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Chapter 2: The First Raidarix

The Winx had just completed their fight against Valtor, but a mysterious man named Woz appeared to them, to help guide them, and their new official addition, Roxy, Fairy of Animals, to gain a new power from the heroes of Earth known as the Kamen Riders, a power known as Raidarix. Drawn to gain the powers of Kamen Rider Ryuki, the Winx and the Specialists traveled to Japan to find Shinji Kido, but a new enemy created a monster, a Shokaijin, called Double Dragon. While fighting him and his manifestations of the Mirror Riders, Bloom and Shinji end up trapped in Mirror World. After an encounter with Bloom's Mirror Counterpart, with the powers of Kamen Rider Ryuga, Bloom and Shinji run to find a way out, while Woz, the Winx and the Specialists are left to deal with the remaining Mirror Riders.

"No one… is going anywhere."

The Winx, the Specialists and Woz watched as the Falcon Rider, the Dolphin Rider, the Owl Rider and the Unicorn Rider drew their weapons.

"These ones… are human!" Tecna exclaimed as she performed her Cosmix Analysis. "Woz, what do you know about them?"

"They look new to me too." Woz said before dodging another attack from the fake Kamen Rider Verde. As he did, Roxy flew back, still keeping her Gold Saber.

"Seems my deductions are right. They seek to get the Raidarix Powers." The owl Rider said.

"We can't deal with them now!" Sky exclaimed as he got back up. "We need to focus on getting Bloom and Shinji back!"

Kamen Riders Ouja and Odin chuckled before they placed Cards into their respective Visors.


The Winx gasped as Roxy saw Goldphoenix fly in. As it did, VenoSnaker slithered in. Looking at them about to attack her, she got an idea.

"Hey, King Cobra! Over here!" Roxy called, flying in front of Kamen Rider Ouja.

"Roxy!" Flora yelled.

Kamen Rider Ouja leapt back, about to pull off his Veno Crash while Odin flew in to perform his Eternal Chaos.

"Come on, this way…" Roxy said as Kamen Rider Ouja landed. At the last moment, she flew out of the way, letting Ouja and Odin execute their Final Vents on each other. In an explosion, their Decks shattered and their Cards flew out, landing in Roxy's hands. "Just as planned… minus that last part."

Aisha kicked away Kamen Rider Imperer and chuckled. "Way to go, Roxy!" she called out before seeing Imperer run at her again. Glaring him down, she ran back before the two twirled through the air in tandem. When they landed, Aisha swept him under his feet, allowing for him to crash into Kamen Rider Abyss.

"Now you're mine!" Nex called out, taking out his Halberd of the Wind. It energized, and he ran at the two Riders, slashing them down.

Stella flew back from Kamen Rider Scissors before the Cat Rider whipped at her. As he evaded her strikes, the dolphin Rider used two swords to slash at her, but she managed to block her attacks with her Scepter. Looking to see the Cat Rider charge at her with a puma monster, she flew and spun the Dolphin rider towards her, where the two exploded and their Decks flew out, the Cat one shattering while the Dolphin one faded away, along with the host to the Deck.

"Let's see what your deductions say about this." Woz said as he clicked the Quiz Miridewatch.


"Digital Crash!" Tecna called out as streams of data flew in the way of the owl Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider Verde. Both she and Woz charged at them, Tecna flying straight through the Owl Rider and Verde before Woz sent down a kick through a large X and O in the sky. As soon as he did, their Cards flew to their hands.

"Cosmic Echo!" Musa called out as Kamen Rider Gai attempted to use his Heavy Pressure on her. Sending a sonic wave, it destroyed Metalgelas before Kamen Rider Gai faded away. His cards flew to her while the Deck shattered.

"Rain of Petals!" Flora called out, raining petals down onto the unicorn Rider. As it tried to evade the attack, she flew down and sent a blast at him before Helia grabbed him with his cables. Swinging him into the air, the Falcon Rider tried to shoot the two, only for him to shoot the Unicorn Rider instead, destroying him.

"Now, for you!" Sky yelled as he leapt up. He slashed at the Falcon Rider, who held his defense with his bow before Kamen Rider Woz leapt up and slashed him down.

"Lion Header!" Roxy called out, sending forth a manifestation of a lion at the Falcon Rider. He exploded, and like the others, he faded away.

"Was that… was that all of them?" Stella asked, trying to catch her breath.

"I think so," Riven said before looking to Woz. "Why'd we get the cards?"

"It is a mystery to me," Woz said. "But… we have more important matters at stake now that a Shokaijin has become involved."

"Listen here!" Sky said, marching up to Woz and grabbing him by the collar.

"Sky, calm down!" Aisha called.

"Easy!" Musa exclaimed.

"How do we get Bloom back?!" Sky demanded.

"I am unsure," Woz said as Sky released him after Brandon pulled him away. He walked to the broken window. "All I know is that she and Shinji are stuck in Mirror World. With that Rider destroying this window, their way out is destroyed. They will have to find a way out on their own."

"We can't just sit here," Roxy said. "There has to be something we can do to get them back!"

"If I know Bloom, she'll pull through." Stella said.

In Mirror World, Bloom was lying against a tree. Shinji walked up to her and shook her, causing her to wake up.

"Are you okay?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, but my head is ringing," Bloom said as she got up. "Where are we? Other than Mirror World, I mean."

"Still in the city," Shinji explained as he looked around. "I haven't been in here since the last Rider Battle, but I do remember places where the other Riders and I hung out. This was one of them," he said before taking out two soda cans and handing one of them to Bloom. "Best part is… every store is open."

"Thanks," Bloom said as she pulled the tab on her can. She drank a bit of it and shivered. "Whoo, still cold."

"An advantage I found when me and the others were stuck here," Shinji said as he pulled the tab off of his own can. "We can survive with whatever we've got. This may be Mirror World, but it is still part of the city too."

"Like in Breath of the Wild?" Bloom asked, getting Shinji to look at her. "I played that a bit. I don't know if you have."

"I have, it's a fun game," Shinji said. He sipped his drink before picking up the red sword dropped from Double Dragon. "Guess that makes this the Master Sword."

"Since it doesn't break, yeah," Bloom said as she looked to the weapon with a chuckle. She stopped after a while and looked back to Shinji. "All these surprises… these Riders… are they why you stopped being a Kamen Rider?"

"One of the reasons," Shinji said with a nod. "Our only rule was to fight if we wanted to survive."

"I was told you died in the first Rider Battle," Bloom said. "When your memories resurfaced… how did you cope with that?"

Shinji sighed and looked around, sitting next to Bloom. "It wasn't easy, especially since I couldn't talk to anyone about it," he said. "But I remembered different times from when the Rider Battle ended. All those ended differently, I died at some points, while others would be when I survived. I never knew what they meant, but I never wanted to relive another war."

"Until you were brought back in," Bloom said. "Shinji, I'm sorry. I had no idea."

"Well, we're here again," Shinji said before looking to his skin. "We're not fading away…"

"What do you mean?" Bloom asked.

"Mirror World usually grants a time limit to every Rider," Shinji explained. "We would fade if we were not careful, and our Rider Armor would only delay the process. I'm surprised we're not facing it ourselves."

"You think there's a reason?" Bloom asked.

"I don't know, but I don't intend on staying here forever," Shinji said. "We need to find a way out."

"You know the way around?" Bloom asked as she got up. "I don't know how I gained my form here, so I don't know how to access it again."

"Well, we can only go around so long before running into danger," Shinji said. "So, in a way, exactly like Breath of the Wild."

"I just hope we don't bump into Mirror Me again." Bloom said, unaware that her mirror self was watching from a building nearby.

Back in the real world, Woz, Tecna and Stella arrived at Lab 401.

"Why are we here again?" Stella asked. "That Tojo guy said that he didn't want to help."

"Kanzaki Shiro worked on Mirror World and the Rider Battle here," Woz said as he looked through different rooms. "If we have any luck, we can find a way to use his research to find a way to bring back Bloom and Kido Shinji."

"Wait, I think I found something," Tecna said, looking at some files. She pulled them out and opened them, the Japanese katakana turning into English words. "Okay, let's see… Monsters, Decks, Ride Shooters… all stuff Kanzaki worked on."

"Anything about Mirror World itself?" Stella asked. "Wait, maybe I can reach Bloom." She said as she pulled out her phone.

"What do you mean?" Tecna asked.

