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CHAPTER I: Sesshoumaru, Naraku

Sesshoumaru~ Year 1503, May

:In the Western Lands Castle:

Inuyasha, the soon to be Ruler of the Western Lands, sauntered around inside the throne room lazily.

"Where is Kikyou?! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHERE SHE IS!"

His older sibling who was resting against the shady walls with his arms crossed, Sesshoumaru, looked down at him in a appalled way. "That human? Do you not have more eminent work to do?"

"Oh yeah? Like what?!" Inuyasha stopped pacing, and crossed his arms over his chest. Sesshoumaru stayed in his comfortable spot, not moving a muscle. He lazily turned his head to the side, looking out a tall window.

"Dealing with the youkai problems vandalizing property and the human intruders, handling the Land's economical as well as environmental problems, preparing for the crowning," Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at the last part. "Father would be very disappointed in you if he could see you now."

"Feh. Why don't you be king, it suits you better," Inuyasha muttered. "You're eighty-something and I'm only eighteen. You know everything there is to being a lord demon, and to top it all off, you're a demon, and I'm only a half breed."

"I have different obligations to fill. And about that Kikyou girl," Sesshoumaru said gracefully, a side of his mouth quirking upwards into a half smirk, "she arrived a few hours ago, and has been waiting in the courtyard for quite some time now."

"NANI?! I have to go, Sesshoumaru! Could ya deal with my 'important work'? Thanks!" With that, Sesshoumaru's very irresponsible brother sped out of the room. Sesshoumaru's eyes expressed the slightest bit of laziness as he looked at all of Inuyasha's paperwork. 'He needs to learn to do these things himself,' he thought as he walked out the large wide open door. 'Maybe some good hunting would relieve me of my irritation of that half brother of mine.'

With that thought, Sesshoumaru headed out.

As he was walking down the corridors, he thought back onto Inuyasha's question. 'Why don't YOU be king?'

Sesshoumaru's eyes glinted with a who-knows expression.


Sesshoumaru, at 78, wandered down the cold corridors to find eight year old Inuyasha. His eyes widened when he smelled a strong blood smell coming from his father's bedroom. In a flash, he was in said bedroom. He saw his father sitting on the floor, against a blood-stained shoji wall. Around him, ancient furnishings and artifacts were disheveled and out of place. It looked as if there had occurred a fight inside the generally spacey room.

Sesshoumaru immediately was at his weak father's side. "You will be alright."

"No, Sesshoumaru," his father smiled, his dimming golden eyes flashing with the little power he had left in him. "My wound.... it has been caused by an enemy's dagger. And, I'm afraid to say, it will not heal."

"What are you talking about?" the young aristocrat asked, his voice straining. "You're delusional. Get some rest, you fool."

"Heh heh heh," InuTaisho chuckled, the very sound cold as Sesshoumaru's voice. "Brash as ever, aren't we, Sesshoumaru?"

"Yes," Sesshoumaru answered with a hollow voice.

"Listen to me carefully, Sesshoumaru!" InuTaisho growled.

Surprised, all Sesshoumaru could do was nod. "Hai, Otou-sama."

"Be aware," his father said smugly. "There is a certain stone, a stone which all dogs are immune to."

Sesshoumaru nodded for him to go on.

"I only found out about it recently. But... this stone will be the fall of all Dog Demons yet. It kills in one blow. I was struck by a dagger that will forever seal my fate. I don't know why I didn't realize it..."

"Father, don't waste your breath," Sesshoumaru growled in a silent hiss, his face cold and stoic.

His Otou-san surprised him by suddenly changing subjects.

"Sesshoumaru, I don't want you to become the next Lord, understand?"

"Hai, Otou-san," Sesshoumaru replied, unsure and slightly startled by the sudden command. "I have a right to know why."

"Inuyasha will be ruler since he's half human, and that he will only live for a short time. His next son will be the new lord, as is his next, as is his next," Inutaisho said, choosing his words carefully. "And you, my son, will watch after each king. Make sure they don't forget their duties, but also make sure they don't get too much power. That will cause mayhem. If a king ever gets too much power, do not hesitate to remove them from the throne, one way or another. That goes for Inuyasha, also."

"Hai." Sesshoumaru said quietly, narrowing his golden eyes. "But father, who did this to you?"

"H...Hitomi." With that said, Inutaisho's weak golden eyes slowly closed, as did his life.

"Farewell, Otou-san." 'Hitomi...isn't that Inuyasha's human mother? I wonder where she is now. Wherever she is, she had better say her prayers for I will personally and slowly guide her to hell.' Sesshoumaru looked down at the bloody mess that was Inutaisho.

