Dawn went into the kitchen, expecting to see her sister weeping in Spike's arms or something, but instead she was mixing drinks.

Spike stood in the corner looking as if he was waiting for her to explode.

"You ok?" Dawn asked.

Buffy nodded.

"You upset?"

"Why would I be?"

"Cause he's dating her of all people."

"So?" Buffy said, throwing sugar in random cups, "He's allowed."

"But he left you."

"Look Dawn," Buffy said slamming a cup down, "It's Christmas, I don't want any shit. So we have to help them with this demon, then they will be gone and we can still have a nice time. I'm going to forgot everything she said from now on, so just drop it."

"Ok, but I don't believe you aren't upset." Dawn said before grabbing a few of the drinks and leaving.

Dawn handed Anya, Gunn and Xander the hot chocolates.

"She ok?" Willow whispered.

Dawn shrugged, "Isn't telling me anything."

Buffy came back in with a laptop in her hands, she plugged it in and started it up without a word to anyone. Spike brought all the other drinks in.

"You got the email yet?" Dawn asked.

"Nope, gonna go on MSN and meet her."

"Ok, she's here." Buffy said, Willow and Xander took seats around the screen.

Need Some Coffee says: Hi!

The Xmas Fiend says: Hey Olivia!

Need some Coffee says: Ok, looked it up, I've scanned the page and I'm just about to email it to you.

The Xmas Fiend says: Thanks very much. Where did you say Giles was?

Need some Coffee says: He went to stay with some friends in London. He will be back soon.

The Xmas Fiend: Tell him I said hi.

Need Some Coffee: Will do. He's very sorry about Christmas, he did want to come back, but he already has plans.

The Xmas Fiend: It's ok.

Hotmail: You have 1 new message.

"Got the email." Buffy announced, "Plug the printer in Dawn, please."

The Xmas Fiend: Thanks, gotten all the info I think. I'll email you if we need more information. Have a good Christmas!

Need Some Coffee says: You too. Goodnight.

Need Some Coffee is offline.

Buffy handed Wesley the sheets of paper that had printed.

"Buffy?" Angel said softly, while everyone else listened to Wesley analysing them.

"Yeah?" she answered.

"Can I talk to you, alone?" he asked.

"The training room is free." She answered, pointing to a door.

They both slipped off unnoticed.

"So…" Buffy started, "You and Cordy huh?"

"Well, sort of." He said. "Look, I never meant to hurt you."

She shrugged, not meeting his eyes.

"I was lonely and she was there. She was so selfless, having the excruciating visions without complaint, and then she became part demon so she could keep them. Cordy forgave me when I let Darla take over my life and I became obsessed with killing these people." He explained.

"Ok." she said.

"Look, I'm just trying to explain!" Angel exclaimed.

"What am I supposed to say, oh poor Cordelia, going through that, or well done Cordelia for forgiving you? Am I supposed to be happy for you, or crying in someone's arms? What am I supposed to do?" she shouted the last part.

"I'm sorry." he said, standing up with her.

"They are always sorry." she muttered.

"Who are?" he asked.

The door opened and Spike and Xander came in.

"Well, the white night is here." Angel snapped.

"And you told me to grow up." Xander replied.

"You all right?" Spike asked Buffy.

She sighed in annoyance. "Fuck it." she cried and stormed out the room. Everyone looked at her as she walked across the room and out the main door.

The three followed her.

"She was beginning to be happy!" Dawn yelled at Angel, "First Mom dies, then she dies, then they drag her out of Heaven."

"Heaven?" Angel echoed.

"Then everything's just fucked up for a year. Giles leaves her to stand on her own feet, which was a load of crap if you ask me, she shut down, slept with him." Dawn said pointed at Spike, who shrugged, "Riley comes back from wherever the hell he had been with his perfect little wife in tow, before buggering off again. Then she tries to stop it all, but Spike with a soul tries to rape her, Warren shoots her, kills Tara. Willow tries to end the world and everything is screwed up again!"

"You tried to end the world?" Cordelia asked Willow, who looked embarrassed.

"And now they are all gonna kill me for telling you." Dawn complained.

"You tried to rape her?" Angel growled at Spike.

"Without a soul." Dawn shrieked, sitting down on the sofa.

"I think we should go." Gunn whispered to Fred and they went to wait in the car.

"She must hate me." Angel said.

"So what if she does? You love me." said Cordelia.

"No I really don't." Angel snapped.


"I do, but I love Buffy more." He said, looking guilty.

"That bitch! I'll kill her." Cordelia screamed, starting to glow a blinding white. "I'll kill her." she repeated again.

"What the hell is she doing?" Xander asked.

"None of that in my shop!" Anya called.

Everyone was thrown to the floor and had to shield there eyes from her light.

"Stop it." Angel yelled at her.

"Cordelia, what are you doing?" Wesley shouted.

