The Secret Of Trebond

© 2001
Jaelawyn Noble [ ]

Disclaimer: Love 'em, don't own 'em
Pairing: Alanna + George
Warnings: DDA, suicide, abuse
Rating: R
Notes: Read the Prologue


Yea, people… I know. Lord Alan was the bookish type—not the abusing type. Well… This is just a random fic by me… I have been toying with this idea for a while. So, be nice! I wrote this listening to Slainte's music. It's Celtic music, and very enjoyable.

Alanna's about 6 or 7 in the flashbacks. Uhm…. The present time is like… DIRECTLY after First Test, the first few pages. Like, when Alanna's home after the whole fight thingy. Also, it's because I feel Alanna has absolutely NO frickin' idea who she is. After all, Jon DID interrupt her identity search with that marriage proposal! Also, Thom—Brother, not son—may seen different. After all, Alanna said he was different than she remember, and we only got a slight glimpse of him in the beginning and from Alanna's telling of her bro! ^_~

Now, I know a lot of you are gonna flame me for making Alanna seem so unhappy and depressed and suicidal.... Well... That's the past. And let me ask you something, as this fic is to make people think, even if is like a splash of freezing cold water, who doesn't have the idea to end their terrible, miserable life?

After all, teenagers have more on their plates than Adults. We're in that awkward stage/social limbo where the slightest misstep with our make up or clothes sends us into a social void. Then again, all us "book worms" are social outcasts, no? ^_~ Hehe... Most of you know what little Miss Sorceress Angel of Death is saying, no? hehe...

By the way, I have no brother. I haven't lost anyone, haven't killed anyone [HAHA! Yeah, go cower in fear... ^_~], and I haven't experienced any true pain except from my mental and emotional turmoil. If you wonder how I can write these dark words full of pain and suffering, it's not from personal experience. Its from the depths of my soul, from the depths of my mind, and from my heart. I always write from the heart....

So, that's my Author's Note. And now for the slight Prologue....

Alanna looked out at the pouring rains that slashed the night sky. It was coming down in sheets, lightning lighting up the sky and thunder rolling. The room was lit comfortably to her--lit, but dully lit. The fire roared out and cackled, shoving light into the near twilight of the room. The firelight played cheerfully around the room, but didn't touch Alanna in the far corner of the room.

She stood there, looking at the rain pouring down in a dress of black and violet. Her mouth was colored scarlet, hey eyelids colored dark gray. She had the barest tint of color on her cheeks, but it was only from the heat in the room, and the flush of pain.

Thunder crashed and lightning struck somewhere outside. Alanna looked up, eyes sad. Her face shinned with the tears that she had already shed those few moments ago. No one was in the study, no one would come. The children were all asleep, in their beds. George was currently away, still in Corus. She had arrived back at the Swoop without waiting for George after her fight with Jonathan and Wyldon. But that was not the cause of her manor of dress.

Her brother was.

She missed him ever so much, and knew that she could never forget him, nor ever give up her grief of him. He was her missing half, part of her soul, part of her life, and most of all--part of her heart. She had kept her eternal mourning from George, Jonathan, Gary, Raoul, Geoffrey, Sacherell, Douglass, and most of her other friends, or else they would have been seriously concerned about her. And she wasn't sure she could deal with all that sympathy and concern.

It was nice to feel cared about, but sometimes their best intentions confined her. They made her want to scream and run....

Memory hit....

Alanna ran into the woods, peasant skirt tearing. She was crying as she ran. She couldn't stand her life anymore. She was running to the small abandoned house in the woods that she and her brother had marked as their hideaway--as their safe haven.

She ran into the house, and flung herself onto the mattress of blankets and pillows she and her brother had brought up with them once. She cried herself into exhaustion, and soon fell asleep from her tears...

Alanna moaned softly and felt the tears run down her face. "Kedesh'a..." she moaned, sitting on the window seat, crying as if everything she held dear was gone.

Unknown to Alanna, a small shadow watched as she cried, and slipped out just as quietly as he had slipped in...