'Daggers aren't supposed to spill THAT much blood. I have to be careful with this assassination. She might still have that cursed weapon.'

~End flashback~

Sesshoumaru halted as a big realization hit him. That Kikyou woman... she was from the exact same village Inuyasha's mother was from! Kikyou was probably planning to kill the unknowing hanyou with the same dagger that killed his father! This woman had to be stopped. 'No matter how much I dislike that hanyou, I have to keep my unspoken promise to father.'

He devised a plan. In exactly ONE month, when Kikyou returns to her village in the very far East, he would pay her a visit. And he will slit her throat out, without the Hanyou having to find out. He will just say she was murdered by some other youkai.

Yes, a very good plan, indeed.

Naraku~Still year 1503, May

A graceful dark haired hanyou hopped from tree to tree, his feet barely grazing the branches as he neared the village that Kikyou lived in. When he reached it, he saw Kaede, Kikyou's little sister who was about thirteen, practicing her archery.

"Where is Kikyou?" he asked in an impatient voice. Kaede grinned at him and paused momentarily from her practice. "She went to visit Inuyasha again."

"What? Oh yes, the assassination," Naraku added quickly, sitting down indian style next to a tree. His face had a thoughtful expression on it.

"Why? Are you jealous?" Kaede asked playfully. She walked towards the target and began plucking arrows out, one by one from the bull's-eye.

"Of course not. Even if I was, she's only doing that to kill that half breed so that the western lands will be kingless, and that would leave the western lands vulnerable for the East to take over," Naraku scoffed, folding his arms arrogantly.

"You do understand you're a half breed also, right?" Kaede stated. She strolled down next to him and sat down.

"Yes. You do not think I would actually forget?"

"Iie, iie," Kaede replied off-handedly. "Onigumo-chan?"

"Girl, I told you not to call me that. It is NARAKU."

"Aye, and I also told you not to call me 'girl,' but here you are, addressing me that way. Anyways, I find it confusing that you've feelings for my sister."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, Kikyou-san is not very. I don't know how to say this," Kaede said slowly. "Well, think about it. She never finished her archery training, never paid much attention when Okaa-san tried to teach her about being a miko. she just sort of was a little bit too interested in the opposite gender. She never really does anything but flirt."

"Are you referring to your sister as some sort of seducer?" Naraku snorted.

"In fact, hai. I understand that she had saved you when you were a human and was badly injured, but think on why she did it. She found you very handsome, Naraku. Although I do not know why.(-Naraku narrows his eyes but is ignored-) but she was attracted to you. But she soon lost interest in you, just like all of the other boys. But you are still wrapped around her flirtatious finger, that you are."

"And when did you learn such logic? I do not understand why I even listen to little girls like you," Naraku smirked. "do you forget how I could easily kill you?"

"As to your first question, I learned 'such logic' when you came along. I don't know, I guess I became a more observing type of person. And to your second question, you can't kill me."

"Why not?"

"Because you don't want to." Kaede said softly.

"Care to test that theory?" Naraku asked. He slowly pulled out a dagger from its sheath, fully expecting her to cry her sister's name in fear.

"I've known you for three years, Naraku. I don't think you would. Although," Kaede smiled with small amusement. "Let's give it a try."

Naraku growled as he thrusted the dagger towards her face. It stopped about a centimeter from her delicate eyes. She didn't even flinch.

"I will not kill you today," Naraku said quickly. "Kikyou would be very cross with me."

Kaede just smiled and shook her head. 'He has a heart underneath all of that arrogance. He is still half human, after all'.


"Hai, Onigumo-chan?"

'Ugh.' "It is getting dark. Climb on my back, you should be heading back to the village."

"Hai, Naraku."

Kagome~ Year 2003, June


Kagome looked at her surroundings. So real, yet, so unworldly. She saw a vast flower meadow before her. It was then she realized she was sitting down on concrete steps in a white gi and red hakama, and saw two figures. One figure was dressed in all black, with long black hair. He was sitting next to her. The other figure was dressed in all white, with long white hair. He was sitting boredly on a Sakura tree limb. The images were very blurry.

She squinted her eyes to see their face better, but all she could see was blur. Are they women? No... for some reason she thought they were men, without a doubt. Kagome unconsciously brought a hand up to clutch something around her neck.

She looked down at it. A blur also. Kagome sighed inwardly. The figure dressed in all white looked at her and paused at whatever he was doing. In a distinct, muffled voice, it said, "Is there something wrong?"

Kagome found her lips moving without her willing them to. "No... I'm just wondering how long it will take to complete this thing..."

The figure dressed in black faced her also. "Probably forever at the rate we're going."


