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The Interview

"Thalia!" Jason called, " You're going to be late!" "Oh, shut up Jason!" I snapped back, "I'm going as fast as I can!" I was trying to get into a dress that was too tight to be necessary, but of course I was going for a job interview at a respectabke, newly built, massive holiday resort and I had to look my best. Jason, my overprotective little brother, believe it or not, seemed way more hyped about it than me. I finally managed to squeeze into the red and gold dress that hugged my curves well enough without looking provocative, and squashed my feet into a pair of black high heels. I walked out into the main living area of me and Jason's apartment, the latter of which was standing by the door in a much more comfortable-looking outfit of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. "Oh, thank the gods, you-come on!" he said, as I walked into the bathroom. I shot him a glare and closed the door. I hastily brushed my hair, applied minimal make-up, and strode out into the living area again. I stopped and looked at Jason. "What are you waiting for, come on!" he exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow. He groaned, "Really?" He sighed, "Fine, you're beautiful. Now move it!" I smiled triumphantly and walked out the door, across the hall, and into the elevator.

He followed me in. "Which car are we taking?" he asked me. "Do I look like I have keys?" I replied. "Mine it is then." he muttered. The elevator stopped and the old lady from the floor beneath us stepped in. "Hello dearies, where is it today?" she asked kindly. "Job interview, Ms. Hemera." I smiled. She was a nice woman. Her husband passed away a few years back, and she was known to call around different apartments to "check up on people", but she really just wanted company. So whenever she called around to us, we invited her in for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, and we often spent half the day chatting. It was through her that I initially heard of the Palace Athena, the resort I was looking for a job in."Lovely Greek architecture," she had said," but a bit fancy for a dotty old woman like me!" The elevator dinged at the underground car park. "Where are you off to?" I asked her. "Oh, I'm off to meet an old friend, Thalia dear. Met him 30 odd years ago. Aether Blackman. He's a rather succesful businessman." Jason beeped his Skoda open. "You wouldn't need a lift, would you?" he asked her. "I can be your chaffeur once I've dropped off Thals."

"Oh no, it's fine."

"I must insist."

"Well, if it really is no trouble-"

"It's not."

"-then I suppose it couldn't hurt."

He smiled. "Front or back?" he asked her. "Oh I think I'll take the back, thank you dearie." He opened the door for her and she clambered in. He walked around to the driver's side and got in. I swung into the shotgun seat and he reversed out of the space. "Where are you looking for a job, Thalia?" Ms. Hemera asked me. "Because they'd be a fool not to take you!"

"The Palace Athena, Ms. Hemera. The Greek place." I replied. "Oh, lovely! How's the pay?"

"Eh, plenty enough to get by, and then some. I also get a free room, my family gets a discount and the hours are pretty decent too. But my real claim is my lifeguarding qualifications, because they don't have enough lifeguards to man the pools."

"Oh, excellent." She said. "I do hope you get the job." "Me too, Ms. Hemera, me too."

Line Break

When we arrived, Jason got out of the car and hugged me. "You've got it in the bag, Thals." he said. "Thanks, Jase." I replied. I waved him off, then stepped inside the building. It was massive. The foyer was big enough for a good few elephants to walk through. The architechture certainly was Greek as could be, with the columns and the tapestries and the murals and so on. I stepped up to the desk. "Hello." I said to the receptionist. A badge on his lapel read: Κλόβις. Clovis. He looked up at me. "Hey. What's up?" he asked tiredly. "Right, Clovis, I'm here for a job interview. Can you tell me where to go?" He looked at me with a slight air of surprise. "You speak Greek?" he asked. "Yeah." I said. " My dad taught it to me when I was younger." He nodded approvingly. "Good candidate, then. Over to the far door over there-" he pointed to a door near the back of the foyer "- and keep walking. You'll see a door with: Το αφεντικο Χείρων. I can trust you can translate that. Knock on it. He'll let you in."

I thanked him and walked over to the door. I stepped through into a corridor of offices. I kept walking until I saw the Boss Man Chiron plaque on a door. I knocked and an old-sounding voice called me in. I stepped into the room. It wasn't too shabby. A man in a wheelchair sat behind a desk. "Thalia Grace, I assume?" he asked kindly. "You'd be correct, Chiron." I replied. "Ah, a Greek speaker! Promising indeed. Please, sit." I sat. The interview began with a few basic questions, then to qualifications, past jobs, so on, and then he asked me my favourite Greek god. "Well, I'd have to say Zeus. But I have no problem with Poseidon." He smiled. "An intruiging combination. You can often tell a lot about a person by the gods they choose. You'll be a valuable asset, Thalia. Usually, choosing takes a few days, but I have no need to deliberate. Welcome to the team, Thalia Grace. When can you start?"

My eyes widened. "Oh, wow! Thanks so much Chiron! Ehm, I guess maybe give me until next Monday?" He nodded. "Three days. Plenty enough time to prepare. I'll see you then!" I thanked him again and walked out. I went through the door into the foyer when i bumped into someone. "Sorry." I said. A boy with tousled black hair and vivid sea-green eyes looked back at me. "It's no problem." He said. "I wasn't expecting someone to walk out of there." He smiled at me and continued on his way. I looked at his retreating form, feeling like I had seen him somewhere before. I shook my head and walked out the door onto the street. Not seeing Jason, I decided to walk around the place until he arrived. But as I walked, for some reason, a boy with sea-green eyes kept appearing in my thoughts.

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