Hestia began to read.

The beginning and stuff.

"The beginning and stuff? Pretty original, Seaweed brain!" Annabeth chided, but a small smile tugging her face.

In the beginning, I wasn't there.

"Obviously!" Nico said in his best 'Snape' tone.

I don't think the Ancient Greeks were, either.

"Well, duh! Percy Jackson." Grover said imitating Dionysus. Dionysus quirked his eyebrow at Grover and he whistled like nothing happened.

Nobody had a pen and paper to take notes, so I can't vouch for what follows, but I can tell you it's what the Greeks thought happened.

"And some other things made up by our own Percy Jackson." Jason whispered.

At first, there was pretty much nothing. A lot of nothing.

"You think where the scientists got big bang theory, Percy?" Apollo asked, for the surprise of others. "No need to be surprised. I'm the god of Knowledge!" Apollo grinned, showing his flashy teeth.

The first god, if you can call it that, was Chaos—a gloomy, soupy mist with all the matter in the cosmos just drifting around.

"He's also a deity." Zeus said, much surprise to everybody.

"Have you met him, father?" Athena asked in curiosity.

"Yes, but I won't mention where, when, why or how." Athena pouted, which made demigods laugh. But soon, a glare of Athena silenced them evily.

Here's a fact for you: Chaos literally means the Gap, and we're not talking about the clothing store.

"Aww. One of my favourite topics." Aphrodite said in a disappointed tone. Hephaestus scoffed.

Eventually Chaos got less chaotic. Maybe it got bored with being all gloomy and misty.

"Millanias of loneliness can do that to you." Hermes said. "I'm not much mischievous like I used to be." he mumbled.

"Oh! Like that ever happens!" Artemis scoffed, and other Olympians nodded in approval and Hermes pouted.

Some of its matter collected and solidified into the earth, which unfortunately developed a living personality.

The gods, seven besides Percy, Nico, Thalia and Grover nodded.

"Words of wisdom." Athena complimented.

She called herself Gaea, the Earth Mother.

"Actually, Chaos named her as dirt face, but she changed her name to Gaea." Leo joked.

Now Gaea was the actual earth—the rocks, the hills, the valleys, the whole enchilada.

"Enchiladas?" Grover asked in curiosity. Annabeth slapped back of his head.

"Goat boy! That's just seaweed brain." Annabeth said.

But she could also take on human like form.

"Sadly." Frank mumbled. The others nodded.

She liked to walk across the earth—which was basically walking across herself—in the shape of a matronly woman with a flowing green dress, curly black hair, and a serene smile on her face.

"Actually, she doesn't sound that bad." Grover said. He tried to say something else, but he shut his mouth seeing the faces of others.

The smile hid a nasty disposition. You'll see that soon enough.

"Don't tell me I told you so." Grover said, in a Arthur Pendragon voice.

"Grover, when did you watch Merlin series?" Annabeth asked.

"I watched it with Percy and Tyson last month. It was nice." Grover said.

After a long time alone, Gaea looked up into the misty nothing above the earth and said to herself:

"Talking to yourself is the first symptom of madness." Hazel said.

"Hey, that's my line." Dionysus and Apollo said same time, then glared at each other and acted like nothing happened.

"You know what would be good? A sky. I could really go for a sky. And it would be nice if he was also a handsome man I could fall in love with, because I'm kind of lonely down here with just these rocks."

"Awww!" Aphrodite cooed. Hephaestus and Ares were shaking their heads.

Either Chaos heard her and cooperated, or Gaea simply willed it to happen.

"To happen what?" Piper asked.

Above the earth, the sky formed—a protective dome that was blue in the daytime and black at night.

"To happen that." Athena said mockingly.

The sky named himself Ouranos

"Daddy!" Aphrodite squealed.

—and, yeah, that's another spelling for Uranus. There's pretty much no way you can pronounce that name without people snickering. It just sounds wrong. Why he didn't choose a better name for himself—like Deathbringer or José—

"That's because those kind of dumb names never existed in the first place." Hera said.

"Come on. Death bringer is a good name!" Hades said, surprisingly.

"For you, corpse breath!" Hera snapped. .

Other Olympians shook their heads at Hera.

I don't know, but it might explain why Ouranos was so cranky all the time.

"Your sense of humour is weird Percy." Jason said.

Like Gaea, Ouranos could take human shape and visit the earth—which was good, because the sky is way up there and long-distance relationships never work out.

