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Chapter 1: Ride Of A New Power


"You really think one such as yourself could endure the power I hold? Mine is the power of every Rider!"


"Tokiwa Sougo was a school graduate, destined to become the Demon King of Time, Ohma Zi-O," a man with dark-grey clothes said as he walked out of a wave created just as Kamen Rider Ohma Zi-O started to reset time. "He collected the powers of the Heisei Riders in the form of Ridewatches with his companions, Geiz Myokoin, Tsukuyomi, better known as Alpina, and myself, the prophet, Woz. On the day prophesized as Ohma Day, when his ascension to the Demon King was to take place, however, he sacrificed his powers to reset time instead of rule over it, and was able to create a time where he lived with Geiz and Tsukuyomi as friends," he said before looking to his book. "As a Singularity Point, I was unaffected by the changes in time. However, my Advent Calendar, which once told the days of my Demon King, do not tell the new story. Though I watch over him, something else is calling to me," he said before a Dimension Wall appeared behind him. "Seven new individuals are to wield the powers of the Riders… and I must aid them." He said before the Dimension Wall took him away.

Woz soon arrived on a hill overlooking a school. Looking to his book, he saw the symbols of all the Heisei Riders before seeing six girls walking outside of the gates. One of them had orange hair wearing a denim jacket, another with blonde hair and a purple jacket, another with dark skin, brown hair and pink clothes, the fourth looking Asian, with blue hair and purple clothes, the fifth with purple hair and yellow clothes, and the last girl with dark skin, brown hair and white clothes. The six laughed and boarded a bus before it took them to the city.

Woz looked to his book and looked back to the bus. His eyes suddenly widened as he looked to his book again before seeing the bus.

"Eh?!" Woz exclaimed. "That was them!"

In Magix City within the Magix Dimension, the bus stopped. Out from it came each girl. The girl with orange hair was known as Bloom, the blonde as Stella, the one with slightly dark skin was Flora, the Asian was Musa, the one with purple hair was Tecna, and the dark-skinned girl was Aisha.

"You gotta admit, girls, that after all those trips to other planets and fighting among the stars, we deserved this," Stella said. "After having to deal with Valtor and the Trix, I say we earned some time off."

"I'll say," Musa said with a smile. "I never thought I'd even say this, but I'm glad to have Riven back."

"You two always did make a great couple," Flora said with a grin. "I'm proud of the way you two got back together."

"I'm looking forward to seeing how you two do together," Tecna said before hearing a notification on her phone. Pulling it out, she saw an Emojix of Timmy waving to her before it showed the Specialists' ship flying from the academy of Red Fountain to Magix City. "And I look forward to seeing what our boyfriends have in mind for us when we finally get some time together."

"I can't wait for more gifts from Brandon!" Stella said dreamily, popping a foot. As she did, a watch-looking device fell from her pocket.

"Stella?" Bloom asked as she walked over and picked up the watch device. "What's this?"

"Huh?" Stella asked before Bloom handed her the dropped device. "Oh, right. I completely forgot about this."

"What is it?" Aisha asked.

"Well, it happened sometime after we beat the Shadow Phoenix," Stella started to recall. "After our party. There was someone who came to me and gave me this. He never gave his name, but he reassured me that he didn't want to hurt me. He just said to carry this with me all the time, but I don't know what to do with it."

"Interesting," Woz said from nearby. "She has a Ridewatch."

"Most intriguing," Tecna said, using her computer to investigate the watch. "Doesn't look like anything I've ever seen, but it seems to be quite advanced."

"In any case, let's get something to eat," Bloom said. "I could do with a good meal. Feels like we haven't been to Magix City for ages."

Woz watched the girls before looking to his book again. "They are missing one," he said. "I need to find the seventh before I can explain to them the danger that they are in." He said as he turned to walk away.

From a distance, someone was watching the girls, wearing a dark cloak that had flames coming from the back. The figure growled, showing a Rider belt over its waist and a bit of orange streaks of hair. The figure raised its arm up, summoning a twisted version of Kamen Rider Wizard, with the year 2012 printed on it.

"Take them," the figure said in a distorted voice. "Ensure they do not rise."

Another Wizard laughed and flew towards the city.

"Animals… that's the only hint I have to who the seventh is," Woz said as he looked to his new book. "Who could that be?"

All of a sudden, he heard something and turned around. Seeing Another Wizard flying to the girls, he gasped.

"Masaka!" Woz exclaimed. "An Another Rider still exists?!" he exclaimed before running in its direction.

"Just got word from Sky," Bloom said as she sat down with her friends while putting away her phone. "King Erendor wasn't too happy with what Diaspro pulled in her wild goose chase. She's serving community service."

"That shrew deserved it," Aisha scoffed. "You'd think after all this time, she would have learned her lesson."

"Well, I'm sure not looking forward to seeing her again at all." Stella said.

"Don't you ever wonder what could be next for us?" Bloom suddenly brought up, getting the attention of the girls. "I mean, we've gone through time, saved animals, the sea, battled legends, and even went to space. What do you think could be next for us?"

"I don't really like to think that far ahead," Musa admitted after a moment of silence. "In all our experiences, trouble always seems to find us first."

All of a sudden, several blasts went off. The girls heard this and got up before seeing Another Wizard approach them.

"What is that?" Stella asked.

"I don't know," Bloom said before looking to Tecna. "Got anything?"

"I… I'm not sure either," Tecna admitted. "Doesn't look like something from the Army of Decay, or a creation of Tritannus."

Another Wizard growled and sent forth a blast towards the girls. They all yelled and covered themselves, but the blast was suddenly stopped. Upon realizing they did not get hit, they looked up to see Woz holding his book out, holding the blast. With a simple close of it, the blast faded away.

"The prophet…" Another Wizard growled.

"Prophet?" Flora asked.

"Heretic," Woz said. "You dare attack these girls? When they have not had a chance to defend themselves? Do you know no honor?"

"They are a threat that must be eliminated," Another Wizard said before taking out a sword. "What power do you have that can stop me?"


Woz took out his Driver, the Beyondriver, and placed it over his waist.

"I am more than a prophet… Another Rider," Woz said before taking out his Ridewatch. "And you shall not harm the Winx while I am around."

"What?" Bloom asked.

Woz clicked his Ridewatch.


Placing the Ridewatch onto the Beyondriver, the tune started to sound off.


Everyone watched in amazement as Woz's transformation started to commence. Musa, on the other hand, found herself moving to the rhythm of the Driver.

"Musa!" Aisha exclaimed, glaring at Musa.

"What? It's catchy!" Musa defended. "You can't deny it!"

"Henshin." Woz said, closing the Ridewatch into the Beyondriver.


Everyone watched as Woz transformed into his Rider form, Kamen Rider Woz. Another Wizard was knocked back by the kanji flying out before it formed the visor of his helmet.

