A/N: This story is a crossover between the TV series and the books. It follows the TV show's timeline but many characters from the books who didn't play in the show play in it.

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Chapter 1: The bastard of Starfall

AC 284

The old Maester Howard gave the newborn baby to Wylla.

"It's a girl." he said. "She looks and sounds healthy."

The baby was crying loud, while the woman was swathing her into a soft, lilac blanket.

"Shh… don't cry, beautiful!" she said, then she looked at the old man. "Is Lady Ashara alright?" she asked him.

"Sorry." he said. "It's so sad, but Lady Ashara will never see her daughter... She's dead."

Wylla had dark skin, but when she heard it, her face became as pale as the light-colored walls of the room. She felt she was almost fainting and she had to sit down to a chair. She was in despair. It couldn't be real that the young lady died! What could she tell to the Lord and Lady of Starfall?

She looked at Ashara. She was so beautiful and young, in her early twenties. She lay in her bed lifeless and everything was bloody around her. Her haunting violet eyes were wide open, her lips were a bit too, and her long brown hair expanded around her like a dark river on the white pillow, the color of which was brighter and more alive than the tone of her pale dead skin.

"What will happen now?" she asked. "What will happen to the baby?"

"I think, I must tell the Lord and the Lady what happened." Maester Howard said. "They have to decide what they will do with the…" his voice fainted. "…with the bastard."

Bastard. What an ugly word! thought Wylla. This little girl was just born, her father's sins are not her fault. Maybe there wouldn't have been any problem, if she had been born in a salty dornish family, but House Dayne was as conservative as the most Houses north of the Red Mountains… or more conservative…

The maester opened the door. There were only three people outside, Lord Beric Dayne, current Lord of Starfall, his wife Lady Lyra of House Blackmont and their firstborn and only living son Alfrid Dayne, a man of thirty. All of them looked at the maester.

"Maester Howard, please tell us Ashara is alright!" Lady Lyra said desperately. "Tell me, my daughter is alive!"

"I'm so sorry, my lady, my lords," the old maester said "Lady Ashara…" his voice fainted for a moment and his eyes were sad "…Lady Ashara died while she was giving life to her daughter."

"What?" she asked hysterically.

"It couldn't have happened!" Lord Beric shouted upset and he held her wife, who almost collapsed.

"Lady Ashara died." the maester repeated.

"No! My daughter! My only daughter!" cried Lady Lyra. Her husband hugged her.

Alfrid just stood like a statue. These words deeply hurt him. Some months before his beloved wife also died in childbed and their son was stillborn. Her sister was the third from his loved ones who he lost this year. He couldn't say nothing.

"I know it's a hard time for all of us," the maester said "but this time the baby survived."

All the Daynes looked at him, then looked at Wylla, who came out of the room with Ashara's newborn babe. The little girl had stopped crying and she was stared at them with her big brown eyes. Brown eyes, black hair and white northern skin, she looked like a real Stark, like her father.

When Lady Lyra beheld her, she began crying again, but it was rather furious than sad.

"Remove this damned bastard!" she yelled. "I don't want to see it again! It's a monster who killed my daughter!"

She cried hysterically and the lord hugged her stronger. Maester Howard was completely floored. He couldn't believe his lady's words. Is there any grandmother in the word, who can hate her grandchild so much? It was so horrible to hear this!

"No, it must be a nightmare!" finally Alfrid said. "My wife died, my legitimate son also did, and now my sister is dead, but the bastard is alive. Why? There was not any bastard in House Dayne before!"

Wylla was sitting in the kitchen. She just had fed the baby with a goat's milk. She fell asleep in her arms. The woman crooned her a song and cradled her. When Lord Beric stepped into the kitchen, she stopped and turned into stone.

"Give me the bastard." he commanded.

"My lord, please, don't kill her!" Wylla prayed. "She is just an innocent babe."

"My only daughter died because of this bastard." said Lord Beric. "The very first bastard of Starfall."

"I'll go back with her to the Water Gardens where I served before Princess Elia took me to King's Landing and raise her as my own." she said. "No one will know that she's related to House Dayne. She looks completely different from your family, my lord, and I will tell nothing about her real descent, it will never come to light."

"You will go nowhere until I command you!" he said. "You stay here and take care of the child. I will not kill her, but no one could know about her real parentage."

"Will I become her new mother?" she asked.

"No." he replied. "My wife hates the idea, but I hate the fact that our House has a bastard. I will raise her as the own legitimate daughter of mine and my wife."

Wylla couldn't believe what Lord Beric said. The baby, who first was only a 'monster' is now becoming his own daughter instead of a bastard grandchild. She needed a few minutes to calm down.

"What will be her name?" she asked.

She didn't get answer to her question, because maester Howard entered the kitchen with a letter.

"Excuse me, my lord," he said "a raven has just arrived with this letter from Lord Allyrion of Godsgrace."

"Take the letter to my room, I will read it." the lord said.

"But my lord, Lord Allyrion…" the maester said again, but the lord raised his hand to silence him.

"Maester Howard, do it!" he commanded.

"As you want, my lord." said the old man, then he left.

"Lord Allyrion… what a scratchy man…" said Lord Beric angrily, then suddenly he looked at the servant. "Wylla, it will be perfect!"

"What will be perfect, my lord?" asked Wylla quaveringly.

"Allyria" said the lord. "Allyria will be her name, Allyria Dayne."