"Say it for yourself Percy. Percabeth never broke up because of distance." Piper remembered.

"Wait, what's Percabeth?" Nico asked.

"Percabeth is the relationship between Percy and Annabeth." Piper explained. "Like Solangelo, Tratie, Jasper, Caleo, Thluke-"

"That's enough. Continue with the story, aunt Hestia." Artemis said.

In physical form, he looked like a tall, buff guy with longish dark hair. He wore only a loincloth, and his skin changed color—sometimes blue with cloudy patterns across his muscles, sometimes dark with glimmering stars.

"Yep, definitely not the ideal boyfriend." Piper mumbled.

"Oh, don't speak to your grandpa like that!" Aphrodite chided, but her eyes were gleaming.

The audiance broke into snickers.

Hey, Gaea dreamed him up to look like that. Don't blame me.

"Gaea's taste is weird." Leo commented.

Sometimes you'll see pictures of him holding a zodiac wheel, representing all the constellations that pass through the sky over and over for eternity.

"It should have been me." Zeus grumbled.

"You're already powerful enough." Poseidon said. "You're a power hungry god."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Ahem!" Hades coughed. "If your bromance is over, let us hear the story please."

Anyway, Ouranos and Gaea got married.

"No need of wedding cards." Leo mumbled.

Happily ever after?

"Not exactly." Frank said.

Not exactly.

Audiance broke into laughs. Frank was hiding his face under his palms.

"I would never guess you were turning into kelp head." Thalia commented.

Part of the problem was that Chaos got a little creation-happy.

"How does that become a problem?" Hazel asked.

It thought to its misty, gloomy self: Hey, Earth and Sky. That was fun! I wonder what else I can make.

"And that's how." Annabeth pointed out. "Once a creator, always a creator."

Soon it created all sorts of other problems—and by that I mean gods.

Gods looked offended.

Water collected out of the mist of Chaos, pooled in the deepest parts of the earth, and formed the first seas, which naturally developed a consciousness—the god Pontus.

"Pontus is awesome!" Poseidon exclaimed. Athena coughed.

Then Chaos really went nuts and thought: I know! How about a dome like the sky, but at the bottom of the earth! That would be awesome!

"Noo!" Nico and Annabeth moaned. Percy took Annabeth into a hug and patted her back.

"Do I get a hug?" Nico asked.

"Sorry death boy, but I'm not your type." Percy grinned and Nico acted like it hit his heart. He was over Percy long ago.

So another dome came into being beneath the earth, but it was dark and murky and generally not very nice, since it was always hidden from the light of the sky. This was Tartarus, the Pit of Evil; and as you can guess from the name, when he developed a godly personality, he didn't win any popularity contests.

Artemis shook her head at the sense of humour of this mortal male.

However, Hades had other ideas. "Jackson, are you forgetting the underworld? Erebus?"

Percy grinned sheepishly. "This is the version I know."

Hades shrugged it off. "You're truly a son of Poseidon." He said grimly.

The problem was, both Pontus and Tartarus liked Gaea, which put some pressure on her relationship with Ouranos.

"She sired Nereis with Pontus, giants and Typhoon with Tartarus; and that became a massive problem." Percy said.

"Nereis wasn't that bad!" Thalia said.

"You weren't the one who suppose to catch him." Percy reminded.

A bunch of other primordial gods popped up, but if I tried to name them all we'd be here for weeks.

"May be you, Percy Jackson. It would take me few hours." Athena said.

"Is your hubris kicking in?" Poseidon asked sarcastically, Athena glared at him.

Chaos and Tartarus had a kid together (don't ask how; I don't know) called Nyx, who was the embodiment of night.

"Probably some essence of Tartarus fell into essence of Chaos." Annabeth said, shuddering at the name. Percy took her into another hug. His eyes met Athena and Athena nodded in (grudging) approval.

Then Nyx, somehow all by herself, had a daughter named Hemera, who was Day.

"Her husband was Erebus." Hades pointed out.

"I said-" Percy tried to say, but Hades cut him to it.

"It doesn't matter what you say!"

The room roared with laughter.

Those two never got along because they were as different as…well, you know.

"Day and Night, duh!" Thalia said.

According to some stories, Chaos also created Eros, the god of procreation…

Aphrodite nodded. "He met me after my birth and advised how to control my powers."

in other words, mommy gods and daddy gods having lots of little baby gods.