"Mirror World is still Earth in a way, only reflected, right?" Stella asked. "If I can text or call her, I can find out where she is."

"I thought I told you already."

Everyone turned to see Satoru Tojo walking towards them.

"I want nothing to do with Mirror World again."

"Satoru," Stella said. "We're not trying to bring you in, we're trying to bring our friends back."

"They were pulled in." Tecna added on.

"Pulled in?" Satoru asked. "Who?"

"Our friend, Bloom," Stella said as Tecna noticed two blue objects nearby. "And Kido Shinji. You know, Kamen Rider Ryuki."

"He won't survive there that long," Satoru said as Tecna pulled out the two objects and gasped. "I turned down the request to join the Rider Battle again when Sara came to me. How Shinji escaped is a mystery to me."

"You said you weren't a part of the Rider Battle anymore," Tecna said, walking to Satoru and holding out two Tiger Decks. "What are these?"

"Those are not real," Satoru said bluntly. "My Sensei-Tachi created those so that my identity as Kamen Rider Tiger would be a secret. They have no real power in them."

"Even the Cards inside?" Tecna asked, emptying out the Decks to show duplicates of Kamen Rider Tiger's Cards.

"Yes, they are," Satoru said with a nod. He took one of the Decks and walked to a mirror. "I'll prove it to you."

Woz, Tecna and Stella all watched as Satoru held the Tiger Deck out in his right hand. However, much to everyone's surprise, rather than seeing nothing happen, a V-Buckle appeared.

"It's… real?" Stella asked.

"No, that can't be right," Satoru said before looking to the other Deck. He held it out, but a V-Buckle appeared again. "These… these were supposed to be fake!"

"It seems not," Tecna said, taking one of the two Decks and placing it out to a window. She pulled it back right before a V-Buckle could appear over her waist. "Tojo… what was your wish in the first Rider Battle?" she asked.

"I wanted to be a hero," Satoru replied. "For that, I started out in an effort to destroy Mirror World. Then, as time went on, I realized that the only way I could become a hero was to join the Rider Battle. In the end, I sacrificed myself to save a father and his son. When my memories resurfaced once time was reset, I vowed to find my own way to become a hero."

"So what are you doing now?" Stella asked. "How is this helping to become a hero?"

"Nani?" Satoru asked.

"What did you do to try and prove yourself a hero?" Stella asked.

Satoru was about to answer until he looked to his Deck again. Placing it away, he walked to the window.

"My morals were twisted," Satoru admitted. "I thought that by being a hero, I had to sacrifice someone, take lives, and do whatever it took to show that I was strong," he said. "I killed my sensei. I betrayed someone who I actually thought was a good friend. In the end, I realized… I was no hero."

"You still can be," Tecna said as Woz continued to remain silent. "You have your powers again. Put them to good use, and be the hero that defines who you are… please."

Satoru looked to Tecna before looking to his Deck. As he did, he walked to a file cabinet and pulled out some folders.

"Take these," Satoru said. "Sensei held onto a handful of Kanzaki Shiro's research. Use it, and get your friend and Kido back."

"What of you?" Woz asked as a black deck with a Gold Circle on it fell out.

"Just… go." Satoru said.

Woz looked to the dropped Deck and looked to it. As he did, a blank Ridewatch started to glow. Putting both away, he, Stella and Tecna made their way out of Lab 401.

"To be… a hero…" Satoru said to himself, looking to his Deck longingly.

Elsewhere, Flora was walking towards an apartment. She and Helia looked to each other before knocking on the door. It soon opened, and Miho appeared to them.

"You two again?" Miho asked. "What is it this time?"

"Our friend is stuck in Mirror World," Flora said. "And we need help getting her back."

"Oh…" Miho said, slowly starting to close the door. "I'm sorry… but I can't help you with that."

"You're Kamen Rider Femme, aren't you?" Helia asked.

"Was," Miho said, opening the door. "When my memories resurfaced, I knew the horrors I went through in the Rider Battle. I have no desire to go through that again."

"What about for Kido Shinji?" Flora asked.

"Kido?!" Miho asked in surprise. "You've found him?!"

"He was helping us," Flora explained. "He and Bloom were pulled into Mirror World, and we need to find a way to get him back."

Miho looked down. "In my final moments of the Rider Battle, it was Kido who saved me, but could not save me from death," she said. "I owe it to him for what he did, for opening my eyes."

"Will you help us then?" Helia asked.

Miho turned back to Flora and Helia. "Come with me." She said.

Back in Mirror World, Bloom and Shinji were walking around.

"So, how did these monsters find you? From experience." Bloom asked.

"They would just appear at random," Shinji said, feeling his blank armor appear over him again. "But aside from Double Dragon, there haven't been monster attacks in a while."

"Or so you think."

Bloom and Shinji looked around to see Mirror Bloom walking towards them.

"What do you want?" Bloom asked.

"Those from Mirror World may not be able to return to the Human World, but for those who inhabit the World…" Mirror Bloom started out before three Buzzstinger Monsters appeared from around Bloom and Shinji. "They are in constant danger."

"If you want to fight again…" Bloom started out before raising her two swords. "You should have brought more backup."

"In time," Mirror Bloom said as she turned around. "For now… fight or you won't survive." She said before walking away.

That phrase… Bloom thought to herself. It has another meaning.

A Buzzstinger Wasp shot at Bloom, but she slashed it apart as the others tried to attack.

"Winx Cosmix!" Bloom called out, transforming into her Cosmix Form instead of her blank form. As soon as she did, her stolen sword glowed brightly with fire.

"These ones are tough," Shinji said. "Be careful."

"I will be." Bloom said before running at the Buzzstingers.

One of the Buzzstinger Monsters slammed its two batons at Bloom, but she held up her broken Katana and blocked it before seeing the Buzzstinger Wasp prepare to shoot at her again.

"Fire Blade!" Bloom called out, swinging her stolen sword at the Buzzstinger Wasp, causing its bow to fall out.

Bloom grinned as she flew over, catching the bow. As soon as she did, another Buzzstinger with a sword tried to strike her from behind, but a Manta Ray suddenly flew in.

"Evildiver?" Shinji asked before dodging an attack from the same Buzzstinger. "It can't be!"

"What is it?" Bloom asked before getting knocked back by two of the Buzzstingers into an underground parking lot.

"Bloom-San!" Shinji yelled. He ran over to help her, but the black Buzzstinger attacked him again. He slashed him across the chest, but he managed to recover before remembering something. Running to six feet apart from him, he pulled a Card depicting a Katana on it and placed it into the Ride Visor, closing automatically.


Shinji looked up as the same Katana, a full one, flew in, landing on the black Buzzstinger. Its impact caused it to explode before he pulled it out.

"Whoa, nice!" Bloom exclaimed. "But… won't that break?"

"Yeah," Shinji said. "But that attack was all I needed it for."

Bloom looked to see the two remaining Buzzstingers advance on them and got up. "Cosmix Magic!" she called out, sending forth her dragon.

The Wasp Buzzstinger was hit by the attack while the red one remaining charged. However, a magenta-colored Rider with a manta motif ran in, using a Whip to lash at it before Bloom's dragon returned, destroying it,

"Omae…" Shinji said as the manta Rider turned around. "Tezuka-San?"

"Who?" Bloom asked.

The manta Rider stepped forward, revealing to be a dirt-stained Japanese man with a red coat.

"Hello, Shinji." The man said.

"Who's this?" Bloom asked.

"I am Tezuka Miyuki," the man introduced himself. "Kamen Rider Raia."

"How… how are you here?" Shinji asked. "I saw you die!"

"Honestly… I'm not too sure myself," Tezuka said before looking to Bloom. "Who are you?"

"Bloom," Bloom said, holding her hand out, which Tezuka held so he could help her back up. "How I got here… it's a long story."

"Yours must be too, Tezuka-San." Shinji said.

"Well, we're lucky that we ended up here," Tezuka said, looking around. "Mirror Monsters hardly enter this place."

"Why's that?" Bloom asked.

"Look over there," Tezuka said, pointing to a large mirror at the end of the area. "When Kanzaki Shiro died, his control of Mirror World was placed in there. It is known as the Core Mirror. Monsters come from there… but they can't come back in."

"How?" Bloom asked.

All of a sudden, two drawings of monsters fell onto the Core Mirror. They glowed and floated out, forming into a Gelnewt and a Sheerghost.

