It had been 6 months since the group had all graduated Yale, Colin had started law school and Steph stayed on taking extra classes, and the pair had an apartment just off campus. Paris was in medical school in Boston, her and Seth had split up at the beginning of their final year. It was all very amicable and no one really knew what Seth was doing now. Finn started taking over some of the hotels scattered across the east coast, the biggest being in New York. Maddie was also in New York, she was trying to start her fashion career, she always had an eye for detail and some of her designs were beautiful. Logan had joined HPG happily, he was now travelling across the states overseeing potential newspapers the company were interested in buying. Mitchum had tried his hardest to convince Rory to join as well, saying how her and Logan made such a great team, he wanted her writing, but she decided that she wanted to shadow her grandpa for at least the next year learning the ropes and do a gradual takeover of Gilmore insurance. She was also learning about the running of the law firm but luckily her dad was working there and run a tight ship according to her pop. She had agreed to do some freelance writing for Mitchum when she had time as she saw it as more of a hobby than work, she loved writing and journalism in general.

Logan and Rory got married the weekend after graduation. It was a massive society event and many didn't think they would ever see another joining as big as these three families. It may have been society but the day went off without a hitch, Rory had planned it all with the help of Steph and her family. Everyone had really respected her wishes. All their friends and family where there and then the newlyweds boarded a plane and took off to the Caribbean for a few weeks were there friends joined them the last week of summer to have one last hurrah. It had been perfect, but the bubble they had all been living in soon popped.

Turns out everyday reality is much harder than college reality. There was no stress of working and meeting deadlines, other people's lives were on the line with decisions that were being made, it was a lot on such young people's shoulders, there was no house to be run whilst your working 14 hour days minimum in Logan's case. The phone wasn't constantly ringing with business associates and god knew who else. Rory missed college. She often heard people saying how much life changed when college was over and the naive part of her didn't think things would get so hard. She was a newlywed and felt like she should be living in the honeymoon period, but things just weren't working out that way. Logan seemed to love his job and he was really good at it, and she was happy for him but it felt like they never saw each other anymore. He was working so many hours and even weekends trying to establish himself within HPG, he wanted to prove himself and she got that. She was working with her grandpa and there was a lot more to the insurance company than she realised. The paperwork and contracts all seemed to blur into one at times, reading small print and knowing legally were people stood. She was happy she had done a beginner course on legislation law it was really coming in handy now.

Her and Logan had bought a penthouse in new York, well not them specifically it was a wedding present off the Gilmores, it was large and had 4 bedrooms and beautiful views over central park, Rory had grabbed a book on a few occasions and sat in the park for hours lost in her own world. It was a beautiful space especially in such a busy city. Finn was currently living with them as he worked in New York most of the time, him and Madeleine had been on and off the late 2 years and it seemed nothing had changed now. This was currently an off period. Rory and Finn were closer than ever, they often had tea together, watched films and went for strolls. Logan was so busy working Rory was grateful for Finn for some company. She missed Stephanie but the girls made sure they got together at least once a week, her and Colin had got engaged over Christmas and Steph was planning their wedding around school.

Rory knew the period of adjustment wouldn't be easy but she also felt a little lost, over the years Logan was her safety blanket and she just hoped things would soon become more stable. They needed to she thought to herself as she sat on their bathroom floor, stick in hand with two solid pink lines. She was pregnant, deep down she already knew but this now confirmed her suspicions.

She shook her head and stood up off the bathroom floor, Logan had left a few days ago and would be back at the weekend. Although a little shocked at the discovery she was happy. A baby was a blessing whether it was planned or a surprise. She really needed to talk to someone but felt like she shouldn't before she told Logan in person. She knew she needed to book an appointment with the doctor to get everything confirmed but she didn't know which one to use. She didn't want it to be leaked to the press or society, especially this early. She walked out into kitchen and turned on the coffee machine. Then a frown crossed her face.

"No coffee for you Gilmore, decaf will have to do!"

It was quite funny really Colin still called her Gilmore and she still saw herself as a Gilmore when people had shouted Mrs Huntzberger she hadn't even responded to begin with, she would look around expecting to see Shira! It would definitely take some getting used too. Logan still called her ace most of the time but liked calling her Mrs H whenever he got the opportunity. It was quite sweet really, but she would always be his ace, it was just their thing.

Rory didn't really like decaf but if it was a choice between no coffee or decaf, she took decaf. She would have to go shopping; she didn't keep decaf in the house. She turned round and saw Finn looking at her curiously. When did he get home?

"Hey Finn, when did you get home? I didn't hear you come home, I'm going to the store to get some bits do you need anything?"

"No love I'm good and been in a while think you was in the bathroom, is there anything you want to tell Finny?" he finished with a half grin on his face.

He knew, how did he know, maybe he heard her talking to herself, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to work out if she wasn't having coffee there was a very good reason.

"You know..."

After a long silence, she began to speak again, Finn was clearly waiting to hear what she had to say.

"You heard me talking about getting decaf didn't you?" she added with a small knowing smile.

"No I didn't actually love but that would also have probably given it away, I found this in the bathroom and I'm pretty sure it isn't mine"

He was laughing slightly as he held up her pregnancy test, had she just left it on the side? Can baby brain really kick in this soon? Before she knew it Finn had his arms around her telling her how happy he was for her and Logan. He kissed the top of her head and placed his hands and her shoulders and stood back studying her for a minute.

"You are happy aren't you love?"

"Of course I am, I'm a little shocked but I've always wanted children Finn you know this, I'm just a little scared, I feel like I haven't adjusted yet to Logan working so much and me working, we've only been married six months and now there's a baby Huntz on the way. What if I can't do it Finn"

She looked at the floor as she spoke the last part in a whisper. She felt embarrassed that she was feeling this way, she was no longer a child, she was a married woman and her mom did it on her own at 16, but it didn't stop the doubt creeping into her mind. Finn grabbed hold of the girl he saw as a sister and she rested her head on his chest as he stroked his hands through her hair as he spoke.

"Rory, I know without a doubt you will be an amazing mommy, I know our boy isn't about a lot but I can guarantee you as soon as he knows your carrying his baby he will settle down the travelling, and I think Mitchum would ground him anyway. I'm sure the dark lord loves you more than his own son, and you've got me love. Kids love me! I will for sure be the favourite uncle and I will be here for anything you need just like your families, Steph and even Colin. That baby will be the luckiest baby in the world to have you and Logan as parents"

This was why her and Finn were so close. He was the best fun but was also the best support. He knew what she needed to hear and she knew that he meant every word. And that simple conversation between the two of them seemed to wash all her anxiety away. She stepped back and looked at her friend, thanking her lucky stars she left the test out. She needed this, a friend to lean on.

"I'm having a baby! Finn the group is having its first baby!"

The pair jumped around excitably and now she couldn't wait to share the news with Logan. Finn accompanied Rory to the shop to buy some supplies and they also bought a special box that Rory was going to present to Logan telling him he was going to become a dad. Finn had talked to her about making her doctor's appointment and had arranged everything with a private clinic he knew could be trusted for the following Monday. He knew as well as she did that this information in the wrong hands would cause quite a stir.

Life was suddenly getting very real.