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The king of Voltouri was talking. I found it only polite to listen to the words coming from his delicious lips. Wait, delicious?! I shook my head a little at the errand thought.

Edward had known of his intentions, of course. Aro wanted to test my abilities.

He stood, in the middle of the room. His hand outstretched to me. His deep voice washing over me.

"Would you do me the honour?"

Gulping slightly, I stepped forward, tentatively, laying my hand in his. He pulled me towards him, into the bubble of his mesmerising scent. I couldn't place it. My mouth nearly watered though. Both his hands clasping mine his head was bowed. He breathed in deeply. I stood, tense and waited. Suddenly, he looked up, our eyes met, and his skin against mine tingled. He let go of me.

"Interesting". He said.

So, I am stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I just had to say, "take me, instead". Of course, I did. Oh, I didn't care about Edward. He was a bastard. He left me. But Alice. I had to save her. I could tell Aro wanted to keep her. But I also knew he was intrigued by his inability to read my mind. And perhaps there was more.

He had consented to letting them go if I stayed. So, I agreed. I was lying to myself, not wanting to admit that something was up. I don't know why, but the moment I saw the elegant dark-haired man, and his crimson eyes, my heart had nearly jolted to a stop. My skin on my hands were tingling where he had touched me. I could see in his eyes he had felt it too.

I had barely noticed the other two. Caius was scowling at me. Marcus sat in a bored posture, but he did have a Mona Lisa smile on his face.

After being shown to my rooms, I had settled in well. The surroundings certainly left no room for complaint. I had a big room, with a huge four-poster bed. The bedding was black, with crimson and gold details. There was a seating area at the other end, by the huge windows. The plush furniture, emitting an enticing aura of comfort.

I looked around. A door led into a magnificent walk-in closet. It was filled with, what appeared to be awfully expensive clothing. An entire wall was covered in a large floor to ceiling mirror.

Nearly getting lost in my closet, I finally exited and found the door to my bathroom. Wow. Now this I could get used to. Everything was black marble inlaid with gold. It was ridiculously luxurious. I didn't think vampires needed to bathe. But then again, they did have a rather messy diet. The tub was sunken into the floor, and it was huge. The towels were so soft I nearly swooned.

Suddenly a presence behind me, I saw him in the mirror first.

Aro. Our eyes met.

"I apologize for the intrusion, but I wanted to make sure that everything was as it should be. Do you need anything?"

I shook my head lightly.

"No everything is wonderful. I would have never dreamed that I should have rooms like this."

He stepped slowly up behind me; our eyes still connected in the mirror.

I felt his cold hard chest against my back.

"Forgive me, my dear, but I wanted to try again, if I may?"

My heart lurched slightly, but I nodded, nonetheless.

His hand came up in front of me, his fingers gently caressing my cheek, my jaw. My eyes closed at his touch. I shivered. His other arm came round my waist and pulled me against him. My gasp flew from my mouth, as I felt his lips on my neck. He held me there for a while, gently placing kisses from my jaw to my neck and shoulder.

"What is it about you, that draws me in, Isabella?" he asked against my ear.

I opened my eyes.

"I know you feel it too, my dear. Your pulse..."

He tilted his head

"I can hear it in your veins. Feel it..."

He dragged his tongue across my neck

"On my tongue. Extraordinary," he breathed.

My breathing was very shallow. His words and his touch sent me reeling.

Edward had never been like this. His actions seemed like those of a boy, compared to the very much grown man holding me against him. He was seducing me, so easily too, I couldn't keep pace.

"I don't know," I whispered.

"I cannot deny that I may have difficulties keeping away from you."

He crooned, his lips caressing the shell of my ear.

"I do not understand, though. We have only just met. I cannot read your mind, but when I touch you, I feel like I know you."

I had no idea, what he was going to do to me. I didn't even know if I minded. Something beyond my control, was happening. Here I was, melting at the touch of a complete stranger. A vampire. His crimson eyes ghosting over our entwined forms in the mirror, like he had never seen anything like it. Our eyes met again. I laid my hands on his arm, that was around me. He inhaled deeply against my neck, his nose under my jaw. Then slowly, he stepped back. His eyes darker now. Not dangerous exactly. Alluring, actually.

"I will come fetch you tomorrow. There is much to discuss, to learn. You will start lessons with Caius tomorrow at around midday. I wish you a good night. Sleep well, my dear."

