Epilogue. (Racers, rules, and ready ups)

Hello everyone, crafordbrian17 here! I'm making this new Thomas series based on an old fashioned show called "Wacky races," but I'm still working out how to start it and need your help.

You can help me work out every detail possible, and plenty of them. But first, let me show you every engine that'll be taking part in the races.


1: Thomas

2: James

3: Percy

4: Gordon

5: Emily

6: Henry

7: Edward

8: Toby

9: Spencer

10: Charlie

11: Diesel 10

12: Diesel

13: Lady

14: Duck

15: Donald

16: Douglas

17: Oliver

18: Bill

19: Ben

20: Boco

21: Stepney

22: Class 40

23: Derek

24: Dodge

25: Splatter

26: Arthur

27: Murdoch

28: Rosie

29: Paxton

30: Connor

31: Caitlin

32: Steven

33: Logan

34: Sam

35: Ryan

36: Philip

37: The Flying Scotsman

38: Ashima

39: Vinnie

40: Axel

41: Frieda

42: Yong Bao

43: Shane

44: Gina

45: Ivan

46: Raul

47: Etienne

48: Hugo

49: Theo

50: Hurricane

51: Frankie

52: Merlin

53: Lexi

54: Nia

55: Rebecca

56: Hong Mei

57: Lorenzo

58: Duchess

59: Kenji

60: Sonny

Certain stuff I'm adding.

I'm adding in the rainbow mystery cubes with some of the power ups from Mario kart (Wii), but these are the only ones I'm adding.

1: Blue shell (bluebird)

2: fake mystery cubes

3: banana peels

4: Fire flower

5: super horn

6: blooper

7: bob-omb

8: star

9: poison mushroom

10: chain chomp

11: boomerang flower

12: hammer

Along with these Mario power ups, I'm also putting in my own Thomas power ups.

1: Turbo

2: Steam boost

3: Lightning burst

(If anyone can help me think of anymore to add, please do so.)

Things you're aloud to add/request.

1: You can choose any location from the Thomas and friends show for the courses of some of the racetracks, but not from any other show.

2: You can request any idea you can come up with for a small part during some of the races, and I don't care if it's similar to a part from any of the episodes of "Wacky races."

3: You can have some of the engines play some dirty tricks, but the only engines you're allowed to do that with are Spencer, Diesel 10, Diesel, Bill, Ben, Class 40, Dodge, Splatter, and Vinnie.

4: You can choose who you want to see become the top 3 winners in some of the races, but you can also choose what places the rest of the engines should come in if you can.

5: You can think of the title for each race chapter, depending on where the races will take place and what parts it'll have in it

I hope you all have your own ideas to share with me, but there's a few rules that you have to go by.


1: Don't request anymore engines to put into the races, or request to take any out.

2: The only engines you can make play dirty tricks are Spencer, Diesel 10, Diesel, Bill, Ben, Class 40, Dodge, Splatter, and Vinnie.

3: Don't request anything else that's not even in the Thomas and friends show.

4: If you want an engine that's listed in rule #2 to be 1 of the top 3 winners, it can only be in second or third.

5: Don't request anymore Mario power ups to be added to the power ups list.

6: If anyone makes a suggestion for the course, make it a long distance so the race doesn't end too quickly.

Now that you know the engines that are racing, the rules of the rails, and the special stuff that needs to be added, I hope you can think of plenty of stuff to put into the first race for this series. Thank you so much, hope you all each come up with something soon.

To be continued.