Bloom, Shinji and Tezuka stood ready as they charged, but a barrier suddenly stopped them, keeping them out.

"We're really safe here?" Bloom asked.

"Yes, we…" Tezuka said before Double Dragon suddenly appeared with more Mirror Monsters, as well as a Rider with a Kraken motif. "Who is that?"

"Double Dragon!" Shinji exclaimed.

"It would appear you have lasted this long already. Very impressive," Double Dragon said. "However… as the rules state… you must fight, or you will not survive for very long."

"Who are you really?" Bloom asked.

"That does not matter," Double Dragon said. "All that matters is that I am granted what I desire… and your sacrifices are necessary for that to happen. That is what the Kamen Rider Battle has been all about."

"We'll see!" Bloom yelled, running at Double Dragon.

"Bloom-San!" Shinji called out.

"No!" Tezuka yelled.

Bloom flew out of the barrier, shooting down balls of fire onto the other monsters. Kicking away the Kraken Rider, she slammed her blades onto Double Dragon, who held up his own remaining sword. She kicked him back and slashed at him again, but he continued to block or dodge her attacks before fire came from his dragon head shoulders. As soon as they did, they all fired at Bloom, who formed her shield before a stream of black fire suddenly sent her back, though her shield was still intact.

"As much as I hate you… she's mine."

Bloom turned to see Mirror Bloom, as Kamen Rider Ryuga, aiming the Black Drag Claw forward. The mouth closed as she held the Black Drag Saber in her left hand.

"So long as she does not get the Raidarix Powers… do as you please." Double Dragon said before walking away into a reflection.

"Come back here!" Bloom called out as she flew at the reflection, only for it to shatter. "How did that happen?"

"Your fight is with me!" Mirror Bloom yelled, slashing at Bloom.

Bloom held up her sword and blocked the attack before lighting up her left fist. She punched as Mirror Bloom tried to send forth another stream of black fire, but both attacks collided, and Bloom was sent back.

"As I said, I am you, everything you deny yourself to be," Mirror Bloom said as the Dragreder and Darkwing flew down. "Dark Shinji may have lost in his fight, but I will not. I will become real, become you, and ensure that my own wish comes true!"

"What good is a wish if you kill for it?" Bloom asked. "A wish comes from the heart, not from blood sport!"

"As far as you know," Mirror Bloom said, placing her Card into the Black Drag Visor. "All I want is to become you… and that is what I will do!" she exclaimed before closing her Visor.


Bloom and Shinji, who ran up, looked as the Dragreder and Dragblacker attacked under the wings of Darkwing, forming a warplane monster. A new Card appeared in Mirror Bloom's hands, showing the Beast now known as Trinity Bomber.

"Not good!" Bloom exclaimed.

"Get them!" Mirror Bloom ordered.

Trinity Bomber sent red and black fireballs at Bloom and Shinji, who dodged out of the way before the Nasty Vent attack came from the Darkwing head. One of the three blasts knocked Bloom off of her feet, her sword sliding to Shinji.

"Kido! Bloom!" Tezuka called out.

Bloom groaned as she tried to get up. As she was, she heard Mirror Bloom heading towards her. She gasped as she brought the Black Drag Saber onto her and closed her eyes. However, she found the blade mere inches at her neck.

"What?" Shinji asked.

"You had every chance to take my life, to grant your wish," Bloom said as she reverted back to her human form. "What's stopping you?"

Mirror Bloom chuckled. "You still don't get it, do you?" she asked.

"What?" Bloom asked. She was about to say something else until she remembered the first encounter.

She could have killed me. Bloom thought to herself, remembering that Mirror Bloom only used her Final Vent to injure her. But she spared me. Why?

"That was only a demonstration of my power," Mirror Bloom said, getting Bloom to look at her again. "When we fight again, and we will, you will die."

"I'm not going to fight you." Bloom protested.

"You certainly didn't have that when you rushed Double Dragon," Mirror Bloom said before noticing the Kraken Rider advance at her. "Go back and take shelter. You'll know how to find me." She said before walking towards the Kraken Rider.

"You dare to let that Fairy live?" the Kraken Rider asked.

"I know where I stand, Tidecharm," Kamen Rider Ryuga said. "Time for you to learn your place." She said before slashing at him.


Kamen Rider Tidecharm raised a spear and blocked the Black Drag Saber, but Mirror Bloom punched him away before stabbing one of his Kraken Monsters. Slashing the other away, she stabbed Kamen Rider Tidecharm in the chest before taking out her Final Vent Card, which now had the symbols of Dragblacker, Dragreder and Darkwing on it. She grinned as she showed it off before placing it into her Visor.


Mirror Bloom floated up, fiery wings appearing on her. She twirled in the air as Trinity Bomber fired down, destroying the two Kraken Monsters before she landed a spinning dropkick on Kamen Rider Tidecharm. He soon exploded, and dissolved away.

Bloom, having seen the fight and made her way back into the underground garage, watched with her eyes narrowed.

"I'll know when to fight, huh?" Bloom asked.

Back in the real world, Kitaoka was looking through several files as Aisha, Musa, Roxy, Riven, Nex and Sky visited him.

"Kido was always known for rushing into danger. The fool." Kitaoka said.

"Why do you do that?" Musa asked. "You and every other Rider?"

"Do what?" Kitaoka asked.

"Make fun of Shinji like that," Riven emphasized as Musa looked to him. "From what we were told, he looked out for every one of you, but wanted to stop the Rider Battle no matter what. I used to be one for fighting, all the time, but what Shinji said to stop your mindless feud… that took courage… something I wish I had in my youth."

Kitaoka walked up. "You should have stuck to fighting," he said. "Kido always wanted to find peace in the Rider Battle. All we wanted to do was fight. I entered so that I could put an end to my life due to my terminal illness."

"So now that you no longer have it, what are you planning to do?" Roxy asked.

"What do you mean?" Kitaoka asked.

"You wanted to fight until your illness caught up to you, right?" Sky asked. "The way I look at it, you don't have that anymore. You just sit around here, doing nothing. The only reason you're helping us is so that you don't have to deal with Shinji, so you can leave him with us," he said. "Looks like life didn't treat you too well when you revived."

"Why do you take his side?" Kitaoka asked.

"Why are you doing nothing?" Sky challenged. "Don't you know your own follower died to kill Asakura Takeshi? If he fought for you… what did he die for, knowing you did nothing for him?"

"That's enough," Woz said, walking in with Stella, Tecna and Flora, as well as Helia, Brandon and Timmy. "We have all that we need, do we not?"

Sky let go of Kitaoka as he gave him a folder.

"This is all I have on Kido, Akiyama, and all other Riders and the Mirror World," Kitaoka said. "You don't need me."

"Take this…" Woz said, tossing a green Ridewatch to Kitaoka, who caught it before looking to see his Rider face on it. "And think about it." He said before everyone left.

Kitaoka looked to the Ridewatch before clicking it. Much to his surprise, it turned from a Ridewatch into his Deck.


"What?" Kitaoka asked as he looked to the Deck. He looked to a mirror, seeing himself as Kamen Rider Zolda. As he was about to toss it away, a screeching sound caught his attention. He ran out, and found two people waiting for him.

"You two…" Kitaoka said.

At the Specialists' ship, Sky and Stella were trying their phones while Tecna contacted Ms. Faragonda.

"Nothing," Brandon said, receiving no reply on his phone. "You, Stella?"

"I sent a text, an Emojix, but nothing," Stella said. "Mirror World must be pretty powerful."

"Give it time," Woz said as he walked up. "If Bloom is strong, she'll pull through."

"A Mirror Dimension?" Ms. Faragonda asked the rest of the Winx. "And Bloom is stuck there?"

"We have some help now, but we don't know how much longer this will last," Flora said. "We haven't heard anything from Bloom for hours."

"We're so sorry," Roxy apologized. "If we knew this would happen…"

"I trust you all," Ms. Faragonda said. "And we all knew the risks of searching for these Raidarix Powers."

"We won't stop trying to get Bloom and Shinji back," Tecna said. "We've been through too much to lose her now."

"Each of us owes her our lives." Aisha said.

"You all have the right mind," Woz said. "You knew what you were getting into when you sought to gain these powers. If it were me, or my Demon King in danger, I would not rest until they are safe either."