Her mouth moved involuntarily once more. "Well, it's not MY    fault! I haven't been able to sense a stupid shard for a long time, cut me some slack!"

"More like you're slacking off," the man dressed in white says. "Amazing how humans could get so disinterested one time, then interested the next time. Another unusual trait...."

The dark haired figure studied her anger-reddening face. "You shouldn't have said that," he implied the white haired man, chuckling.

Kagome felt her blood boil like it always does when she's angry. 'But...' she mused, 'I'm not angry...' Again, she felt her mouth move without her will. "What's with you and criticizing humans all the time?! It's getting on my nerves!!! Down!!"

The man dressed in white immediately was pulled down to the ground.

*-End dream-*

'Was that a premonition?'
Kagome's eyes slowly fluttered open. They wandered towards her digital alarm clock. 8:01.

Kagome's eyes widened to saucers as she bolted up from bed and dressed up so quickly she broke the world record for dressing up.

"I'mgoingtobelate,I'mgoingtobelate,I'mgoingtobelate!!" Kagome said shrilly as she ran around the room, brushing her hair, putting on her socks and trying desperately to find her bag, which had all her homework in it. She hopped out of her room and sprinted down the hall, only to nearly collide with the wall and fall down the stairs. "AAAIIEEE!!!"

"Kagome!" Mrs. Higurashi said, who had jumped ten feet in the air when she heard her daughter scream suddenly. "Nani..?! What happened?!"

Kagome looked up at her mom from her sprawled position on the floor and leapt up. "M-Mom! How can you be so calm! Don't you have to go to work?!" Kagome's panicked eyes darted to Souta, who was in his pajamas. "And Souta! Isn't he supposed to be in school?!"

"What are you talking about? Did you forget you have summer vacation?" her mother asked, a little bewildered from the way Kagome was raving. "Kagome? Are you alright?"

Kagome just stood there, a blank look on her face. Then all of a sudden, her face turned slightly red. "GOMEN NASAI! I must have woken everyone in the neighborhood up with my screaming."

"Hai, you sure did," said a groggy voice. Her grandfather walked down the stairs. "Eheheheheh, that happens to me sometimes too! And you know what's a big help? A great big gallon of coffee!"

"Otou-san, Kagome does not drink caffeine!" her mother exclaimed. The two of them suddenly got into a small quarrel about coffee.

Kagome sighed and looked down at Souta, who was yanking her shirtsleeve. "What is it?"

"Nee-san.. when I woke up, I looked out my window and saw Buyo go into the haunted well. Could you... maybe get him for me?"

"Might as well. No use standing around here listening to a very interesting argument about coffee, anyway," Kagome replied flatly.

"Aren't you the least bit scared?"

"Of course not! That well is not really haunted, It's just some stupid superstition. Now you stay here and I'll go get Buyo, alright?" Kagome leaned down slightly to pat Souta's head.

"Oh, Kagome!" Mrs. Higurashi called out to her. "Where are you going?"

"Somewhere," Kagome said, not wanting to tell her mother she was going to the well. She left the house without another word, and snuck to the well. "This well doesn't look all that haunted," Kagome huffed. It looked a little creepy, but not haunted.

Slowly, she walked up the creaky wooden steps and stopped right before the door. "Well, here I go."

She felt a strange pulsing in her side. Weird.

Kagome shrugged off the feeling opened the sliding door. "Buyo? Buyo, are you in here?"

She heard faint meowing, but couldn't see because of the dark.

"Buyo, how did you get in here?" she said exasperatedly. She squinted her eyes and saw a small light from one of the corners of the room. It was sunlight. Kagome sighed once again. "I see. You dug your way in here."

The well suddenly became visible. It had an icy aura around it. and it was creeping her out.

Her eyes soon got adjusted to the dark. "Ahh, that's better. Buyo? Buyo?" Kagome called out to the small cat. She saw Buyo's figure speed across the room and out the little hole it dug. "I swear that cat has been acting suspicious lately. oh well. As long as he's out of here." She made her way to the door and was about to touch the handle when she felt some kind of static. "Ahh! What the?" She touched the handle this time, and felt an electrical force jolt through her entire body. She let out a piercing scream. "Oh Kami-sama, what was that?!" she stated shakily. Suddenly the air felt heavy. Light protruded from the well.

"You have the jewel, give me the jewel!!" a voice hissed from inside. Kagome stood still in uncontrollable terror as many long arms shot out of the well and wrapped around her neck, arms and legs. Kagome could've sworn she heard her heart beat louder than a rebellious teenager's stereo.

The arms swiftly pulled her into the well.


End Chapter 1

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