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Hey everyone. How are you doing today. I am sure you remember me. The Autistic Writer. That one guy who wrote a gender bent version of Bride of Discord. Known as Groom of Eris? I know that most of you wouldn't remember me. I mean it is my fault since I haven't update in a long while. A few years in fact. A lot of things were happening in my life. Yeah, well I am back once again. Obliviously, everyone missed my charming personality, or my extensively long author's notes. Either way, I am back with a couple of new projects while updating others.

So, what's happened to me since Groom of Eris? Well, I am still in College. I'm still trying to work as hard as I can. Trying to live a little at least. Last year and the year before that wasn't great years for me. But, I am trying to change that. I have a lot of fanfic writing to catch up on. Plus, I am in the process of writing a lot of books. I can't let other writers beat me *Cough* DF *Cough*

I've just been in the background, been attending a few Twitch channels. Made a few friends along the way. Since before the last episode of MLP, lost my respect for some members of the brony community or at least what is left of it. (No I haven't lost my respect for DF. she still makes the great content. Also, watch her videos, listen to her podcasts, read her fanfics, Buy her mercs so she could pay the bills. By the way DF. #NotSponsored

Returning to this story was one of my primary goals. Groom of Eris has become one of my completed stories that isn't a one shot. I plan to finish all my stories from the past few years. I even have a lot of other stories in story include Son of Eris. I'm glad Groom of Eris has got the love that it deserves. I have a lot of people to thank for bringing me back in. One, my devoted fans of Groom of Eris, despite my story being a Diet Coke version of Bride of Discord, it still semi holds up. Second, is the emails asking me to bring this story into the lime light. Third, is Disney Fanatic 2364's approval of genderswapping Bride of Discord in the first place.

However, there is one person to thank that goes above DF and the fans of Groom of Eris. One special person that deserves to be acknowledged and respected. On Deviantart, she goes by the name of CuteLoveLoverAKACLL. If it wasn't for her drawing of Screwloose and the genderswap Mothball (She has a name. I won't reveal it until her chapter.) I wouldn't be writing Son of Eris. So, CLL thank you for everything. Also, like and watch her content. She is a great artist. I was supposed to release this years ago along with the coverart CLL had made for me, but I got very lazy.

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So, without any further ado, this is "Son of Eris".

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The rights to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are owned by Hasbro. Son of Eris is based on Daughter of Discord by Disney Fanatic 2364.

Chapter 1: The Big News

The light of dawn glimmers its light upon the bedroom of Castle Eris. In the bed, two souls that were bound together through matrimony, were resting. Like a dragon with its golden horde, the draconequus protected her treasure. The treasure being a light yellow coated Pegasus. Last night's party left the married couple resting during the early morning. Due to the light shining in her face, Eris was the first to open her eyes. She fluttered her eyes just a bit. She yawned away from her husband, but she kept her eyes on him. She didn't want to wake up first. She was having the most perfect dream. A dream in which she didn't want to wake from.

Eris looked down at her husband. The pony, that was once afraid of her, now couldn't sleep without his wife. the way he kept kicking seemed like they were running among sunflowers. The chaotic being couldn't help but to glush at her beloved. She brushed a bit of hair away from him. Since their marriage, his mane was a bit shorter.

"He seems so peaceful," Eris remarked seeing the colt snoozing in his sleep. She adored the moments that Butterscotch slept by her side. Butterscotch was handsome in his sleep as he did when he was awake. Slithering like a snake, Eris planted a kiss upon him. She would have delivered a million kisses, but one was enough for now.

"Mmmm," The colt opened his eyes to find his wife looking directly at him. If time was rewound to a year ago, he would have retreated into the sheets. The eyes of the young pegasus were full of love for his wife. Seeing his wife not in the bed would have been very strange to say the least.

"Eris?" He rubbed his eyes while yawning.

"I am sorry to awaken you, my love." Eris giggled.

"N-No, it's okay," Butterscotch rubbed his face to wake up. He planted a kiss upon his wife.

"I love you my honeyy bunny," Eris snuggled her beloved.

The lives between the two of them was never dull. They went on dates, they stayed home at night, they flew together among other things. Per their marriage, there were moments that happened behind closed doors. The couple didn't want to share too many details. Eris wouldn't tell a soul and Butterscotch would grow a deep shade of red.

