Title: A Good Death Is Hard To Find

Rating: PG

Spoilers: The Body, Killed By Death and the end of Season Six.

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Summary: Dawn thinks about death. From the Challenge in a Can site. (http://www.dymphna.net/challenge/challenge.html)

Notes: Thanks very much to the lovely Jayne for her invaluable help.

Death is always sudden.

Even when you expect someone to die, when they take that last, shuddering breath is shocks you.

How can life be snuffed out so easily, as if it was merely a candle?

Life, existence, being. Always a gift.

Mom died quickly. Or were we just ignoring the signs? The doctors said she was going to be fine after her operation. It was as successful as they hoped, but she knew the risks. Always a backup so no one can be blamed for death in hospitals.

I was two when my cousin Celia died. She got the flu and they took her to hospital. Buffy was there when she died. I don't think she ever got over it. She had nightmares for years after. Not only was her cousin taken, her best friend was too.

Tara was so young, so full of vitality. Her life had barely begun when she was taken from us. It makes me so angry someone like that could be killed, when murderers, rapists and other atrocious people walk free. She was killed by a gun. A tiny, metal bullet that ripped through her perfect skin and took her life away.

Warren was tortured for it. His life was taken too. But wasn't that too easy? Didn't he deserve more pain? I mean, I'm not saying having your skin ripped off is a walk in the park. But what he did was so evil. He was trying to take away my sister – for fun. How can people get off on that? Causing torment and suffering for entertainment.

Do you think he is in hell?

Kinda makes you think, sometimes sudden death is too good for some people.