn't care enough to ask. She enjoyed poking fun at Oscar about his relationship with the newsies, especially Jack Kelly.

"No." Oscar grunted. "Kelly and his group of pansy were being pains in the asses...as usual." Oscar explained. Jane rolled her eyes but didn't say anything.

"Is there a reason ya didn't just use da door?" Oscar asked, watching as Jane grabbed a tan shirt from the top drawer, looking at it before stuffing it back.

"And have your uncle yell at me for showing up in the dead of night?" Jane pointed out, pulling out a light blue shirt. She held it up and deeming it appropriate, threw it over her forearm before rummaging for pants.

Oscar nodded. "Fair point." He said and smirked at Jane, who was making a mess of his drawers.

"Ya know, I'se just cleaned dat." He pointed out. Jane ignored him and grabbed a pair of black slacks and some brown suspenders.

"Don't ya have clothes of ya own?" He asked as Jane spilled the contents of her pockets onto his dresser.

"I promise, I will bring these back washed tomorrow, okay?" She assured him and then turned around.

Oscar could feel his ears burn and turn red as Jane took off her shirt. Even though her back was turned to him, she was wearing a chemise and the fact they had been friends for years, he couldn't help but feel slightly embarrassed to see her without proper cover. He knew Jane didn't care, she did what she wanted regardless of who was around but Oscar still averted his eyes anywhere but Jane.

Jane glanced over her shoulder and smirked at his slightly embarrassed state. "You better not be looking." She teased.

"Oh trust me, I'se definitely not." Oscar said, his voice slightly higher than normal.

When Jane was finally dressed, she threw her old shirt and skirt at Oscar. "Can you hide those for me? Don't want your brother and Uncle getting any ideas." Jane said.

Oscar rolled his eyes. "Oh please, ya know my brudder would just congratulate me on gettin' laid and my uncle would just be impressed I was with any girl."

"That's not true." She said.

"Well, not in that way or in any way for that matter."

Jane placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? There hasn't been any girl?"

Oscar didn't look at her and he tried to find the words to say what he meant. He didn't mean to say that but Jane wasn't just any girl to him. She was his best friend and his first. His first everything. It had happened once and Jane never talked to him about it again and Oscar was too scared to talk about it with her. He figured for her, it was nothing, a drunken fling that had happened on the roof one night two years ago, after a party with someone of the wagon boys. Jane and him never talked about it but it never left Oscar's mind. From that moment on, he was smitten but he knew Jane had his affection long before that. That night just solidified the feelings he knew he had.

"I'm teasing." Jane said, her arms dropping at her side and her tone shifted to a much softer, gentler tone. She could see he was bothered by her comment and she didn't blame him. She knew that she was his first and knew that the fact they hadn't talked about it bothered him. But Jane didn't want to talk about it. It was a mistake, she didn't want it to go that way and she feared talking about it would ruin their friendship. Not that she regretted what happened, it was just...complicated.

Trying to clear the uncomfortable air that had started to settle in the room, Oscar stretched his arms up, his shirt coming up just enough to show the small tummy trail he had. "You'se sleeping here tonight?" He asked.

Jane shook her head. "No, I don't want your uncle to find me in your bed and kick me out."

"Where ya gonna go then?" He asked.

Jane shrugged. "I don't know. I always find a place."

Oscar shook his head. "An alleyway is not 'a place'. Come on, stay here. You'se can leave early in the morning 'fore my brudder and uncle get up. Uncle Weas decided to get into a bottle of gin tonight so he probably won't be up 'fore dawn."

Jane shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She felt bad, she didn't want Oscar to get in trouble with his uncle. Uncle Wisel did not like Jane very much and she didn't want Oscar to get in trouble with his uncle if he discovered her in his room.

"I don't know, Oscar. I feel bad. I don't want you-"

"No come on, I'll sleep on da floor." Oscar cut her off, going over to the bed and grabbing a pillow from one end.

"No, no, I feel bad. I don't want you to sleep on the hard floor." Jane argued, snatching the pillow and placing it back on the bed.

Oscar flopped down on the bed, moving himself to the other end of the bed. "Fine, den we'll share da bed." He said, patting the spot next to him.

Jane's eyes turned into a mischievous look and placed a hand on her chest delicately. "Oscar Delancy, are you asking me to share a bed with you?" She asked over dramatically like a southern belle.

Oscar and Jane both bursted into a fit of laughter, trying to keep themselves quiet so they didn't disturbed the rest of the house.

"Fine. But don't try anything funny, mister." She teased before climbing into bed and laying up close to Oscar. She could hear his heart thumping against his chest and the slow rise and fall of his chest calmed her.

I'm not the one who jumped my bones. Oscar thought but said nothing. He put one arm under his head while the other laid across his chest, his fingers brushing up against Jane's. They didn't say anything after, just enjoying the comfortable silence that the night gave.

Jane had fallen asleep before Oscar. He may have been tired before but he wasn't now. He didn't want to fall asleep. He just wanted to stay here, with Jane, just like they were two years ago. He didn't want to leave this moment.