"Your way of speaking is astounding, Percy." Frank said.

Other stories claim Eros was the son of Aphrodite.

"I named him after my mentor." Aphrodite said. Hestia nodded in approval. Even demigods were pleasantly surprised by that. Especially Nico. Eros helped him understand himself, even it was a horrible experience.

We'll get to her later. I don't know which version is true,

"Now you do." Aphrodite said.

but I do know Gaea and Ouranos started having kids—with very mixed results.

"Emphasis on very." Nico commented.

First, they had a batch of twelve—six girls and six boys called the Titans.

The gods nodded.

These kids looked human, but they were much taller and more powerful.

"Obviously!" Nico stated again.

"Nico, you can't be Severus Snape." Hazel said, slapping back of Nico's head.

You'd figure twelve kids would be enough for anybody, right? I mean, with a family that big, you've basically got your own reality TV show.

"Or a team Leo!" Leo commented. Nobody said anything against it.

Plus, once the Titans were born, things started to go sour with Ouranos and Gaea's marriage.

"It always does. Once Ares born, Zeus continued to go to human world to woo his share of women." Hera said. Zeus looked very much uneasy.

Ouranos spent a lot more time hanging out in the sky. He didn't visit. He didn't help with the kids.

"That's why titans are so grumpy. They have daddy issues!" Leo exclaimed.

"Not all of them. There are second generation titans, you know?" Annabeth said.

Gaea got resentful. The two of them started fighting. As the kids grew older, Ouranos would yell at them and basically act like a horrible dad.

"Am I sympathizing for Gaea?" Piper wondered.

A few times, Gaea and Ouranos tried to patch things up. Gaea decided maybe if they had another set of kids, it would bring them closer….

"Bad idea." Grover said. "Bad, Bad idea."

I know, right? Bad idea.

"Percy, since when did you become a telepath?" Frank asked.

"Since now." Percy made a pose.

She gave birth to triplets. The problem: these new kids defined the word UGLY. They were as big and strong as Titans, except hulking and brutish and in desperate need of a body wax. Worst of all, each kid had a single eye in the middle of his forehead.

"You're offending Tyson." Annabeth stated.

"What else can I tell? That they're the fair and handsome knights of round table?" Percy retorted.

The audiance roared with laughter.

Talk about a face only a mother could love. Well, Gaea loved these guys.

"Unlike someone is known to throw kids away just because they're ugly." Hephaestus looked in Hera's eyes as he calmly said. Hera looked away from Hephaestus, but Percy could bet there were tears pooling in her eyes.

She named them the Elder Cyclopes,

"Doubt it." Nico said. "If she had named them elder Cyclopes, how did she know that there will be cyclopes?"

"Oh my god Nico, you can't ask Gaea how did she know that!" Percy said.

and eventually they would spawn a whole race of other, lesser Cyclopes. But that was much later.

"My theory is-" Leo started, " They sired few other Cyclopes before meet Gaea. Gaea being Gaea, named the little Cyclopes first, then named her sons."

"That's not actually that bad." Piper said sarcastically.

When Ouranos saw the Cyclops triplets, he freaked. "These cannot be my kids! They don't even look like me!"

"Ooh burn!" Leo shouted. Then acted innocent as others gave him odd looks.

"They are your children, you deadbeat!" Gaea screamed back. "Don't you dare leave me to raise them on my own!"

"How are you so sure about those dialogues, Perry Johanson?" Dionysus asked.

"First its Percy Jackson, and yes, because I made them up." Percy said.

"Don't worry, I won't," Ouranos growled.

"Then he threw the elder Cyclopes into pit. Just like someone we know." Hephaestus stated.

He stormed off and came back with thick chains made from the night sky's pure darkness. He bound up the Cyclopes and tossed them into Tartarus, which was the only part of creation where Ouranos wouldn't have to look at them.

"That's harsh." Piper said.

Harsh, right?

Piper blushed in embarrassment.

Gaea screamed and wailed, but Ouranos refused to release the Cyclopes. No one else dared to oppose his orders, because by this time he was getting a reputation as a pretty scary dude.

"Thunders, storms, lightnings, rains-" Zeus was trailing off. Poseidon signed Hestia to read.

"I am king of the universe!" he bellowed. "How could I not be? I am literally above everything else."

"He's just like Zeus." Poseidon simply said.

"He's nothing like me." Zeus said.

"Tell it to yourself." Hades joined Poseidon.

