Chapter 1 Arrival

Far above the Earth a battle was raging upon the orbital space cannon, Ragnarok. On one side was the evil Dr. Weil, a maniacal cyborg who was hell bent on destroying the last bit of nature on the planet, so he could enslave the remainder of humanity. On the other side, stood the final creation of Dr. Albert Wily, the last Maverick Hunter, and legendary reploid, Zero.

"Zero get out of there now! It's not safe!" Ciel cried over the radio.

"If I can destroy Weil, the cannon will explode, then neither pose a threat anymore." said Zero.

"But...what about you?" worried Ciel.

"Can you even do it? The mighty hero protecting justice and humanity? I am a human, you can't kill me!" mocked Weil.

"I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears before me, I will destroy it!" Zero yelled.

"Zero! Zero!" Ciel screamed.

"Ceil, believe in me." and with that Zero charged forth attacking Weil with his full power. Plasma bolts flew, as the sound of metal tearing and burning flames filled the air. Neither combatant spoke as they fought for their very lives against one another. Until finally, the fatal blow was struck, Zero's saber sliced through Weil's body! The demented cyborg gave one last scream of pain before he, and the space cannon exploded.

"Zero!" Ceil screamed in horror and sorrow, she heard the battle over the radio, but Zero never responded, the massive blast had severed the radio connection, and most likely, been the end of Zero.

Alfon was a simple orchardist, and a retired knight. He had no family left, and lived quietly in a small house east of the village of Kakariko and south of Hyrule Castle. One evening while watching the stars before bed he noticed a shooting star 'hmm, don't see many of those' he thought. Then he noticed it was getting larger, no, closer! The shooting star crashed into Alfon's orchard and he ran to see the damage. When he arrived he saw the damage to his trees was almost nonexistent, yet there was a deep gouge in the dirt that ran almost twenty feet long. At the end of the gouge was a strange sight, an armored man.

The man was strange, he wore a rather odd red and black armor with white and gold accents, he was tall, and had long blonde hair and seemed to have gems embedded in his armor. Alfon thought the man was dead, he walked over to the man and, much to his surprise, the man was neither dead nor wounded, merely unconscious! Alfon went to pick the man up, he was heavy, but lighter than expected. He carried him back the house before he laid him on the bed. Just in time too as it had started to rain.

Alfon looked the man over now that they were inside. The man was cold and if it weren't for the slight rising and lowering of his chest would appear to be dead. Alfon laid a blanket over the man, and lit the fireplace to try and warm the armored stranger. He was rather confused, where did this stranger come from? Was he the shooting star? It didn't make any sense, and if he was then the star, why was he not injured? The impact was clearly rather large judging by the twenty foot long gouge in the ground, but no man could survive such a thing let alone be totally unharmed. Just what manner of being was he?

AN: According to the Manga for AlttP Link's uncle has an apple orchard, and in the radio drama is named Alfon or at least that's what the wiki says. So I used that to flesh out the character. Link won't appear in this story and is replaced by Zero. For Zero's design the closest I can describe it is just to tell you to google image search "megaman x9 zero ultimate maverick x" without the "" and it should be the first image to pop up.