"Come on Dean, I'd be back in two hours tops" Sam begs, his blue eyes pleading for his brother's permission. "No Kiddo, Dad gave us orders to stay here, so you're stuck with me for the night". Dean watched as Sam pouted and dropped his long lanky body which now resembled more bean pole than man on the bed "you know, you are 18 now. You should start thinking for yourself" Sam groaned as a one last Hail-Mary attempt hoping that would change Dean's mind but knowing full well it would not work. Dean seldom risked disobeying a direct order from his father, but Sam wanted to go to that party. All the other kids would be going, and his new friend Jeff would be by to pick him up. Sam knew they would be on the road again in no time and he wanted this experience. It wasn't fair that their lifestyle prevented him from experiencing things every other kid took for granted.

Dean smiled at his brother, he wasn't mad at him after all. He wanted more than anything to let Sam go be a regular kid so he too could get a reprieve from being responsible for him, even if it was for a few hours but he knew the risks. If we are in this God-Forsaken town, there is something dangerous here especially since his dad who no longer thought it necessary for Sam to have a constant sitter was insistent Dean keep an eye on his kid brother. And although Sam was getting there in height, just one more foot and they'd meet eye to eye Dean knew Sam was a small kid who wouldn't be able to fend for himself. Whatever was out there, wreaking havoc would snap his baby brother like a twig. Plus, the last time John found out Dean hadn't kept his brother home after a direct order, he'd torn him a new one and Dean was none too eager to repeat Flagstaff.

"You know what Sammy you're right, so now the order is coming from me. You're not going, get ready for bed ". When did this kid get so defiant Dean thought as he watched his brother roll his eyes so far to the back of his head Dean had almost reached for the holy water, convinced his beloved brother was in need of an exorcism. As Sam then sulked his way towards the bathroom Dean couldn't help beating a dead horse "Quit being a little bitch and God help you if I hear another word about it" he had added before Sam hissed "jerk" and slammed the door hard enough the walls reverberated and Dean wondered it had become unhinged from its frame.

Although Sam had been expecting a resounding no, he couldn't help being filled with irritation. It was just a couple of hours and his dad would never know. What was the big deal anyway? It's not like Sam wanted to go into a bar to get a few drinks then hook up with a waitress, something Dean had been doing since before he was old enough to drive. Dean wasn't much older than Sam is now when he'd been dragged home drunk during a trip to New York. Granted, John had lit his butt on fire before he returned it but still it's not like Sam was planning on causing as much trouble. Sam turned on the shower then grabbed phone he had palmed from Dean out of his pocket. He eyed it nervously, if his father found out he'd be as good as dead.

The thought of an angry John Winchester made the young teen pause. His dad was a tough man who ran his house with military precision and that one time he ran off to Flagstaff Sam had gotten lucky. On their way home Pastor Jim had called needing some assistance and John had become distracted. They were dropped off with Uncle Bobby for three weeks. By the time John had return from hunting, it had all been forgotten, which was a welcome surprise to Sam who had worried so much about his return he was sure he'd gotten an ulcer. Either way, Sam knew his father would not stand idly while either of his sons stepped out of line because he had been thoroughly punished for a lot less. So, if he were caught there'd be hell to pay. With the backs of his hand Sam wiped the droplets forming on his face but he wasn't sure from the steam filling up the room or from the cold sweat he was feeling.

Sam was quickly losing his nerve but kept telling himself that it would only be two hours, and no one would be the wiser. Sam tried to justify his actions to himself by remembering that Dean pulls wilder stunts on regular basis and would have no room to talk. It's not that Sam was worried about his older brother, he knew Dean wouldn't tell his dad. Although Dean didn't always actively shield him from what was coming to him, he wouldn't throw him under the proverbial bus either. Truth is Dean wouldn't do anything about it other than physically keep him from going. He was hoping to be back before Dean even realized he was missing but if he noticed he was gone, they would solve this like brothers solve scuffles all over the world, with a full on drag down fight. Sam made up his mind, he dialed the numbers to Jeff and told him how he would have to slip out unnoticed. "Meet me at the corner of Parsons and Lambert" he whispered before he hung up the phone and promptly deleted his last call. He then quickly showered and brushed his teeth because he was going.

Dean watched as Sam exited the bathroom dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, nothing out of the ordinary as they always traveled light then climbed into bed offering a halfhearted good night. "I'm sorry you can't go tonight" he offered feeling guilty for having to enforce the rules once again. Although Dean never minded caring for Sam, he hated being the disciplinarian. It's just not natural he thought, he wanted to be his brother's friend not the one person responsible for ensuring his survival. "Whatever" Sam mumbled refusing to truly engage. Dean looked at his brother one last time mentally committing himself to a good time with the kid tomorrow, maybe he'll even get him his first beer. He smiled at himself envisioning a drunk then hungover Sam.

Between half closed eyelids Sam watched as his brother laid on the opposite bed. To keep himself awake he planned how he would spend his night. He wasn't much of a partygoer; his dad never allowed it, but he did find it easy to make friends, so he'd know plenty of people there. It didn't hurt that he had Dean as an older brother, and everyone knew him at school. Maybe he'd see Molly, that pretty brunette from his history class, he thought with a smile coming over his face. It wasn't long before the rhythmic breathing that would alert him that Dean was indeed asleep began. Sam slowly sat up knowing his brother could be an extremely light sleeper. Before getting out of bed, he grabbed the standard notepad all motels seem to provide then scribbled

-Be back soon. Need some space. SW

Sam gently placed the phone on top of his message and gingerly got out of bed grabbing his shoes. Like a cloaked bandit, Sam tiptoed to the door, careful to miss the creaks on the floor. When he reached the door, he slowly turned the knob turning back to look at his sleeping brother. When he realized the coast was clear, Sam slipped out the door gently closing it behind him.