"Thank you, Woz," Ms. Faragonda said. "Winx, Specialists, I trust you all. Do not forget that this is your fight… you are in control." She said before signing off.

"What do we do now?" Brandon asked.

"Wait," Stella said, walking up. "I just thought of something."

"What is it?" Sky asked.

"Mirror World… is everything there reflected?" Stella asked.

"Yes, it is." Woz confirmed.

"Okay, I think I might have an idea," Stella said as she pulled out her compact mirror. "No, I need something bigger…" she said as she looked around the ship.

"What are you doing?" Aisha asked. "This is no time to admire yourself!"

"Catch!" Stella yelled, throwing her compact at Aisha.

Aisha did not flinch as she caught the compact mirror easily in her right hand.

"You're right-handed, so in Mirror World, there could be a version of you that's left-handed," Stella explained. "If I can type Bloom's number, and send a text in reverse in front of a mirror…"

"Then there's a chance she can receive it!" Musa exclaimed. "Good thinking!"

"How'd you figure it out?" Tecna asked.

"Please, you're looking at a fashion queen here," Stella said as she continued trying to find a big mirror. "I know a thing or two about mirrors, even more than you."

"She's got a point." Tecna admitted.

"Let's just hope it's enough." Roxy said as she petted Kiko, the two looking out the window.

Back in Mirror World, Bloom was coming back, the bow she stole from the Buzzstinger on her back with her sword at her side. In her hands were four bags, which she hauled over her shoulders as she made her way to Shinji and Tezuka.

"Okay, got some fresh meat, fish from the river, and some more soda," Bloom said, setting down the bags to show the food she had collected. "It's easier to get food from the store when there's no one there, and easier to fish."

"Arigatou," Shinji said as Bloom threw some wood onto the bags before casting a fire spell to make a campfire. "You're really good at this."

"Thanks." Bloom said with a smile.

"So, why are you with Kido?" Tezuka asked.

"It's a long story," Bloom said. "There's a power I'm looking to get from him, from Kamen Rider Ryuki, and Shinji is the key to it, to getting what is known as Raidarix," she explained. "It's the first time me and my friends are looking for this power, and I want to help Shinji in any way I can."

"Ah, just like Kido," Tezuka said as the food continued to cook over the fire. "His kindness was always something I admire."

"But now, that begs the question," Shinji said as he and Bloom looked to Tezuka. "How are you back?" He asked. "You died the last time we saw each other."

"Kamen Rider Raia…" Bloom said, remembering what Woz told her and the rest of the Winx about Kamen Rider Ryuki and his history. "He's your ally, right?"

"In the first Rider Battle, unfortunately," Tezuka confirmed. "When the second Rider Battle occurred, I lost my memory, and was manipulated by Jun, Kamen Rider Gai. We fought, and he got the best of me. In my dying moments, I remembered who I was, and returned the Dragon Deck to Shinji. I thought I was dead after that."

"So did I," Shinji said. "What remained of you turned into my dark self. What happened?"

Tezuka took out his Deck and looked to it. "I don't remember the exact details," he said. "But when I woke up, a voice was telling me that the Rider Battle had ended. And that Kido had won. He was the sole survivor. I didn't know who it was who brought me back, but they said a greater power than theirs could release me from Mirror World. I've been stuck here since."

"What's stopped you from trying to find a way to reach your friends?" Bloom asked. "I get that you did some bad deeds when you were in the second Rider Battle, but there must have been someone willing to accept your apology."

"I'm ashamed of my actions," Tezuka said. "If anything, I don't know if I'm worthy of forgiveness," he said as Shinji looked to him sympathetically while Bloom narrowed her eyes. "Hardly anyone is. In the Rider Battle, you fight or you don't survive."

"Are you really going to justify your actions with that creed?" Bloom asked, causing Shinji and Tezuka to look at her. "You all see that in one way, fighting each other. What if it meant… fight together, or don't survive?"

"Fight together?" Shinji asked.

"And another thing. All the fighting was over a wish," Bloom went on. "Only one would have their wish granted, but doesn't mean one person alone. Together as one, in one mind, one goal. You fought so hard against each other… that you never even fight to stand together."

"Bloom…" Shinji said.

All of a sudden, the Core Mirror started to ring. Shinji, Bloom and Tezuka all looked to it as it started to warble.

"What's going on?" Bloom asked. "Another monster?"

"Don't know…" Shinji said as he and Bloom slowly approached it, with Tezuka following.

The three nearer the Core Mirror, and suddenly, Bloom and Shinji were pulled inside.

"Kido! Bloom!" Tezuka called out, unable to enter.

Inside of the Core Mirror, Bloom and Shinji saw infinite reflections of themselves all around. Some were reflections of themselves while others showed certain events in them.

"What's going on?" Bloom asked.

"I don't know," Shinji repeated. "The only time this happened to me was in a dream."

"Take a look around."

Shinji and Bloom looked around for the source of the voice. All of a sudden, a Japanese girl with white clothes and shoulder length hair walked towards them.

"I have called you both here for a specific reason," the mysterious girl said before looking to Shinji with a smile. "Hello, Shinji-Kun."

"Omae… Yui." Shinji realized.

"Yui?" Bloom asked. "As in Kanzaki Yui?!"

"I'm… surprised you remembered me," Yui said. "Especially after all our times together had been erased."

"What's going on?" Shinji asked.

"Look to the mirrors," Yui said, guiding Shinji and Bloom's attention to one of the mirrors. "What do you see?"

Shinji and Bloom looked to each other before looking to the mirror. In it was a Raydragoon stabbing Shinji in the back before showing him, as Ryuki, with Kamen Rider Knight against more of them. It changed to show Shinji now lying against a car, his blood smeared against it as Ren was pleading for him to stay alive.

"That was the first battle…" Bloom realized. "When you died."

The mirror rippled to show Ren fighting against Kamen Rider Odin before he eventually won, and everyone was brought back.

"That's what happened?" Shinji asked.

"Wasn't your wish to bring everyone back and to stop the fighting?" Bloom asked. "Wait, it makes sense."

"What do you mean?" Shinji asked.

Another mirror showed, this time showing Shinji as Kamen Rider Ryuki, now fighting against Kamen Rider Ryuga. The two collided with their Rider Kicks before showing him and Ren charging to fight a large swarm of Raydragoons as the final Riders of the Rider Battle.

"Ren…" Shinji said as Bloom looked to him. "His wish… he wanted to fight alongside me."

Another mirror showed, showing Shinji looking at the wreckage of a fight between him, Zolda, Ouja and Knight. As he was, he turned into Kamen Rider Ryuga, and fought Kamen Rider Knight. After landing a Final Vent on him, Shiro Kanzaki appeared to him. After hearing this version of Shinji wish to revive all the victims of the Rider Battle, that version of the Rider Battle ended.

"You won again." Bloom said.

The next mirror showed Shinji turning into Kamen Rider Knight, and facing down Kamen Riders Ouja, Zolda, Odin, Tiger, Imperer, Ryuga and Femme.

"I carried out Ren's final wish there." Shinji said.

In another mirror, Shinji transformed into Kamen Rider Ryuki alongside Kamen Rider Decade. The two fought against Kamen Rider Abyss before eventually defeating him.

The next mirror showed Shinji and Ren fighting several Raydragoons before being attacked by Kamen Rider Odin. As Ren clashed with him sword on sword, Shinji executed his Dragon Rider Kick, destroying Odin.

"Do you know what this is, Yui?" Bloom asked as she turned to Yui.

"Yes… I do." Yui replied.

Finally, the last mirror showed, showing Shinji coming out on top of the second official Rider Battle started by Sara, and fighting against Another Ryuki before the Another Rider admitted defeat.

"All of these… they end the Rider Battle." Shinji said.

"And they all have something in common," Bloom added on. "No matter the outcome, your wish, your spirit, prevailed."

"What?" Shinji asked in surprise. "How so?"

"You does the first time, but your wish became the one that Ren ended up carrying out with his own," Bloom started out. "When Kanzaki Shiro died in the other where you defeated Ryuga, you and Ren fought together to end it all. When your Deck was destroyed, and Ren gave you his, you continued to fight, and came out on top. Every endgame that had been shown to us also get you one in some way," she explained. "You've won all the Rider Battles. That's the one thing Shiro Kanzaki never expected, your kindness and compassion to pull through over any desire. That's what made you a true Kamen Rider!"