The next day.

I woke at around 10 AM the next day. Pacing my room, thinking. After my encounter with Aro yesterday, I did not feel like leaving my room. A lot of vampires roamed the castle. I would stay in here for sure. Thinking I would soak in the huge bathtub, I could perhaps relax a little.

I soon drifted in a bed of bubbles.

Much later when the water was growing tepid, I sighed, and realized, I needed to get out, before I got cold. My brow furrowed, as I suddenly remembered my appointment with Aro. Oops. Opening my eyes, my heart jumped into my throat and I lurched upright, water splashing everywhere.

Aro stood there, gazing down at me. I was so shocked I didn't even try to cover myself. He nodded slowly, before turning back and closing the door.

Okay, so the vampire king had just seen me naked. How long had he even been standing there? Why the hell didn't he knock? Seething, I was out of the bath wrapped in a towel in no time, stalking after him.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing," I shouted. "Don't you know how to knock?" Aro stood at the window his back against me, all impressive in his black suit. I wasn't fazed. I think.

"I would like you to get dressed, Isabella. We have things to tend to, not the least your lessons with Caius. I grew worried when you failed to meet with me at midday. No matter, I can see why you would be distracted."

"Wait, I'm not finished with you," I shouted. "You are supposed to knock!"

He turned around to face me.

"Oh please, do not be so dramatic, I have seen plenty of bodies before yours. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Now please get dressed."

Glaring at him, I stood my ground. He merely looked right back at me. I suddenly realised I only had on my towel. It barely came down to my thighs. I blushed deeply.

Hoping he wouldn't notice my blush, I huffed loudly, and stalked over to the huge walk-in closet and marched inside.

Shouting over my shoulder as I searched for items of clothing.

"That's not the point. It's incredibly rude to just barge in on people. "

A shadow bloomed behind me.

"I don't care that you are the king. You should knock." I continued dismissively.

"Do not test me." He growled in my ear. He had been standing in the doorway, but suddenly he was pinning me against the wall mirror of my walk-in closet. His rock-hard chest pressed against my back. My towel had somehow managed to stay in place, but it had slid down a little. I could feel his burning gaze at the swell of my breasts. I looked up at him in the mirror. I was panting slightly, my breath fogging up the reflection, my heart racing at his sudden proximity.

He inhaled deeply against my skin.

"You have no idea how close I am to... "

He broke off, steadying himself.

"As I said, do not test my patience."

"I wasn't trying to test you; I merely stated my opinion. You should learn to knock; you can't just barge in on people like that. It is very rude and comes across as impatient." I said in a slightly breathless voice.

He growled softly. "I can assure you; I am the most patient being on this planet, mia cara. But I am also very much used to getting what I want. For some strange reason, I want you so very badly. I will restrain myself for now, but if you displease me, I will have to discipline you, and you will be begging for mercy within the day. Do not test me."

I shuddered involuntarily at the thought. How could he make the word discipline sound so enticing? He had that smirk on his face, showing his teeth, and a look of fascination, like he was wondering what I'd do next. I tried to wriggle experimentally, but of course there was no budging him away. Freakin' statue.

Trying to calm my heart down, I breathed deeply, noting the smell that clung to him. It was intoxicating. Like citrus and a pine like smell. Sandalwood maybe. Trying not to lose focus, I said; "Well, I think you'll find me just as patient. I will never beg you, trust me."

His eyes darkened. A lot.

"We shall soon see, mia cara." With that he pressed against me, and then he yanked the towel off me. I stood naked, pressed against the mirror with Aro in his black suit, about to rock my world.

He certainly rocked his hips against my butt, and my eyes went wide. I could feel his excitement, hard, pressing between my ass cheeks. I moaned at the sensation. Wait, no moaning. No no, we do not moan, do you hear me, body?

Suddenly he spun me around, my back now against the cold mirror and his hips pressed into mine, and the pressure made lights burst in front of my eyes. "Ah!" The sound escaped me before I could stop it. Okay, maybe a little moaning, then. Had he not been pinning me in place, I would have crashed to the floor. His manhood was pressing against my core, making my body tingle and my insides clenched. Aro smiled knowingly down at me. I know he felt it too. Slowly he began thrusting his hips at me. My hands were at his shoulders, and I was breathing him in as the sensations grew. A spring was being tightened within me. I became short of breath and I whimpered. My mind knew it was crazy, but damn it if I wasn't attracted to him. I couldn't explain this chemistry between us. I could see in his eyes that he felt it too, though. His hands came around and grabbed my butt and lifted me up, my legs swinging around his waist. I groaned at the sensation of his member, pressing against me again and again. It sent shocks all the way to my scalp.

