Inspired by Goldguardian2418's story, 'Vines are Green', here's a story I've wanted to do for a really long time. Enjoy and no flames please. Thank you.

It was the 4th of July and there was a big cookout at the Grant Mansion. Everyone gathered to enjoy food, chat, and play. It can be tiring having fun, that's why it was important to rest. And that's exactly what Sasha Jocklin was doing. After so much eating, talking, and playing, she was taking a little nap in what appeared to be a hammock, but it was really Wildvine with his vines stretched out and tied around two trees as Sasha laid on him. The Flourana didn't mind at all. Rachel was walking by and smiled at the cute sight. "Sasha always gets cozy when she sleeps out here with you."

Wildvine chuckled. "Yeah, Sasha's always fun to have around." He tickled Sasha's ear ever so slightly with his long finger. "Coochy, coochy, coo..." he chanted softly. Sasha smiled as she shifted a little before falling back to sleep. "Seeing her out here in the woods always reminded me of when we first met."

Rachel nodded. "Yeah, she was still getting used to all the aliens in the mansion. But when it came to outside the mansion, that was a different story..."

Rachel and Sasha were taking a walk in the forest, admiring the woodland outside the Grant Mansion

"It sure is beautiful out here." said Rachel.

"I guess..." Sasha said softly. Rachel noticed the odd tone her sister's voice and saw Sasha look over her shoulder every few seconds.

"You okay, Sasha?" asked Rachel, concerned.

"Not really." Sasha said honestly. "I guess I'm just bothered by all the rumors about a monster that eats people in these woods." She sighed. "But I shouldn't go around believing everything I hear. Right?"

Rachel stopped walking. Sasha looked back and saw her sister looking a bit hesitant. "Actually, Sasha, there's something you should know about these woods. The truth is-"

"Hey, Rachel!" said a deep, scratchy voice.

Sasha looked up and let out a giant scream. Wildvine came down from the trees and landed before the girls.

"RACHEL! RUN!" Sasha grabbed her sister and tried to flee, but Rachel didn't budge. In fact, she didn't even look scared!

"It's okay, Sasha. This is what I was about to tell you." Rachel said with an assuring smile. "This is Wildvine. He's the so-called monster of the forest. But he's really an alien known as a Florauna." She gently pushed her sister closer to the alien. Sasha gazed at Wildvine in pure horror, especially when he smiled his sharp, yellowed fangs.

"So you're Sasha!" said Wildvine. "Rachel told me about you. It's nice to have you move in with us."

Despite acting friendly, Sasha was still terrified. Everything about Wildvine scared her. His tall, lean stature. Long, creepy fingers that could slit a human's throat. Plus that scary voice and one big blue eye gazing right into her soul.

"Yeah, n-nice to meet you." Sasha said, her voice numb with fear.

Wildvine suddenly turned the other way. "I gotta go. I hear intruders." He left swinging from the trees and vanished into the forest. Sasha was beyond relieved when he was gone.

"Well, we better get inside before it gets dark." said Rachel Sasha nodded and followed her sister back inside.

But Sasha couldn't stop thinking about Wildvine. He was so scary. She had to know if he was really dangerous or not.

That night, Sasha looked through the listing of alien species Frankenstrike provided her in order to understand her alien roommates better. When she found the page on Floraunas, Sasha felt like she was about to faint.

According to her research, Florauna are savage aliens that are protective of their land and work in large colonies. They act only on instinct and ruthlessly attack and capture any intruders and make them their quarry as a meal to the chief of their colony.

Learning this, Sasha believed that Wildvine truly was a man-eating monster. She imagined the intruders that foolishly wandered into his woods only to be eaten. She made a silent vow to never set foot outside again.

A few days later, Rachel was gathering the food and utensils for a cookout. There was a lot to carry out and she only had two hands. "Sasha! We're going outside to eat! Could you help me carry all this stuff?" But Sasha wasn't around. "Sasha?" Just then, green vines came into the kitchen and effortlessly picked up everything for the cookout.

"Thanks, Wildvine!" Rachel looked around. "But where's Sasha?"

Whampire flew from downstairs. "Sasha won't be coming. She says she's not feeling well."

"Not feeling well? But she seemed fine to me." said Rachel.

Wildvine became thoughtful for a moment. "Rachel, why don't I go talk to her? Y'know, just to make sure everything is okay."

"If you say so." said Rachel, having a pretty good feeling she knew what was really wrong.

In Sasha's room, the young woman was curled up in her bed. She felt bad for missing the party with her sister. But at least she was safe from Wildvine. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep, but a knock came to her door. "Who is it?"

The door opened and Sasha almost screamed when she saw Wildvine come in. "Hi, Sasha." He closed the door behind him. Sasha started to panic, she tried to stay calm. She covered half of her face with her blanket and tried not to be afraid.

"Uh, w-what is it?" Sasha murmured. Wildvine saw Sasha's eyes. They were wide and filled with fear just like the last time she saw him. His suspicions were right, she was still scared to death of him. He sat down beside her, Sasha started hyperventilating and tried to run away, but Wildvine acted fast and used his leg vines to pin Sasha to the bed.