"Iwae!" Woz proclaimed. "The reader of the past and the future. The prophet who will write the new timeline. And his name is Kamen Rider Woz! This is the first page of a new history starts now!"

"Kamen Rider?" Musa asked.

"Wait," Stella said, looking to the watch she was given years ago. "That thing he used… it's just like mine!"


The Zikan Despear formed from the Beyondriver, which Woz grabbed immediately.


Woz and Another Wizard charged at each other, clashing immediately. Woz kicked down Another Wizard before spinning to slash him again. Another Wizard danced underneath the Zikan Despear before hitting Woz in the back, though he blocked it and placed another Ridewatch in.

"Ignorance is bliss." Woz quipped before closing the Beyondriver.


Now as Kamen Rider Woz Futurering Shinobi, Woz turned into a straw doll before reappearing behind Another Wizard and slashing him away.

"Are you girls okay?" Woz asked as he calmed his stance.

"Yes, but… Woz, was it?" Stella asked.

"That is correct." Woz nodded.

"What exactly is going on?" Bloom asked.

"I cannot tell you yet, not until all seven Winx are gathered together," Woz explained. "My only clue for your seventh member is that she has something to do with animals."

"Animals?" Aisha asked. "Wait, that's Roxy!"

Another Wizard growled and got back up again, this time running with his feet on fire.

"That answers that," Woz said before activating the Shinobi Miridewatch again. "Now… to finish you."


Kamen Rider Woz ran towards Another Wizard and lifted him into the air with the Zikan Despear, now as a sickle.


Everyone watched as Woz tossed Another Wizard into the air before two clones of him slashed at the Another Rider.


Woz sent one final slash at the Another Rider, causing it to explode. However, unlike other Another Riders, a body did not appear. The Another Rider simply faded away like a ghostly essence.

"That was not normal," Woz said before he canceled out his transformation. He looked to the Winx and walked towards them. "Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Woz, Prophet of Time, and as of now…"

The eyes of the Winx girls widened as Woz knelt down and bowed before them.

"Um, that really isn't…" Bloom started out.

"I am your follower," Woz said. "To guide you on your ascension to your next power."

All of the Winx stood in shock.

"Is this some sort of joke?" Stella asked.

"It is no joke," Woz said. "Once you bring this seventh ascender, Roxy, I will explain all, my majesties."

"Oh, um… thanks," Bloom said. "We'll get her right away."

"Please, understand. This is a very serious matter," Woz said. He showed them his book. "A new power is on the horizon, and I have been instructed to guide seven Fairies to gain them. The ones who control the dragon, the sun and moon, music and rhythm, technology and intelligence, nature and life, water and waves, and animals," he explained, showing detailed writing on each page. "You are needed, my majesties. The new power awaits, and only you can harness it."

Bloom looked to Woz with her eyes narrowed. She slowly nodded. "Okay," she said. "We'll find Roxy, and then you can talk with us and Miss Faragonda about the situation."

"Excellent," Woz said with an enthusiastic smile. "I shall be with you every step of the way."

At that moment, the Specialists' ship arrived. Each of the Specialists got off and noticed Woz with the Winx.

"Hey, girls," Sky said. "Who's this?"

"He'll explain once we find Roxy," Bloom said. "We've already got our new mission."

"Aw," Stella whined. "And here I thought we'd actually get a break for once."

Deep within the surface of the Magix Dimension, the cloaked figure watched what had unfolded.

"Woz…" the figure snarled, almost lighting on fire. "So, you have decided to stand in my way. I shall need to keep a closer eye on you… and the Winx Club too."

At Alfea, inside of a special room, a girl was taking care of several Fairy Pets and other sorts of animals, with several pixies by her side. She had waist-length, pinkish-purple hair with blonde tips and dark violet eyes. She wore a sea green, long-sleeve, skin-tight cropped shirt with a hot pink shirt over it, which has a lavender paw print in front. She also wore short, Denim Capri pants with a metal chain hanging off at her waist and hot pink boots with light purple laces and soles. This was Roxy.

"How are all our friends looking, Fauna?" Roxy asked her bonded pixie, who wore clothing that resembled faux pa animal skin.

"They're looking just fine, Roxy," Fauna said. She looked to a rabbit playing with a female rabbit. "I think even Kiko is having fun."

Roxy giggled. "That'll be fun to tell Bloom," she said with a smile. "I can't believe I missed out on going to space with them."

"Aw, don't worry, Roxy. You had a responsibility here as Alfea's animal caretaker," Fauna said. "I'm sure they understood."

"Yeah, I hope so," Roxy said. "Sometimes, I just… I just feel like I could be out there, just like them."

A teacher with glasses walked into the room. This was Griselda.

"Roxy, you are needed by Bloom," Griselda said sternly. "You are needed for something very important, judging from her tone."

Roxy turned in surprise. "Did she say what, Miss Griselda?" she asked.

"I think it's best that you ask her yourself." Griselda said.

Roxy looked to Fauna. "Do you think you can watch other things while I'm gone?" she asked.

"Of course, Roxy." Fauna smiled.

Roxy smiled as well before she walked out.

Outside, Woz was showing the Specialists what was in his book.

"Whoa, sounds heavy," Riven said. "And you need all the Winx for this new mission?"

"Yes," Woz said. "They are the upmost importance to what is happening here."

"In that case, count us in," Nex said. "Whatever happens to Aisha, I want to be there to make sure she is safe."

"You are willing to endure all the Winx will have to go through?" Woz asked, somewhat surprised.

"We would go to the ends of the universe for them." Helia said.

"Affirmative." Timmy nodded.

"Please, Woz, they have to," Bloom pleaded. "We're, well, compatible that way."

Woz smiled. "I knew a previous majesty who thought the same way as you," he said. "If they can help, they can join us."

"Hey, Bloom!" Roxy said, running up to the Winx. She hugged all of them before hugging Bloom last. "I heard about your space adventure. Must have been quite an experience."

"You don't even know the half of it." Stella said.

"Is this her?" Woz asked.

"Yep," Bloom said as Aisha walked up to Woz. "Woz, meet our friend, Roxy, the Fairy of Animals."

"Nice to meet you." Roxy said, holding her hand out, but looked on in surprise as Woz bowed before her.

"It is an honor, my majesty." Woz said.

"Okay, you… you don't really have to do that, Woz," Roxy said. "I'm no royalty."

"Now that you are together, can we please have a proper explanation of what is going on?" Griselda asked as she stormed over.

"Of course," Woz said. "I will be happy to explain all."

Inside of Headmistress Faragonda's office, everyone was seated or standing, as Woz walked up to the Headmistress.

"Hello, Woz," Headmistress Faragonda said. "I thank you for saving Magix City from that monster, but I have been told you have more to explain."

"Yes, Headmistress," Woz said. He put his book down. "If one could kindly cast a spell to bring my pages to life, that would be useful."

"Indeed," Miss Faragonda said before casting a spell on the book. Soon, projections of all the Heisei Era Kamen Riders appeared, as well as different projections of the individual members of the Winx Club. "An interesting book."