"I hate you!" Gaea wailed.

"Bah! You will do as I say. I am the first and best of the primordial gods."

"This is why I hate males." Artemis said.

"All males aren't like that. Besides there are lots of females with many mistakes and flaws who cause lots of sins like splitting families." Nico said innocently, earning a glare from Artemis.

"I was born before you!" Gaea protested. "You wouldn't even be here if I didn't—"

"Don't test me," he snarled. "I've got plenty more chains of darkness."

"Dude." Jason sighed heavily.

As you can guess, Gaea threw a total earthquake fit, but she didn't see what else she could do.

"There weren't any marraige counselors at the time, so no." Leo said.

"Sometimes you're very weird Leo." Piper chided.

"What? It isn't like Gaea can beat Ouranos in a fair battle!" Leo defended himself.

Her first kids, the Titans, were almost adults now. They felt bad for Mom. They didn't like their dad much either—Gaea was always bad-mouthing him, with good reason—but the Titans were scared of Ouranos and felt helpless to stop him.

"Where the beginning of the end happens." Jason said.

"Not yet." Annabeth said.

I have to keep it together for the kids, Gaea thought. Maybe I should give it one more try with Ouranos.

"Not. Gonna. Happen." Apollo declared.

She arranged a nice romantic evening—candles, roses, soft music. They must have rekindled some of the old magic.

"Very smooth, kelp head." Thalia said.

"What? I'm telling this story for kids." Percy said in his diffence.

A few months later, Gaea gave birth to one more set of triplets.

"Behold. Heros of Tyson!" Percy said.

As if she needed more proof that her marriage to Ouranos was dead….

"Just like my marraige with someone we all know. But this proves I'm more mentally stronger than Gaea." Hera declared.

"Come on. At least I don't treat you like Ouranos treated Gaea!" Zeus said. Hera turned her back to Zeus.

The new kids were even more monstrous than the Cyclopes. Each one had a hundred arms all around his chest like sea urchin spines, and fifty teeny, tiny heads clustered on his shoulders. It didn't matter to Gaea.

"Say anything about her, but she is a good mother." Hephaestus whispered.

She loved their little faces—all hundred and fifty of them.

"Aww." Aphrodite and Piper cooed.

She called the triplets the Hundred-Handed Ones. She'd barely had time to give them names, though, when Ouranos marched over, took one look at them, and snatched them from Gaea's arms. Without a word, he wrapped them in chains and tossed them into Tartarus like bags of recycling.

"He has some serious issues!" Leo said.

Clearly, the sky dude had issues.

"I was just saying." Leo said innocently.

Well, that was pretty much it for Gaea. She wailed and moaned and caused so many earthquakes that her Titan kids came running to see what was wrong.

"Your father is a complete _!"

I don't know what she called him, but I have a feeling that's when the first cuss words were invented.

"All hail the mighty goddess Gaea, the mother earth and also the goddess of insults and cuss words!" Leo said. Others of the seven, Nico and Thalia fell on to one knee and bowed.

She explained what had happened. Then she raised her arms and caused the ground to rumble beneath her. She summoned the hardest substance she could find from her earthy domain, shaped it with her anger, and created the first weapon ever made—a curved iron blade about three feet long.

"Blade of the Scythe of Kronos!" Zeus gasped.

She fixed it to a wooden handle made from a nearby tree branch, then showed her invention to the Titans.

" Hephaestus, she is better than you, dude." Apollo said. Hephaestus grumbled.

"Behold, my children!" she said. "The instrument of my revenge. I will call it a scythe!"

"So, she is the goddess of Scythes too?" Hazel said.

The Titans muttered among themselves: What is that for? Why is it curved? How do you spell scythe?

Annabeth shook her head at the sassiness of the comment. "S, C, Y, T, H, E; Scythe." She said loudly and slowly.

"One of you needs to step up!" Gaea cried. "Ouranos isn't worthy to be the king of the cosmos. One of you will kill him and take his place."

"And we know who stepped in." Zeus grumbled.

The Titans looked pretty uncomfortable.

"Wonder why? Apollo wondered outloud.

"So…explain this whole killing thing," said Oceanus. He was the oldest Titan boy, but he mostly hung out in the far reaches of the sea with the primordial water god, whom he called Uncle Pontus.

"Guess Pontus isn't that awesome?" Zeus asked Poseidon.

"Nah. He's still awesome." Poseidon said.

"What does it mean, to kill?"

