There was no way that the Ministry of Magic could turn down Rose Weasley.

It was inevitable. Obvious. With such an illustrious upbringing and even better grades, Rose Weasley was the most perfect candidate for the year-long internship at the Wizengamot. She was certain of it, so certain that when she entered Professor McGonagall's office for the results of the impending work experience, she didn't even think to knock.

McGonagall's head flew up from her writing. Beneath a fitted emerald robe, a matching wide-brim hat, and a simple necklace, she could've been a walking advert for the Madam Malkins Outfitters in Diagon Alley.

"Just because my door is open, doesn't mean you can waltz inside, Miss Weasley."

"I'm sorry, Professor." She wasn't really sorry. Curly red hair bunched into a ponytail, Rose seated herself comfortably in front of McGonagall's desk, pale and freckled palms face down on her lap. Everything was starched – from her blue-accented black robes, to her snow-white shirt, to her dark skirt. No holes in her tights, either. She'd asked the elves to make her look extra professional today. "I'm just so excited to be chosen for the internship!"

McGonagall's lips pursed. She was an old woman, Rose knew as much (and would never dare ask exactly how old), but the wrinkles and bags on her pale face only seemed to define the sharpness of her gaze and the stringent way she held her shoulders.

She put the quill back in the pot and waved a hand. The door to the room closed. It wasn't a large space; quite small, actually, despite McGonagall's power as Deputy Headmistress. A high-ceilinged office tucked into a gable that was decorated plainly, the fireplace on the side wall was flickering, swelling the heat in Rose's robes. Tartan armchairs were placed in front, and filled, neat bookshelves curved along the rest of the walls. The desk that Rose sat in front of was old, worn, and carved from mahogany, and the windows, lined with tartan brocade, opened onto the Training Grounds.

From the desk, McGonagall pulled out a familiar set of papers. Rose's submission form, the first sheet of her numerous achievements and the second a cover letter, neatly done on a typewriter.

"Yes, about that." She skimmed both of them and then put the sheets down and stared Rose in the eye. "I'm afraid your application was resoundingly rejected."

For a moment, Rose thought she must have misheard. Me? Rejected? It simply wasn't possible. Not in the slightest. She managed a wan smile.

"That's not very funny, Professor."

"When have you ever known me to jest, Miss Weasley?" McGonagall scoffed and slid the papers Rose's way. "The Ministry contacted me this morning. Your application wasn't selected. I'm sorry."

But that couldn't be right. Rose was perfect. She had the best grades. She was a prefect and on her way to becoming Head Girl in seventh year. She was a teaching assistant in the younger Charms and Transfiguration clubs. There was nothing she was failing.


"But— but I don't understand." She sifted through her papers. Not a spelling mistake on them. "That doesn't make any sense, Professor."

"What about it doesn't make sense?"

"Why was I rejected?"

From the drawer McGonagall produced another note, this time parchment, with calligraphy so beautiful it could be framed. "Minister Canyon Bristlecone, the man you were to shadow during the term, says here that though you were a perfect student, you were not well-rounded enough."

"Well-rounded?" Rose choked out. "What does that mean? I volunteer in Flitwick's club. And yours."

"Yes, well, that isn't enough, according to Bristlecone." She slid it over. "Read for yourself."

Rose took the paper with trembling hands.

Rose Weasley is an exemplary candidate, as her grades can attest. However, she lacks a uniqueness that would put her ahead of other candidates. According to her Curriculum Vitae, she appears to centre her life entirely around revision and lessons, when we here at the Ministry look for people who are well-rounded and sociable as well as intelligent. Her cover letter, too, lacks any passion for extracurricular arts.

Rose let out a gasp. Lacking, lacking, lacking. It was the only word that revolved around in her head like a spinning wheel.

"I— this can't be right!" She sat back, daring to look McGonagall in the eye as she flipped the letter face down and shoved it back towards her. "There has to be a mistake!"

"No mistake."

"M-My mother works for the Ministry. She says I'd be a great person—"

"Your mother is biased," McGonagall cut across. "I admire your honesty and tenacity in not using her position to wheedle your foot in the door, but I'm afraid you aren't what the Wizengamot is looking for at this time."

But what else could they be looking for?

McGonagall sighed. "I'd suggest taking a good, hard look at yourself, Rose. I'm inclined to agree with them. You don't have anything to show for yourself except your grades."