"Correct," Yui said as Shinji and Bloom looked to her. "Nii-San took into account every desire that the Riders had, but not for what Shinji had to offer. He fought so hard to ensure the safety for all of the Riders, good and bad. He even put himself as the top priority when it came to saving me even if I was the key to sealing Mirror World. For his kindness, he is the true victor of all the Rider Battles."

"Wait," Shinji said. "Was it… was it you who brought back Tezuka?"

"Yes," Yui said with a nod. "As one of the few who also showed no ambition in the Rider Battle, I was able to bring him back. However, he is trapped here. Only a power greater than mine or Nii-San's can break out of Mirror World…" she started before looking to Bloom. "You, Bloom, Fairy of The Dragon Flame."

"You're talking about Raidarix," Bloom said, now realizing why she was summoned. "But I don't know the first thing about Kamen Riders, or how to even earn it," she pointed out. "Do you know how I can get it?"

"I cannot say the reason, but know that mirrors hide who we are," Yui said. "Shinji was only able to come so far when he could accept the good and the bad. If you know that you have those kinds of qualities, you must not be afraid to face them."

Bloom started to think. All that came to her were the times that her mirror self fought her. She then remembered when they last fought, that her mirror self spared her life.

"I think I know what I have to do." Bloom said.

"Get that power, and stop Nii-San," Yui said. "And live by Bloom's words, Shinji-Kun. Fight together and survive."

"Wait," Shinji said before you could dismiss him. "If I really won all the Rider Battles… I have a wish."

"You have five," Yui said. "Use them wisely."

"I wish… for the return of my friend," Shinji said. "Akiyama Ren… Kamen Rider Knight."

"Your wish…" Yui said as a light came from her. "Is granted."

Shinji and Bloom suddenly found themselves outside of the Core Mirror and back with Tezuka, who caught them as they nearly fell.

"What happened?" Tezuka asked.

"You wouldn't believe it." Bloom said.

All of a sudden, a light shone down from the Core Mirror. Everyone looked to it before it formed into a Japanese man with a black coat.

"Ren!" Shinji exclaimed.

Akiyama Ren opened his eyes and looked around. Upon seeing Shinji, he grinned and stepped forward.

"Is this… the next life?" Ren asked.

"It is," Shinji replied. "A next new life, to make things right."

"You haven't changed," Ren said. "That's good. I wouldn't want you to change who you are anyway."

"Good to have you back." Shinji said as he, Tezuka and Ren fist-bumped each other.

Bloom smiled before looking up. Taking a deep breath, she tossed her weapons aside and walked up.

"Bloom-San?" Shinji asked.

"Who's that?" Ren asked, unaware of who Bloom was.

Bloom continued to walk up until she passed the barrier. As she did, the barrier around it broke. She closed her eyes and remained where she was as Shinji, Ren and Tezuka ran to her.

"I'm ready."

At that moment, Mirror Bloom walked forward, armed with the Black Drag Saber in her hand. Without a word, she summoned her Beasts.

"Ready to fight me for real?" Mirror Bloom asked.

Bloom shook her head and walked forward. "No," she replied. "Because… I admit defeat."

"What?" Mirror Bloom asked.

"You are indeed all I embody, what I deny myself to be," Bloom admitted. "I'll admit, the powers of the Kamen Riders is new to me, and I'm afraid. I am kind and generous, but I am also devious and wicked. I have light on me, but a darkness that I am afraid to unleash. I'm mostly good, but there are traces of bad, almost evil at times," she went on as the three Advent Beasts started to calm down. "When the Shadow Phoenix brought out my darkness, and I was afraid, scared as hell. I now know that you… never meant to kill me," she continued, causing Mirror Bloom to narrow her eyes. "Because… I am you… you are me… and we are one in the same."

Everyone continued to watch what would happen next. Mirror Bloom raised the Black Drag Saber, and after stepping back, she tossed it away, letting it fade away.

"You truly have seen yourself… our self," Mirror Bloom said. She reached for the Ryuga Deck and pulled out the Dragreder and Darkwing cards and handed them to Bloom. "You have gained these… Raidarix Fairy."

Bloom looked to the cards and turned to Shinji and Ren. She tossed the cards towards them, and the two caught them easily. As soon as they did, both of the decks that Shinji had became the Ryuki Deck and Knight Deck. Taking out the Knight Deck, he handed it to Ren.

"This time… we fight together to survive," Shinji said. "That's what a Kamen Rider is."

Ren smiled as he took back his deck. As soon as he did, a light came from Bloom.

"What?" Bloom asked. She reached into her pocket and saw the blank deck she had start to glow.

From the real world, Stella finally found a big mirror.

"Okay, let's do this!" Stella exclaimed.

All of a sudden, the cards that the Winx and the Specialists has collected from their battle with the Mirror Riders glowed and flew into the air. Each of them reflected into the mirror, much to the surprise of everyone.

"What's this?" Sky asked.

Woz looked to his book and smiled as he closed it. "It has begun!" He proclaimed.

Tecna looked to Woz before she, Roxy and Timmy looked out to see cards from the Zolda, Femme, and Tiger decks form reflections on nearby windows as well.

"What do you make of this?" Roxy asked.

"I think… it's a sign." Tecna said.

"Definitely." Timmy agreed.

In Mirror World, Bloom saw the cards coming as cards from Shinji, Ren and her mirror counterpart flew to her as well. All the cards entered her deck, and soon, it changed.

The deck now had the symbol of the Winx Club on the front, with corner edges the same as both the decks of Ryuki and Ryuga. It turned color, from a dark red to a bright red, the fairy wing symbol of the Winx Club turning magenta. As soon as it did, two of Kamen Rider Ryuki's symbols appeared on both top and bottom of the fairy wing symbol of the Winx Club.

"Looks like you've really touched my heart," Shinji said as he walked over. He placed his hand on Bloom's shoulder and smiled. "Still not too sure how this works, but… I say you've earned the Raidarix of Ryuki." He said, handing her a card.

Bloom turned around and smiled as she took the card, which reflected into a copy for her to use, and placed it into her deck. "Thanks. I'm glad I could help," she said as she placed her new deck away. "Now… since I'm getting the powers of a Dragon Rider… I think I should look the part."

"Now that… we can help with." Mirror Bloom said as a grin came onto her face.

Going into a clothing store, Bloom, Mirror Bloom, Shinji, Ren and Tezuka all walked around.

Mirror Bloom went with Bloom to a selection of clothes while Shinji noticed a jacket nearby. He looked to it and smiled before grabbing it.

Bloom and her mirror self laughed as the latter was carrying a new box of boots for her real self. Shinji walked over and handed the jacket to her while Ren and Tezuka gave her two other boxes. Bloom smiled and took them before going to a dressing room.

After a while, Bloom came back out. Everyone looked to her, seeing her entire wardrobe changed. She now had knee-high navy boots with black tights, as well as a red one piece skirt that had the skirt and top divided by a black belt. On her hands were black fingerless biker gloves, and she was now wearing a dark orange hoodie jacket with red trim on the shoulders and the sleeves.

"How do I look?" Bloom asked, holding her own arm shyly.

"Like a Rider." Ren said.

"You're ready." Shinji said.

Bloom smiled and beamed with pride. All of a sudden, her phone rang. She picked it up and saw an Emojix of Stella and Sky looking back and forth frantically with herself looking lost and worried.

"My friends! They've found a way to reach me!" Bloom exclaimed.

"Double Dragon… he'll be looking for us still." Shinji realized.

"Well now, we're ready!" Bloom said confidently. She started to type into her phone to reply back.

At the Specialists' ship, Roxy was looking after Kiko, munching on a carrot anxiously.

"Don't worry, Kiko," Roxy said. "I'm sure Bloom is fine. I mean, there is a famous Rider with her, after all."

"Yes," Woz said, rubbing Kiko's belly. "Despite his supposed flaws, Kido Shinji is the best Rider for Bloom to be around."

"Woz," Roxy said as Aisha and Musa walked over. "You're certain that Bloom is meant to gain the powers or Kamen Rider Ryuki?"

"Yes, I do." Woz said.

"This isn't just because you have it in your book, is it?" Musa asked.

"Yeah. There's still a lot about you and the Kamen Riders that we need to know." Aisha added on.