Suddenly he started to glide down my body. My legs came down, and my mind was reeling. He was on his knees in front of me, his hands on my hips. His eyes never left mine, as his right hand glided down to rest on the neat curls of my sex. I sucked in a sharp breath. I barely registered what was happening, completely lost in his crimson gaze. His thumb slid down over the hood of my clit so very slowly. My hips lurched forward, and I gritted my teeth hands grasping futilely at the mirrored wall behind me. My eyes squeezed shut at the intense feeling.

"Oh, you will look at me, Isabella," he crooned.

"Or it will be much worse for you."

I leaned my head back against the mirror but opened my eyes to look down at him. His mouth was open again. I wanted to suck on that lower lip of his. Though he would never know it. He slowly slid his thumb back up my clitoris, dragging the hood up, so that he exposed me completely. Without any warning, his mouth was on me. "Ah!" Again, with the involuntary sounds. He was going to drive me nuts. Our eyes never left each other.

He slowly sucked and nipped at the little bundle of nerves for a few seconds, before with a last lick of his flat tongue, he stood back up and backed away. I was fuming. The feeling had been delicious, and I could feel something about to burst.

"Why did you stop?" I practically snarled at him.

He smirked but said nothing. He only stood there watching me, waiting. I was propped against the mirror, body humming from his searing touch. My clit was tingling worse than ever. I clenched my thighs together and the feeling nearly sent me into a world of darkness.

"Wha-"... I was panting.

"What did you do to me?" I said, mouth dry, my hand shooting to my core. I had to relieve the need that was strumming at me, but my touch was too much. I wriggled uncomfortably. "What's happening to me?"

He stood gazing at me, before he finally answered.

"I am simply teaching you a lesson for your insolence, mia cara. I have placed a small amount of my venom on your pert little clitoris, and the tingles should keep you on edge for a few days. You will find release when I allow it. Until then, you should be getting ready for your lessons. We will meet Caius in my library shortly." He straightened his immaculate suit, unnecessarily.

"Now please, go get ready." He stood back and watched me, still smirking.

I took a deep breath my chest heaving. Bracing myself I stood up straight and started to get dressed, gritting my teeth at the feeling. I wasn't very experienced with these things, but I imagine this is what a vibrator would feel like. Putting on my jeans was the worst part. They kept pressing against me too much, and I couldn't stand it. Finally finding myself on my hands and knees I hissed through my teeth.

"God fucking damn it!"

"Language, young one" Aro said smoothly.

I sent him a dirty look, and he simply looked straight at me. I knew I would be punished even more if I didn't monitor my language too.

"This isn't fair," I said, completely aware of the petulant tone in my voice.

"I can't wear pants like this!"

"Well, then a dress will have to do, won't it." He strode over to the rack and took down a deep purple dress.

"Put this on, it shouldn't bother you much."

Grimly I put it on. It was knee length, with a tasteful neckline. I started to slip into my sneakers, but a hand on my shoulder stopped me. I turned to find Aro glowering at me.

"You are not wearing that dress with sneakers. That is not going to happen."

He found heels matching my dress, and we were off. I skipped the knickers completely. There was no need for that kind of negativity in my life.

I had trouble walking in heels as it was. Add the sensations of his venom on my clit, and I knew, I was in trouble. My mind flooded with images of us together. The way he talked to me, his hands on my body. His tongue... I walked as straight as I could manage, one hand clinging to the walls. Aro walked beside me, apparently not a care in the world. Damn, I hate vampires.

Caius was waiting on us, he was in a towering mood.

"You are late!" He snapped.

"I do apologize, brother, Isabella, had a few lessons to learn, before we could get here."

Aro sat down smoothly in a plush sofa, waiting for the lesson to begin. Caius looked at me curiously. Aro's eyes were on me like a hawk.

Caius did the best he could with me, but in my state, I had no hope of following his words. The hours went by, and I thought perhaps, when I was having dinner, I could get away from Aro's burning gaze. But no. Of course not.

