Monday June 12th . Monday morning .

It was a nice day in Riverdale as there was a guy who was setting up the arts and crafts table while holding a mug of coffee, he was 5'11 , brown hair that was a mullet kind of looking hairstyle and brown eyes and was very cute he was dressed in a white and light blue striped t shirt that was a short sleeved one and he had on a pair of jeans too , so I had walked over to him . "Hey do you need help with that ? I can help if you want me to ." I offered as I smiled while thinking he was pretty cute . "Sure and the names Andrew M. Blake I'm one of the counselor's at this camp and you are ?" He asked curiously as he smiled politely and charmingly . "Pleasure to meet you my names Erin ." I told him as I smiled and shook his hand lightly then got started on helping him set the arts and crafts table . "Nice to meet you too ." He smiled while putting things on the table . I couldn't help but smile at him so I did and he smiled back at me once again .

"Ya know you're pretty cute ." I tell him as I smiled . "Why thank you ,you are too as well ." He smiled . "You're welcome and thank you as well ." I smiled back ." You're welcome too ." He smiled . "So tell me about you ." I said ." I'm 18 ,I know how to play guitar ,pretty good at archery,birthday is November 9th ,favorite Color is Blue,Red and Silver ,I enjoy reading ,drawing ,listening to music ,photography and drawing and my fave foods are pizza ,tacos or strawberry poptarts what about you ?" He asks curiously . "Cool I'm also 18 and love what you like to do as well , favorite Color is blue and purple and red ,I also love pizza,tacos and strawberry poptarts and my birthday is the day before yours ." I had said. "Woah that's cool actually." He smiled . " Yep looks like we have a lot in common and that's a good thing." I replied. " Yes indeed it is ."Andrew nodded in agreement as he smiled ."so do you have any siblings ?" I asked him curiously . "Nope I don't do you ?" Andrew asked curiously as he smiled . "Yes I have 1 brother his names Chris he's pretty cool actually ." I smiled . "Cool ." He smiled . "Yep ." I nodded as I smiled back .