Woz walked up to the three Winx members. "Your destiny to gain the Raidarix is written in this book, yes," he said. "However, I have also taken note of your extraordinary feats. Both on Earth and in the Magix Dimension. I don't deny that you were destined. I can only say that you have what it takes to endure what the journeys for the Raidarix powers ahead. It is not simply loyalty I have in all of you… it is faith."

Stella looked over with Tecna and Flora, smiling at what they were hearing. Suddenly, everyone, save for Woz, got an alert on their phones. They pulled it out, showing an Emojix of Bloom with a smile, a thumbs up, and a dragon flying around her.

"Bloom's okay!" Flora exclaimed.

"Wait, that's not all," Brandon said. "She's telling us where she is in Mirror World!"

"If we can find that place here, we can find a way to get her out!" Tecna exclaimed.

"There!" Sky said, seeing a map with a blinking dot somewhere in the town. "The shopping mall near Atori!"

"Interesting," Woz said. "The exact same place where Kido Shinji became Kamen Rider Ryuki. This cannot be a coincidence."

"Whatever it is, we're not giving up on her!" Stella exclaimed. "Especially if we can stop to shop along the way." She said to herself a little too loudly.


"Sorry!" Stella apologized.

"We all rest," Aisha told everyone. "With the day we've had, I'm sure that even Double Dragon has been tired out."

"Agreed," Sky said. "And when morning comes…"

"We show them what you can do." Woz finished up.

As everyone was getting rest later that night, Woz looked fo the deck he had found. Placing it with the blank Ridewatch, it soon filled in, becoming a brand new Ridewatch.


"Tomorrow… we'll be ready!" Bloom said as she looked to the sky in Mirror World. Smiling, she went to sleep, with her mirror self watching before resting as well, with everyone else already asleep nearby.

The cloaked figure watched as Double Dragon emerged from a nearby mirror. A jagged sword with the symbol of Shocker appeared in the figure's hand.

"Where are the Riders I supplied you with?" The cloaked enigma asked, anger in the tone.

"Destroyed," Double Dragon replied. "Had they been my creations with perfect hosts, they would not have lost."

"Don't get too full of yourself," the figure said before using magic to give Double Dragon a replacement sword for his lost one. As soon as he gained it, the figure slashed him backwards with its sword. "These powers can only last you so long. If you fail… then you're just a liability. I have other plans," the figure went on before flying up and revealing black demon-like fairy wings and landing on another rooftop, now revealed to be female. "I'll be watching from afar… to see how you do." She said before teleporting away.

The next morning, the Winx, the Specialists and Woz all traveled to the shop where Bloom called to meet her at. As soon as they landed, people around looked to them.

"This is the place?" Aisha asked.

"From what Bloom sent us, yes," Sky said as he looked to his phone. "She said she had a way to get out. What was it?"

"That, we will have to wait and see," Woz said as he looked around. "This truly is… the battle site where Kido Shinji first became Kamen Rider Ryuki."

"A shame that it is also where this journey comes to an end," a voice said, getting everyone to turn to see Double Dragon approaching. "So long as I draw breath, you will not be gaining the Raidarix Powers!" he yelled before sending fireballs at everyone.

"Light Shield!" Stella called out.

"Morphix Bubble!" Aisha called out.

Everyone took cover, but stopped when the blasts were held off by the shields created by Stella and Aisha.

"It seems like you still need another lesson." Woz said, taking out his Driver.


Woz clicked his Ridewatch.


"Henshin!" Woz said, closing the Ridewatch into the Beyondriver.


"Magix Winx: Cosmix!" Aisha called as the rest of the Winx, save for Roxy, stood ready for battle.

"Magix Winx: Believix!" Roxy called as she started to glow.

"Stella, Fairy of the Sun and the Moon!"

"Musa, Fairy of Music!"

"Flora, Fairy of Nature!"

"Tecna, Fairy of Technology!"

"Aisha, Fairy of Waves!"

"Roxy, Fairy of Animals!"

The Winx all stood ready, and upon everyone seeing them, they looked up in amazement.

"The Winx Club!" a man exclaimed.


As soon as Woz grabbed his weapon, Double Dragon charged and slashed at him, causing Stella to clash as well.

"Hold it right there!" Stella called out as she pushed Double Dragon back with her Scepter of Solaria.

Double Dragon growled as Stella tried to strike at him again, only for him to teleport in flames.

"Where did he go?" Aisha asked before seeing a shadow next to hers. She gasped and flew away, seeing Double Dragon slash at her.

"Aisha!" Nex called out. Taking out his halberd, he slashed at Double Dragon, but he teleported and struck at him, causing Aisha to kick him to where Sky slashed at him. As soon as he did, Double Dragon leapt back and sent fireballs, but suddenly, they were all shot.

"Nani?!" Double Dragon exclaimed before Roxy flew up to him.

"Rhino Thrust!" Roxy called out, sending forth a punch that pierced Double Dragon to the ground, where Destwilder suddenly struck before BlancWing flew in.

Everyone looked to see Kitaoka walk in from one side before Satoru came from the other. Miho arrived from a third side as the three joined the Winx and the Specialists.

"You came," Riven said. "You actually came."

"You were right," Satoru said. "I need to be a hero of my own. I can't make up for what I did in the past… but I can forge my own ahead of me."

"Kido-Kun saved my life, and for that, I owe him mine," Miho said, revealing her Femme Deck. "I never said this… but this was given to me when Sara started the next Rider Battle. I declined, but kept it. I'm glad I did."

"As for me…" Kitaoka started out. "I usually don't like messy fights… but that was when I was living life before my illness could get the better of me," he said. "Goro died in my honor. For that, I will fight for him… and for Kido, who helped open my eyes more than anyone else."

"You impudent curs!" Double Dragon hissed.

Satoru held out his Deck, as did Miho and Kitaoka. Immediately, from the reflections nearby, V-Buckles appeared and manifested themselves onto their waists.

Kitaoka swung his fist up, and for a brief moment, Goro was seen next to him. "Henshin!"

Miho made wing motions with her hands before placing her right arm across her chest. "Henshin!"

Satoru held back his Deck and used his left hand to make a claw motion. "Henshin!"

All three placed their Decks into the V-Buckles. Soon, Kitaoka was once again Kamen Rider Zolda, Miho as Kamen Rider Femme, and Satoru as Kamen Rider Tiger.

"I knew we'd get through to you," Stella said before turning to Double Dragon as everyone aimed at him. "You're done for!"

"Thank you, Stella-Sama," Woz said as he took out his new Ridewatch. "Let us even the odds a little." He said as he clicked the new Ridewatch.

"What?!" Double Dragon exclaimed.


Woz placed the Alternative Ridewatch onto the Beyondriver.


Woz closed the Beyondriver, letting the new Ridewatch split.


Several reflections of Pseudo Rider Alternative superimposed onto Woz, giving him a new armor. He now had grey and gold plating on him, as well as silver blocks on both of his arms, and in his right hand was now a barbed sword styled after an insect of some kind.

"This is… Kamen Rider Woz, Alternative Armor." Woz said as he charged forth.

Double Dragon snarled and clashed with Woz before Sky and Brandon slammed their swords at him. He once again teleported before swinging his swords at them, just as Timmy shot him in the back.

"I like your style." Kitaoka said as he took out the Magna Visor. The two shot at Double Dragon together before Miho lunged with her Blanc Visor.

As Double Dragon dodged, Nex and Satoru brought their axes down before Flora flew up while Helia used his energy cables to restrain the Dragon Shokaijin.

"Summer Gale!" Flora called out, sending a strong gust of wind with flowers in it at Double Dragon.

Double Dragon broke free and teleported, appearing at Flora's height and slashing her down.

"Flora!" Helia called out, running to catch Flora before she could hit the ground.

"That style… I've seen it before," Kitaoka said. "From Kamen Rider Odin!"

"That voice," Miho said as she looked to Double Dragon. "Kanzaki Shiro!"

"What?!" Woz exclaimed.

"Venom Blast!" Roxy called out, getting a magical manifestation of a snake to spit venom at Double Dragon, revealing a part of a face with emotionless eyes.

"Why…?" Musa asked. "Why are you doing this? You and Yui were happy when the first Rider Battle ended!"

"That does not change my desire to bring her back!" Shiro exclaimed. "So many times, I've been so close to bringing her back, but to no avail! Every time, in every Battle, she slips away! I will not be denied Yui anymore!" he exclaimed.

At that moment, his helmet repaired itself like a reversal of time, and he charged at the Winx again.