The food was brought to me. He watched me as I ate. I tried to avoid his eyes as best as I could. Finally, after 8 hours, my lessons were done and Caius quietly left the library.

Others were perusing books among the shelves. I was looking at anything but Aro. I had several times felt like my core would burst, and I discretely had been trying to ease the pressure, by rubbing a little on the seat. At least I thought I was discreet. A quick glance at Aro and I could see his eyes had turned a few shades darker. His mouth slightly open in a hungry smirk. I tried to ignore him and focused on the lesson instead.

Caius never seemed to be bothered with Aro's presence. Now that our lessons were over, I was wondering if I should return to my room. I was thinking a shower might be able to wash off this venom. "So, I should perhaps return to my room?" I said tentatively. Aro lifted one eyebrow. Oh no. He knew exactly what I was up to. Busted.

He was sitting leaned back against the couches back, his ankle on his knee, both arms resting comfortably on the sofas back.

"Leave us," he said softly. I started and began standing up.

"Not you, young one, you stay here." He said smoothly.

I collapsed back in my chair, my fingers shaking. Everyone left the library in a hurry.

"As you see, mia cara, I'm am very much used to getting my way." He said in suave voice.

I swallowed, and the acoustics of the library made the gulping noise way more magnified in a rather embarrassing manner. He chuckled darkly.

A very pregnant silence stretched between us. His crimson gaze washed over me. His venom was doing god knows what at my centre, and I squirmed a little. He had that smirk again.

I don't know how long we sat there. Finally, my body was beginning to lose the battle. I involuntarily clenched my thighs again, and the tiniest moan escaped me. His eyes darkened again.

"Please." I gasped. The word had fallen from my lips against my will. But I knew I had to give in. It was too much.

He didn't move a muscle. My hips bucked of their own accord, and my hands gripped the armrests of my chair too tightly. I leaned back in my seat head tilting all the way back. I arched as another pulse rocketed through me.

"Oh god, please," I begged. "Aro, master, I'm begging you." My teeth were clenched so tightly, it nearly sounded like a snarl.

A long silence later, my body shuddered, and my breath was so shallow, I was nearly lightheaded.

"Come over to me, Isabella." Aro finally said. His words were like silk, wrapping around me, drawing me in.

I shivered but got up and walked over to where he sat. His posture had not changed once during the day, but now he moved to the edge of his seat and placed his hands on my hips. Suppressing a shiver, I took a deep breath. His hands slid down my dress, grabbed the hem and pulled it up, so it bunched at my hips. My heart fluttered, remembering his mouth on me. My knees nearly gave way. And I hadn't put on any knickers. Damn it. He seemed to have planned it all out. His hands on my hips again, he leaned forward his teeth slightly bared.

'Oh gods. Can he smell me?'

His teeth grazed the top of my right thigh, and I gasped at the sensation. Then he placed an open mouthed kiss and moved on to my left thigh. My head snapped back as he gave it the same treatment. I felt his hand between my knees, gently nudging them apart. Then his touch left me.

I waited. Nothing happened. I looked down, to see that he was again leaning back, arms on the sofas back. He was smacking his lips gently as he looked me over.

"Now, Isabella, please straddle me."

My mind clenched.

"What?" I stated dumbly.

"You heard me," he said smoothly. "Straddle me."

I stared at him. He was still in his suit. It was probably ridiculously expensive.

"Now, mia cara." He said.

Slowly, shaking from need, I placed my right knee on the sofa and clambered into his lap. Now I understood why he had hoisted up my dress. I placed my hands on his shoulders to balance myself.

"Good, now you know what you want. Take it. You may, however, not use your hands."

I gawked at him; I had no idea what he meant. Take what? My face must have shown my confusion in no uncertain terms.

"Aaah, another lesson, then", he crooned. I shivered.

His hands came down on my hips again, and he drew me in, rocking my hips against his. His manhood grazed my centre. My sharp intake of breath told him all he needed to know. He did it again. My hands gripped his shoulders tightly and the smallest sound escaped my lips. I closed my eyes, my brow furrowed at the intense feeling washing over me. I felt a hand under my chin, and my eyes snapped open. His crimson eyes were on me.