"To exterminate!" Athena said.

"She wants us to exterminate our dad," Themis guessed.

"Your old wife Zeus, the one who you sired the fates with." Hades said, rather bored.

She was one of the smartest girls, and she immediately got the concept of punishing someone for a crime.

Hera's eyes gleamed dangerously at the praising of Themis. Zeus sighed heavily.

"Like, make him not exist anymore."

"Is that even possible?" asked her sister Rhea.

"Mother!" The elder Olympians (except Aphrodite) squealed.

"I thought we were all immortal."

"Guess you're not." Hermes said.

Gaea snarled in frustration. "Don't be cowards! It's very simple. You take this sharp pointy blade and you cut your dad into small pieces so he can't bother us again. Whichever of you does this will be the ruler of the universe! Also, I will make you those cookies you used to like, with the sprinkles."

The audiance broke into a mad laughter.

"Does-does they had cookies-he-that time?" Nico asked in between laughing.

"Dunno, did they have mythomagic at the time?" Percy asked back, which shut Nico up.

Now, in modern times, we have a word for this sort of behavior. We call it psycho.

"That was you made up the whole thing, so I guess you're the psychotic one here, Peter Johnson." Dionysus said.

Back then, the rules of behavior were a lot looser. Maybe you'll feel better about your own relatives, knowing that the first family in creation was also the first dysfunctional family.

"Yeah, no. They can be much worse sometimes." Frank said. The demigods nodded at approval.

The Titans started mumbling and pointing to each other like,

"Hey, you'd be good at killing Dad."

"Uh, no, I think you should do it."

"I'd love to kill Dad, honestly, but I've got this thing I have to do, so—"

"They are just like politicians." Leo said.

"I'll do it!" said a voice from the back.

"Finally, a god of my kind!" Ares cheered. The gods gave him odd looks. "A titan, I suppose." Ares corrected himself.

The youngest of the twelve shouldered his way forward.

Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, Hestia pale.

Kronos was smaller than his brothers and sisters.

"That won't be a problem though." Frank said.

He wasn't the smartest or the strongest or the fastest. But he was the most power-hungry.

"What's the similarity between Kronos and Zeus?" Poseidon wondered outloud.

I suppose when you're the youngest of twelve kids, you're always looking for ways to stand out and get noticed. The youngest Titan loved the idea of taking over the world, especially if it meant being the boss of all his siblings.

"That, Barnacle beard. That." Athena said. Zeus kept glaring at those two.

The offer of cookies with sprinkles didn't hurt, either.

"Its basically, 'come to dark side, we have cookies.' " Nico said.

Kronos stood about nine feet tall, which was runty for a Titan. He didn't look as dangerous as some of his brothers,

"Not dangerous? We barely won the first titan war." Zeus thundered.

but the kid was crafty.

Zeus and the elder Olympians nodded. First titanomachy wasn't a walk on rose carpets.

He'd already gotten the nickname "the Crooked One" among his siblings, because he would fight dirty in their wrestling matches and was never where you expected him to be.

"Then there's the titan of wrestling. As the god of boxing, you should fight with him Apollo." Hermes said.

"But he's a cheater!" Apollo protested.

"That's not cheating, its using the powers." Hermes retorted.

He had his mother's smile and dark curly hair. He had his father's cruelty.

"Guess what, Zeus looks like his father more than any of us." Demeter teased. Zeus scowled.

When he looked at you, you could never tell if he was about to punch you or tell you a joke.

"Not the second one surely." Nico said.

His beard was kind of unnerving, too. He was young for a beard, but he'd already started growing his whiskers into a single spike that jutted from his chin like the beak of a raven.

"Maybe I should try that style." Ares said. Others looked like him as if he was going mad.

When Kronos saw the scythe, his eyes gleamed. He wanted that iron blade.

"The oldest relationship among titans, Kroscythe." Aphrodite sighed.

"I ship it!" Leo said.

"Better than brason any day!" Piper said, her eyes gleaming mischeivously.

"What's brason?" Jason asked.

"That would be telling!" Piper squealed.

Alone among his siblings, he understood how much damage it could cause.

"He's like Ares, through and through." Apollo said.

And as for killing his dad—why not? Ouranos barely noticed him. Neither did Gaea, for that matter. His parents probably didn't even know his name.

"Lesson number 455: Parent issues causes making of evil guys." Hermes said.