"I think we need to get up." Butterscotch motioned his wife at the time.

"Butterscotch, we are married now. We don't need to get up super early. We're not Applejack and Barbara."

Jumping out of the bed, the pegasus knew the couple shouldn't sleep for too long. An interupted sleep pattern might lead to some issues. Such as not waking up on time. Eris might have been fine with sleeping the whole day away, but her husband wasn't.

"I have to meet the guys today for lunch. I haven't seen them for quite a while."

"I know," Eris slipped her eagle claw out of her bed.

As he was looking at himself in the mirror, "Don't think this doesn't excuse that doctor appointment you have today."

"Doctor's appointment, what doctor's appointment."

"Eris, you know the one i mean," Butterscotch showed a look of concern, "Maybe i should tell the guys i can't attend.

"Butterscotch, you haven't seen you friends in forever. There's no barrier keeping you from them."

"As your husband, i should be there for you."

"Butterscotch, i am the lady of chaos. I can handle a doctor's appointment by myself."

"Eris, you were throwing up abnormally last night."

Butterscotch had noticed she hadn't been drinking cider lately. she has had a change in moods. Plus, she kept coughing up bubbles. As much as the element of kindness wanted to go and meet up with the rest of his friends, his wife mattered more. His friends would have understood.

"Butterscotch, when was the last time you hung out with your friends?"

"But, are you sure you are going to be okay?"

"Yes, i will be fine."

"Are you sure about this?"

"I am your wife. I'm always right,"

"Not always,"

Eris darted a beam at her husband's jab, "What was that?"

"Umm, nothing." Butterscotch giggled slightly, "Happy Wife, Happy Life,"

"That's more like it."

"Now, run along my dear." Eris patted her husband on his head.

"Promise me, you'll go to the doctors."

"Alright, alright, my love. Since you are insisting something is wrong, I'll go to the doctors this one time. But, if this is just a flu, you are to cook me dinner for a week."

"Alright," Butterscotch agreed on their bet.

Butterscotch turned, "But you let me know what the doctor tells you,"


As Butterscotch began to leave, Eris teleport in front of him. She tapped her toe in silly tone. The draconequus pretended to be upset with her husband.

"Aren't you forgot something."

"Wait, what did I forget?" Butterscotch scratched his head.

"The goodbye kiss,"

"Right," Butterscotch giggled.

The married couple embraced in a kiss. Butterscotch brushed some of her hair while Eris caressed his cheeks. The two wanted to keep their tender kiss going, but they were going to be late for their commitments.

"Alright, you take care and I'll see you later."

"See you later, my lovely wife."

Eris leaned on the doorway watching her husband leaving their home for now.

"Well, since I commitment to it, there's no use putting it off any longer," Eris said before snapping away to the medical clinic.

In a diner somewhere in Ponyville, Butterscotch met up with his friends. Due to the hectic schedule each of the stallion had, the group rarely met up like they used to. They would still see each other, but this was one in a few chances the six could meet each other. Since the pub was being repaired at the current moment, the group agreed to meet at a diner.

Butterscotch walked over to see his friends had already gathered and conversing. He was the last to arrive due to his house being further away.

Applejack, Bubble Berry, Elusive, Rainbow Blitz and Dusk Shine were laughing and conversing with each other. Butterscotch smiled seeing how happy his friends were.

"Ah Butterscotch," Dusk Shine pulled up a seat for his friend.

"Hey guys," Butterscotch sat down while he looked at the rest of his friends.

"Sorry if i was late. Eris didn't want me to leave the bedroom."

"Not to worry, we ordered something for you while we were waiting."

Butterscotch saw the cup of tea being placed in front of him. The waiter walked away from the group of colts. The light yellow pony looked to his friends as they had their own conversations. Once he was in order, the group focused their attention on him.

"How's the married life, Butterscotch?"

"Things between Eris and I have been really great. We just vacationed at Los Peagsi a few weeks ago. We took plenty of pictures."

"How exciting," Bubble Berry grinned.

"You two haven't gone tired of each other?" Rainbow Blitz asked.

"Rainbow?" Most of the group with the absence of Butterscotch, scolded Rainbow Blitz for his tact. The stallion with multi-colored mane scoffed at the rest of his friends.

"Not all marriages last long. I think I heard about 50% of them don't really work out. I just wanted to ask for a friend."