Buffy stormed along the path through the park. It was so typical. She had been determined to have a good Christmas, even without Giles. *Then Angel turns up and rips my heart out. Again!* She wiped a tear away angrily. She would not cry over this, she would not. They wanted her to, Cordelia wanted to hurt her. Why? What the hell had she ever done to her?

Just then a red hot pain shot through her head. She cried out in agony, falling to her knees. It continued through her head down into her chest, arms, stomach, legs. She couldn't see, couldn't think, or speak.

Angel threw himself at Cordelia but was thrown off as if he was nothing. He hit the wall with a thud.

"You bitch! Stop it!" Spike yelled at the top of his lungs. Suddenly the light went out and Cordelia yelped.

The light came on as if someone turned the light up slowly.

Each one of them was sitting in a leather chair.

"Where are we?" Wesley asked.

"No idea." Cordelia said.

"Well this better be quick, because Xander said he would have sex with me." Anya informed them.

"Too much info." Dawn giggled.

Xander went red and shrunk down in his chair.

"No one can move right?" Spike asked. They all shook their heads.

Just then a young girl appeared. She had golden hair down to her waist and was wearing an aqua bikini.

"You're in trouble." She laughed, looking at Cordelia.

"For heaven's sake, Venus. Put some clothes on." A voice said, she stepped out of the shadows.

Venus giggled and spun around, "You're nothing but a spoil sport Morgan."

"Is Eros here yet?" Morgan asked.

"Yes." Eros said. "Diana couldn't make it, but Lucifer is on his way."

"Good." Morgan replied.

"Oh my." Willow gulped.

"The Gods and Goddesses?" Angel asked, shocked.

"Lucifer, as in the Devil?" Dawn asked.

"No. That's very rude." said Lucifer himself. "Just because of my name, I have nothing to do with him. I am God of the Sun and Light."


"I'm Goddess of Water and Magick, and Venus is Goddess of Love and Romance." Morgan put in.

"And I'm God of Romance and Passionate love." Eros said.

"Really, what do they teach you in school nowadays?" Venus asked.


"Ridiculous, you should learn something worthwhile." She complained.

"Now, now Venus. Don't start. That's not we are here for." Eros said.

"Oh yes." Venus giggled.

The four stood in a row. "We are here because we are annoyed." Lucifer snapped.

"Trying to kill someone who is part Angel, is lets say, frowned upon." Morgan glared.

"Part A…Angel?" Cordelia stammered.

"Well really!" Venus exclaimed, "I thought you would have worked it out by now. Stupid mortals."

"I'm not mortal." Spike said.

"No, you're not." She smiled walking over to him. Her small hand caressed his cheek.

"Venus!" Morgan tutted.

"Boring, you lot." Venus said, rolling her eyes and perching on a chair.

"The Angel's are very angry. They sent an email to us complaining about you." Eros explained.

"I mean it's so obvious. From the minute she was born you two were meant to be." Venus snapped at Angel, "It was written in the stars. Hera the Goddess of Marriage gave you a gift. When you gave her the ring, it was binding! Then you get groiny and you go all evil. We were so proud of her for doing what she had to do, and sending her to hell. Her love for you brought her back, with a little push from us of course. Then you try and kill yourself, and Maat the Goddess of Justice stepped in and stopped it. Then you left her!"

Venus was pacing up and down.

"Then she goes with that stupid farm boy." Eros said, "I can see in her soul, and she was so broken and lonely, I don't blame her. We were all watching when she threw him in your face, but she didn't mean it for heaven's sake."

Lucifer stepped forward again, "You hit her! For the other Slayer! I mean…" He shook his head.

"So, going back a bit…" Venus continued, shooting a look at Eros, "We gave you another chance. We made you human. Then you went to the Oracles and they gave you the day back. Do you know how angry we were?"

"Do you know how much paper work there was?" Morgan put in.

"And then, her Mother dies. Unfortunate that, couldn't be stopped." Lucifer said with a frown.

"And you came to comfort her, and then left her. We could have stopped the sun rising. She could have done something stupid!" Venus cried.

"Lucky for us, the brat actually did something worthwhile for once, helped her cry. That could have been nasty." Eros said.

"The brat?" Dawn echoed.

"Then, she does the hero thing, kills herself for the world." Morgan continued.

"It wasn't meant to be. When she told death was he gift, it came out all wrong. She wasn't supposed to jump, it got jumbled. It meant to say Life was her gift. As in, you would become human eventually. When we see fit." Lucifer told them.

"So she jumped. Glory, that slutty bitch, would never have got back home anyway. She had fallen from grace and would have gone to the very pits of hell. But, of course the barriers between dimensions still would have ceased to exist, causing total chaos. She saved our asses too." Venus said.