Kronos hated being ignored. He was tired of being the smallest and wearing all those stupid Titan hand-me-downs.

"Nice way of putting it, seaweed brain." Annabeth ruffled Percy's hair.

"I'll do it," he repeated. "I'll chop up Dad."

"He says it very casually. Males don't have any manners." Artemis said.

"My favorite son!" Gaea cried.

"Naturally!" Leo exclaimed.

"You are awesome! I knew I could count on you, uh…which one are you again?"

A small snicker spread among the crowd.

"That's what happens when you have countless of children." Hades said.

"Kronos." He managed to keep his smile.

"I wonder how did he mange to keep his temper at bay. Father does get angry a lot." Hestia said, taking her eyes from the book for a moment.

Hey, for a scythe, cookies, and a chance to commit murder, Kronos could hide his true feelings.

"Ohh!" Hestia shook her head.

"I will be honored to kill for you, Mother. But we'll have to do it my way. First, I want you to trick Ouranos into visiting you. Tell him you're sorry. Tell him it's all your fault and you're going to cook him a fancy dinner to apologize. Just get him here tonight and act like you still love him."

"Guess you're not the god of plans Hephaestus." Athena said sarcastically.

"Grandpa stole your title even before your birth!" Apollo exclaimed.

"Burnnn!" Hermes said, joining the fun.

"Ugh!" Gaea gagged. "Are you crazy?"

"He so is!" All the people in the room said.

"Just pretend," Kronos insisted. "Once he's in human form and sitting next to you, I'll jump out and attack him. But I'll need some help."

"And who does help a evil plan like this?" Hazel wondered.

He turned to his siblings, who were all suddenly very interested in their own feet.

"Never mind." Hazel mumbled.

"Look, guys," said Kronos, "if this goes bad, Ouranos is going to take revenge on all of us. We can't have any mistakes. I'll need four of you to hold him down and make sure he doesn't escape back into the sky before I finish killing him."

"Easy job." Ares added.

The others were silent. They were probably trying to picture their shrimpy little brother Kronos taking on their huge violent dad, and they weren't liking the odds.

"Not so convincing, huh?" Demeter asked.

"Oh, come on!" Kronos chided. "I'll do the actual slicing and dicing. Four of you just need to hold him. When I'm king, I'll reward those four! I'll give them each a corner of the earth to rule—north, south, east, and west. One-time offer. Who's with me?"

"Hyperion, Koios, Krius and Iapetus." Poseidon said, counting his fingers.

The girls were too wise to get involved in murder.

"Girls are wise indeed." Artemis said.

They made their excuses and quickly left.

"Whimps!" Ares said. He met with a glare of Artemis.

The oldest son, Oceanus, chewed his thumb nervously. "I have to get back to the sea, for some, uh, aquatic stuff. Sorry…"

"Whimp!" Ares exclaimed.

"Not so much of a whimp when he shattered my castle down." Poseidon moaned painfully, remembering his precious castle.

That left only four of Kronos's brothers—Koios, Iapetus, Krios, and Hyperion.

"Duh!" Thalia said.

Kronos smiled at them.

"Partners in crime." Hermes said.

He took the scythe from Gaea's hands and tested its point, drawing a drop of golden blood from his own finger. "So, four volunteers! Nice!"

"Bet 5 drachmas they're not volunteers." Leo said.

Iapetus cleared his throat. "Uh, actually—"

"Toughen up, loser!" Ares barked.

Hyperion jabbed Iapetus with his elbow. "We're in, Kronos!" he promised. "You can count on us!"

"Fearsome five for freedom!" Leo exclaimed.

"Excellent," Kronos said, which was the first time an evil genius ever said excellent.

"You're watching movies too much, Percy." Annabeth chided.

He told them the plan.

That night, amazingly, Ouranos showed up.

"Idiot." Athena shook her head.

He wandered into the valley where he usually met Gaea and frowned when he saw the sumptuous dinner laid out on the table.

"He's smelling something." Nico said.

"I got your note. Are you serious about making up?"

"No, duh!" Piper said.

"Absolutely!" Gaea was dressed in her best green sleeveless dress. Her curly hair was braided with jewels (which were easy for her to get, being the earth), and she smelled of roses and jasmine.

She reclined on a sofa in the soft light of the candles and beckoned her husband to come closer.

"For her credit, she really knows how to please a man, or a woman." Aphrodite said.

"Please keep things PG." Percy begged, dramatically falling onto his knees.