"Yes," Woz said as he turned around. "You see, while you all lived in the Magix Dimension, a battle took place on Earth. This battle resulted in the reset of time, creating new Worlds where heroes known as the Kamen Riders have continued to exist."

"Kamen Riders?" Bloom asked.

"Yes, twenty-eight of them," Woz confirmed. "I once looked after one who was believed to become the Demon King of Time, but he used those great powers to reset time itself so that the lives lost during his quest were brought back, or given a more peaceful life. In doing so, I have discovered a new threat emerging. One of them attacked the city. It is one of many Kaijin, known as the Shokaijin."

"What are they?" Tecna asked.

"I have fought only a few, but from my understanding, they each take the powers of enemies of the respective Riders they had faced," Woz continued to explain while showing the respective Kamen Riders fighting their respective monsters, while Kamen Rider Wizard fought alongside several teens in hero costumes while Kamen Rider Decade battled against a dark version of himself. "Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, W, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, Ex-Aid, Build, and Zi-O. They are the main twenty Heisei Riders. The other eight, I cannot identify, but from each of them will come a new power that can bring down this new threat. It is known to few, which is why Another Wizard targeted you."

"Because whoever sent him feared they could harness this power?" Helia asked.

"Correct," Woz said. "My Advent Calendar states that with the reset chaos done to each Rider in the previous timelines, a new power can be gained from them. It is known as Raidarix."

"Raidarix?" Griselda asked. "I know of all powers for Fairies, as does everyone in this school, and we have never heard of the power of Raidarix."

"Please, Griselda, let the prophet continue." Miss Faragonda said.

"Thank you," Woz said. "Raidarix is a power bestowed by Riders to those who may gain their powers. Such a thing has been done before for previous Riders, but this kind of power is unlike your others, like Cosmix, Butterflix, Bloomix, Mythix, or any other power before that. You will need to gain the trust or approval of each Rider in order to stop the Shokaijin. The Advent Calendar has declared that only seven with specific powers, and have endured hardships through the ages, can master and control the power of Raidarix. That is why Bloom of the Dragon Flame, Stella of the Sun and the Moon, Flora of Nature, Musa of Music, Tecna of Technology, Aisha of Waves, and Roxy of Animals, are to be the ones to achieve the powers of Raidarix."

"A whole new power? And one that would be a first for the books," Flora said. "It's a very interesting concept."

"Last time, when we gained Cosmix, it was bestowed upon us to fight Valtor and Obscurum," Tecna said. "What do we have to do to gain Raidarix?"

"That much is not known," Woz said. "But… I know that you seven have been selected for this task, and for that, you must gain these powers. With them, you will achieve a whole new level of power, beyond any you have ever known."

Everyone looked to each other before Bloom stood up.

"We don't seek power to be great. We do it to protect everyone," Bloom said. "We fight for the weak, either those with or without magic."

Woz grinned. "That is exactly what it means to be a Kamen Rider, what it will mean to have the powers of Raidarix," he said. He looked to his book as it started to glow. "Your determination has drawn you to the first you shall gain," he said as he turned the pages before stopping at the year 2002. "The Powers of Kamen Rider Ryuki."

"We… we're drawn to the Raidarix powers?" Roxy asked.

"Yes. It will take seven of you to harness all of them. This is your time, Roxy-Sama," Woz said. "This is why you were chosen. This… is your calling."

"It does seem… very interesting," Aisha said. "But I'm honestly not too sure yet."

"I understand perfectly," Woz said with a bow. "The clock is ticking in this race, though. I will give you the time you need to think this over," he said before closing his book. "You all have the choice. Whether or not you want to do it is up to you." He said before walking out.

All of the Winx looked to each other, each of them trying to think about what to do.

That night, as Woz was walking around outside, the Winx were in their room, with the Specialists outside near their ship.

"I can't believe that all this time of fighting threats to the Magix Dimension, we never knew about those who fought for others on Earth," Flora said, looking down to Woz. "And that Woz was one of them."

"Is anyone else bothered by this?" Stella asked. "I mean, only a month after we got rid of Valtor, we're called back in to take on a new threat," she bemoaned. "Oh, I really wanted to just kick back and relax for a year, for once."

"At least the Ancestral Witches were a warning to us." Aisha agreed.

"It's all new to us," Musa said. "Gaining the powers of heroes we never knew existed. While I'm pumped to get them, I'm a bit scared of what will lie ahead, the challenges we could face."

"It doesn't change the fact that we have been chosen for this," Bloom said. "I may be a princess of Domino, but Earth was where I grew up. If this power is to be gained from there… I want to use it to help the struggle."

"I grew up on Earth my whole life too," Roxy said as she petted Kiko. "And I joined you all so that I could become a better Fairy. This may not be the kind of adventure compared to the Wizards of the Black Circle that I had in mind, but whatever we have to do to keep everyone safe… I'm in."

"Agreed," Tecna said. "We can't just sit by when we've been chosen. Think of all the Riders we'd be disgracing."

"It wouldn't be right," Flora said. "Girls, I say we take up Woz on our new mission."

"Oh, I hate it when you're right," Stella said. "Alright, I'm in."

"There's still a lot we don't know, but we have to be ready," Aisha said. "As I once said, a Fairy never gives up without a fight. I'm not about to give up now."

"Count me in." Musa grinned.

"Okay, girls," Bloom said. "We tell Woz in the morning. We're gonna get the powers of Raidarix and stop these Shokaijin. They'll be sorry they even existed!"

Outside, the Specialists were looking over what Woz had shown them.

"The girls sound like they have a lot on their hands, what with this new Raidarix responsibility," Sky said as he looked to Woz. "What he showed in the book sure looked different from what we had to deal with."

"Those Riders also look strong," Riven added on. "If Musa were to gain one of their powers, imagine what it could mean for the others."

"I'm not usually one for violence," Helia said. "That's why I opted to ditch our suits for our original gear."

"I hear you," Timmy said. "But we still can't ignore the new threat. Woz sounded like he wasn't kidding on any part of his message to us."

"Well, as long as we're there, we can help the Winx in any way," Nex said. "I'm all up for helping to gain these Raidarix powers."

"Count me in too." Helia said.

"Did you have to ask?" Brandon asked. "Where Stella rushes into danger, I want to be by her side."

"I'm in." Timmy said with a nod.

"I've been away from Musa for too long," Riven said. "I'm not about to leave her again."

"Then it's decided," Sky said. "We help the Winx with this Raidarix."

The next morning, Woz was coming out with a tray of food. As he sat down and started to eat, Bloom and the rest of the Winx came up to him.

"Oh, good morning, Bloom-Sama," Woz said. "How can I help you?"

"Did you forget about us too?" Sky asked, leading the Specialists to Woz.

"We've come to a decision," Bloom said. "We can't ignore all the new threats all the time."