Rose hated the way her voice came out in a whimper. "But my grades are perfect."

"There are other candidates who can maintain good scores whilst being well-rounded."

Who, though? Who?

McGonagall waved her hand, and the door opened again. "My next appointment is here. You ought to be going." She fixed Rose a sympathetic look – one Rose instantly loathed. "I am sorry. You can always apply next year."

But Rose wanted it this year. She had plans in motion – with the bulk of the internship running every Friday for the year, she'd lined up a volunteering tutor position for a home-schooled wizard in Edinburgh in spring, and the annual May-June Charms club tournament in summer… and next year beheld the most important exams! She couldn't manage the internship and her N.E.W.T.s! Deferring this one thing threw a spanner in the entire network, and Rose was grinding to a halt with no idea where to go next. She stood on shaky legs, mumbled a quick, "Thank you, Professor," and robotically marched out into the hallway.

Where she nearly bumped in Scorpius Malfoy.

Here she was, on the verge of tears, on the verge of falling apart, and there was he, annoyingly, disgustingly, looking regal and radiant and insidiously attractive. Proud and tall, he towered over Rose with his platinum blond hair neatly combed back from his forehead. Piercing grey eyes met hers with a hard, unsatisfied glare.

Quickly she turned away. "Watch where you're going next time, Malfoy."

"I could say the same to you," came his cool reply before a puckered, "Rosie."

"Don't call me that," she snapped. The papers in her fist crunched as she marched down the hallway to the statue. "No doubt you're here because you're trouble."

"You look like the professor blew your last fuse, so I don't think I'm the one troubled here."

She spun towards him, feeling the taunting in his voice, but the door was shut. He wasn't nearly as callous as he appeared, though he could be blunt when he wanted to be. Rose didn't understand her cousin Albus' taste in friends – the two were inseparable, despite being from different houses. Why is he here, anyway? She crept back to the door and placed an ear to the dark wood.

The voices were muffled, but not inaudible.

"—lations on receiving an offer." McGonagall was unmistakable. "You were amongst stiff competition, I should note, but Minister Bristlecone applauded your excellent breadth of character."

"Thank you, Professor. That's great."

It hit Rose then. The stiff competition? Her.

It wasn't just anyone who'd beaten her to the internship. It was Scorpius Malfoy.

If it was possible to explode inwardly, Rose experienced an eruption deep in her heart, one that nearly snapped whatever integrity she had left.

"Bristlecone is coming here in a two weeks to acquaint with you and discuss what to do next," said McGonagall. "He'll want to see how you carry yourself in the school environment, and he'll go over Ministry protocol and perhaps even a few cases. Then in lieu of your regular lessons, he'll take you to the Ministry every Friday to shadow him at the Wizengamot. I suspect by the end of the year, he'll want to test you. Do well, and it could lead to a permanent position at the Ministry."

Rose stepped back from the door, hand slapped over her mouth. This was not happening. It couldn't. Their rivalry was famous throughout the school –Weasley versus Malfoy, always trying to one-up each other in whatever they could. Grades. Exams. Being the first to turn in homework or the person to earn the most house points in class. It had started in first year and certainly wasn't going to let up now, in sixth.

Scorpius had beaten her one too many times for her liking, and to him, this was another mark on his tally, but to Rose, who felt the loss of the internship like losing her soul, this… this was the final straw.

She had to beat him. Destroy him. Rose would accept nothing less than harrowing, humiliating defeat. If she could somehow prove to Bristlecone on his visits that he had chosen incorrectly, that Rose was vastly superior in every way, then all would be remedied. It would the final stand against Scorpius Malfoy.

Extracurricular activities. The words bounced in her head as she made her way down to the library. Mourning the loss of the internship was too hard without help, even as plans of revenge swirled together from the ashes, so the best place to lose her mind was amongst the books and instruments that could provide an answer.

First, she needed something to beef up her CV. Anything, really. Something that didn't involve lessons or homework.

There was Quidditch. It ran in the Weasleys, as it did with her star-studded brother Hugo, who was a Keeper for the Gryffindor team. But no. Rose wasn't particularly athletic, despite her family inclinations. One glance at her noodle arms told her enough that she wasn't going to make any Quidditch team.

There were lots of other clubs, too. Chess. Cat-Owners Weekly Meet-Up. Heck, Gobstones was an option. Rose winced as she pushed open the library doors, greeted by the tall shelves and the books that flittered quietly above her head. Most clubs were just extensions of the classes. She was already part of half of them, and there was no way she'd want to be part of Gobstones.