Ouranos felt underdressed in his loincloth. He hadn't brushed his hair or anything. His nighttime skin was dark and covered with stars, but that probably didn't count as "black tie" for a fancy dinner.

"Oh boy, lover issues!" Leo gagged.

He was starting to think he should've at least brushed his teeth.

"Eww!" Piper said.

Was he suspicious? I don't know. Remember, nobody in the history of the cosmos had been lured into an ambush and chopped to pieces before.

"Well, he is going to be the first." Annabeth said.

He was going to be the first.

"Annie, the seaweed is infecting your brains too. The hunt is open anytime." Thalia joked.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Annabeth replied calmly.

Lucky guy.

"Very lucky." Dionysus said sarcastically.

Also, he got lonely hanging out in the sky so much. His only company was the stars, the air god Aither (who was, in fact, a total airhead), and Nyx and Hemera, mother and daughter, who argued with each other every dawn and dusk.

"If he was so lonely, then why he didn't visit Gaea more often?" Hera asked.

"So…" Ouranos's palms felt sweaty. He'd forgotten how beautiful Gaea could be when she wasn't all yelling up in his face. "You're not angry anymore?"

"Just like a typical male do." Artemis stated.

"Not at all!" Gaea assured him.

"Nice acting." Hermes complimented.

"And…you're okay with me wrapping our kids in chains and throwing them into the abyss?"

"She is so not." All of them said.

Gaea gritted her teeth and forced a smile. "I am okay with it."

"Good," he grunted. "Because those little guys were UGLY."

"Bad thing to say, dude." Leo said.

Gaea patted the couch. "Come sit with me, my husband."

Ouranos grinned and lumbered over.

"Guess you're not the goddess of seduction, Aphrodite. Your title was stolen before the birth." Artemis said.

"At least I can relate to my titles, Artemis." Aphrodite calmly said.

As soon as he settled in, Kronos whispered from the behind the nearest boulder: "Now."

Ares conjured some pop corn and took a fistful of pop corn in his mouth.

His four brothers jumped out from their hiding places. Krios had disguised himself as a bush.

Koios had dug a hole for himself and covered it with branches. Hyperion had tucked himself under

the couch (it was a large couch), and Iapetus was attempting to look like a tree with his arms out for branches. For some reason, it had worked

"Your imagination is wild, Peter Parker." Dionysus praised.

"Hey, I'm not spider man!" Percy said.

The four brothers grabbed Ouranos. Each one took an arm or a leg and they wrestled their dad to the ground, stretching him out spread-eagle.

"Tartarus would have threw them away. Nonetheless this is going to be a blood shed!" Ares cheered.

"What are you, a Vampire?" Athena asked.

"Don't compare me to that abominations! I'm not a fan of those sparkling things like you!" Ares exclaimed loudly.

Athena blushed beet red as the crowd broke into laughter.

Kronos emerged from the shadows. His iron scythe gleamed in the starlight. "Hello, Father."

"He sounds like Hades." Demeter said. "He said exact words when we arrived to stop Kronos."

Hades scowled.

"What is the meaning of this?" Ouranos bellowed. "Gaea, tell them to release me!"

"Like they would." Jason scoffed.

"HA!" Gaea rose from her couch. "You gave our children no mercy, my husband, so you deserve no mercy. Besides, who wears a loincloth to a fancy dinner? I am disgusted!"

"Back in ancient Greek, loincloth was a revered dress." Zeus said.

"Are you joking dad?" Jason asked, not believing his ears.

Ouranos struggled in vain. "How dare you! I am the lord of the cosmos!"

"Not anymore." Ares said in thrill.

"Not anymore." Kronos raised the scythe.

"Wow, you just sounded like Kronos." Athena said.

"What can I say, great minds think alike?" Ares shrugged.

"Beware! If you do this, uh…what was your name again?"

Crowd broke into sudden laughter.


Laughter increased.

"He just cursed himself." Poseidon said. "Had he not tell him his name, the curse wouldn't be bestowed upon him."

"If you do this, Kronos," said Ouranos, "I will curse you! Someday, your own children will destroy you and take your throne, just as you are doing to me!"

"Ouranos had some power over the fate, it seems." Athena said.

Kronos laughed. "Let them try."

"And we did." Zeus said proudly.

He brought down the scythe.

Ares eyes widened with glee.

It hit Ouranos right in the…well, you know what? I can't even say it. If you're a guy, imagine the most painful place you could possibly be hit.