"Take it," he said simply. I released a shuddering breath, and I rocked my hips against him experimentally. Aro placed his arms on the back of the sofa and just sat back and watched me as I slowly found a rhythm. His suit trousers were so soft, that they didn't irritate my clit too much, but his rock-hard erection gave me momentary relief, that I sought again and again. The tension kept building.

I leaned forward against his chest as my movement became more erratic. Gripping the lapels of his suit tightly, I whimpered. His forehead against mine I looked into his eyes. They swirled darkly. I didn't know what to expect, except that if I stopped now my world would fall. I briefly wondered if I would leave a stain on his trousers. The coil inside me seemed to hum, and one of my hands gripped around his neck as I choked out sounds, I had never even heard before. My need was desperate now. Groaning I was rocking against him for dear life. Suddenly he shifted his hips against mine once, twice, matching my rhythm perfectly. At the third thrust I exploded, convulsing against him, my face against his throat, practically sobbing with relief as I grinded down as hard as I could on him.

I think his name spilled from my lips a few thousand times. Plus, the words "thank you". It had indeed been an awfully long day.

The waves subsided, but I still twitched whenever my privates brushed against his member. His arms came around me, soothingly stroking my back. Still reeling, I tried to get a grip on myself, my breathing in tatters. After a while I started to feel self-conscious. I had just dry-humped Aro, the Voltouri king to completion. I had never done anything like that before. It was my first sexual experience. Ever. I couldn't believe he was to be the first to experience it with me. My body was literally singing, my mind screaming. Or humming. I'm not sure.

I started to clamber off him. He made no move to stop me. Looking down, I saw his massive manhood, still clothed, but now I could see translucent smears on his trousers. My face flushed more crimson than his eyes.

"What is the matter, dear one?" Aro asked me softly.

"Nothing," I said way too swiftly.

"You are embarrassed, Isabella."

"I am not," I shot back indignantly.

He chuckled.

"As I said, you would be begging me, and so you did. Words have consequences mia cara. Perhaps you will choose your words more wisely from now on."

"I wouldn't count on it," I bit out, adjusting my dress so it fell in place again.

"Careful," he growled. "I am capable of much more than what you experienced today. Your essence is still wet on my clothes, and I could seduce you here and now. Do you think it wise to cheek me, girl?"

Gulping slightly, my knees quivering at his words. He could seduce me. My core throbbed at the idea. Why was my body doing this? Oh, maybe because he was insanely hot. Dashingly handsome. I couldn't behave rationally around the man - well vampire. I could get lost in his touch way too easily.

"What if I don't care?" I said. Too brave for my own safety. Or stupid. Or both.

Aro's eyes darkened, and he was on me in a flash. His arms around my waist, his lips at my ears, growling.

"You should take heed, my dear. For all my charm, I do not play nicely. Your lack of self-preservation is astounding, and you could end up with more than you bargained for."

His hands on my hips he pressed against me, and I could feel his arousal. His mouth was on my neck, kissing heatedly. Patient my ass.

"I thought you were patient," I whispered. My heart thudding in my chest. He was licking my pulse.

"Oh, I am very patient. Usually. My inability to read your thoughts, however, is making me impatient with you. You certainly know how to push my buttons. I do wonder how you do it, seeming that you are so innocent in matters of the flesh."

A small gasp escaped my lips. Of course, that only confirmed his words.

"How did yo-"

"Oh, come now, my dear. You were pretty lost without my guidance, before you came apart in my lap, that is." He said smoothly. I blushed. Hard.

"Also, your blush after coming back from your first climax, was rather endearing. I swear I could've taken you then and there, had I not had my clothes on."

Well, I certainly blushed even harder now, that's for sure. Thanks man.

"Right." I didn't know what to say. His words were so polite, but so dirty. I was insanely turned on, and I shivered again.

"Shy again, my dear?" He smirked at me.

"No," I lied.

His eyes searched my face, and then rested on my mouth. His lips opened; his teeth bared in a hungry sort of way. I don't know why I did it. Maybe because he had already seen all of me. Maybe because I couldn't get enough of him. I leaned forward slightly, my eyes on his lips, my tongue, grazing his lower lips lightly.

Aro was breathing deeply now. His eyes gleamed with passion, as he licked his lip, tasting me. In one fluid motion, his lips crashed on mine, and he was kissing me, rather impatiently, I might add.

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