"Don't mind him, Butterscotch. He's just trying to distract you from his relationship with Sora." Elusive waved.

"I mean, what if she doesn't love me as much. I mean, even marriage would be a nightmare."

He does hold a great point Blitz." Butterscotch said upon reflecting his own engagements to Eris. "Both times I was engaged to Eris, I was really nervous. I didn't know how much there was into having a wedding until Eris and I planned ours. But, we had the help and support of our friends to work through it all."

"Well, I think I'll try to handle dating for now. I don't want to go too big. It's not like I'm going to get married any time soon."

"Speaking of dating," Elusive decided to change the topic. He stared at the apple farmer, who was having a mental conversation with him, "Applejack, how are things going with Barbara?"

"Barbara?" Some of the group was surprised. The ones who weren't were Applejack, Elusive and Dusk Shine.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Applejack jokingly chuckled.

"AJ and Barb?" Rainbow Blitz raised a brow.

"They have been spending a lot of time together." Elusive bumped his hoof at Applejack.

The stallions looked at the hat wearing colt. He already took his hat and tried to hid his facial expressions and his embarrassment from his friends. Each of them knew that Applejack was trying to deny the truth.

"Well, we have been spending some time together." Applejack didn't want to share with the group that he was dating the dragon. He wouldn't reveal this for a while, but all of them weren't born yesterday.

"Some time?" Blitz smirked. "I saw you two just the other day. You two were coozing it up. I saw her claws massaging your shoulders,"

"Oh she was?" Dusk eyed Applejack. The prince had only heard of the date. He didn't think there was physical contact, "Let's hope that's all there was?"

Applejack blushed a little, "Well, I was a little stiff and Barb did offer to rub my shoulders, but I swear we were just having a picnic together. Nothing more and nothing less."

The group could see through Applejack and Barbara's relationship. Dusk was okay with Applejack and Barbara, just if Applejack didn't do anything to break the poor dragon's heart.

"So Elusive…" Applejack wanted to move on from his love life, "How are you and Regal?"

"We are doing remarkably fine. We have had some issues concerning her ex-boyfriend, but I don't think it really matters,"


"She dated a colt some time ago, but that was in the past."

"Well, they are together in Canterlot are they not?"

"I trust my marefriend completely."

"Long distance relationship?"

"We're trying to make things work. I know the long distance relationship isn't very good, but I think Regal and I can make it work."

"Well, let's hope that you do."

Elusive looked over at the prince, "How is romance for our prince?"

"Romance? Me?"

"I do believe on our last visit, you gave a certain guard some looks."

"Oh a guard?" Elusive and Bubble Berry grinned.

"I think her name was Flare Warden,"

Dusk saw the group was looking to him. "She is just a guard. Our relationship is strictly professional."

"Hello royal guard Flare Warden,"

"Hello boys,"

Dusk immediately darted towards the direction they were looking. When the stallion turned around, there was no mare that resembled the female royal guard. Dusk Shine saw that it was Bubble Berry that pretended to be Flare Warden. He could imitated a mare's voice perfectly.

"Oh Dusk, don't you love me?" Bubble Berry smirked.

"Joke all you want," Dusk scoffed while sipping his drink in silence.

The group joked around from one hour to the next. As the group talked on, Dusk realized they have yet to talk about the love life of one stallion in particular. It was his chance of revenge. They decided to move the love life to the next member of their party, Bubble Berry. The poofy pink hair colt had been sitting there listening to everyone's conversation about their love lives.

"Bubble Berry?"


"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"What does love plan to bring your or do you already have a marefriend?"



"Not sure,"

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't we see you dancing with the entertainment at Butterscotch's wedding?"

"Hmmm, did I?"

"You did,"

"Oh you mean Red Heels?"

"Yes, we mean that mare,"

"All we just did was dance. There's nothing special between us."

"Are you sure?" Elusive asked?

"Besides, i don't think romance is for me. I think i should be focused on my career for the time being."

"But, if she decides that she likes you, would you consider going out with her?"

Bubble Berry had to think about it. He thought that the relationship between he and Red Heels was just a one time thing. He did leave himself open to her return, but who knows how long that would be.


Butterscotch smiled as he was drinking his tea. Eris probably would have teleport him away at this point. As he sat there, he felt the wind stirring up. The stallion closed his eyes knowing what was coming.

"Well guys, i am going to guess that my wife is going to show up any minute."