At the corkboard near the front door, Rose pressed her hand to the floating parchments to read. There was a drama production of the Tale of the Three Brothers, but Rose couldn't act to save her life. A Muggle Studies club had somehow found a way to watch and critique Muggle films – bleh, she got enough of that during summer holidays with her mum.

Activity after activity she passed on, beginning to think either she was too picky or all hope was lost. She pressed the last flap of parchment to the wall, throwing all her hopes and dreams into it.

Sixth year students wanted! Become part of the new foreign exchange initiative as foreign student liaison, welcoming our new year of foreign exchange students from schools as near as Beauxbatons to as far as Mahoutokoro. Become part of a rewarding experience where you will be introduced to cultures from around the world, and make friends that break the boundaries of continent and language.

Only one position available. A competitive position, so apply early. Please see Professor Flitwick for more details.

So babysitting. Her last option was glorified babysitting.

Rose sighed and stepped back. There was nothing she wanted. Nothing here that could wreck Scorpius from where he stood. She gazed up at the ceiling, but imagined the halls beyond the books and shelves. Scorpius was up there right now, soaking in the praise from the Ministry about his application. The absolute git was on his way to the god-forsaken Wizengamot, and she was here, scraping at the bottom of the barrel for the barest of scraps.

"Damn it."

At Albus' voice, Rose whirled around. In an untucked shirt, loose Gryffindor tie and unkempt dark brown hair, Albus didn't look like the son of the world's most famous wizard. Rather, he looked like he'd just stumbled into Hogwarts from a homeless shelter and thrown on the first set of robes he'd found. Next to him was his friend, Hekate, more put together with a sheer cut bob of dark brown-red hair and pale, but freckly skin. She was entirely deadpan as she held her palm supine.

"What?" Rose asked. "What's the matter?"

Albus sighed and plunged a hand into his robe pocket, producing a Knut. "Made a bet that we'd see you here reading a book when we came to revise."

"I'm reading the corkboard."

"Doesn't count," said Hekate, waggling her fingers. "Cough up, Potter."

On any other day, he'd have probably won. Rose rolled her eyes and turned back to the board. "If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes."

"What are you doing, anyway?" Albus approached her on one side and Hekate on the other, boxing her in like two annoyingly clingy first years. "You're thinking of doing another club?"

"No, an extracurricular."

Hekate snorted. "Like Quidditch?"

"I'm not nuts enough to face you on the Quidditch field, no."

Hekate was built like the Hogwarts Express. It was better not to face her in anything physical. Rose pitied anyone on the other side of her Beater bat.

"How about Broomstick Display Club?"

"Not fit enough."

"Muggle Jujitsu?"

"Didn't you hear what I just said?"

"Chess Club. Surely."

"No worthy opponents."

"Well that's high and mighty of you," said Hekate. Rose glared at her from the side. "What? It's true!"

"Hey, how about that one?" Albus tapped his finger on the Foreign Student Liaison position. "You get to meet students from other countries. That looks like fun."

"Why don't you do it, then?"

"Because I'm not the one looking," Albus said dryly. "Come on, you don't get out much anyway. It would be nice if you made some friends from other countries."

"I would liaise them. Not be their friend."

"You'd be there first point of call. Hard to imagine you wouldn't be friends with them."

Rose waved her hand. "I don't want to do that one. No amount of pecking will change my mind."

"Then congratulations, you've whittled your choices down to exactly… nothing!" At her silence, Albus massaged his temple. "Why exactly do you want to do this?"

She contemplated keeping quiet, if only because Albus was good friends with Scorpius, but first and foremost Albus was her close cousin. They'd grown up together. If anyone understood, he would. So in a quiet mumble, she said, "My Wizengamot application got rejected."

Albus blinked the moment away – even he was shocked. "Oh. Right. I'm… sorry."

"The Ministry said I needed more than good grades, so…"

"I don't get it," said Hekate, piercing the sombre mood. "Your mum works for the Ministry. Your parents had a hand defeating Voldemort. Couldn't they get you any job you want?"

"No," said Rose, resolute. "I want to succeed on my own terms, not because of who they are."

"Well, you'd better choose something, then," said Hekate. "Better to suck up your pride now than get rejected over and over. You never know, something might surprise you. Hell, you might enjoy…" she snatched one of the parchment pieces. "Er, Flugelhorn Club."