"No matter how much we want to." Stella muttered, gaining an elbow from Aisha.

"And to turn down the duty that a Kamen Rider has upheld would be disgraceful," Bloom went on. "So, we've decided… to accept the powers of Raidarix."

"We've been talking too," Riven said. "We want to help out in any way we can."

"That's right," Sky said. "We help out the Winx no matter what."

Woz put down his spoon and got up. "Excellent," he said, picking up his book. He opened his book and walked to Bloom. "Something else I have discovered is that you will all be drawn to the Rider whose Raidarix power you will gain. It will not be easy, but you must do what it takes to get the new powers. You must become the Raidarix Fairies to gain the powers of the Kamen Riders."

"Just tell us what we have to do." Bloom said.

"Very good," Woz said. "Now… we travel to Earth… to gain the powers of Kamen Rider Ryuki for Bloom."

"Good thing I still have this," Stella said, pulling out a ring. Putting it over her finger, it turned into a scepter. "I never thought I'd even have to use the Scepter of Solaria again."

"You also never thought we'd have to face Valtor again," Tecna said. "But we're all standing here."

"We can travel by ship and follow you," Sky said. "We'll be with you all the way."

"Very good thinking, Stella-Sama," Woz said. "No wonder you were chosen to gain the powers of Raidarix."

"How does this work, exactly?" Roxy asked. "It's been years since I've traveled from Earth to Alfea."

"Just hang on!" Stella called before slamming her staff down. Soon, everyone was taken away in beams of light to Earth, with the Specialists flying off into space afterwards.

On Earth, in Japan, the Winx appeared in midair. Everyone looked around before screaming as they fell.

Suddenly, Woz appeared on the ground. He threw his arm out, and his scarf caught everyone before they could land. Safely, they all got off and looked around, seeing they had landed on top of a building.

"Last time we did this, we went to Gardenia," Bloom said. "Why are we in Japan?"

"Most of the Kamen Riders originated here," Woz explained. "From 1971 to today."

"They've been around for that long?!" Aisha asked.

"Some even longer," Woz said. He looked around. "Where are your friends?"

At that moment, the Specialists' ship flew down, where all the Specialists, donned in their blue and white uniforms, leapt down, weapons at the ready.

"Okay, this isn't Gardenia," Sky said, looking around. He turned to Woz. "What are we in for?"

"Kamen Rider Ryuki is known as Kido Shinji," Woz said, opening up his book. "In 2002, he became a participant of the Rider Battle, a tournament held by Kanzaki Shiro to bring back his sister, Kanzaki Yui. Twelve other Riders were a part of the fight, with a fourteenth joining afterwards. It was a time of fight or survive. Most Riders did not live for the final days. Kido was one of them."

"Wow, this sounds dark," Bloom said. "But… if he died… why are we here?"

"Even with history rewritten, the Riders were drawn back for another battle seventeen years later," Woz went on. "After the first Rider Battle, the Riders were brought back with no recollection of what had happened during the battle in 2002. Some of them returned to fight in the second fight while Kamen Rider Zi-O and Geiz were fighting a Kaijin named Another Ryuki. In this Rider Battle, Kido was the one to emerge as the winner. Afterwards, he left the Rider life behind," he said before closing the book. "As of now, he is one of the only surviving Riders of the original Rider Battle. Others were either replaced by new wielders, or died themselves."

"Ryuki's past sounds so… tragic," Flora said. "I can understand just walking away from it all."

"So… how do we find Shinji?" Roxy asked.

"With most accomplices of Kamen Rider Ryuki either dead, unaware of the Rider Battle, or retired, we have few options," Woz said. "Many people who worked with him in ORE Journal left when time moved on, forcing the company to close down. However, the original Kamen Rider Zolda, a participant in the Battle, may still be alive. His apprentice, Goro, fought in his place."

"There a way we can find any of them?" Nex asked.

"That is out of my hands," Woz said. "But… I can give names," he said before writing on several pieces of paper from his book. He tore them out and tossed them around, each landing in the hands of the Winx and the Specialists. "Search for these people, and there is a chance you will find them."

"Will do," Bloom said before looking to Sky. "I think it's best that we pair up. We don't know what we're up against, so it will be nice to have the Specialists around to help fight whatever comes at us."

"Good idea," Roxy said as she looked to Woz. "How about we go together? I don't really have a Specialist BFF."

"Of course," Woz said as he and Roxy headed to find their respective individuals. "But… do not expect me to be a boyfriend."

"Don't worry," Roxy chuckled. "You're not really my type."

"Oh, and just to let you all know…" Woz said as he and Roxy turned around. "I have granted you all a language filter, something that coincides with your magic," he explained. "You speak English now, but to others, you speak their language. I made sure you all had one the moment I arrived in Magix."

"Got it, thanks." Tecna said, sounding very much impressed.

Woz smiled before he and Roxy headed down.

The rest of the Specialists and Winx looked to each other, each pairing in their respective couples, before heading down the building.

Elsewhere, at an abandoned house, the cloaked figure was walking around. Coming across a room with several drawings, the figure picked one of them up, seeing a Falcon on it. Letting out an amused grin, the figure tossed it into the air, where it formed into a Card Deck diving falcon on it. She tossed out three other drawings, forming other Decks as well. The figure chuckled and walked to a broken mirror. A screeching noise came out, and the figure walked to it as another figure in the mirror appeared.

"I can grant you power, power needed to bring back your sister," the figure said. It took out another Card Deck, showing the symbols of Kamen Riders Ryuki and Ryuga, only with a twisted appearance to it. "Accept this power, and you shall be stronger than even Odin. However, you must surrender your humanity in order to fully harness it. It will reject and kill you, otherwise."

The figure within the mirror stepped out, revealing to be a disheveled man with a brown cloak. He picked it up.

"I accept," the man said sternly. "For Yui… I will do it." He said before a V-Buckle appeared over his waist. Placing it in, it suddenly sparked, and he let out a yell.

"The Dragons were the strongest in both Rider Battles," the cloaked figure said. "From this point, you are the Double Dragon… the Shokaijin of Ryuki… and Ryuga."

Aisha and next traveled through the city, the Specialist now having disguised his suit for a civilian look. He and Aisha looked around before coming across a man typing at his laptop near the lake, with a woman behind him looking after a cat.

"Excuse me," Aisha said, causing the man to look to him. "First… can you understand me?"

"Yes, I can," the man said. "How can I help you?"

"Um… by chance, are you two the former heads of ORE Journal, Daisuke Okubo and Reiko Momoi?" Nex asked.

The woman behind Daisuke turned around. "We are." She said.

"First off, we are very sorry for the closure of ORE Journal," Aisha said. "We never realized how much trouble advancing technology would be."

"It's okay, we're learning to move with the times now," Daisuke said as he showed the two something on his laptop. "We're working to reopen, try to bring the news to the people through today's advancements."

"That's good," Aisha said. "Um, I know this may sound strange, but… do you know anything about one of your employees, Kido Shinji?"

