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The Impossible

********** Chapter One: Wake Up, Jimmy! **********

"Daddy, I got an A on my homework!"

"That's nice, son."

"Daddy, look what I built! It's a ship!"

"It's just wood."

"Daddy, come play. I'm a fearless pirate, roaming the world for treasure! You can be my first-mate!"

"I have no time for games, son."

"Daddy, why can't you…"


"Jim Hawkins, are you in there?" a female voice called from somewhere.

"I'm… ahhhh!" The young man tumbled out of bed and landed on the floor with a thud. When he finally opened his eyes, he had to squint from the bright light that was streaming through his windows. What time was it anyway? Had he overslept? At nineteen years of age, Jim Hawkins was going into his last few days at the Interstellar Academy. He had been there for four years now, training to be a spacer for the Intergalactic Navy. He had come a long way in those four years. He'd arrived at the Academy only six months after he had discovered Flint's Trove on Treasure Planet – the loot of a thousand worlds. After almost single-handedly saved his shipmates from destruction, and for his fearlessness, Captain Amelia had immediately written a letter to the Academy when they arrived home. And now he was going to graduate. Though he had already made his mother proud, he felt as if he owed this to her. After all, he had been quite a nuisance during his early teen years. But Jim didn't like to dwell on the past anymore. Instead, he always attempted to look forward – at the future.

But he kept having those dreams… dreams that would draw him back to his past. Standing up slowly, Jim stretched his arms over his head.

"Jim!" BANG! He glanced at the door. He'd almost forgotten.

"I'm coming, Ale, stop freaking out!"

Jim opened the door to find a young woman standing before him, arms crossed and eyebrows raised. She was dressed in a blue uniform – one they wore for assemblies and such.

"You're not even dressed?" she gaped. "What's going on? You're going to be late. Don't you remember what today is?"

"Sort of. Not really," Jim sighed.

"Hell-o. How can you not remember? Ship assignments are today. Knock knock, dork. For such a smart guy, you sure are stupid sometimes."

"Can it, Ale. I'll be there."

Alexandra Harris – better known as Ale (never Alex) – was a human girl from the planet Tragder. She was of average height, with a slim frame. Her hair was dark brown and her eyes were piercing green, features that always seemed to stand out against her fair skin. She had a wicked sense of humor and a sharp wit – it rather reminded Jim of a certain feline Captain. But Ale was definitely her own person. They'd met during the first week of classes back when they were both fifteen. The seating had been in alphabetical order, and they just happened to be seated next to one another. How the two had become the best of friends was something that neither of them could figure out, and really didn't bother to try.

"All riiiiiight," she said, her voice dubious. "I'll save you a seat. But hurry up, ok? You know you can't be late for this."

"I know and I will."

Ale shook her head, leaving Jim standing at the door. Once back in his room, he sank down on his bed, head in hands. Another dream about his father. He had been having so many in the past few months, and they were all so confusing. He didn't understand why he was having these dreams either. His father was long gone, and Jim was about to graduate. What did it matter? On top of that, the dreams always interfered with his everyday life. Had Ale not banged on the door, Jim probably would've missed the assembly for Ship Assignments – one of the most important assemblies for Senior Cadets… besides for graduation, of course.

Ship Assignment Day was one that all cadets looked forward to from the time they stepped into the Academy. It was the day when they would find out if they had been chosen by high-ranked navy officials to be a part of their crew. Not many Cadets were hand chosen by the officials. Most were just assigned to ships after graduation. But if a cadet was lucky enough to catch an official's eye, it was an incredible honor.

As Jim dressed, he wondered if going to the ceremony would even be worth his time. He knew that he really couldn't skip, as it was required for every Senior Cadet to attend. Though he was a decent student and maintained good grades, Jim wasn't sure that he'd be picked. In his eyes, he didn't even hold a candle to some of his classmates. He was just average Jim… average like the rest of the cadets.


To be continued? Yeeees… ^_^!