"How do you know that?"

"Just a feeling," The stallion hadn't been married to her for that long, but he was used to when she would appear. He drank the last bit of his tea before a sudden poof of smoke appeared behind him.

"Hello, honey."

"AH!" the other stallions were spooked.

"Ah poop," Eris was ashamed that she wasn't able to surprise her husband much like his friends.

"I take it you went to your appointment?"

"I have,"

She picked up her husband from off the chair. If this happened years ago, the pitchforks and torches would start to come out. Now, it was understandable that Eris abducted her husband in front of his friends.

"I'm sorry guys, but I need to borrow my husband for the evening,"

Butterscotch and Eris instantly vanished from the scene. The other stallions were staring at the sight that Butterscotch and Eris once stood. Only a giggle appeared from the poofy pink haired stallion.

"Hmmmm, I wonder if this will be big news?"

"What are you talking about Bubble Berry?"

"Oh, you'll find out in the next scene."

"The next scene?" Bubble Berry's friends looked to the pink Earth Pony with such confusion.

"Well, if Butterscotch is going I think I should just," Rainbow Blitz tried to slip away from the group.

Elusive stepped on Blitz's tail. The fastest flier yelped as soon as the fashion designer stepped on it.

"Oh no you don't Blitz,"


"Don't think this excuses you from the group?"

"Ah poop," Blitz sighed. He sat down and crossed his hooves.

Bubble Berry pulled the scene onto Castle Eris.

Inside the castle, Eris had just magically teleport herself and her husband back. She placed him down as he had to take a minute. she hated to pull him from his friends, but she had some urgent news to share with him. She rehearsed what she wanted to say to him. He deserved to be the first to know about this news.

Butterscotch landed on the floor. It wasn't the first time that Eris pulled him away from his friends. Sometimes, it was just to yell at him something she made the mistake of, other times she really desired his closeness.

"Eris, is everything alright?"

"Yes, I just wanted to be your ride home,"

"Are you sure nothing alright? You look pale,"

"I'm always pale. I mean, I have white hair,"


"Alright, I will tell you,"

Eris sat her husband down and paced around. The draconequus gathered her fingers. She needed to tell him at some point. There was no delaying the inevitable anymore.

"I went to the doctor like you said. Remember when I got sick this morning?"


"Well, I thought it was a little food sickness"

"Well, is it anything serious."

The lady of chaos held back. Butterscotch became worried. The Pegasus flew over to his wife, who kept facing away from her husband. Finally, he pulled her into his face.

"Eris, you're scaring me. What is wrong?"

"I need you to do me a favor first. Can you fetch me what is in the kitchen?

"Sure, where will I find it?"

"I've guided you to the location,"

Butterscotch flew into the kitchen. Inside, the floors were lit with yellow arrows towards the direction of the oven. The Pegasus pulled the oven door down to receive a bun. He took that bun back and presented it to his wife.

"Eris, there was a bun in the kitchen,"

"I know. Where exactly did you find that bun,"

"In the oven,"

"Now, say it all together,"

"There was a bun in the oven,"

Butterscotch studied the bun and Eris's words. When he turned to his wife, she had the biggest grin on her face. Upon his realization, he placed the bun on the nightstand and looked at his wife.

"No, you can't be serious. Please tell me this isn't a joke," Butterscotch was melting like ice cream on a hot summer day.

"No Butterscotch, we're going to be parents. I'm going to be a mother and you're going to be a father."

"Eris," Butterscotch hugged his wife and kissed his wife, "This is wonderful news. We have to share this with my friends and we have to start preparing for the big day."

The lady of chaos cried alongside her husband. They always dreamt of the day where they finally could create life. They almost lost hope that they could never have children. It was only the confirmation of their doctor that Eris was now pregnant.

"We need to get the room ready, we need to start preparing for this. We need to…"

Butterscotch was acting a bit like Bubble Berry in the moment. He turned to see his wife simply smiling at him.


"Yes Eris,"

"Do you love me?"

"What I say to you ever morning? I always love you and that will never change,"

Eris was grateful for his answer. She had to drag a whole story to get him to say that he loved her. The goddess of chaos pet his head like a cat. Butterscotch even purred like one when she pet him.

Butterscotch saw the expression in his wife's face. She was rubbing her belly of the existence that dwelled inside her. While Eris looked happy about the life that was inside, the draconequus still held a worry inside.