Morgan rolled her eyes at Venus's language, "Yeah so then you 'almighty witches' come along. It was an accident to give you that much power Willow. I put my trust in you, and you abused it. Bringing her back like that. And you Angel, thinking she was in hell! She gave everything to the world, we weren't going to let her go there were we! We tried to stop you going to, really we did."

"But there was nothing we could do, you opened Acathla after all." Eros said.

"But thanks to Hera it wasn't for long. Buffy helped you get your sanity back and everything was alright." Venus smiled.

"Yeah so, you silly children pulled her out of our kingdom and threw her into a coffin, where she had to dig herself out. I mean it's alright for vampires, they don't have to breath!" Morgan said indignantly.

"But of course you can't leave Heaven like that and remain totally human." Lucifer said.

"I knew it!" Spike exclaimed.

"She is not a demon." Eros snapped.

"She's half Angel. The only one on earth. Much more powerful than any witches, or supposed 'higher beings.' But she never got the memo telling her, so she has been very confused." Venus said.

"And then you Spike, corrupted her. I mean, without your soul. Really it gets confusing, you should change you name." Eros said.

"An Angel can't be corrupted." Venus snapped, "She was having a hard time. Adjusting and all. Those three stupid boys. Warren is in hell, where he belongs. He touched the dark side and there is no return."

"You have watched Star Wars way too many times." Eros laughed.

She pouted. "It's true."

"Yes so, you did us one favour going mad like that." Venus said.

"I'm very sorry about Tara." Morgan said gently, "I thought I would let you know she is very happy. She watches down on you and sends her love."

Willow smiled through her tears.

"And you Xander, I have a message from Jessie." Morgan said.

"Didn't he, go to hell?" Xander asked, also crying through everything they had heard.

"Not at all. His demon did, but his soul is with us. He says, 'Wow man, you saved the world, that's so cool. I wish you and Will luck and stay with that Anya chick, she's hot.'" Morgan cleared her throat.

They all laughed.

"So, back to our little story. You are not in love with her." Venus said pointing at Cordelia, "It's all a mistake. First of all, you didn't fall for her until she did the 'I'm a champion' bit and coloured her hair blonde. You see what happened, when you were possessed that time, and little of the love they had stayed behind in you, some God's, I name no name's, thought it would be funny to set you up, so they let you do the love thing, but it's all rubbish. Here, I'll take it away." She clicked her fingers. A small warm feeling in both of them suddenly switched off.

"Oh my god." Angel said, feeling sick. What had he been thinking?

"Eww." cried Cordelia.

"Yeah, so also, the Darla thing was a big accident. Connor is not hers, I mean, can you imagine it? Connor is Buffy's. He's an asshole at the moment I know, but I've talked to everyone and took a poll. He will be made three again, like he's supposed to be." Venus said.

Angel looked stunned.

"Yes, and dear William. You were a very naughty boy weren't you? Not your fault I know, but how do you like the soul? That demon was going to take your chip out, and we couldn't have that, so we gave you a soul instead. I have to fill the paperwork out myself so be grateful." The blonde Goddess told him.

Morgan flipped her shimmering brown hair over her shoulders. "Angel, your soul is bound. We always thought is was such a stupid clause and our research team finally found out how to get rid of it."

He smiled, now that horrible love for Cordelia had gone he could see straight. He had a hell of a lot of groveling to do to Buffy.

"How is Connor the son of Buffy?" he asked.

"Well, you know you two did the horizontal bop when we made you human? Well she got pregnant, but you reversed time. We wanted Connor to be born so we waiting for the ideal moment to put him back When you slept with Darla was perfect, so she was the surrogate mother as it were."

"Dear lord." Wesley muttered.

"Complicated isn't it?" Lucifer chuckled.

"Can I ask something?" Dawn spoke us, "Am I like real now?"

"Yes. You will live a human life, with no hidden powers. They were taken as Buffy gave her life." Morgan said.

"What about Buffy? Being half Angel, what does that mean exactly?" Willow asked.

"She too will live a human life. When she finally dies, she will gave a place with the Angel's in Heaven. She will be the eighth Angel. Her soulmate is also guaranteed a place by her side. She has powers, she will tune into over time. She also has a link to the other Angel's and her soulmate." Eros told them.

"Angel, you get Connor and get your butt to Sunnydale. Wesley you are free to do as you please. Xander, Willow, Dawn and Anya, you will serve with Buffy until the end." Eros said.

"I was gonna anyway." Willow grumbled.

"Me too." Xander said.

Anya rolled her eyes, as long as she had Xander and her shop, she was happy.

"Spike, you will also serve with the 'Scooby's.' By the way, I love your name. It's so fitting!" Venus giggled.

"So, that leaves you Cordelia. You are fired as a Higher Being. We only made you one to get you away from Angel! Your very lucky your punishment for trying to kill an Angel isn't harsher. You will be totally human. If we have any messages, we will send them to you as a painless vision, but that is all. You can do as you please now, but go near Angel and there will be hell to pay." Morgan said. Cordelia visibly paled.