"Oh, yes, I can see that working out well."

Albus and Hekate burst out laughing, and even Rose couldn't help it. The mental image of her blasting a flugelhorn was too much, even for her.

They left to revise before the librarian could find them, and Rose, without much motivation to do anything, ambled back through the halls to the Ravenclaw dorm to collect her books for next class. Ghoul Studies, with who else but Scorpius Malfoy. Typical, she groused as she shoved her textbooks into her bag. I have to see the one person I don't want to see.

The Ghoul Studies classroom was tucked in the third floor of Turris Magnus, the largest Hogwarts tower. Small but opulent, befitting the handful of students who took the class every year, it was decorated with dark navy velvets that hung from the ceiling and tapestries that covered the green walls, depicting all sorts of ghosts, ghouls, vampires and Veela of history. Rose's footsteps were muffled on knitted rugs, and the bright sunlight pouring in through the two windows brightened the ebony wood desks.

As Rose settled into her seat, she felt, more than saw, Scorpius' presence. Her cheeks flared when his dark green robes swept passed to claim the seat behind her. Noisily she slapped open her books and tried not to let his presence bother her, or feel the weight of his eyes on her back.

Lacking, lacking, lacking.

Scorpius wasn't lacking. Like her.

"You're looking chipper as always."

Rose's Hufflepuff deskmate Lucine dropped down next to her, immediately unfurled a roll of parchment, and began to scribble with quill and ink. Usually her dark brown hair was half up in a bun, half down, but today it was all up in a ponytail. Her glasses slid down the bridge of her nose.

"I'm fine." Rose was not fine. "You haven't done the homework, have you?"

"I'm just missing the conclusion," Lucine replied, with only half a page written.

The rest of the students emptied their bags on their desks to prepare for the lesson. A Slytherin, Ethel, parked herself next to Scorpius, and the two exchanged pleasantries in whispers loud enough to hear.

"Heard you got the internship at the Wizengamot?"

Scorpius grunted. "Sheesh, word travels fast. Yeah."

"Nice. Congratulations. You'll have to tell me how it goes."

"I will."

It was enough to make Rose clench her quill. Ignore him. She read the current page of her textbook so furiously she gave herself minor eye strain.

"Is there anything you're not doing?" Ethel said with a chuckle. "If you're successful in getting that place doing the—"

"What's got you looking so down in the dumps?" Lucine cut across Rose's private eavesdropping session. Chastened, Rose sat back.


"Nice lie. It goes with your nail polish."

"I'm not even wearing nail polish."

Lucine didn't get to grace her with a response as Professor Ruthven entered the classroom. The quiet chattered died instantly, the atmosphere electrified. Ruthven was never in a jovial mood enough to raise anyone's spirits, but there was something about the graceful way he moved, like quicksilver on a silken surface, and the pale brown skin that never seemed flush after climbing all those stairs, that raised the hairs on Rose's neck. Combined with his black hair, swept back, and his dark navy robes, Ruthven was the image of ghoulish.

"Good afternoon, everyone." His deep, dim voice settled nervously on Rose's back. His sharp gaze landed on first Rose, then Lucine. "Ten points from Hufflepuff. A brave, but foolhardy attempt to finish your homework on time, Miss Kurosawa."

"Oh, come on!" Lucine said, flinging her quill on her desk. "You can't even see what I'm writing!"

"At this point, there is no need to even glance." He pointed a bony finger at Scorpius. "Master Malfoy, for Miss Kurosawa's benefit, please elaborate on the essay topic."

Rose turned in her seat if only to look raptured, but really it only brought a fresh flush to her cheeks, a rage invited into her heart. Scorpius wasn't looking at her, but he tensed, stood.

"The question was, since the Second Wizarding War in 1999, how has the societal acceptance of vampire kind changed?"

"Indeed. And your research points to which conclusion?"

"Not much has changed."

Here Scorpius flickered his eyes to Rose. Her jaw clenched, and she was prepared to glare, but his focus moved instantly.

"According to law, within the subdivision of the Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part Humans, the only concrete rights vampires have is that they 'may not be killed arbitrarily', written in Paragraph Twelve. This hasn't been altered since even before the Second Wizarding War, and continues to be an overlooked part of legislation even now. There is also covert but substantial backing of vampire hunters from private anti-tolerant groups as seen in the biography of Abraham Belmont, published five years ago." Scorpius took a long breath. "This is just a handful of the evidence I've collected for my essay."