"NO! HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!" Sasha screamed until Wildvine's green hand covered her mouth.

"Calm down, Sasha. I won't hurt you." Wildvine said softly. Sasha shook her head to say no. When her mouth was uncovered, Sasha went back to screaming.

"LET ME GO! YOU JUST WANT TO EAT ME! HEEEEEEEEEELP!" Sasha yelled. She struggled and screamed until Wildvine started softly petting her. The stroking was soothing enough to calm Sasha down and look at him, she saw how he didn't look angry or even irritated. In fact, he looked calm. He smiled, but wasn't an evil smile, but rather a friendly one.

"You think I'm going to eat you? Is that what this is all about?"

"B-But...isn't that what your kind does?" Sasha asked nervously.

Wildvine blinked. "Oh, you heard about what my kind does, huh?" He shook his head. "Sasha, not all Florauna are wild killers. Some evolve from that way of thinking. I did and decided to find a new home here on this planet."

"B-But then...what do you do to intruders?" asked Sasha.

Wildvine shrugged. "I just scare them away, that's all. I'm pretty good at it." He smiled proudly.

"I can tell..." Sasha said below her breath. She hoped Wildvine didn't hear her, but he did. Realizing he just offended him, Sasha's panic returned. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!"

Wildvine covered her mouth yet again. "Sasha, I would never hurt you." He uncovered her mouth and petted her again. "You're part of our family too."

"I am?" Sasha didn't really consider herself family in this household of aliens. "But...I'm a scaredy cat." She was always bullied for easily scared, timid, and gullible.

"So what? That doesn't mean we hate you. All the other aliens tell me how sweet, kind, and helpful you are. What's not to like about that? And I have just the cure to help you not be afraid of me." He smiled as he brought Sasha closer to him, making Sasha feel very afraid.

"What are you going to do?!"

Wildvine answered with a chuckle and started tickling Sasha under the chin. Sasha gasped before closing her mouth tightly.

"Oh, are you ticklish?" Wildvine mused, watching a smile grow on Sasha's face. "You're ticklish, aren't you?" His fingers traveled to her neck. The moment they touched that spot, Sasha squeaked and tried to hide her neck, but Wildvine used his other hand to gently hold Sasha's head up.

"Yes, you're very ticklish." Wildvine said, mischief in his voice. He kept tickling Sasha's neck, Sasha tried her best not to laugh, but a few giggles managed to break through. "You need a good laugh. And nothing works better than tickling." He said as Sasha squeaked and giggled from the tickling. He paused to give Sasha a breather. "Just tell me where your tickle spot is and you'll feel better in no time."

Sasha shook her head. "No way! I'm not telling you!" She tried to get free from Wildvine, but his vines were just too strong. She hung in defeat. Wildvine saw Sasha's belly partially exposed and got an idea.

"You know, Sasha, you and Rachel are sisters." He slowly pulled up her shirt, Sasha's eyes grew in horror. "I wonder if you have the same tickle spot as her?" He began vigorously tickling her stomach.


Her laughter was contagious as Wildvine laughed too. "Coochy, coochy, coo! Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!"

"NO! STOP! PLEASE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sasha was completely defenseless from the alien's ticklish wrath.

Wildvine laughed as well. "I knew it! You have a ticklish tummy too!" he said as he kept tickling.


"Will you stop being scared of me?" asked Wildvine.

Sasha nodded violently. "YES! YES! I WILL!"

At last, Wildvine stopped. "Excellent." He gently let Sasha go, the girl could only lay in exhaustion and collect her breath. "You okay?"

"Yeah..." Sasha breathed.

"All tired and tickled out?" Wildvine asked, to which Sasha nodded. "I know just what you need..." He scooped up Sasha and held her close to his green chest.

'Now what's he gonna do?' Sasha thought fearfully.

"And that's when you first used yourself as a hammock and help Sasha relax?" asked Rachel.

Wildvine nodded. "Yep. A little fresh air and a good rest is just what she needed after all that tickling."

Sasha shifted a little before she woke up. She let out a cute little yawn and rubbed her eyes. She looked up and saw Wildvine smiling at her. "Hey there, Sleeping Beauty."

"Hi, Wildvine." Sasha giggled. She sighed as she cuddled into her alien friend. "This is the best way to enjoy a holiday."

"In a hammock?" Wildvine said.

Sasha shook her head. "No, with good family and friends."

Rachel and Wildvine smiled hearing that. Wildvine ran his green fingers through Sasha's hair, the girl closed her eyes as she enjoyed the stroking. "Happy 4th of July, guys."

"Happy 4th, Sasha." said Rachel and Wildvine.

Sasha was right. What makes a holiday truly special is enjoying it with the people you love. And the Jocklin sisters were truly blessed to have the best family full of humans and aliens to celebrate many holidays for many years to come.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Keep staying safe out there! Count your blessings and always be thankful for the ones you love and support! :)