SWAT Kats: Gale Squadron

Chapter 1: The 'Gal' Squadron

There is no feeling in the world like being in the air. Being in control of a supersonic jet fighter armed to the teeth, now tell me that doesn't put a smile on that muzzle? It always does to me and my best friend. My name is Connie, Connie Fairchild. My best friend is Marlene Tabbyton. We're fighter pilots, but we don't fly with the Aero-Cops (The Enforcers)

My friend and I belong to a specially trained breed of jet pilot. Those among our ranks were rejected by the Enforcers, and joined the Air Force instead. It's a good thing they did because you get to fly these lovely angels. We are part of the 'Gale Squadron'. Our fighter jet is the F/A-18E Super Hornet. Our squadron is often nicknamed the 'Gal' Squadron.

It's because our squadron is comprised mainly of she-kats, but we have a few toms in our ranks. Marlene and I are Pixie-Bobs by breed, so yeah, no tail pains when sitting in the cockpit. I'm a shorthaired tomboy. Marlene has a mane of fluffy black curls that I swear she can hide a cellphone in. Don't feel bad. You're not the only one with urges to touch it

Marlene would tie her hair up in a bun to better fit a flight helmet. One has to put a camera on slow motion when she lets down her hair after a mission, or a test flight. Couple that with the sway of her hips when she walks. Marlene is not just boobs and a big butt. She is smart, and one of the kindest she-kats I know. You want her watching your back.

"Another day of exercises," I said, happily sighing

"Maybe we'll see the SWAT Kats," said Marlene

"Here's hoping," I replied, lightly smirking,

Marlene and I each stand at 5'10 and 175lbs. It's muscle and plus-sized curves. We hold our own in a fight, and maintaining our jets and make the front of a plus-size swimsuit magazine. In our flight suits which don't do the best job at hiding our curvy figures, we got into the cockpits, and put on our helmets. We close the canopies. Time to rock n' roll

We checked all our temperatures and pressures before readying the engines. There is nothing better than hearing the roar of the engines as we went down the runway. With the signal from the control tower, we race down the runway and went up into the afternoon skies. This jet comes with a Vulcan 20mm cannon plus Maverick and Sidewinder missiles.

There are other weapons we can put on the wings such as laser-guided bombs. It all depends on the mission. Armed and fueled for a fight, we have to keep our guard up even on training exercises. Our air base is located about five miles of MegaKat City. You never know what's going to attack the city, or who's going to want to turn the city into a crater

Although it is a badge of honor to shoot down an enemy plane, it is never my intention to take a life. There are times I see pilots eject from the cockpit, and times that I don't. You never know what can go wrong in those circumstances. I was once shot down by one of Turmoil's pilots, and my ejector seat malfunctioned, and I had to land it in the ocean

A typical day at the office is up in the sky, or on the ground at the base. Part of me hopes the Aero-Cops get some funding and new ordnance for their aircraft. I do feel bad for them having to eat the airborne dust of say fighters from Turmoil's bunch. Today seems like another day on patrol in the skies when a black bolt of a jet fighter zipped passed us

"Boggie at 8 o'clock, boogie at 8 o'clock," I radioed,

"Is it what I think it is?" asked Marlene curiously

"It is, it's the TurboKat," I replied smiling under my mask

"Let's give 'em the red carpet," said Marlene, I nodded to her from the cockpit and our two Hornets broke off, and went into pursuit. Marlene and I turned to airwaves to find the frequency that the SWAT Kats are using. At high speeds, we put on the oxygen masks, and lowered down the visors, "we do not shot to kill, let's show the Kats what we can do!"

"Roger that, Marlene! let's rock n' roll!" I replied happily, it's such a rush to feel what a Super Hornet can do at top speed. If these Tom-Kats think they can get away from us the same way they make the Enforcers eat their dust, then I hope they take don't take this surprise as a nasty one, "look at that, a real thing of beauty," I said, seeing the TurboKat.

I would not say they are intruding on our airspace. In reality, the sky, like the ocean, should remain unconquered. I flew up to the side of the aircraft, and flew overhead with a midair rotation, and was now on the other side. Marlene did the same from the bottom of the aircraft to appear on the other side. We gave the SWAT Kats the 'two finger salute'.

I'm not just fast in the air, I'm fast on the ground. My car, that I share with Marlene since we are roomies, is a 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R. If there's anything that attracts the highway troopers it's my ride. Like having a fast car and coming up to a red light, there is going to be that one guy to challenge you, but this is us challenging the SWAT Kats