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Holding back: chapter1

Everything was as it should be at the sanc kingdom. Everyone lived happily together. After the war, the gundam pilots joined the preventers. All them pretty much lived in the home of the peacecrafts since they were there almost everyday. Well except one of them. He did live there. But this was only because he couldn't leave her. He wasn't ready to yet. Not until he felt she was safe.

Everyone was closer than ever now. Because the g-pilots were with the preventors, they saw each other almost everyday. The person they enjoyed seeing the most was the vice foreign minister. With her amazing smile and great personality who wouldn't want to spend time with her.

Aug. 19. AC. 199. (preventors hq.) " major sally. Preventor Heero is here to see you." The secretary said over the intercom. " let him in." sally replied. Heero entered the room not looking like himself. He looked preoccupied and worried. " yes Heero. What is it that you need to talk about?" " I need a mission" "but you have one already. Your to protect Relena Peacecraft." "I know. But I need a new one." " what about Relena?" "she'll be fine." " if your sure about this then fine. Here read this over. Pack things. You leave tomorrow afternoon." Sally handed him a large file. He was being sent to the other side of the world to do undercover work. ' good.' He thought to himself, ' my kind of mission'. " just one more thing before I leave." "yes, Heero?" " someone needs to protect her." " of course. He other four pilots will do that." " four? Why four. I managed with just myself?" " you don't know how good of a soldier you really are. Relena is a hard person to keep an eye on." Heero then walked out of the preventors hq, and went to his car. He drove back to the mansion to get his things.

( peacecraft mansion) when Heero walked into the masion, everyone was gone. ' where is everyone?' he thought to himself. Then he heard something fall. As a normal reaction he pulled out his gun. " who's there!?" he yelled. "SURPRISE!" everyone yelled as they came out of their hiding places. "happy birthday Heero." Relena said as she walked over to him. He was in shock. He got so wrapped up in his work, he completely forgot about his birthday. He felt so foolish. Soon, he felt nervous. ' I wonder how their going to take it.' After the party, Heero went upstairs. As normal Relena followed. As he stepped into his room Relena grabbed his arm and gave a worried look. " are you alright?" she said as she kissed him gently on the cheek. " yeah. I just have a lot of things on my mind."

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