"Eww." Artemis said.

Yep. That's the place.

Kronos chopped, and Ouranos howled in pain. It was like the most disgusting cheap-budget horror movie you can imagine.

"But I enjoyed it." Ares said, banishing his pop corn bowl.

Blood was everywhere—except the blood of the gods is golden, and it's called ichor.

"Its ichor of Ouranos, and its much more powerful than ours." Apollo said.

Droplets of it splattered over the rocks; and the stuff was so powerful that later on, when no one was looking, creatures arose from the ichor—three hissing winged demons called the Furies, the spirits of punishment.

Hades sighed dreamily, remembering his favourite servants.

They immediately fled into the darkness of Tartarus. Other drops of sky blood fell on fertile soil, where they eventually turned into wild but gentler creatures called nymphs and satyrs.

Demeter, Artemis and Dionysus' faces adopted a smile. However, Grover had a question.

"So, Ouranos is my great-something-grandfather?"

"Yes goat boy, it appears that you have just discovered your long lost many times great grandpa." Thalia said sarcastically.

Most of the blood just splattered everything. Seriously, those stains were never going to come out of Kronos's shirt.

"I doubt he ever wore a shirt. He wasn't into fashion that much." Aphrodite said.

"Well done, brothers!" Kronos grinned ear to ear, his scythe dripping gold.

"He's king, and he can grin. That was the exact grin Zeus had in his face when he sliced father." Hades said.

Iapetus got sick on the spot.

"Softie!" Ares jeered.

The others laughed and patted each other on the back.

"Nice team spirit" Frank said sarcastically.

"Oh, my children!" Gaea said. "I am so proud! Cookies and punch for everyone!"

"Gaea knows how to throw a party it seems." Apollo said.

Before the celebration, Kronos gathered up the remains of his father in the tablecloth.

"That's disgusting." Artemis commented.

Maybe because he resented his eldest brother, Oceanus. for not helping with the murder, Kronos toted the stuff to the sea and tossed it in.

"Cold revenge!" Ares said.

The blood mixed with the salty water, and…well, you'll see what came from that later.

"You're looking at her." Aphrodite said.

Now you're going to ask, Okay, so if the sky was killed, why do I look up and still see the sky?

"We wasn't going to ask, but for your sake, we would." Annabeth said.

Answer: I dunno.

"Because they only killed Ouranos' physical form. They just exiled him to the sky. He wouldn't be able to do anything other than staying over the world." Athena said.

My guess is that Kronos killed Ouranos's physical form, so the sky god could no longer appear on the earth and claim kingship. They basically exiled him into the air. So he's not dead, exactly; but now he can't do anything but be the harmless dome over the world.

"I'm impressed." Athena said.

"Noo, this is the end of the world!" Hermes said funnily.

Anyway, Kronos returned to the valley, and all the Titans had a party.

"First party in the cosmos, baby!" Leo yelled.

Gaea named Kronos lord of the universe. She made him a cool one-of-a-kind collector's edition golden crown and everything.

"All to grow his ego more and more. She is spoiling him rotten." Hera scolded.

Kronos kept his promise and gave his four helpful brothers control over the four corners of the earth.

"At least he keeps promises." Hestia said.

Iapetus became the Titan of the west. Hyperion got the east. Koios took the north, and Krios got the south.

"I feel Krios." Hades said.

That night, Kronos lifted his glass of nectar, which was the immortals' favorite drink.

"He sounds so confident." Frank stated.

"Well, why not? He just became the king of universe." Hazel replied.

He tried for a confident smile, since kings should always look confident,

"How should he know that? I mean, Ouranos is not your exact ideal king?" Nico asked.

though truthfully he was already starting to worry about Ouranos's curse—that someday Kronos's own children would depose him.

"Ohh, lesson number 647: never try to mess with a prophecy." Apollo said.

In spite of that, he yelled, "My siblings, a toast! We have begun a Golden Age!"

"Yeah, truly a golden age." Zeus muttered.

And if you like lots of lying, stealing, backstabbing, and cannibalism, then read on,

"Titans weren't cannibals though. You're exaggerating." Annabeth said.

Elder six gods glared at her. "What? I meant titans! Just because one titan gulped down babies, you can't say they all did that!" Annabeth defended herself.

because it definitely was a Golden Age for all that.

"I need to read that chapter." Ares said, so Hestia send the book to him.