This was my entry in the FB group A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words ," Summer Blowout" Contest

It won first place in the public vote.

New Neighbors

I can hear the noise of the party as we walk slowly up the roadway to our neighbor's home; there's a mix of music, muted chatter and gentle laughter blended with the excited squeals of young children.

Receiving an invite in the mailbox to the Whitlock's end of summer party was an unexpected, yet pleasant, surprise.

I knew nothing about them. Well, maybe a little. I knew they lived in a large house at the end of our no-through road. I knew Mrs Whitlock drove a bright yellow Porsche, as I'd seen it regularly flying past our home since we'd moved in, just two weeks ago. I also knew they had a young son, George. This I knew because my daughter, Charlotte, had come home from her first days of childcare full of stories which all started "George Wikwok tolded me…"

I think someone may have a little crush on George Whitlock already.

As we arrive at their yard, we follow the signs telling us to enter at the side gate. I feel a tight squeeze of my hand and I gaze down at Charlotte.

"This is George Wikwok's house mumma?" she asks in an excited voice, looking up at the large double story home.

"It sure is little sugar," chuckles a tall, blond haired, man standing right in front of us by the entrance to the back yard.

"Jasper Whitlock, George's dad" he greets us, looking down at Charlotte and winking. "Welcome, we're so glad you ladies could join us."

Before I can respond to his greeting, I hear a vaguely familiar female voice behind him. "Jasper, you're not a bouncer, let our guests in."

I look over his shoulder and glimpse a gorgeous dark-haired woman, dressed in a bright yellow floral summer dress, almost skipping towards us.

"Alice…." she attempts to introduce herself.

"Cullen?" I interrupt her with a gasp, suddenly knowing exactly why the voice seemed familiar to me.

She stares at me for a moment, her eyes widening, taking me in from head to toe.

"Bella…Swan, is that really you?"

"You're our new neighbor?" she screeches as she launches herself at me.

I feel myself shaking in her arms as she keeps mumbling "I can't believe it; I can't believe it!"

Well, I can't fucking believe it either!

Alice Cullen. Younger sister of my first crush. My first love. Well, my first everything really. I hadn't seen Alice or him in about eight years. And here she was, still holding onto my hands, standing in front of me as Alice Whitlock, my neighbor.

Alice turns to her husband, who's looking at us with surprise written all over his face.

Yeah, me too buddy, me too!

"Charlie, you're here! At my house! At my party!" shouts a young boy before launching himself at my daughter, just as his mother did to me moments ago.

I look up and see other familiar faces staring at me and I realise these neighbors aren't so new after all!

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