"Kido?" Reiko asked.

"Ah, Shinji-Kun," Daisuke said. "He did use to work for us. The kid couldn't stop blaming himself for our closure. We made up, and I told him later about the reopening we had planned. He said he wasn't too sure."

"Do you know where he is now?" Nex asked.

At the same time, Tecna and Timmy arrived at a large house. The two went to the door and knocked. Soon, a man came up, one with a business suit and short brown hair.

"Are you… Kitaoka Shuichi?" Tecna asked.

"Can I help you?" Kitaoka asked.

"Please don't shut us out, we just wanted to ask a few questions… Kamen Rider Zolda, was it?" Timmy asked.

Kitaoka looked up, with a surprised look on his face. Looking back, he opened the door. "Come on in."

Tecna and Timmy both bowed before they walked into the house.

"Please understand, we're not here to fight, or bring you back to Kanzaki's game," Tecna said. "We just… wanted to ask a bit about the Kamen Rider experience you had."

"Why?" Kitaoka asked. "My memories may be obscure… but I died in that time."

"What exactly… did everyone fight for?" Tecna asked.

"Well, each of us fought for a wish," Kitaoka explained as he walked around, getting himself some wine. "I was diagnosed with an illness at the time. My wish was eternal life. It was why I became a Rider. In the end… being a Rider was what killed me. I don't know how I was brought back… I only know… that I have no desire to be in such a blood sport again."

"Is that why you weren't in the last one?" Timmy asked.

"I never wanted to be a Rider again," Kitaoka said. "My assistant, Goro, went in my place. Due to the fact that he didn't return… I can only guess that he died."

"A lot of Kamen Riders suffer deaths, huh?" Tecna asked.

"If you are ever drawn in, do not take the chance," Kitaoka advised. "Live the way you want, not by the rules of that sport."

"I'll keep that in mind," Tecna said. "But… what do you know about one of the other Riders? Kido Shinji?"

"Kido?" Kitaoka asked. "That guy… always so strange. Never once did he take a life. He always wanted to end the Rider Battle, prevent any more deaths. I never understood his ways until my memories resurfaced. I think that was why he lasted so long, because he was a good person."

"Do you know where he is?" Timmy asked.

"Hmm, let me see," Kitaoka said, going through his files. "I made sure to keep a profile on the previous Riders once my memories resurfaced. If you want to find him, I can help."

"Thank you," Tecna said. "This means a lot."

At a cemetery, a woman with long brown hair was talking with Flora and Helia. The woman in question was named Miho Kirishima.

"Kido Shinji?" the woman asked. "My memories are obscure… but when I was a Rider, he saved me. All I wanted was to save my sister, struck by Asakura Takeshi," she said before looking down. "My memories showed that I was the one to kill him, after who I thought was Shinji weakened him. The one who saved me turned out to be someone from Mirror World."

"You mean… that place behind every reflection?" Flora asked.

"Yes," Miho nodded. "I died afterwards, but something brought me back. All I remember… was Kido being the last one to take care of me."

"I'm sorry that you couldn't save your sister," Helia said, looking to the grave of Miho's older sister. "You must have tried so hard to save her."

"She always told me not to dwell too much on her," Miho said. "I come to visit her every year."

"What was… Shinji like?" Flora asked.

Miho smiled as she looked up. "Kind, a pacifist, in a way. A bit of an idiot when I met him, especially since I conned him and stole his wallet," she said before letting out a chuckle. "The last kind of person anyone would want in the Rider Battle. If I were alive at that point, I'd follow him and help him win. It's what Ren would have done."

"Ren?" Helia asked.

"My fiancé was last seen riding from our dream home," a nurse by the name of Eri Ogawa said to Musa and Riven as she watched over some patients. "A few weeks later, I was told that someone named Kido Shinji came to see me. I saw him right as he left after being told he was here, and he asked me if I was happy."

"What did you say?" Riven asked as Musa walked up to one of the patients.

"I was," Eri said. "It's funny. I remember Shinji, but I don't know from where. Akiyama did talk about him, something about his kindness letting him become the man he was today."

"You put so much care for these people," Musa said as she saw a child being given some medicine. "Like Ren cared much for you."

"Yes," Eri said. "I think… it is Shinji's kindness that helped with that."

Arriving at a place called Lab 401, Stella and Brandon looked around. Inside of the lab was a man looking out the window.

"Both of my sensei aren't here right now," the man said as Stella and Brandon approached them. "They haven't been for seventeen years."

"Um… are you… Tojo Satoru?" Stella asked.

"Yes, that's me," Tojo said as he turned to face the couple. "You don't look like you're here for research. Do you know anything about what it's like to be a hero?" he asked.

"Wait," Brandon said. "You're Kamen Rider Tiger?"

"I was," Satoru said. "That was a long time ago, when all I wanted was to be known for being a hero."

"Did you, by chance, know a Shinji?" Stella asked, causing Tojo to look to them. "Kido Shinji? Shinji Kido?"

"He wanted to end the Rider Battle," Tojo said. "He seemed like an obstacle at the time, but now that I look back on my recovered memories… I can see where he was coming from."

"Were you two friends?" Stella asked.

Tojo chuckled. "Not many people were friends with that guy. They wanted to keep the Battle going," he said. "But he started to grow on us. There were some times when we remembered who other Riders were, and talked. Kido was a popular topic at each meeting. We now see why he wanted to stop the deaths."

"So there were good Riders at the time?" Brandon asked.

"Take away people like Asakura, and yes, there were," Tojo replied. "I still remember how I was called a hero back then. Part of me wants to fight again… but the cruelties of the Rider Battle told me otherwise."

"Sounds… tough." Stella said.

Arriving at a café known as Atori, Roxy walked up. Woz followed right behind her before they looked around.

"What is this place?" Roxy asked.

"Atori," Woz explained. "It was once a home to Kido Shinji during his time as a Rider. It was also where he made friends with Kanzaki Yui and Akiyama Ren. He spent most of his time here."

"This place has been abandoned for a while," Roxy said, looking around. "Someone named… Kanzaki Sanako closed this down." She said, looking to a sign.

"I'm sorry, we're not open," a woman said. Roxy and Woz turned to see Sanako walk up to them. "We don't get much customers."

"Well, how about we change that?" Roxy said. "Two lattes, please."

"Of course," Sanako said with a smile. "You're almost as kind as Shinji-Kun."

"You knew Shinji Kido?" Roxy asked. "What was he like?"

"A kind person, always willing to help," Sanako said as she led Roxy and Woz inside before she went to work on the coffees. "He would always come by here. It was a shame when he had to leave, though. He still comes by, but rarely. If you know Shinji, then you must know that Akiyama Ren was also his friend."

"That much we know," Roxy nodded as Woz nodded as well. "Do you know where Shinji lives?"

