Hi guys, I hope you enjoy this chapter :) Just a heads up at the end when I switch point of view to Alec, it gets dark because of Valentine.

Magnus' blood was boiling with rage. He had just had a phone call with Valentine, he had kidnapped the love of his life and was holding him hostage. He had past dealings with Valentine, he couldn't believe Valentine was betraying him now. He wanted to kill Valentine for daring to kidnap his Alexander. But while Valentine had Alec he couldn't hurt him. Magnus knew he should bring back up, but Valentine had threatened to kill Alec if he brought anyone and he couldn't risk it.

Magnus gave Valentine a death glare when he arrived at the place they had agreed to meet. "You will wish you had never been born for taking Alexander". It made Magnus even angrier that Valentine wasn't phased by his threat he just laughed.

"Oh I'm so scared", Valentine said sarcastically, "You can't do anything while I have your precious Alexander".

It took all of Magnus' willpower not to break Valentine's nose, "Where is Alexander? I won't agree to anything until I see him".

Valentine rolled his eyes, but texted his son to bring Alec. Jonathan brought Alec who was struggling but Jonathan had a tight grip on him and his hands were cuffed. Alec's eyes lit up when he saw Magnus and he tried harder to escape and run to Magnus but Jonathan pulled him back harshly and held a gun to his head.

"Alexander!" Magnus said relieved to see him alive but his anger grew at the sight of Jonathan threatening Alec with a gun.

"There you see, Alexander is alive", Valentine said.

"Father do we have to bargain Alec? I want to keep him", Jonathan said and kissed Alec's neck making him struggle more and making it even harder for Magnus to control his fury.

"Jonathan we're doing this so you can get Simon back remember?"

Jonathan sighed, "Fine whatever".

"Magnus, I have an Inception job for you. If you complete it I will let Alexander go".

"How do I know you won't just go back on the deal and keep Alec like your son clearly wants to".

"I am a man of my word".

"Your word means nothing to me", Magnus snarled as Jonathan continued to kiss Alec and grope him.

"Maybe so, but at least you have a chance of getting Alexander back, isn't that worth the risk?"

"What do you want?"

"I want you to plant an idea in Simon Lewis' mind", Valentine said and gave Magnus a photo of Simon. "Simon has asked Jonathan for a divorce. I want you to change Simon's mind so that he will no longer want a divorce".

"Why does Simon want a divorce?" Magnus said warily, given the way Jonathan was treating Alec he was wary of doing this.

"That is private between Jonathan and Simon, I can't tell you Magnus. So will you do this for me?"

"Yes but only to get Alexander back", Magnus said.

Valentine smiled, "I'm so happy you have agreed to this, Alexander is very beautiful I would have hated killing him. Jonathan take Alexander back inside".

Jonathan forced Alec back inside his house, Alec tried to fight to get to Magnus but Jonathan was too strong. Valentine gave more details on the job he wanted Magnus to do and gave him Simon's location so that Magnus could sedate Simon and talk to him through dreams.

When Magnus left he texted Izzy, Jace, Maia, Raphael and Luke. He knew it would upset them to learn of Alec's kidnaping but they needed to know and he needed their help. He also needed an architect to design the dreams. He couldn't do it himself, as his past lover Camille haunted his dreams and always tried to mess everything up for him. He knew that his friends would have good advice for finding a new architect.

When everyone arrived at his house they immediately noticed Alec's absence and questioned Magnus about it. "That is part of the reason I asked you to come tonight. I'm so sorry but Valentine has kidnapped Alexander".

"What?" Izzy and Jace said at the same time furiously.

"How could Valentine betray us like this?" Luke said sadly, he used to be best friends with Valentine but he had become distant. He couldn't believe he would kidnap Alec.

"We're going to kill Valentine for this right?" Maia said angrily. She and Alec had become close when she began dating Izzy and she was furious that Valentine had done this. She wrapped a comforting arm around her girlfriend knowing this was hurting her badly. Izzy gratefully leaned into her touch.

"We can't Maia, Valentine has threatened to kill Alexander if we try that", Magnus said.

"How are we going to get Alec back?" Raphael asked, he had also grown close to Alec. Initially because he knew how much he meant to Magnus, but now he considered Alec to be one of his closest friends.

"Valentine has said he will give Alexander back if we do an Inception job for him", Magnus said and explained the job to them. "But we need a new architect. Raj betrayed us and you know I can't do it because of Camille. Do any of you know someone who could be an architect?"

"What about Clary?" Izzy said to Jace and Luke.

"No way Izzy, it would be too dangerous. I'm not getting my girlfriend involved in this", Jace protested.

"I agree, I can't put her in danger", Luke said, he and Jocelyn had recently gotten married, and though he had always thought of Clary as his daughter it was official now and he couldn't let her get hurt.

"I know but she would be an amazing architect, she's so great at art and design. We'll protect her".

Luke and Jace shared a meaningful look, though they didn't want to involve Clary in this they knew that Izzy was right.

"Okay but it is her choice, if she thinks it would be too much for her we aren't making her do this", Luke said protectively.

Magnus nodded, "Of course, I would never force anyone to do this. Can you set up a time for me to meet Clary?"

"Yes I'll talk to her tonight, but I will need to talk to Jocelyn first. I don't feel I can do this without her knowing, at least she has helped us before so that should help".

"I understand, let me know your decision", Magnus said. Though he desperately wanted Alec back, he couldn't allow Clary to join the mission without Jocelyn's permission as it was so dangerous.

They spent the rest of the afternoon discussing the mission. Magnus explained to them what Valentine wanted them to do. They also discussed possible back ups if Clary wasn't able to join them. Magnus suggested Catarina and Ragnor, they were his best friends and he more than trusted them with this.

Magnus was so afraid for Alec, he had missed out what Jonathan had done to Alec he didn't want to worry them. He wished that he had been there to bring Alec back from the airport. Alec had to leave New York for a work conference. Magnus had wanted to pick Alec up but because of work he hadn't been able to. Alec had been alone and unprotected. He knew he couldn't have been there, but he still felt as though this was all his fault. Magnus would not rest until he saved Alec.

Alec had been tied to a chair and kept in Valentine's living room. He didn't like the way Valentine kept staring at him. Alec's only solace was that when he was allowed to sleep he would be able to use his power to communicate to Magnus though dreams. He had been so happy to see Magnus, but his happiness had been quickly deflated when he had been forced apart from Magnus and when Jonathan kissed and groped him.

Valentine walked over to Alec and sat on his lap very close to him making him wish he could get away from Valentine.

"I can see why Magnus likes you so much, you are very pretty", Valentine said as he brushed some hair out of Alec's eyes.

"Please get off me", Alec said trying not to sound as scared as he felt.

"Oh don't be like that Alexander", Valentine said making Alec flinch, it sounded so wrong coming from Valentine. He only wanted Magnus to call him Alexander. "We are going to have so much fun", Valentine said and began to thrust himself hard against Alec.

Alec felt tears streaming down his face and begged Valentine to stop but he ignored him. When Valentine finally stopped and got off Alec, he was relieved that Valentine didn't go as far as raping him, but he was so scared that Valentine would. Valentine bent down and kissed Alec fiercely despite Alec trying to fight Valentine.

"I really enjoyed that Alexander, I can't wait to be inside you", Valentine said and walked away leaving Alec frozen with fear.