Title: ReflectionsBR

Rating: PGBR

Notes: From the Challenge in a Can site.


Words: Angel, Furious, Mirror.

"It's Buffy." His own words echoed in his head. Seeing Willow standing there, with big liquid eyes. Her soft words explaining the events of the last few weeks.

How could he have not known?

He sat on the corner of his king size bed, not really knowing what to do. He wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn't come.P

He stood up and walked over to the bath room next door. He looked into the mirror above the sink that had been there when he moved in and never got around to removing.

Suddenly anger ran through his veins. How could she be dead? He fist swung out and struck the mirror. While he was off rescuing Cordelia, gallivanting in the sun and admiring his reflection; Buffy was sacrificing herself to save the world. He was furious. With himself, with his friends and with the Powers That Be. He gave up his humanity so she could live, only for her to die.

He watched the blood tricked slowly down his hand and drip to the cream carpet.

Why did she have to leave him?

His un-beating heart ached and felt like it would explode in agony. He fell to the floor, sobbing in anguish.

She was the one person in his long life or un-life he had loved. And now she was gone. He had always known she would die at some point. After all, he was immortal. But so soon? He expected her to be an old woman surrounded by her children and grandchildren.


She had once said he would forget her in fifty years if she died but she was so wrong.

If he lived for eternity he would never forget her beautiful face.

He blood stained the carpet where he lay, but he could feel no pain. Did she feel pain when she died? It sounded like it was quick, but it was not like he had ever had magical energy forced through him.

He prayed to whichever God that may be listening, if any, it hadn't hurt her.

But at least she was safe. He didn't doubt for one minute she had gone anywhere but Heaven.

"Rest my beloved, rest." He whispered quietly to himself.