Bella POV

He´s a vampire.

It´s been more than a week now that he has been watching me. What he wants from me, I don´t know.

He suddenly turned up at the book shop that I work at, lurking in a corner in my section, not saying a word. He tries to blend in, but I´m sure I know what he is. Pale, quiet, impossibly beautiful. Curly blond chin length hair falling into his eyes and a body to die for. Always dressed in cool casual jeans and t-shirts with boots. Lately, he has taken to smiling at me when he comes in, but – he can be as attractive as he wants, I have had my fill of these creatures; ever since my high-school boyfriend of five months had suddenly left me and made sure his whole family left town, too. It had taken a while, but then I had gotten my life back into gear, graduated well and started studying at UWa Seattle. Far enough to not require regular weekend trips back to Forks, close enough to go and see my dad and the Blacks whenever I felt like it.

Today my vampire stalker had left earlier than usual. I hope he has given up on me or decided to leave me alive.

I tidied my section, got my stuff and headed home to my postage-stamp-sized apartment. Friday night was wing-tsun night – Charlie´s one request for me living alone, as if I would not endanger myself most of all if I tried any of those moves on an opponent, especially, if he was of the vampire persuasion. I have to admit though, that it has become a habit I enjoyed, so I was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I rushed home to get my gear.

On look at my one room flat however had me take a deep breath and make sure the door behind me was still open.

Jasper POV

It was becoming frustrating as hell! I'm quite sure without Peter and Charlotte nagging me, I would have given up on this whole thing three weeks ago and simply had the girl for a much-needed meal, but – truth be told – I was not ready to face defeat, not by a slip of a human girl, all of two inches taller than Charlotte with long brown hair and chocolate eyes. Tonight I had decided to approach the whole thing from another angle; all that talk of Charlotte of getting to know her and flirt with her to get her to agree to changing for me had been getting on my nerves, besides, who did she think I was?

Anyway, this time I was going to have it out with her. I left early from my watch-post and settled in her flat.

Soon the door opened, and she dashed inside, throwing her keys in the bowl by the door and rushed on. Then she came to a halt at the sight of me.

"You. Again." She said in a contemptuous tone. "Let me get one thing clear right now!" She took hold of her phone. "As soon as you move, a message will go out to the police about a vampire attack in Seattle. How do you think the Volturi will feel about that?" She narrowed her eyes at me, and no matter how much calm I tried to send her, she still kept tapping her foot impatiently. "I want you out – now!"

I have to admit I was taken by surprise yet again. Usually I could dazzle females within minutes, but this girl… oh well…

"Sorry to have bothered you, Ma'am", I drawled. "Won't be happening again…" I tried to get closer without her noticing but…

"Stop right there!" she thundered.

"Well", I smirked, "What is it to be , Darlin'? You told me to leave, I can hardly do that without movin'." I raised my eyebrows at her quizzically with a crooked smile which usually guaranteed surrender in females.

"All right" – Ah, I thought – "but keep your distance. I know exactly what you are and what you can do. Leave!"

"Yea, that's another interesting thing, ain't it?" I said conversationally. "Just how do you know that?"

She rolled her eyes and pointed to the door. "Out! Vampire speed, if you don't mind!"

I knew Charlotte and Peter were just outside the flat, so I decided to beat a dignified retreat.

Bella POV

Phew! That had been a close call. Of course, I had no idea what I should have done had the vampire really tried to attack me – although quite probably I should not have known what hit me unless this guy was another sadistic creature like James or Laurent.

I shuddered. Truth was, I was rattled to the core and decided not to attend the class for once and have a nice long talk with my mom instead.

Still – if he was not out to feed on me, what did he want?