"Hmm, he rented an apartment some time ago trying to find a new job after ORE Journal closed down," Sanako said. "Apartment 401, I believe."

"I hope Bloom and Sky find him." Woz said quietly.

"Okay, Woz said that his former comrades, Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi, once found Kido Shinji here," Bloom said as she and Sky came to Apartment 401. "Don't get your hopes up, he said it was a year since they saw him, and that this Sougo person reset time."

"Well, better this than nothing." Sky shrugged.

Bloom nodded and knocked on the door. "Kido Shinji?" she asked. "Can we come in?" she called, but there was no answer. She raised an eyebrow and knocked again. "Hello? Is anyone home?"

"Maybe we should ask the front desk?" Sky suggested as a man with a blue jacket and black hair walked up behind them with some bags in his hands. "This could be the wrong number."

"Um, excuse me…" the man said.

"You think he moved?" Bloom asked.

"Hello?" the man asked again.

"Huh?" Bloom asked. She turned to see the man before looking to the photo she was given. Looking up, she gasped and bowed, as did Sky once he realized what was going on. "So sorry! We didn't notice you!"

"No, it's alright," the man said with a smile. "I'm not used to getting guests often," he said before Bloom and Sky cleared the way for him so that he could use his Key Card to open the door. "Come in. You wanted to talk to me?"

"You're Shinji Kido?" Bloom asked.

"Yeah," Shinji said as he put his bags down. As he did, two blank boxes fell from his pockets. He noticed them and picked them up, but Bloom came over and helped him. As she looked to one of them, he looked to her. "This isn't a social visit, is it?" he asked.

"You were him," Bloom said. "Kamen Rider Ryuki."

"I don't go by that name anymore," Shinji said. "I've done everything I can to leave that life behind, no matter how many times it calls me."

"Two Decks?" Bloom asked. "One for Ryuki… and the other…"

"It belonged to Akiyama Ren," Shinji explained. "He saved me from Asakura Takeshi in the second Rider Battle."

"But you emerged the winner of that," Bloom said. "Why would anyone want to give up being a Rider?"

"Because… you die, and so do others," Shinji explained. "If you don't fight, you won't survive. That was told to everyone."

"I know the feeling," Sky said. "For once, I don't want to always have to fight."

"I gave up the powers of the two for a normal life," Shinji explained. "I've lost too many friends to go back and fight a third battle. It's a bloodbath, the Rider Battle."

"You think… maybe you're thinking about that creed the wrong way?" Bloom asked.

"What do you mean?" Shinji asked.

Bloom was about to answer until a screeching noise was heard. The two held their heads before Shinji looked around.

"No… it can't be!" Shinji exclaimed. He started to run to the windows to close the blinds before placing anything over his reflective surfaces. "It was supposed to end!"

"What is that?!" Bloom asked, clutching her head. "Make it stop!"

"Huh?" Shinji asked, having stopped panicking to see that Bloom was hearing the sound. "You hear it too?"

"What is it?" Sky asked as he rushed to Bloom's side.

"I don't know! I can't get it out of my head!" Bloom squealed.

"You… you're a Rider?" Shinji asked.

"No… yes?" Bloom answered with uncertainty. "It's complicated. There's just something I need that I can only get from Kamen Rider Ryuki. It's too difficult to explain."

"I'm not that Rider!" Shinji yelled. "What's being a Rider if everyone you know is just going to die?!"

"Please…" Bloom said, letting out a tear. "Make it stop."

As if she asked politely, the screeching stopped. Bloom looked up and panted. Sky looked to Shinji, who nodded, before the two helped her get back up onto her feet.

"I don't know what I can do to help you," Shinji said. "All that I want… is to not let anyone else die."

"I understand," Bloom said. "And I don't want to force you into this—"

"But…" Shinji continued. "If you can somehow succeed where I failed… I'll try to help in any way I can."

Bloom smiled. "Thank you," she said, unaware that the blank Ryuki Deck was glowing. "I promise, no one will be dying on your watch."

"Whoa!" Sky exclaimed, looking down.

Bloom noticed the glowing all of a sudden and looked down. There were now two Blank Decks, the new one resembling the Ryuki Deck, only with a hint of dark red.

"What?" Bloom asked.

"Maybe we should meet up with the others," Sky said. "Discuss what we should do next."

"I'll come with you," Shinji said. "I don't know exactly what's going on… but I'll help."

As soon as Bloom, Sky and Shinji walked outside, they saw the rest of the Winx, the Specialists, and Woz, on the ground. The three looked to each other before heading down a staircase to meet them.

"Kido Shinji." Woz said as everyone saw Shinji.

"Didn't… didn't you attack me one time?" Shinji asked.

"Woz…" Roxy said, glaring at Woz.

"In a way… that wasn't me," Woz said. "It is… good to see you again."

"So, what do we have to do?" Bloom asked. "How can he give me this Raidarix power?"

"What's that? Raidarix?" Shinji asked, feeling confused.

"He doesn't know?" Tecna asked.

"Riders don't know it by that term," Woz said. "But whatever way you gain it, it has to be significant."

"I see," Bloom said before looking to Shinji. "So, what would I have to do to convince you to help us?"

"Uhm… not sure…" Shinji said, rubbing the back of his neck.

All of a sudden, a window nearby started to ripple. Musa saw this and gasped.

"What is it?" Riven asked before looking up. "Um… guys?"

Everyone turned to see the Double Dragon suddenly leap out. Everyone gaped at its appearance.

Double Dragon resembled Another Ryuki on the right side while on the left side was Another Ryuga. Monstrous versions of the Drag Sabers were in both hands, and the heads of DragReder and Dragblacker were on the shoulders. On the waist was the Deck that the cloaked individual had given to him.

"Another Ryuki?" Woz asked before seeing the other side of the monster. "Another Ryuga?"

"I am no Rider," the monster said. "I am a Shokaijin… the Double Dragon."

"Shokaijin?" Aisha asked.

"Raidarix… it threatens the plans of my Master," Double Dragon said. "I will not permit you to gain it!" he exclaimed before flames shot out to the sides from the heads on his shoulders.

Everyone stood ready before the dancing flames started to take shape. Soon, they formed into Kamen Riders Ouja, Abyss, Scissors, Gai and Odin.

"This is what a Shokaijin is capable of?!" Roxy asked.

"Appears that way," Woz said before taking out his driver and placing it over his waist. "We can't let them harm Kido Shinji."

"Right," Bloom said before stepping up in front of the Winx. "Let's go, girls!"

Roxy nodded as she spread her arms out in front of her.

"We got your back!" Sky called out as he and the Specialists all pressed a button on their wrists. Soon, their civilian clothes shed away, and they were now in their Specialist Uniforms.

"Feels good to be back in these." Riven grinned.

"MAGIX WINX: COSMIX!" the six founding members of the Winx Club all called out.

"Magic Winx: Believix!" Roxy called out.

Woz clicked his Ridewatch and placed it onto the Beyondriver.


