Chapter 1: Arrival

The creator of the Guild, the great god Ouranos, frowned as he stared at the man–no…creature in front of him. This creature had suddenly appeared in the Room of Prayer which is located under the Guild unannounced, saying that he seeks an audience. The creature whistled as he scanned the entire hall while stroking his gray beard. At the same time, Fels, his faithful follower never took his sight off the intruder.

Fels is no fool, he knew that he stood absolutely no chance against the creature in front of him. While the creature might took an appearance of an old man that resembled Ouranos, the pure power radiating from him is terrifying. Not only that, it managed to enter the chamber where Ouranos resides without anyone detecting him.

'How can I not detect him?' Fels thought wearily

"You say that you seek an audience with me…yet it is rude for you not to introduce yourself first.." Ouranos said, his voice's hard and laced with some of his divine authority.

The creature stop his sightseeing before focusing all of his attention on the god before him and bowed lowly with his hand on his chest.

"Greeting Great God Ouranos! My name is Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, a wizard marshal from where I came from and yes, I'm not human if that's what you're wandering about" The man, Zelretch, lift his head with a smile. "I was a human if that can ease your mind"

"And what are you exactly? For I had never heard of you for I'm certain that I would had heard of someone with the title 'wizard marshal'"

"Hmm, how should I explain this…." Zelretch mused. He thinks for a second before formulating his answer.

"A Dead Apostle Ancestor, that's what I am. Perhaps your people term for someone like me would be a vampire"

"And what do you want, vampire…to the point to you seek an audience with me" Ouranos said with narrowed eyes.

Zelretch smirked, now the fun begins.

"Tell me god Ouranos, are you aware of the kaleidoscope?"

"Parallel worlds? Are you claiming to be a dimension traveler?" Ouranos asked

'As expected of an Elder God, he catch on pretty quickly…hmmm, perhaps this would be easier than I thought it would be' Zelretch thought

"Indeed! From where I'm coming from, there is a magic that allows the user to travel and draw energies from the infinite worlds that exist. I'm the wielder of that magic…the 2nd magic, the Kaleidoscope or the Operation of Parallel Worlds"

"And the purpose of you coming here?" Ouranos asked, there's a hint of suspicion in his question.

"Lord Ouranos, do you believe in what this man saying?" Fels asked incredulously.

"You of all people should know that no children, be it human or vampire can lie in front of a god, Fels. As of now, I see nothing but truth from him"

Zelretch cannot help but chuckled.

"To tell you the truth, I had been watching this world from my timeless chamber for quite some time now" Zelretch said. "And I very much intrigued with the nature of this world…one which is very different from my original world"

"How so?" Fels asked, now that he knew that Zelretch is telling the truth.

"I would explain it later…but know that someone from this world that caught my attention" Zelretch said.

"Bell Cranel" Ouranos said knowingly

Zelretch laughed as he clapped his hand "Correct! As expected of the wise god!"

"That boy had been the center of several events until now…it is not a hard guess" Ouranos flatly said as he finally stood up from his throne which shows his imposing figure.

"And what is your intention now?" Ouranos once again asked.

"I knew that this city had gone through quite a difficult time. Why don't you provide the residents of this city some kind of entertainment?" Zelretch smirked. "What I'm proposing is some kind of cultural exchange…of the history and the figures of my world"

"For what purpose? You just said that the nature of our world is very different… I see no point in that" Ouranos stated.

"Come now god Ouranos, I know that you're also intrigued!" Zelretch said "And perhaps it might teach something to residence of this world…especially Bell Cranel". 'And entertainment'

Ouranos does not say anything for few minutes. The silence is deafening as both Fels and Zelretch waits for the god's decision.

Finally, the leader of the Guild speaks

"Farewell…I shall allow it"

The old vampire laughed while clapping his hands together, as if praising the god's decision.

"Wonderful! And why not make it more interesting for the boy?" Zelretch said with a smirk on his face.

"How so?"

"Bring in the boy's Familia and the Familia of the girl that the boy fancies together. Better yet, just bring all of the people that the boy knows in one place!"

"I see…so it is entertainment that you seek" Ouranos said. It is not an accusation for it will be hypocrite of him.

The gods of this world had descended to the mortal realm to seek entertainment from the children, and many gods and goddesses had imposed their will on the children for it. It is the nature of the immortals, even the children understand about that. The vampire, Zelretch, probably seek the same thing.

"Hahahaha…indeed. But, I'm not lying when I said that it will teach something to them. Especially those who yearns to be a hero. With their own eyes, they shall see both the struggle and the end of various heroes. By the end of it, they shall learn from what they have seen"

"Farewell…I do have one condition" Ouranos said as Zelretech nod.

"Only certain Familias and individuals that I approved off are allowed to watch what you're gonna show them. There will be no negotiation for this condition" the god said sternly

Zelretch nod "Agreed, I never suggest that you allows the whole citizens of Orario to watch it though"

"Farewell, I shall summon the Familias and individuals to a hall owned by the Guild tomorrow afternoon. I assume what you gonna show them won't end within an hour?" Ouranos said

"HAHAHAHA…of course not. Give or take, it would probably take around 3 to 5 days to finish what I had prepared for them!"

Ouranos nod "I'll prepare for tomorrow then"

"Indeed, I shall see you tomorrow god Ouranos. Thank you for hearing and granting my request" Zelretch said before he turned his back on the old god. A portal appeared right in front of him before he enters the portal and it disappeared.

Both Ouranos and Fels did not say anything for few minutes before the mage broke the silence.

"Why did you go along with his request, Lord Ouranos?"

"It would be less of a headache this way…and you know that he would still do something if I reject his request" Ouranos said as he rubbed his forehead.

"Still…to meet a dimension traveler…I never foresaw this kind of occurrence.." he mused

Fels could only sigh in response.

This is my very first Fanfiction as I suddenly have an urge to write this story…It had been in my mind for several days now (LOL). I'm sorry if there are any grammatical errors.