"Eris, what's wrong?" Butterscotch held his wife's paw.

"Will it like me?" Eris brought her concerns to her husband.

"I'm very sure it will like you. You're it's mother."

"Will it look like me?"

"Eris, it's going to be our baby. We'll love it no matter what it looks like."

"You're right."

Eris looked into his eyes. The loveable, big eyes of his always made her warm inside. She kissed her stallion while her paw and claw rubbed his sides. Butterscotch held onto her using his wings and hoofs. Suddenly, Butterscotch had to stop for a moment.


"Butterscotch," Eris tended to her husband.

She viewed the side that was causing him pain. As she saw his side, the happiness she once shared soon faded to sadness. Butterscotch saw his wife shrinking down. The memory of the scars were a painful one to the lady of chaos.

'I just had about enough of you' Eris screamed

'Eris No' Butterscotch flew to push her friend away.

'AH!' Butterscotch screamed.

"Eris?" Butterscotch lifted the teapot and opened it up.

The scars appeared at the end of his birthday a year ago. He had gone to the doctor saying that the scar was fatal and he couldn't heal it through normal means. Another magic strike on that side would be fatal. Butterscotch knew the reason for his wife's sadness. Ever since she saw that scar on their wedding night, Eris blamed herself.

"Eris, can you come out of there?"

"How can I?"

"Well step out and expand your size."

"Nothing you will say will get me out of this teapot?"

"Not even a triple chocolate chip cookie?"

The draconequus looked up at him. As much as she was upset at his scar, Butterscotch's triple chocolate chip cookies were too irresistible. She flew and expanded her body. She took the cookie from his hoof and ate it.

"Eris, look at me." Butterscotch said. Once he got the attention of his wife, he put his hooves on her cheeks.

"I am fine. Nothing bad will happen to me."

"You give me your word."

"I told you before. I am going to be the biggest pain in your butt. I am your husband. No physical or magic force will ever tear me away from you."

Eris was crying happy tears. She grabbed ahold of her stallion and kissed him. She continued to kiss him more and more, "These kisses are from me and your unborn foal."

"Well, if we are going to have this little bundle of joy. We need to pick out a room for them."

Butterscotch kissed his wife and flew off to set all arrangements and news about the upcoming child that the two will have.

Eris rubbed her belly while sitting down. While she sat down to rest her head. She couldn't help but feel a sense of darkness. While she understood that she will love her baby

'Let's hope you take after your father.' Eris said to herself before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

That was chapter 1. What did you guys think?

I did have to touch up Chapter 1 due to the fact that Eris is pregnant with the baby instead of Butterscotch. During the first part of the chapter, i was originally going to add a panic attack for Eris in regards to the scar. Don't worry, that scar won't be a forgotten plot point.

I did have my bit of fun with that 'bun in the oven' joke. I was watching a lot of videos where couples put a bun in the oven to hint to their parents that they were going to have a baby. I don't know why but seeing reactions to that is funny. Most people will just say 'why do you have to dance around it? Just tell them?' Well I could have done that, but it would have been boring. If it didn't work, I'm sorry if you don't find it funny.

I changed around the scene with the mane six. I figured the group would meet together at a diner. I figured that Elusive and Regal would be long distant. Rainbow Blitz would have complications with Sora much like Rainbow Dash did. Applejack and Barbara's romance is being told by the ongoing story Eris Dating Game. Check that out as the finale of that story will be coming out this week. Dusk and Bubble Berry's romance wouldn't happen until later on in the story.

I have so much planned for this story. It will follow the plot line in Daughter of Discord (With a few changes to the story). We have the gender bent versions of the Next Gen Kids. Plus, we have the arrival of Disney Fanatic's OC Mothball gender bent. I do have a name for Mothball's female self. We won't be meeting her for a while.

Also, i have seen Daughter of Discord audio drama and i will applause the cast & crew on a spectacular job. I hope you all move on to better things.

But, i am glad of how this story is going to go. Eris and Butterscotch are making it work in their love lives. Leaving a whole lot of questions that don't need to be answered.

But, what are you thoughts about this story? What twists and turns do you want to see from this story? Well let me know in the comments below.

Next week i hope to get chapter 2 of Son of Eris out. Later on this week, you guys will get the finale of Eris Dating Game.

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