"Very good." Under Ruthven's gaze, Lucine dropped lower into her seat. "Let us hand these in and continue the discussion."

The lesson continued, but Rose found it hard to concentrate. She stumbled on her answers about the advantages of Veela meeting groups at the Ministry of Magic. She hesitated on the year that the Non-Wizard Part-Humans legislation was made, and by whom it was pioneered. She even quoted the wrong paragraph from Humanoid Species of the Wizarding World when Ruthven asked her to read aloud. As if that was a difficult task.

"In partners, I'd like you to debate how reintegration of supernatural beings may occur," Ruthven announced after the short, embarrassing spell of reading. "You may choose a specific species of being, or all."

"Okay, so," started Lucine, spinning to face Rose, "I have this wild idea about an elaborate Stop Being a Bigot party—"

"Except for you, Miss Kurosawa," said Ruthven, exasperated. "Please turn around to work with Miss Ansdóttir. Miss Weasley, you shall pair with Master Malfoy."


Rose turned her chair around. Scorpius' eyes weren't even on her, low hooded as he scribbled his work with cool ease. It was like he knew exactly what riled her – like he knew he'd bested her in something that actually mattered for once. She reluctantly dragged her chair closer to the front of his desk and opened her textbook to the right chapter.


Scorpius didn't look up. "Shall we talk about vampires, since we just did an essay on them?"

He's acting like nothing's happened. Somehow that only irritated her more.

"Yes." It was a good idea, but she'd never inflate his ego like that. "Any initial ideas?"

"Reintegration should start slowly. A reassessment of current laws first, then introducing prominent vampire figures into the Ministry's council seats."

"Go that slow, and true reintegration will happen only after we're dead."

"These things take time. You can't just eradicate so many rules and expect people to follow them instantly."

"So you're saying you hate vampires?"

"That's a reach, even for you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

He smirked, still refusing to look up. "If you really wanted to disagree with me just to spite me, you need to try harder than that."

Ears burning, Rose narrowed her eyes. "I'm just saying that vampires don't deserve to be kept waiting for wizardfolk to 'accept' them."

"And I agree, but without the proper legislation in place, they'd only become more vulnerable. Hate crimes, profiling. There needs to be a thorough reassessment of current legislation regarding the treatment of vampires, with vampiric members of council on consultation to perfect any new laws that come into play."

It sounded so reasonable. Ugh. He started writing down the notes, and Rose reluctantly copied.

"I'll probably have a hand in that," Scorpius added, "when I go to the Wizengamot."

Rose's clutch on the quill shook.

"Right," she forced out.

"And you never know, I might meet an actual vampire when the study abroad students come."

Rose's head popped up. No way. There was no way he was doing everything and the Wizengamot internship and the foreign student liaison.

"The… abroad students?" she laughed it off. "You haven't applied for that too, have you?"

"Flitwick accepted my application yesterday. He said I was in a strong position to get it."

She heard the hidden implication. A strong position, meaning a shoe-in.

This is just another way to show off how much better he was. How he'd outwitted her not once, but twice already.

The bloody foreigner babysitting.

Was this the hill she was willing to die on?

Her hand jerked – without thinking, she'd snapped her quill in half. No. She couldn't let him have this, too. She was trailing behind as he was racing ahead – and Rose needed a winning leap. Desperately. He might've clenched the Wizengamot position from beneath her feet, but two could play at that game. The foreign student liaison position was hers.

Rose would make sure of it.

"Actually," she took a deep breath, "I applied for it this morning."

That caused Scorpius to look up. "Really now?"

"Yes, really. I'll have you know Flitwick said there was a high possibility I'd get it as well."

His eyes lingered on her broken quill before going back to his work.

"We'll see."

We'll see is right, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose thought as Ruthven called for quiet again. I'm going to crush you.

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A quick, personal A/N to say I'm stoked to post A Conspiracy of Ravens! I've been working on it for a few months now and I have a really exciting story lined up, so I'm hyped to get going. Feel free to follow the story's Pinterest board (my username is the same here) for aesthetics and perhaps some teasers. I've also started a Discord server where anyone can discuss the story/ characters as they wish. This invite code x5T6nd will work for a day, but if you miss it, PM me.

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