"Come on, Bloom," Tecna said as she flew back from another attack. "What's your plan?"

All of a sudden, the mirror started to ripple. Out from it, Dragreder, Dragblacker, Darkwing and Evildiver flew out, hitting Double Dragon.

"What?!" Double Dragon exclaimed.

Dragreder flew back as Shinji ran out. Everyone looked as he landed the Dragon Rider Kick without being transformed. It knocked Double Dragon back a little before he was suddenly slashed by Ren with the Dark Visor. As he tried to regain himself and his composure, Tezuka flew in on Evildiver before who appeared to be Bloom leapt out from the top window, landing a punch that knocked Double Dragon back.

"Bloom!" Sky exclaimed.

"Wrong one!"

"Wait, what?" Stella asked.

Everyone turned to see Bloom coming out from a mirror, landing a dropkick with her own Magic Dragon. Double Dragon fired at her, but he was sent back as she landed next to Mirror Bloom.

"Whoa, another Bloom!" Helia exclaimed as he looked to Bloom and her Mirror Self. "Which is which?"

"Real Bloom." Bloom said, pointing to herself.

"Mirror Bloom." Mirror Bloom replied, pointing to herself.

"Whoa," Stella said. "I like the new look."

"Thanks, but that's not all," Bloom said as Double Dragon got up. "Kanzaki Shiro, your sister does not wish for any more of this chaos. Stop now, before it's too late!"

"Never! I shall bring Yui back if it's the last thing I do!" Double Dragon exclaimed.

"Then you leave me no choice," Bloom said as she held out her new Deck. As she did, a V-Buckle magically appeared on her waist. "Everyone… let's go!"

Ren placed his fist across his chest. "Henshin!"

Tezuka held his arm out in front of him. "Henshin!"

Mirror Bloom slowly placed her hand down and took a deep breath. "Henshin."

Shinji looked to his Deck before placing his hand across his chest. "Henshin!"

All four placed their Decks in. Once again, Ren was Kamen Rider Knight, Tezuka was Kamen Rider Raia, Mirror Bloom into Kamen Rider Ryuga, and for the first time in a year, Shinji transformed into Kamen Rider Ryuki.

"My turn! Magic Winx: Raidarix! Ryuki!" Bloom called as she placed her Raidarix Deck into her V-Buckle.

Two fiery orange rings surrounded Bloom as she flew up, flames all around. Her blank form started to glow, gaining the Drag Visor on her left hand before the symbol of Ryuki appeared as a tiara. As soon as another manifested onto her chest, Dragreder flew at her with her own dragon, giving her armor that resembled that of Kamen Rider Ryuki's own. With a spread of her arms, the flames formed into a large symbol of Ryuki that placed itself onto her back as wings.

The dragons roared as she landed on the ground, where the other Riders looked to her with amazement.

"Bloom-San." Shinji said.

"So… this is Raidarix?" Bloom asked, looking to herself. She looked up as Double Dragon fired red and black fireballs at her, but she placed her fist out and absorbed it. "Yosha!" She grinned, now matching Shinji's trademark pose.

"Go, Bloom!" Roxy called out.

"This must be proclaimed!" Woz said, stepping up and taking out his book before opening it. "Iwae! The ones to next inherit the powers of all Riders, ascending beyond time and space! The first Raidarix has been gained from the Rider of all Dragons, Kamen Rider Ryuki, and his power goes to Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame. She stands before you now as Bloom Ryuki Raidarix. Embrace the moment where she inherits the first of many Heisei Riders' powers!"

"Wow," Stella said. "You really take serving us seriously."

"Will you be doing that for all of us?" Musa asked.

"When you get your Raidarix." Woz said, closing his book.

(Play Alive A Life By Rica Matsumoto)

Bloom turned to Double Dragon and grinned as both Dragreder and her Dragon flew around her. Still burning bright, she walked forward.

Double Dragon roared and sent several blasts towards Bloom, but they all missed her before she ran at him.

"Yosha!" Shinji exclaimed. "Ikuzo, Minna!"

"Yah!" Ren called out as he pulled out the Dark Visor.

"I'm ready." Mirror Bloom said.

Double Dragon ran back at Bloom, slashing at her. However, she managed to parry off his attacks before sending several flaming punches at his chest.

"Flying Dragon Kick!" Bloom called out as her dragon breathed at her leg. It lit up and she performed a flying side kick at Double Dragon, sending him back before Shinji punched him.

"How… how can you have that power again?!" Double Dragon yelled.

"I was shown the Core Mirror," Shinji explained. "And I have learned that despite the outcome of every Rider Battle, whether I was defeated, killed, or otherwise, I came out on top. It was my ways and ideals that pulled through in the end. The fact that I fought for a good cause than some selfish desire… is what made me a Kamen Rider!"

"There's the Kido I know." Kitaoka said. He shot his Magna Visor at Double Dragon again before Satoru slotted a Card in.

"Now… we fight together to survive!" Shinji called out.

"That's a true hero right there." Satoru said before closing his Visor.


Satoru held up his arms, and his Dest Claws appeared. He ran at Double Dragon and slashed at him, but he only slashed back before teleporting in flames again.

"Don't think that can save you!" Bloom called out as she held her hand out. "Dragreder Launch!" she called out. A copy of Dragreder appeared, which flew around and struck its tail in thin air.

Double Dragon fell from where he was about to appear before the copy of Dragreder breathed fire at him.

"Nice!" Shinji exclaimed. He looked to Mirror Bloom and nodded. "Let's do this."

"You got it." Mirror Bloom said before she and Shinji placed the exact same cards into their Drag Visors.


"Raidarix RyukiSaber!" Bloom called out.

As the Drag Saber and Black Drag Saber came to Ryuki and Ryuga, the Dragreder flew back to Bloom, changing form. Soon, it turned into a new weapon as soon as Bloom grabbed it. It had the body of the Drag Saber with the Drag Claw at the end. On the sides of the handle were two guards that resembled the Drag Shields, and in the center with the Ryuki symbol was the symbol of the Winx.

"Us too!" Ren called out as he and Miho placed their cards in as well before closing their Visors.


Double Dragon looked around before teleporting in front of Bloom. He slashed down at her, but she held up the Raidarix RyukiSaber and blocked it before reversing her grip. Using the Drag Claw at the end, she sent fire into his chest and slashed again before he sent fireballs all around.


Everyone summoned their Guard Vents as the fireballs shot all around.

"Look out!" Stella called as several fireballs headed towards them.

"Let me handle this, my saviors!" Woz called out, pressing his Ridewatch.


Taking out both the Slash Dagger and the Zikan Despear, Woz sped around, destroying several of the fireballs before slashing at Double Dragon. He tried to slash at him, but he suddenly shattered.

"Woz?" Brandon asked.

"Here I am!" Woz called, appearing from a reflection nearby. He sped and slashed at Double Dragon again, sending him staggering backwards.

"Dragon Shields!" Bloom called out, causing the Drag Shields on her Raidarix RyukiSaber to grow around her. As they did Double Dragon sent more blasts at her. "Time for the new Card." She said as she reached for her Deck. She pulled out a Card with a jewel on it that read REFLEQUARTZ. Placing it into the Drag Visor on her left arm, she closed it.


Bloom spread her arms out and let her Dragon Shields vanish. Soon, the a fiery jewel appeared in front of her, and it sent the fireballs back at Double Dragon, sending him back.

"Go, Bloom!" Roxy called out.

"You got this!" Sky called out.

Bloom grinned as she, Shinji, Mirror Bloom, Ren, Tezuka and Miho all charged at Double Dragon. Ren and Miho struck first, slashing him back before Tezuka punched him in the chest. As he did, he placed a Card into his Evil Visor and closed it.


Summoning the Evil Whip, Kamen Rider Raia held Double Dragon in place before Bloom, Shinji and Mirror Bloom all slammed their swords against him, sending him flying back to where Kitaoka placed another Card in.


Satoru leapt up and slashed at Double Dragon while he was still in the air before Kitaoka used his Giga Launcher to shoot him back down.

"Tezuka, Bloom-Tachi! Ikuzo!" Shinji called out, placing a Card into his Drag Visor.

"Yeah!" Mirror Bloom called out as she placed the same Card in.


Tezuka looked to what was going on and placed his own Card into his Evil Visor.


