In Keiths eyes, Katarina was someone you could look up to, someone to respect. She was kind and thoughtful, even if she could be a bit airheaded at times. Keith had thought that he liked her in more... Intimate ways. That is, until the incident.

The Ascart family were a huge gossip around town, though, the rumors were all horrid. Keith couldn't understand why they would talk about a young girl like that. From what he'd seen at the party, she had been astoundingly beautiful. She also seemed shy, but that could have been because Katrina was intruding on her personal space.

Nicol Ascart was also fairly famous. People threw him pitying looks, whispering loudly about how horrible it must be to have' a sister like that'. Keith had seen the way he looked at the party, the way he was so uncomfortable. But he couldn't bring himself to say anything, not when it could reflect on his family badly.

So when he'd found out who Sophia was, he thought that it would be his chance. Keith wanted to apologize for staying silent. He knew that it was logical, but he couldn't help the guilt that clawed its way through his heart.

Yet, when he'd seen Nicol, his heart stopped. Keith couldn't understand why he couldn't seem to be able to form coherent sentences. Of course, he had heard of Nicol's devilish charms, but he didn't think that they would affect him. Especially when he liked Katarina.

It got slightly easier to talk as time went on. The two didn't say much, content to just watch as their sisters conversed, but it was nice. Keith had gotten so comfortable, that he'd forgotten to apologize. He likely wouldn't have at that point in time anyway, much rathering it be private.

"Please allow me to thank you on my sister's behalf," Nicol said seemingly emotionless. There wasn't a tick to his face that told Keith what he was feeling, but the way he said those words. They were kind, warm. He truly seemed happy for his sister.

Keith wasn't ashamed to admit that he stopped listening after that. It wasn't until he looked up to Nicols smiling face that he felt his face go warm. Nicol had looked far more handsome when he was smiling. He truly was a sight to so.

Suffice to say Keith blanked when he saw his sister look back and forth between the two. Of all the times she had to chose to be perceptive, she chose now. A time where even Keith had no idea what just happened.

Keith felt the feeling numb as the two walked back to the carriage. The further he got from Nicol, the less nervous he felt. Even if it spiked when he thought of him.

Dimly Keith wondered if what he just felt was attraction. He looked up to see Katarina looking out the window and mumbling to herself. Fear struck his heart. If what he felt was a crush, how would she react?

He almost panicked before Katarina turned and smiled warmly at him. Honestly, it's like sometimes she can feel what other people are feeling, and knows what they need.

"I won't stand in the way of your love life, Keith! I'll support you!" Katarina grabbed his hands, her eyes glinting earnestly.

Keith felt all his fears dissipate as he looked at her. He smiled, "I know."