Hello fans !It's me Steve Rogers , you may know me as the famous Captain America. Today, I was reading through my comments and I got a question. This questions is from Samantha2003 and she says: Captain America what is the best part about being an Avenger? Ummm... Let me think... The best of being an Avenger is being able to save the world. Ok let's read another question. Aah here is one ... This one is from Fluffybunny45675 . It says : Hey Cap . Is is true that you part of a experiment? Yes it is true. Okay I'm still looking for more questions. Aah here is one ... it's from Smitteninlovewithmyself and it says: Hi ! Captain America . What is a challenge of being a superhero? One challenge of being a superhero is how much you have to experience with your powers. Thankyou guys so much for coming to this Q/A!


Steve Rogers