(Sorry it is such a mess. Trying different voices to see where I feel comfortable.)

My eyes were assaulted by the bright light seeping from a crack through the thick motel curtains. What time is it anyways, I thought, glancing towards the clock on the dresser and realizing it was a quarter to noon. I lazily sat up and looked around the dingy room to find a filth covered Sam crossed legged on the floor field stripping dad's guns. "How you doing little brother" I asked groggily getting out of bed, springs squeaking beneath me. "Fine, just eight more to go" Sam answered gruffly, obviously miserable. As I walked towards the bathroom, I tussled his hair which prompted him to slap my hand, however he never took his eyes off the task. "Those are the breaks" I said sympathizing with him then chirpily adding "Could be worse Sammy". He looked up incredulously and grunted at me promptly rolling his eyes before returning to his chore and furiously scrubbing.

It couldn't be worse I silently said as Dean disappeared into the bathroom. I have been beaten, worked, and confined, I thought while adding the noxious solvent and using the bore brush to scrub the carbon off the metal. Additionally, I could feel dad's eyes watching me from the other room. He didn't need to watch me. He got his point across and I am being the obedient soldier he wanted. He won. I was going to spend a beautiful Sunday like Cinderella, covered in soot with a mile-long list of chores. Despite the cramping in my hands from the hours of scouring rifles I scrubbed harder attempting to release my frustrations on the grimy buildup.

"Dean. Sam." dad bellowed as I stepped out of the bathroom.

"Yeah dad" I answered walking towards the adjoined room. I hadn't realized he had been sitting there all along. No wonder Sam had been so concentrated on the weapon cleaning I thought taking the towel I had in my hand and snapping it at my unsuspecting brother.

"Stop it" Sam groaned as I smirked at him. I put my arm around his shoulders as we stood at the doorway waiting for dad. He didn't push me off, so I knew he wasn't mad at me.

"I am going to head out for a while but should be back tonight". Sam and I both nodded silently waiting for whatever command would follow and weren't disappointed when dad started. "Sam you are to finish those weapons on your own. Dean do not help him. Do you understand me?" he said brusquely. "Understood" I said as Sam doled out the customary "yes sir".

As Sam turned away dad called him back "Sammy, you do not leave this room unless it is on fire and even then, think about it twice".

"Yes Sir" he curtly responded which amazed me that those two simple words could be laced with such defiance. I jabbed him in the side with my forefinger but not before dad walked towards him encroaching on his personal space. This kid doesn't learn I thought glaring at my little brother who suddenly hung his head low.

"Samuel, do we need a repeat from last night" dad threatened. Sam instantly regretted his tone, and softly answered "no sir".

"If you are going to be out after midnight, pick up a phone son" dad added patting me on the back as he walked past us.

As dad shut the door behind him, I turned the television to the sports highlights. "So, what's the verdict? What'd you get?" I asked playfully slapping him on the back of the head. "Shut up" he hissed dropping himself back to the ground where he had been sitting before. "Ouch, that bad huh" I said as I watched Sam return to weapons detail. The kid looked worn out.

I could relate to Sam's exhaustion having been there plenty of times myself. When John Winchester is on your case, he has the propensity to make every waking second miserable.

"Here kiddo, let me help you with that" I offered sliding onto the floor next to him. Sam sighed tiredly "dad said you can't". I grabbed the rifle from his hand as I quipped, "I heard what dad said but he isn't here so move over". I then asked, "how long you been up anyways" adding "we didn't get to sleep until well after three". With his head leaning on the bed and his eyes closed Sam responded, "Dad woke me up at five to run". "How about you catch a couple of hours and I do some of these while you sleep. I'll get you up if dad comes through" I said. "Really" he asked, excited of the prospect of getting some shut eye. I nodded then stood up extending him my hand to help him up. He took it and when standing in front of me said "Hey, I'm really sorry about last night. I should have listened to you Dean".

I looked at Sam for a second before I said " you don't have to say anything but just don't do it again alright. Go on, get in bed".

"Thanks Dean".

"Yeah, I'm freaking amazing Sammy" I joked as I sat back down and picked up the next gun and started cleaning. Sam smiled at me before falling backwards into the bed and was asleep in an instant.

Except for the glare of the TV, the room was dark. Northern winters and their sunsets leave the cities shrouded in darkness early enough in the day. It was almost six o'clock and Sam was starting to stir. I had finished the rest of the guns earlier and since dad wasn't home, I figured I should let him sleep. "Good morning sleeping beauty" I said as he sat up in bed rubbing his eyes.

After putting the pizza in the microwave, I turned on lights and turned on up the tv. "Look at them running in slow motion with their own personal flotation devices" I said when Baywatch came on. Sam laughed, obviously in a much better mood than he had been. After we finished eating, I said "hey nerd, dad will be getting back soon. You should probably start on your homework so he's not mad". I knew firsthand that in our house restriction meant we couldn't participate in anything other than school and extra work. Being caught doing anything but resulted in a much longer stretch. Sam huffed. Here we go, I thought as he said, "I don't care if he is". I looked at him then shrugged, "alright tough guy. It's your ass on the line." We both sat in our beds absentmindedly watching TV until we head dad approach.

It was almost comical. Sam sprung off the bed, quickly jumping into a chair with his chemistry book. I watched him shaking my head. "Did you finish the weapons?" dad greeted us

"Yes, sir"

"Good. I've got some more in the trunk for you".

Sam spent the rest of the night reading through his textbooks as dad kept the door between the rooms open.

"Sam it's almost ten, lights out".

"Ok. Dad" Sam said rolling his eyes. He hated being told to go to bed since he thought that he was too old for a bedtime. Me, I went to bed any opportunity I got. It was not often I got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. "Night Sammy" I said turning off the lamp.