Woz took out his Driver, the Beyondriver, and placed it over his waist.

"I am more than a prophet… Another Rider," Woz said before taking out his Ridewatch. "And you shall not harm the Winx while I am around."

"What?" Bloom asked.

Woz clicked his Ridewatch.


"Henshin!" Woz said, closing the Ridewatch into the Beyondriver.


The girls started to transform as well, all while Shinji watched in shock.

"Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame!"

"Stella, Fairy of the Sun and the Moon!"

"Musa, Fairy of Music!"

"Flora, Fairy of Nature!"

"Tecna, Fairy of Technology!"

"Aisha, Fairy of Waves!"

"Roxy, Fairy of Animals!"

The Winx all stood ready, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna and Aisha in their Cosmix forms while Roxy was in her Believix Fairy Form.


As soon as Woz grabbed his weapon, he looked to the manifestations of the evil Mirror Riders.

"It seems they are not quite human," Woz said. "You need not hold back, my majesties."

"Girls… with wings?" Shinji asked.

"We'll explain later," Bloom said as she turned to Shinji. "Right now, your safety is the top priority."

"You get him to safety," Aisha said. "We'll deal with Double Dragon!"

"I don't think so!" Double Dragon roared. He took out his swords and ran at Bloom, who flew from side to side to avoid them.

"Hands off!" Sky yelled, running in with his own sword to block another one of Double Dragon's attacks.

"Sky!" Bloom yelled.

"Help Shinji!" Sky yelled before he kicked Double Dragon away.

"Fool!" Double Dragon yelled, sending fireballs from his dragon heads.

"Solar Wind!" Stella called, aiming her Scepter out and blasting away a blast sent at her by Kamen Rider Scissors.

Kamen Rider Ouja ran and slashed at Roxy, but she backed away and kicked him before he sent forth venom from his mask.

"Enchanted Cloak!" Roxy called, creating her shield before it turned into a wolf. "Wolf Talon!" she yelled, getting the wolf to run and attack Ouja.

Kamen Rider Ouja was knocked back by the attack before Kamen Rider Odin suddenly teleported in.


Roxy backed away as Kamen Rider Odin brought his swords down before Woz ran in and used his Zikan Despear to block it.

"Do not perform such a cowardly tactic!" Woz yelled before throwing Kamen Rider Odin off.

Musa flew back as Kamen Rider Gai attempted to stab her with his Metal Horn. Flying past a few trees, Metalgelas suddenly crashed through before ramming into her.

"This is why I don't like rhinos so much," Musa said before holding her hands out. "Sonic Percussion!" she called, blasting Metalgelas away.

Kamen Rider Gai simply placed a Card into his Metal Visor as Musa continued her attack.


Musa was about to break through Metalgelas until her attack stopped.

"What?!" Musa gasped. She tried to perform her spell again, only for Kamen Rider Gai to punch her away.

"Musa!" Riven called out. He ran at Kamen Rider Gai and tackled him before slashing at him with his sword. Gai simply parried it away before the two started to fight.

"Sonic Percussion won't work," Musa said. "So let's try a Sonic Shake!" she yelled, firing at Metalgelas again.

Kamen Rider Odin continued to move around as Woz placed the Shinobi Miridewatch onto the Beyondriver.


Now as Kamen Rider Woz Futurering Shinobi, Woz created several clones of himself, all trying to attack Odin. He reappeared in front of the prophet and swung his swords, only for Tecna to kick him away.

"So there are evil Riders too?" Tecna asked.

"A lot of them," Woz said. "Forgive me for not informing you beforehand."

"Little details," Timmy said before shooting at Odin. "I've been waiting for a fight."

Kamen Rider Abyss brought his swords down onto Aisha, only for her to grab his hands. She threw them up before sending several punches at his chest.

"Morphix Bubble!" Aisha called out, blasting Abyss away before his two Advent Beasts attacked her. "Alright, let's play."

"Right with you." Nex said, punching away one of the Mirror Monsters.

Volcancer was summoned from a nearby mirror and attacked Stella, only for Brandon and Helia to kick him away.

"Now that's low." Brandon said.

"If you want to play unfair, so will we." Helia said.

"Ready, Stella?" Flora said as she flew next to Stella.

"Oh, yes." Stella said.

Helia sent his laser cables at Volcancer, allowing Flora to perform her attack.

"Rain of Petals!" Flora called out, sending a torrent of energy flowers down at Volcancer before flying down, the wind from her flight blowing it back.

Kamen Rider Scissors growled and summoned a claw onto his right hand.


Stella and Brandon both stood ready as Scissors swung at them. The two held up their weapons and fended off against him as Bloom was continuing to help get Shinji to safety.

"Hey," Shinji said. "Your friends are pretty good."

"We have years of experience." Bloom grinned.

Sky continued to use his sword to send Double Dragon back, eventually kicking him away.

Double Dragon growled before seeing what was happening. Growling softly, he sent more flames from his shoulders, each burning just like the ones that made his manifestations of the previous Mirror Riders.

"What?" Sky asked.

"What is this?" Woz asked.

Everyone watched as the flames turned into Kamen Riders Verde, Imperer, and a female one that had a cat motif, wielding a Whip in her hands.

"He can create more Riders?!" Roxy exclaimed.

"He seems to have a knowledge on all of them," Aisha said as she suddenly found herself getting backed away from Kamen Rider Abyss and his Monsters by Kamen Rider Imperer. "Wait… how does this guy know so much about them?" she asked as she blocked a kick from the gazelle rider.

"I don't know," Flora said before backing away from the Whip of the cat-themed Rider. "But I'm guessing they're not living like the others, Woz?"

"Correct," Woz said before placing a new Miridewatch onto his Driver. "Let's change things up." He said before closing it.


Now as Kamen Rider Woz Futurering Quiz, Woz backflipped away as Kamen Rider Verde attacked him while Roxy, having stolen a Gold Saber from Kamen Rider Odin, was now clashing against him.

"Excellent thinking, Roxy-Sama," Woz said before turning to Kamen Rider Verde. "As for you… X or O."

"Now's not the time to be playing trivia, Woz!" Stella called out as continued to clash with Kamen Rider Scissors.

"You are a Shokaijin, just like Double Dragon." Woz said.

Kamen Rider Verde hesitated for a moment. At that moment, the O panel on Woz's shoulder opened up, and lightning struck down at Kamen Rider Verde.

"I love being right." Woz chuckled.

Double Dragon snarled and lunged at Sky, pushing him back. Sky grunted as he was pushed before Bloom flew in, aiming her hand out.

"Dragon Punch!" Bloom called, sending forth a fiery dragon from her fist at Double Dragon. It simply held the attack before sending it back to her.

"Bloom-Sama!" Woz called out, slashing at Double Dragon, causing his red Drag Saber to fly towards Bloom.

Bloom gasped as she was hit by her own attack. Shinji tried to catch her, but the force of the attack sent them both into the window behind them, where it warped before they fell into what appeared to be a portal.