"Now, Buffy is in the park. She is in danger due to Cordelia. You must hurry. She will be fine after some rest. And you call yourselves friends, but you haven't noticed you hardly sleeps because of the nightmares and barley eats. The nightmares we cannot stop, but if you help her, they will stop. Get her to eat regularly too." Venus said. "And the demon's in LA were just a ploy to get you together again, they will be gone and the damage they cause reversed."

"Everything we have said will be in effect as soon as you return and, have a good life." Eros said.

"Oh, Angel you will be human within a few months. I thought I would speed it up for you." Venus smiled. "You will keep your strength though."

"Goodbye." Lucifer said before disappearing.

Morgan smiled and stepped back into the shadows.

"Count to ten and you will be back home." Venus told them.

"Who the hell thought it would be fun to make Cordelia and Angel love each other?" Eros demanded to Venus, as they all counted.

"My lips are sealed." She giggled.

"And Venus, if you spend all your time sending rude visions to Cordelia…"

Buffy felt the pain subside. She slowly opened her eyes.

"Hello sweetheart." Angel said.

"Angel?" she moaned.

"It's alright. Try not to move too much." he said.

"I remember, you lot were called by the Gods. Venus was so cool." Buffy giggled.

"You were there?" Angel asked.

"I could hear it." she explained, "Mostly, it hurt."

"It's Christmas eve." He said.

"Oh no! I haven't got all the food yet…" she tried to sit up, but Angel pushed her gently back down.

"All taken care of." He pushed a bit of her loose hair away from her eyes and looked into her beautiful green eyes, with flecks of gold in them. "Cordelia left in a huff. Wesley, Gunn and Fred went with her. I have Connor here, and the rest of us are all spending Christmas together."

She smiled. "Now sleep." He commanded.

"Oh my god." Dawn exclaimed, "It's beautiful Buffy!" She flung her arms around her sister, being careful of the little boy sitting on Buffy's lap.

"I want it." Anya complained, snatching the dress of Dawn.

"That's why I got you this." Xander smiled, pushing a present into her hands and giving Dawn back hers.

"Mine's better than yours." Anya said, sticking her tongue out at Dawn.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it." Buffy said, going to the door, Connor in her arms.

She opened it.

"Surprise!" Giles said.

She hugged him. "I thought you were blowing me off." she said.

"Of course not, I wanted it to be a surprise! Who's this then?" Giles asked.

"This would be my son." Buffy smiled, "Connor."

"Dinner's ready!" Spike called. Angel and Spike had been cooking all morning.

"This better be good." Anya said as they went into the dining room. Except a puzzled Giles who went to get changed. Xander had retrieved all the presents from The Magic Box early that morning.

The table had a red poinsettia in the middle and candles all over. Dishes of all sorts of food were set out. Card, in the shape of stars, had gold writing on to say who sat where. They all took their seats.

"You knew Giles was coming." Buffy accused.

"Yeah." Spike answered.

Buffy giggled and shifted Connor in her lap.

She pushed some potato into Connor's mouth who shook his head. "You don't like that?" Buffy asked.

He shook his head again, but swallowed anyway.

She laughed and tickled his stomach.

Angel watched his lover, soulmate and wife with amazement. She had only found out she was his mother yesterday, but already she had bonded with Connor, and somehow managed to buy him a ton of Christmas presents.

Giles came into the room, now dressed in jeans and a jumper. He took and seat next to Buffy.

"So, how is he your son?"

Buffy explained, stopping every now and then to take a bite of food herself, or feed Connor.

"So, we need to get some Godparents for him." Buffy said to Angel.

"Ok." Angel answered, "Who?"

"Well, Xander, Spike and Giles are my choices. Willow, Dawn and Anya for the Godmothers. Do you have anyone else in mind?"


"Ok. And we need to enroll him in play-school." she went on.

"And, where is he going to sleep? He needs a room." Buffy said. "Well, for now, he will have to share with Dawn. Then eventually we can get a bigger house."

"Right." Angel answered, he gently kissed her.

"Xander said it's rude to do that at the table." Anya said.

"Desert?" Spike asked.

Angel and Buffy ignored them.

"Get a room." Dawn laughed, throwing a pea at them.

Cordelia sat in her bedroom, brushing her hair. She had lost a lot tonight. The minute they took away Angel's love for he, he got Buffy face. That girl bugged the hell out of her. Why does all the good things happen to her? I mean, she's silly and blonde and…

A vision filled her head. Angel and Buffy were in bed. Oh my god they were having sex!

"I don't want to see this!" Cordelia yelled, the vision continued.

"Venus!" she shrieked.

Somewhere miles up above, a Goddess laughed.

The End.

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