Hi everyone!

This fanfiction will be a bit different from the one have I have done so far and the one's I plan to do in the future. As you can see from the title, this is about the spectacular spider-man! I watched the show when I was young and liked it but never thought about it for years expect from the odd one random moments but I had never re-watched the show till very recently and now I'm a HUGE FAN of the show but like everyone else...I've mourned since the show was cancelled. I do wish that the show comes back of at least we get a true successor (if that's even possible). Since season 3 never came out, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. Since the show ended 11 years ago at this point, we have learned some parts about what the third season and fourth would have been like but we cannot know what truly the full extent of it will be since the directors have said that the ideas for the show 'aren't worth sharing' but some ideas have been shared so I will use that as the foundation of the story but I will have to use some of my own ideas to fill on the gaps. Obviously, everyone has a different view of spiderman and wants different things from a spiderman story, some people would don't like how in some stories Peter is called 'the only one who can be Spider-man' but instead the ideal 'that anyone can be Spider-man', some people aren't really into Miles Morales and some people prefer Gwen to MJ so if you don't like some parts of the story, I'm sorry but you can't please everyone .