"Grr…" Double Dragon growled. "You're not getting away!" he exclaimed before running into the mirror.

"Stop!" Sky called out as he ran at Double Dragon, only to bump right into the window. "Bloom!"

"What happened?" Roxy asked, having slashed Kamen Rider Odin away.

"They are now in the battle arena of the Rider Battle," Woz said. "Mirror World."

"We have to save them!" Roxy yelled, running to the glass.

"Roxy-Sama, wait!" Woz called. "There's something you need to know!"

Before Woz could explain more, an arrow was shot at the window that Bloom, Shinji and Double Dragon went through, causing it to crack. Everyone looked to see a new Rider, one with a dark green bodysuit with the Falcon Deck, and a bow in his hands.

"No one… is going anywhere."

Three other Riders, one based off of a unicorn, another based off of a dolphin and the last based off of a owl, appeared.

Bloom groaned as she tried to regain consciousness. Shinji held her and shook her body.

"Bloom… Bloom-san!" Shinji said. "Wake up."

Bloom groaned and got up. She suddenly saw something in the distance and narrowed her eyes. "Why is that sign backwards?" she asked.

Shinji looked to the sign, seeing that it had been reflected. The two looked around before seeing that everything else was reflected too.

"This is Mirror World," Shinji explained before seeing himself in a reflection. Now, he resembled a blank rider, no symbol on him. "Guess that's what comes with the Blank Deck. I forgot about this part."

"You've been through this before?" Bloom asked before feeling herself. Eyes widening, she felt something different. She started to feel all over before seeing that she now had a suit that was slightly similar to Shinji's, only with a dark red color. "Whoa! How did this happen?"

"You changed as soon as we arrived," Shinji said. "I don't know much about this Raidarix you're supposed to get, but I think that's the blank form."

"Well, good to know what my Raidarix will be," Bloom said before looking around again before seeing a crack on one of the windows. "So, what now?"

Before Shinji could respond, footsteps were heard. The two turned to see someone walking towards them. Bloom's eyes widened when it turned out to be someone who looked just like her.

"What?" Bloom asked.

The copy of Bloom raised an eyebrow. "You're me…" she said. "That makes me… you."

"Who… who are you?" Bloom asked nervously. "Don't tell me this is another Shadow Phoenix trick."

"No trick. I am you… from the mirror," the duplicate Bloom said. "I am everything… you deny yourself to be."

"No, that can't be," Bloom said. "Why would you appear to me?"

Mirror Bloom laughed, sending a chill down Bloom and Shinji's spines.

"Hasn't it occurred to you? This is what comes with gaining the powers of the Kamen Riders," Mirror Bloom said. "Every horror you have faced… is insignificant compared to me." She said before taking out a Deck that had a black dragon on it.

"That… it can't be!" Shinji exclaimed. "My dark self…"

"Oh, don't worry about Dark Shinji, Kido Shinji," Mirror Bloom said. "You've suppressed him forever. His Deck, on the other hand, fell into the hands of one strong with the powers of a dragon… me!" she exclaimed as a V-Buckle appeared over her waist. "Henshin!"

Bloom gasped as Mirror Bloom placed the Black Dragon Deck into her belt. Soon, three reflections appeared over her, transforming her into Kamen Rider Ryuga. She snarled before the Dragblacker flew by her, as well as the DragReder and even the Darkwing.

"Those monsters…!" Shinji exclaimed.

"They're mine, since you gave them up," Mirror Bloom said. "You will never get the Raidarix powers now."

"We'll see!" Bloom exclaimed as her own dragon flew by her. "You're not the only one with a dragon!"

"Enough," Mirror Bloom said, taking out the Black Drag Saber. "Your time is up."

Bloom backed away before something formed in her hand. She saw that it was a Katana before seeing the red Drag Saber that Double Dragon threw at her. Picking it up as well, she charged at Mirror Bloom.

Mirror Bloom laughed as Bloom slammed her weapons at her. Much to her surprise, the Katana broke easily. This distraction allowed Mirror Bloom to send a punch to her before swinging the Black Drag Saber at her, which Bloom blocked with her remaining weapon.

"You are not me!" Bloom yelled.

"I am all you ever were! I am no one to be trifled with!" Mirror Bloom exclaimed before closing the Black Drag Visor.


Mirror Bloom kicked Bloom away as she placed the Black Drag Saber into her left hand, allowing her right hand to gain the Black Drag Claw. Pulling it back, she sent forth a blast of dark flames at Bloom, sending her back, but still clutching her weapons.

"Bloom-San!" Shinji exclaimed.

Bloom got up and let her dragon circle around her as she flew into the air. "Cosmix Magic!" she called out.

Mirror Bloom tossed her Black Drag Claw away and placed her fated Card into her Black Drag Visor.


Mirror Bloom floated into the air as Dragblacker floated around her. The two Blooms stared each other down before they were launched at each other, creating a huge explosion.

Shinji could only watch before letting out a gasp.


When the explosion cleared, Bloom was sent flying back, being forced out of her Blank Form, some of her clothing now singed or burnt off, one of her shoes lost and several cuts now on her. Shinji ran to her while picking up her swords.

Mirror Bloom chuckled as she landed on the ground. "Weak," she mocked. "How could someone like you have ever thought to gain Raidarix… and someone like you…" she said, looking to Shinji. "How could you have been Kamen Rider Ryuki?"

"No…" Bloom said weakly. "You're… wrong."

"Am I?" Mirror Bloom asked before the Double Dragon appeared. "You…" she snarled.

Shinji helped Bloom up. "We need to go!" he called, helping her to get away.

Double Dragon looked to Ryuga first and then to Shinji and Bloom. Growling, he ran after them.

To Be Continued

In the next Chapter, Bloom and Shinji will have to survive in Mirror World, trying to find a way out while evading Kamen Rider Ryuga and the Double Dragon Shokaijin. Along the way, Shinji will find some unexpected surprises, ghosts of his pasts, and an answer to the question of if he is meant to fight again as Bloom struggles to understand what it means to be a Kamen Rider. Meanwhile, Woz leads the Winx and the Specialists to put an end to Double Dragon before it is too late, and get help from the most unexpected source.

Author's Note: This has been my first Chapter of Winx Club: Raidarix! I put a lot of thought and effort into this, and I think I am off to a good start. I have been planning this story for almost a year, and I do not plan on abandoning this new project now. You can find a picture of the Double Dragon Shokaijin on my DeviantArt gallery, with more pictures for the Story. You'll be seeing the next Chapter soon. What do you think so far? Please review, rate, and as always, if you can, Private Message me for anything on the story. After all, I'm always keen to hear from you, so long as it's positive, and don't worry, I will accept constructive criticism, but please, nothing too negative, and no flames either. For now, this is SuperHeroTimeFan signing off. Have a great week, everyone, and a great Fourth of July too. I'll see you all soon!