"Fire of Ryuki!" Bloom called out, reversing the grip of her Raidarix RyukiSaber once again.

Shinji and Mirror Bloom both gained their respective Drag Claws while a copy of Shinji's flew to Tezuka. The Dragreder, Dragblacker, and Bloom's own dragon surrounded each Rider as they surrounded Double Dragon. Pulling their fists back, they sent streams of fire at Double Dragon, knocking him back.

"That did it!" Bloom exclaimed before looking to the Dragon Riders and Knight. "Ready to mark the first victory of the new Rider Battle?" she asked.

"Yeah," Ren said. "Now… we have a reason to fight together!" he called out before placing his Card into the Dark Visor.


"Us too!" Shinji called out as he and Mirror Bloom opened up their respective Drag Visors. Taking out the same Cards with their symbols on them, they placed them in and closed them, slotting and activating them.


"Let's do this!" Bloom called out as she copied Shinji and Mirror Bloom's ready stances. "Raidarix Finish!" she called out as the symbol of Ryuki flashed over her.

"Behold!" Woz called out. "The Advent of the first Raidarix is nearing its climax!" he called out before activating the Alternative Ridewatch again.


Woz ran at Double Dragon with the Slash Dagger, spinning around. Mimicking the Dead End Final Vent, he slashed through Double Dragon, disorienting him.

Ren gained the Wing Lancer and Wing Wall cape. Jumping up, he performed his Flying Lancer on Double Dragon. Double Dragon looked up as he was pierced from the Final Vent.

"Ima da!" Ren called to Bloom, Shinji and Mirror Bloom.

Ryuki and Ryuga both leapt up while Bloom flew up, her wings now flashing the symbol of Kamen Rider Ryuki onto Double Dragon, trapping him.

"Raidarix Dragon Kick!" Bloom called out as she, Shinji and Mirror Bloom all performed the Dragon Rider Kick. All three crashed right onto Double Dragon, creating a large explosion. The three soon landed, and a life energy orb flew up.

"Bloom-San… you've earned this." Shinji said.

Bloom nodded as her dragon flew next to her. It went to the energy orb and gobbled it in an instant.

(End Song)

Double Dragon fell, shattering to finally reveal Shiro Kanzaki. As he tried to get up, Yui walked out and held her hand out to him.

"Nii-san," Yui said. "Please… stop this."


"We can start anew," Yui said with everyone watching. "No one needs to die anymore. We have both been given a second chance. Let us take it, and create our new lives."

Shiro looked up, hesitating for a moment. Finally, he accepted Yui's hand as she helped him up. The two looked to each other and smiled before they hugged.

Bloom looked to the scene and smiled before every Rider ejected from their Rider forms. She looked to Shinji as her Mirror Self smiled and crossed her arms.

"Two Blooms now… I really wish I prepared for something like this." Sky said.

"Will you… continue to be a Rider?" Bloom asked.

Shinji nodded. "Now that we have a different creed… it is time we put our powers to a better use than against each other," he said as the rest of the remaining Riders smiled to each other. He held out his hand. "Thank you for showing me that path."

Bloom smiled and shook Shinji's hand. "Always glad to help," she said. "That's what the Winx is here for."

"Way to go, Bloom!" Stella cried as she ran to Bloom, tackling her with a surprise hug from the back.

Bloom laughed as her friends surrounded her, congratulating her. She noticed Mirror Bloom keeping her distance before she approached her.

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to someone," Bloom said as her mirror self looked in surprise. "Myself from the Mirror World… Sakura."

"Sakura?" Bloom's mirror self asked.

"Well, the name 'Moolb' originally came to me first, but it didn't sound right," Bloom said. "Besides, every flower blooms."

Sakura smiled. "I like it. Sakura it is."

"Welcome, Sakura," Flora said. "Are you a Fairy too?"

"Regretfully, no," Sakura said. "I just inherited the powers of Kamen Rider Ryuga. Nothing else."

"Well, I like you on our side," Stella said. "You are on our side, right?"

"Yes, I am," Sakura said before looking to Bloom. "I'm here to help whenever you need me. I'm just a reflection away."

"Great," Bloom said before a nervous blush came onto her face. "That won't include when I'm in the shower, right?" she asked. "I don't want my second sister to see me naked. Daphne would kill us."

Sakura laughed. "Just call me, and I'll be there," she said. "But I think I'll stay as the new Ryuga for now."

"Since you are now in a new era for a new Rider Battle," Yui said as she and Shiro walked up. "You no longer fight each other. You seven are the new Riders, unless you wish for there to be more wishing to fight for your cause."

"That sounds fine," Kitaoka said. "I have a whole lifetime ahead of me."

"Oh, that reminds us," Aisha said. "Shinji, there's something we want you to see. Chief Okubo requested it."

"What is it?" Shinji asked.

Later, the Winx and the Specialists presented Shinji to where ORE Journal was. It was now being redecorated, with Daisuke Okubo looking at it proudly.

"Editor-In-Chief." Shinji said, walking up.

Daisuke turned around and smiled. "Shinji," he said, patting him on the shoulder. "I think as time goes on… so shall we, and our business too."

"What's going on?" Shinji asked.

"We talked with all the members, and each follower of ORE Journal from the past eighteen years," Bloom said. "It was before we came to find you all."

"We figured, you all deserve a second chance too," Roxy said. "And what better way to spread the news… than with the rebirth of ORE Journal? The online trending news company worldwide?"

"These young people were kind enough to fund the whole thing," Reiko said, walking up with former members Megumi Asano and Nanako Shimada. "With the assistance of Shuichi Kitaoka too."

Kitaoka smiled and walked up. "I still owe you a date." He said.

Yui smiled from a distance with Shiro. Looking up, four lights glowed from her and spread around before the two walked to the mirror.

"Wishes granted." Yui said before she and Shiro walked into Mirror World. They reappeared at Atori, where Sanako Kanzaki saw them. She smiled warmly before the three hugged.

When Kitaoka got home, he saw a familiar face walking towards him.



At the Specialists' ship, Bloom was looking to her new Deck with a smile. The rest of the Winx gathered with her as Sakura watched from a mirror nearby.

"One Raidarix down…" Bloom said. "Many more to go."

"Your new look is so stylish," Stella said before snapping her fingers. "In fact, it gave me an idea."

Woz smiled and walked forward as everyone now had similar clothes to Bloom, only with colors of their own style. He opened his book and tossed out several pages, each going onto each member of the Winx as well.

"Whoa, nice!" Bloom exclaimed as she saw Ryuki's symbol appear on her jacket.

"Wonderful!" Flora said, looking at herself.

"This is so Winx!" Aisha exclaimed.

"Not too bad." Tecna said, admiring herself.

"Rocking!" Musa exclaimed, looking at herself front and back.

"Way cool." Roxy said in amazement.

"Woz and I came up with this one." Stella said.

"Yes," Woz said as everyone looked to them. "This clothing is special. It will not only help you in controlling the powers of Raidarix, but it will help signify the powers you have gained," he said as he walked to Bloom, who was smiling at Sakura in the mirror. "Since Bloom has gained the powers of Kamen Rider Ryuki, his power is now evident on her. For each Raidarix power you gain, their crests will appear for you too."

"I'm more than ready to gain Raidarix now!" Stella exclaimed as she looked to herself. "Look out, Bloom! The Fairy of the Sun and the Moon is about to catch up with you!"

All of a sudden, Woz's book glowed. Everyone looked to it before it opened to show a symbol of two bat wings over a moon.

"The next power calls to you, Princess Stella!" Woz exclaimed. "The powers… of Kamen Rider Kiva!"

From a distance, the cloaked figure looked to the Specialists' ship as it took off again.

"So, the first of the Raidarix Powers have been collected," the cloaked figure said. "As I told Kanzaki Shiro… there are always others who can finish the job." She said before flying away.

As she flew off, someone watching upside down from a building. Removing his arms from in front of his face, Kamen Rider Kiva leapt down, his symbol appearing in the crater made on the ground.

To Be Continued

In the next Chapter, the Winx seek to collect the powers of Kamen Rider Kiva. To aid them, they meet a man named Kurenai Wataru, who offers to help find this power in exchange for something from Stella. But the new enemy of the Winx creates a Shokaijin specifically meant to deal with Kiva's powers. Will the Winx come out on top, especially with Stella needing to learn the most important thing about having the powers of Kamen Rider Kiva?

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